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Welcome to the revolution in nail care! What is the difference? We love Clean! We also pride ourselves on superior customer service! It's the Frenchies way!

Come experience our clean and natural nail salon, free of harsh chemicals and fumes.

5 Ways You're Ruining Your Nails, Estheticians Say 07/25/2022

5 Ways You're Ruining Your Nails, Estheticians Say

At Frenchies, we truly care about the health and well-being of each guest, and we guarantee a clean and fresh environment at every visit. This isn't just jargon we use in our marketing, this is our commitment to you and our team. Frenchies is revolutionizing the industry. Join us!

5 Ways You're Ruining Your Nails, Estheticians Say Taking proper care of your nails requires so much more than simply clipping and filing them every few days. On the contrary, nail health depends on many factors, from your nutrition to your manicure choices to the way you go about your daily chores. Because of that, there are many ways you might be....

Photos from Frenchies Modern Nail Care's post 04/19/2022

Frenchies is expanding in Texas! Frenchies San Antonio is now open - the nail care revolution has arrived to change everything about your natural, nail care experience! Congratulations Sara & Gisela!

Photos from Frenchies Modern Nail Care's post 10/21/2021

Fighting Pretty Thank you for the absolute honor of hosting your cancer warriors in our studios yesterday. These amazing women deserved the pampering we provided. Every story is unique, but the common thread is what an inspiration they are to us, their families and our communities. Ladies - You Are Beautiful! You are Strong!

Frenchies Nail Salon 09/28/2021

Frenchies Nail Salon

How does Frenchies elevate CLEAN? Check out this news segment with our co-founder Stephanie Ryan Coffey on WSMV News 4, Nashville for a full rundown!

Frenchies Nail Salon Sponsored by Frenchies Modern Nail Care

Beauty Brand Trial: FT Reporters Check Out Brow Tinting, Dermaplaning 09/15/2021

Beauty Brand Trial: FT Reporters Check Out Brow Tinting, Dermaplaning

"Where Frenchies stands out is with its atmosphere and emphasis on a clean, comfortable experience. The brand also gets points for its environmentally friendly approach of selecting products—including cleaning products—without harsh chemicals." -
Laura Michaels
Editor-in-chief of Franchise Times Magazine

Talk about validation...thank you Laura Michaels and Franchise Times Magazine for including Frenchies in your Beauty Brand Trial. We are serious about clean which results in the experience you reported on.

Frenchies Modern Nail Care is revolutionizing the nail care industry.

Check out the full article here:

Beauty Brand Trial: FT Reporters Check Out Brow Tinting, Dermaplaning The problem with beauty treatments is, while you’re staring at your face post-service so many other needs become apparent. Brow and lash tinting at Lash Lounge in Chicago was my

CWhat’s Clean at Frenchies Modern Nail Care 06/17/2021

CWhat’s Clean at Frenchies Modern Nail Care

Our Oregon studios are sharing all of the great reasons to visit a Frenchies studio on KOIN 6. Learn why Frenchies is so different from a typical nail salon in 60 seconds from studio owner Linh Tran Halama! Thank you Nicole DeCosta for highlighting our clean, natural nail care.

Frenchies Modern Nail Care
Frenchies Modern Nail Care - Beaverton OR

CWhat’s Clean at Frenchies Modern Nail Care Join CWhat’s Portland as host Nicole DeCosta enjoys a day of pampering and learning about the clean practices at Frenchies Modern Nail Care.

Gram Glam: Tampa Salon pampers 2 lucky ladies ahead of Mother’s Day 05/06/2021

Gram Glam: Tampa Salon pampers 2 lucky ladies ahead of Mother’s Day

After a year filled with loneliness and isolation, Mother’s Day will be extra special for some moms this year now that the vaccine allows them to finally see their families in person again.

To make it even more memorable, the staff at Frenchies Modern Nail Care in Tampa surprised several local moms and grandmas with a ‘Mother’s Day Gram Glam’ Session. The Frenchies Gram Glam Squad rolled out the red carpet, and showered these ladies with flowers, sweets, and a soothing spa manicure and pedicure to make them feel glamorous!
WFLA News Channel 8

Gram Glam: Tampa Salon pampers 2 lucky ladies ahead of Mother’s Day At Frenchie’s Modern Nail Care in Tampa, project “Gram Glam” is in full effect. 12/17/2020

Atlanta's CW69

Where you get your beauty services matters! Make sure you know how (and if) the business is cleaning and the safety protocols in place. It's also important to know what is in the products they are using on you! Frenchies is leading the way in revolutionizing the nail care industry with safe, healthy and CLEAN nail care. Check out this coverage on Atlanta's CW with studio owner Ashley Harper describing how “WE LOVE CLEAN”!

