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Revolutionary oxygen & vitamin skincare for lasting clear & youthful skin results. Clear & ageless skin requires Healing & Oxygen!

Most acne products & treatments causes the skin to lose water resulting in redness, irritation, dryness, & discomfort. ALL of our select products replenish water & oxygenates the skin to quickly heal, correct, clear, & prevent acne & aging. Our products are all dermatologically approved & have been used in our acne & anti-aging clinic since 2013 on over 1k of our clients with consistent clear & healthy skin RESULTS!


How we do clear skin…. 👉No acids. No harsh drying ingredients. No skin sensitizing. No hormonal interrupting ingredients. ✅ Just high performing healing oxygen and vitamins ✨🥰
Order our Oxygen Rescue facial mask & Vitamin K online to make that happen today.


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The BEST cleanser for getting smooth skin instantly ✨

Renewal Smoothing Exfoliating cleanser
✨ Lactic acid to hydrate & exfoliate
✨ Vitamin C to brighten
✨ Grapefruit to super brighten & lighten
✨ Jojoba beads to gently & effectively remove buildup
✨ Orange peel oil to awaken your senses
✨ Salicylic to reduce oil
❎ NO added fragrance but smells soooo yummy 😋

5oz bottle lasts most customers 4-6 months
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Ready to get your skin dreamy? Our Ultra Vitamin K comes with powerful healing properties that can reduce redness and acne lesions in no time! It also helps prevent and smooth out existing acne scars - making it the ultimate solution for a perfect complexion.


-Say goodbye to redness for good
- acne gone in days, not weeks
- prevents future breakouts and scars
- keeps skin hydrated and healthy

The Oxygen facial & ultra Vitamin K duo kit is available ✨
Save $10 on the duo

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How to use our Oxygen Rescue facial mask and get that ultimate glow ✨✨


Our lineup of products; Oxygen Rescue Mask, ultra Vitamin K serum, Renewal Exfoliating Cleanser & our Ultra Sonic Skin Scrubber….

no matter what regimen you’re currently using, adding these will elevate your results to having more healthier, clearer and radiant skin faster & with lasting results ✨

“I was a raging picker and caused a lot of scars to my skin. I’m obsessed with the skin scrubber because I can literally see the blackheads coming out of my pores and it keeps my skin bump free. The vitamin k has definitely improved my acne scars and the oxygen mask has helped me not have as many breakouts altogether! LOVE” Jasmine K, Nashville, TN

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Clear skin is just a few steps away!


Tired of never really seeing results from your skincare routine?

Introducing the Oxygen Rescue Facial Mask & Ultra Vitamin K by Skin Haven RX. Our unique formula is designed to help reduce inflammation and diminish acne, giving you the clear, glowing skin you've always wanted. No more harsh spot treatments or endless frustration – it's time to see real results! Try our Oxygen Rescue Facial Mask & Ultra Vitamin K today risk-free with our money-back satisfaction guarantee.
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Ready to get your skin dreamy? Our Ultra Vitamin K comes with powerful healing properties that can reduce redness and acne lesions in no time! It also helps prevent and smooth out existing acne scars - making it the ultimate solution for a perfect complexion.


Get the best of both worlds in skincare with our oxygen rescue mask! Our unique formula is free from irritating ingredients, soothing to the skin and even provides anti-aging benefits. Enjoy youthful, hydrated and healthy looking skin days year round—no harsh chemicals or bleaching required.


That before and after ✨ 🙌
A daily or weekly dose of oxygen facials will change your life/skin 🥰

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Sick of struggling with acne? Take your skin care routine to the next level with these tips that you've probably never heard of before! From stopping biotin use, to investing in an oxygen facial, there are a few new tricks that could help clear your complexion.

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What can our ultra Vitamin K do for your skin? It gets rid of redness very very quickly, ➡️( swipe to see our customers results), reduces inflammation from acne within hours, prevents acne scars from developing and allows the skin to heal naturally. See why our customers stock up on this product.

Results from using our vitamin k are lasting results. Our new formula now has 7% more vitamin k + antioxidants to keep the skin youthful and rejuvenated. Also, we removed all dyes 🙌.

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Are you feeling like your skin is congested and that no matter what skincare product or remedy you use, it just doesn't seem to improve? If so, you're not alone. Oxygen is a powerful element that can help reduce congestion and heal acne faster than traditional treatments. Our Oxygen Rescue facial mask is a great way to get the oxygen your skin needs! It works by decongesting the pores and restoring youthfulness back to your skin. After two-plus years of using this product, our client has seen amazing results--you could too! Oxygen plays an important role in keeping our cells healthy. When skin becomes congested, it's often due to lack of oxygen in the tissue surrounding the pores. This can lead to breakouts, inflammation, and dryness that worsen over time if not treated promptly. With regular use of an oxygen-based product like the Oxygen Rescue facial mask, you'll be able to rejuvenate congested areas on your face for youthful looking skin!


