Licensed in NJ & NY. Specializing in Excavation, Landscaping, Construction, Utility Installation, and General Contracting.

JWSR LLC provides excavation, hardscaping and demolition services to the Sussex County, NJ area.

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Why hire JWSR? Our reviews speak for themselves, we offer reasonable pricing, and most importantly we've got the proper:
People 👷👷‍♂️👷‍♀️
Equipment 🚜🔧⚒
Licensing, GL Insurance, Workers Comp 🧾📑🗂


Part of what makes our job so rewarding is hearing our customers feedback. Our crew is able to handle difficult jobs such as this one and other excavation needs.

We chose to use the hydra-bore attachment to complete this job because of its ability to move 3/4 inch stone out of its way with ease which is what is under the customers retaining wall as a footing. Alternatively, we could’ve used our horizontal directional drill, but it would’ve been a bit overkill and more costly for the homeowner.

We specialize in commercial and residential problem solving for all things excavation. Have a project coming up? Give us a call at 862-268-2510 or fill out this form for online booking jwsrllc.dripjobs.com

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Busy busy busy this time of year. So busy, I didn’t realize something pretty cool happened for our business.

JWSR LLC was voted one of the top 5 excavators in Sussex County!! . Click the link below to support us and you’ll be entered into the NJ Heralds chance to win a gift card!

Check out JWSR, LLC. Vote for the top nominees in each category and be entered to win a gift card!


When we have the opportunity, we go super deep underneath driveways while boring or directional drilling to ensure we do not damage asphalt.

This one had a huge rock under it at about 5-6 feet deep, so we had to go underneath the rock. We’re at about 9 feet deep.

Once we get to the other side of the driveway, we can turn it upwards and come back to a manageable depth where we can find the end of the rod and attach our conduit to it.


Flemington, New Jersey today doing an install for fiber to the home.


The landscape crew is dusting the cob webs off the mowers and beginning weekly lawn maintenance this week for our clients. Still haven’t found someone to take care of your property this year? Give us a call at 862-268-2510.

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Fiber Optic Installations in Pennsylvania and Well Pump Installation in Kearny, NJ yesterday to finish up the week.


Sometimes existing utilities can be in a funky spot… We have all the right tools to accurately locate the utility service via radio frequency, do the required repair or install, and restore the area back to its condition.


JWSR picked up a Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) from Michigan this week. Our crews are testing it out and making sure it’s fully operational and ready to be deployed after Easter break.

This tool allows us to cut down on restoration by being able to complete 400ft while drilling. That means less damage to lawns and landscaping. It also allows us to begin installing pipes up to 12 inches in diameter and drilling through certain types of rocks. It can also be accurately tracked on the front of the drill to determine where it is and the ground and navigate through other utilities.


So spring time is almost here and you are having a contractor come to do some work on your home, perhaps a deck or a patio, and you have utilities in the ground that aren't located... Well, have no fear, JWSR is here.

It is the responsibility of the electric, water, gas, or telecommunications company to mark out the area where their specific lines to your house meter are. Some examples of lines and utilities that are not a utility companies responsibility is:
1. You own a propane tank and the lines go underground
2. Invisible dog fence
3. You have lighting in the front of your home to illuminate the walkway or driveway
4. Electric to a pool
5. Electric to a detached garage (that doesn't have a meter)
6. Gas to a fire pit, stove, or whirlpool bath
7. Water lines around the home/farm or for sprinklers in the grass
8. Drainage lines

These are just a few of the utilities we are able to locate. Give us a call at 862-268-2510 or go online to book an estimate/phone call at jwsrllc.dripjobs.com


Whenever we do a construction project, we care about the property that you spend a lot of time and money into making look good.

When we install Fiber Optics to the home, we use the method of least destruction to get the job done. Pictured here is a fiber line buried 8 inches below the ground, but you can barely tell we were here. The crew is putting the sod back in place and raking any dirt or debris so that it is barely noticeable.


Pictured here is the Ditch Witch W12 Hydrovac truck. An impressive part of our industry that is changing the way utilities are being installed across North America.

This beast of a truck is used to turn an unknown or otherwise unsafe digging location into mud via high pressure water (2,800 PSI). The muddy mess is then cleaned up via a 5,000 CFM vacuum and then stored in a holding tank on the truck.

Our team is shopping around for a smaller trailer sized unit to add to our fleet so that we can mitigate the potential loss of vital utilities such as electric, water, gas, and internet in the event the lines were not properly marked out by the service providers via 811.


Why choose JWSR LLC for your next retaining wall project? Because we care about the longevity of the product we are providing.

Pictured here is a way to ensure the safety and stability of your investment. If a wall is built with this design, it has the potential to last a lifetime.

The drainage system behind the wall is the most important part. This is due the the weather conditions around us. Because our temperatures often drop below 32 degrees, the potential for any trapped water behind the wall freezing is very high. The stone behind the wall allows the water to flow freely down to the pipe which is placed towards the bottom of the wall and pitches away at an angle. The problem with water being trapped behind the wall is that when water freezes, it expands. This means that over time, your wall is slowly getting pushed further and further out leading to its eventual collapse.

The weep holes in the front face of the wall aren't always necessary, but a nice feature to help ensure the water does not get stuck behind the wall and create a freeze and thaw issue. It is an escape route when building very long walls.