Frenchies Modern Nail Care Atlanta's CW69 11/25/2020

How One Salon Is Innovating Customer & Worker Safety

Frenchies is revolutionizing the Nail Care Industry in every way. We were clean before clean was cool. Learn more about our story in this article highlighting our co-founders. Guy and Stephanie Coffey, founders of the national franchise Frenchies Modern Nail Care, offer new ideas to elevate salon cleanliness. 10/07/2020

15 Red Flags to Look Out for When Visiting a Salon During COVID-19

Small businesses around the country are hurting, especially the personal care services sector. You can safely enjoy services for your nails, hair, waxing or eye lashes and support these small businesses. Just make sure it's a reputable brand that follows state regulations!

Better Homes & Gardens Stay safe while getting your beauty fix. 10/01/2020

15 Red Flags to Look Out for When Visiting a Salon During COVID-19

Enjoying a personal care service, like a mani or pedi, can be very safe. Just make sure you're getting your services from a trusted provider - like Frenchies! Before you visit any kind of salon, you should call and ask about what they’re doing to keep themselves and their clients safe, and if they are abiding by all of the CDC’s safety guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. 09/28/2020

Fort Collins Frenchies nail salon practicing “clean before it was cool” — and mandated

Some more great press on how Frenchies is revolutionizing the Nail Care Industry! Frenchies is the first to market and largest stand-alone nail care services only brand in the country.
Greeley Tribune While nail salons have been operating under strict COVID-19 safety guidelines, heading back into a shop to get a much-needed pedicure or manicure can still be daunting for some people. Even before … 09/09/2020

Nail salons taking extra precautions during pandemic

Frenchies was clean before clean was cool and there are many reasons why...check out this story that ran on KENS Channel 5 about how Frenchies keeps guests safe and protects from harmful chemicals found in typical nail salons. Here's what one New Braunfels salon is doing to safeguard patrons from COVID-19.


Frenchies was created to revolutionize the nail care industry. Every detail put in place was designed to create an experience like no other. So, right now, when things are crazy in our world, it makes us proud to provide a place where people feel safe, where they can relax, and get expert nail care. Thank you for your awesome words Kym and letting us know you enjoyed your experience! We're delighted to welcome you to the Frenchies Family!


We frequently get asked "What's so special about Frenchies" we'll let a new guest answer that with a review she posted about her recent first visit. Thank you Sarah for recognizing our commitment to CLEAN and for being a new client...we look forward to pampering your fingers and toes again!!


A mani-pedi at a Frenchies studio is different...way different. We built our business to provide an elevated experience using the healthiest products available, delivered by the best technicians in the business. That's the Frenchies Difference.

Are we super proud of what we do? Yep. Because guests like Angela feed our passion. We are so grateful to first-time guests like Angela for coming in to experience the Frenchies difference!

Come experience a revolution in nail care. You’re gonna love it! 05/26/2020

BEAUTY BIZ BLUES | Hair, nail salons frustrated with road to reopening

Frenchies Studio Owners are Resilient and Resourceful small business owners! We can't wait for our newest location to open in Ventura, CA! We're thrilled to have Jonra Cross as part of the Frenchies Family. Frenchies Modern Nail Care Pictured: Jonra Cross, owner of Frenchies Modern Nail Salon in the Ventura Harbor Village, says nail care is essential for many who can’t otherwise take care of their feet. Photo submitted. …


Owner of Frenchies Nail Care Discusses the Frustration of Being a Non-essential Business

Learn more about Frenchies from West Bloomfield, MI studio owner Lindsay Griffin Villasenor!​

Thank you to the Megacast Team of Civic Center TV for highlighting Frenchies and our ridiculously clean sanitation standards!

Westbloomfield Michigan
West Bloomfield Lifestyle Magazine
West Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce

Lindsay Villasenor, Owner of Frenchies Modern Nail Care, discusses the frustration of being a non-essential business during this time and her safety plans th... 05/13/2020

Hair salon provides free haircuts to Medical Center of the Rockies employees to show appreciation

Frenchies studio owners are class-acts! Thanks for showing the love in your community Brooke Barnes Hansen. Brooke is a multi-talented beauty professional who owns both a hair salon and Frenchies studio in FortCollins. We are thrilled you are a part of the Frenchies family. Frenchies Modern Nail Care Employees at Medical Center of the Rockies received free haircuts Friday from a local salon as a token of gratitude for their work during the coronavirus pandemic. 03/16/2020

This campaign needs you now

Please help us make sure these teams are not forgotten! Covid-19 Beauty Industry Economic Hardship


To Our Valued Frenchies Guests:

Frenchies has always taken the health and hygiene of our guests and staff very seriously - it's even in our tagline!

Our service protocols were developed to go above and beyond occupational health and safety regulations for EVERY service, EVERY day. We Love Clean is not just a cool marketing gimmick - it is the foundation of our values and how we drive business decisions.

Following are the ways we keep our studios clean and free of bacteria:

• A hand washing station: Before EVERY service, both our guest and nail specialist wash their hands.
• All metal implements are thoroughly sterilized.
• Hard surfaces are cleaned after each guest.
• The cleanest pedicure bowls in town.
• We NEVER re-use disposable items on another guest.
• Neck wraps are frequently washed and sanitized.

Our goal is to help make you feel confident and comfortable during your next visit at your favorite Frenchies studio!

Thank you for being a valued Frenchies guest! 03/10/2020

The Nail Salon Industry is Rife with Exploitation and Abuse

The reality is that this is happening in every city across the nation. Frenchies was founded on the desire to change this reality and create something better! A better experience for guests and most importantly a better environment for nail technicians to thrive. We will not stop until employees who serve in this capacity are paid a fair wage and the exploitation ends. A new report highlights how much still needs to change for the industry’s beleaguered workers.


Frenchies swag is the best swag 💙⠀

This month, our members get a FREE Frenchies keychain! Nothing beats some free gifts, and representing your favorite locally owned business 🥰


New salon in Lafayette hopes to redefine nail care

Our 31st Studio Opens Today!
Lafayette, Louisiana - the nail care revolution has arrived to change everything about your natural, nail care experience! Congratulations Melissa Maeker!


PopSugar Beauty

Candy Cane manicure + holiday parties = perfection!

Get your finger tips in the holiday spirit. 🎁



Do you agree Frenchies Modern Nail Care - Littleton? Is Blue Glitter fitting? Frenchies Modern Nail Care- Lakeville gets White...for the snowy winters, maybe?

Maybe where you're from has a bigger influence on your beauty routine than you thought?


CND - Creative Nail Design

A sneak peak at what will be in Frenchies Modern Nail Care - Littleton and Frenchies Modern Nail Care- Lakeville next spring from CND - Creative Nail Design. What color are you excited to try?

The winter weather has us dreaming of spring, so we're sharing a sneak peek of our Spring 2016 Art Vandal Collection! Available worldwide on January 1st.


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Are you a nail biter?

Biting your nails reveals a surprising personality trait:


PopSugar Beauty

Happy Thanksgiving!

Things we're grateful for — family, pumpkin pie, and nail art:


PopSugar Beauty

What's YOUR perfect shape?

Shape is everything! 💅 (via InStyle)


What's your ?

Which nail shape do you ask for when you visit your Nail Professional for a manicure? 11/13/2015

Here's How I Successfully Rehabbed My Nails After an Acrylic Manicure

We are proud to be an acrylic-free nail studio that focuses not just on beautiful manicures and pedicures, but most importantly the health of your nails. A couple of months ago, I got acrylic nails for the first time and was surprised by how much I truly, deeply loved them. But in the back of my mind, I was worried about the removal process. It...


Free Botox consultations available this Friday from 12 - 7 from Kelly Hopkins of Beauty and Botox. Kelly is a registered nurse and biochemist who worked for one the leading plastic surgeons in the country. 13 years of experience utilizing the highest quality Botox on the market. If you know you'd like a safe treatment on Friday or are just interested in learning more about how it may help you prevent the appearance of aging, call the studio at 303-904-9900. Appointments are still available. 10/26/2015

These Disney Nail Art Ideas Will Inspire Your Next Magical Manicure

We love this...the magical manicure! Inspire and be inspired by these beautiful Disney nail art manicures from PopSugar Beauty. Every year, when the Super Bowl ends, we feel a major twinge of envy. Not because we want to be covered in Gatorade, but because of that one player who always shouts, "I'm going to Disney World!" It truly is the most magical place on earth 10/22/2015

9 Horrifying Nail Facts You Need to Know Before Your Next Manicure

This article perfectly sums up why we exist! Frenchies Modern Nail Care is all about your health and well-being. A manicure or pedicure has a pretty aesthetic purpose, but there is so much more behind the service: stimulating nerves, teaching you proper at-home nail care, following medical-grade sterilization techniques to ensure your safety, etc. Come to Frenchies for beautiful and SAFE nail care services in a fun, fresh, welcoming environment.


Wondering what colors to try for your fall mani or pedi? Stay on trend with the official Fall 2015 colors from Pantone! - 10/01/2015

The One Thing Pedicurists Want You to Know - SELF

Here are some good tips from SELF Magazine and pedicurists on the East Coast! The pros who work on your toes get real.




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