The base that the blocks sit on should be 8-12 inches of compacted stone. This gives the blocks a sturdy place to start building off of. You'll also notice that the first row is always buried under neath the material going up against the wall, so stone or dirt. This is also an important step in the process because we want to ensure the bottom blocks cannot move around from the above mentioned freezing and thawing.

The filter fabric stops small particles of dirt from getting into the drainage pipe and clogging it.

Within each block, there is typically 2 fiberglass pins to hold the block into the last row. This effectively makes the wall a more solid unit. If there is voids in between the blocks, they are filled with stone as well to make the wall heavier, stronger, and locked together.

Lastly there is geo grid which is not show in the photo.
The geogrid layers provide reinforcement to the unreinforced soil. These walls protect against soil erosion and support heavy or active loads above. They reinforce soil and further strengthen the wall. It is not so common for contractors to use geo grid if there isn't a heavy load on top of the wall. At JWSR LLC, we install it with every wall because we think it is a very important piece to the construction and longevity.

There is a bunch of thought that goes into the design process. Occasionally, it is even required that an engineer design it.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about retaining walls and how they can be effectively used on your property, give us a call at 862-268-2510.


The truck is ready for mulch, topsoil, dirt, sand, and stone deliveries this spring 🌸 🌳 🌻

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This was a customer that wanted a new and simple area to walk to their dock. They also wanted to reclaim their older patio to try and get some more life out of it. We power washed out the cracks on the patio and installed new polymeric sand in the cracks and joints to prevents pesky weeds and moss from growing for the next 3-5 years.

If you’re in the process of deciding on a project whether it’s big, small, old or new then give us a call at 862-268-2510 for a fast and simple quote.

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Shoutout to our friend from Simple Signs for always making us cool decor for around the home and office. Shoot them a message if you dropped the ball for Valentine’s Day and need to get something for a loved one… They are unique and affordable gifts.

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What’s the most important part of snow removal?

The preparation and work that goes in to the equipment before and after the storms to provide our customers with uninterrupted service!

This plow is getting a fresh, new blade to scrape the surface of the ground since the old one is on its way out.


The storm will begin at roughly 1am tonight (1/12/24) and continue until about 11am on Tuesday (1/13/24)

Be safe and try not to travel on the roads tomorrow unless you have to. Quick accumulation is hard for the Road Departments and Snow Contractors to stay ahead of. If you are having a medical emergency where a First Responder needs to get to your house, give us a call and we will come and do it for free for your safety and the safety of our local EMS/Fire/Police.

Need someone to plow out your driveway? Give us a call. We have multiple trucks and shovelers out working during the entire storm.


TGIF! Who is ready for warmer weather and weekends by the lake?

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Are you a DIYer at your house? We respect that...
Give us a call at 862-268-2510 to schedule your delivery of Mulch, Stone, Dirt, or Sand.

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Boring underneath this driveway in Flemington NJ. This is a low disturbance method that we are able to perform in order to run utilities to properties.

Now booking outdoor projects for the spring including:
Lawn Maintenance 🌿🔪
Retaining walls 🧱🧱🧱
Patios + walkways
Grading + Excavation
Spring clean up 🧹🍁
Site Preparation
Septic Systems 💩
Foundations 🏠
Drainage Systems + Solutions 💦💦💦
Soil Erosion Prevention
Driveways 🚙
Utility Installations ⛽️💧💩☎️💡
Landscape Design
Mulching 🌳🌷🌺
Pruning 🌳
Sod Installation
Irrigation + Irrigation Maintenance 💦
Stump Removal 🌳
Stone, Sand, Dirt, Mulch Delivery 🚛
Environmental Contamination

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Hey there! We're doing consultations and estimates for the beginning of the spring season which is quickly approaching. If you have an outdoor project or you've been wanting to get done, the JWSR team can get it done for you worry-free. We are also starting a lawn maintenance division back up again this year because we've had so many clients already ask.

What puts JWSR up there with the some of the best in the Tri-State area is that we focus on getting your job done quickly, efficiently, and without cutting any corners. We are able to do this by dedicating a crew specifically to you job, rather than bouncing around working on multiple at once. At JWSR your project and its timeline matters to us. Check out our reviews on Facebook, Google, NextDoor, and Angies List to see the impact we've had on our clients projects.

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Microtrenching training while in Kentucky. A unique, last-ditch effort to installing telecommunications in a quickly manner.


Fiber installation in Flemington, NJ

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Don't wait until it's too late. Sump pump maintenance is essential to prevent water damage, protect property value, and extend the lifespan of the pump. Regular upkeep helps avoid emergency repairs, health risks from mold growth, and ensures insurance coverage. It provides peace of mind and safeguards belongings stored in basements and garages.

We have a lot of rain in the forecast coming up. If you or someone you know would like free estimate on a service, give us a all at 862-268-2510.


Site prep for a PoP location in Butler


Call today to schedule your consultation for your upcoming project. (862)268-2510

Foundation & footing excavation 🚜
Grading ⛰
Site prep ⛏️
Drainage solutions 💧💧💧
Landscape design and installation 🌹🌸
Underground utility services 📞⛽️🔌
Concrete and paver patios/walkways 🧱
Retaining walls 🧱
Decorative stone 🪨
Septic systems 💩
And more

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Old mulch removed, filter fabric put down, and pea gravel instead for a homeowners dog kennel.

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Fiber installation in Flemington, NJ



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