Are you struggling with acne? Don't worry, you're not alone! We understand how frustrating it can be….. so we've developed a professional at home oxygen facial in a bottle for those suffering from acne. After seeing huge improvements from giving our clients more oxygen in their treatments, we decided to create a product that works just as good - if not better- than our original treatment.

Our Oxygen Rescue Facial mask is a great solution for those suffering from acne and other skin issues. Oxygen helps to heal damaged skin cells and flush out impurities deep within the pores of your skin, meaning you'll be able to achieve clear skin much faster than with traditional skincare products. Plus, oxygen is natural and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or drying agents that could make your skin worse!

Studies have shown that oxygen helps to improve the overall health of your skin while reducing inflammation and redness associated with acne. It also helps reduce the amount of oil production on the surface of your skin which leads to fewer breakouts in the long run. With regular use, you can really start seeing results in no time!

We stand by our product 100% and guarantee results or your money back! Stop wasting money on skincare products that don't work and try out our Oxygen Rescue Facial today!


2023 is off to another GREAT start 💫 we took a social media break but the sales kept rolling in 🙌 had to get our babies some new photos taken. 🥰
we listened to your feedback and the vitamin k has been reformulated! No more unnecessary dyes or coloring! Added 7% MORE vitamin k + added antioxidants to help speed up acne healing 5x’s faster. 💨
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We are so excited to be able to announce the relaunch of Skin Haven RX in 2023! As a solo entrepreneur, I am truly grateful for the amazing support I have received from all of our wonderful customers. Our vitamin K formula is being released without any dyes and with 7% more vitamin K and added antioxidants to help protect your skin. We are dedicated to creating products that not only deliver clear skin results but also provide a comfortable and luxurious experience every time you use them.

To show our appreciation for our loyal customers, we will be offering amazing promotions throughout the year leading up to our relaunch. Plus, you can still purchase your favorite products online right now!

We hope that you’ll join us on this journey as we work hard to bring back Skin Haven RX and make it even better than before. Be sure to check back for updates and follow us online for all of our latest news! Thank you again for being part of this incredible journey with us—we couldn’t do it without you!


Now BETTER than ever! The all New ultra Vitamin K serum. 💫
What makes this better than our other vitamin k serum?
👉7% More Vitamin K to deliver better results faster
👉 No more dyes!
👉 No added fragrance
👉 Now with a potent antioxidant that heals and protects the cells
& all for the SAME price 🤑

In stock now. Order online 24:7


Most people don't know this, but acne needs oxygen and vitamin K to heal quickly. Oxygen speeds up the healing process by getting rid of bacteria and toxins, while vitamin K helps to reduce inflammation and redness.

Don't let your breakouts get you down — ship them vitamin K and oxygen for an express healing ride!


Traditional skincare treatments for acne often rely on harsh chemicals and antibiotics, which can do more harm than good in the long run.

Oxygen skincare is a new and innovative way to treat acne, and it has been proven to be very effective. Oxygen kills acne bacteria and removes toxins that cause signs of aging, such as discoloration, lines & wrinkles, and age spots. Oxygen is more gentle on the skin than the use of actives and acids, such as retinol & glycolics, and can be used year-round to keep the skin clear, reduce breakouts, and make the skin more vibrant. If you are looking for a new way to treat your acne, oxygen skincare is definitely worth considering.
☝️Order our amazing Oxygen Rescue facial in a bottle. Over 30 oxygen facials per bottle. Use 1-2 times weekly for healthier, more radiant and clearer skin.
Online 💻


Just because my skin is clear, doesn't mean mystruggles aren't real. who can relate? Acne might suck, but oxygen facials definitely don't! Thanks to for helping me clear up my skin!
🤩the Oxygen Rescue facial mask Back in stock! Get started on clearer & more radiant skin for fall.
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Results matter. Yes I’m an esthetician by trade and I see clients in my skin clinic, but home care is what matters the most! As you know, Skin Haven RX is all about offering healing skincare for acne with my Vitamin k & Oxygen Rescue facial mask.
Because so many of you already have an acne regimen that you’re using… so is 99% of my acne clients who come to see me are also on an acne regimen from either their dermatologist or from trying to go at it on their own…but most all of these regimens are missing the 2 things that will actually make all the difference in how fast your skin clears up and how long the results will last. Oxygen is a 100% must have & my specially formulated Vitamin K for acne, redness and scars. ✨ Ready for better, clearer, and healthier skin? Get started today. Click the link to shop online in the bio ☝️


Heals acne faster and slows down the signs of aging! Try out at home oxygen facial in a bottle and experience the 5 Stars✨ that our customers are raving about 🥰
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1 Bottle = over 20 facials


Free Shipping all week! Shop online


Got your oxygen facial yet? Get out at home Oxygen Rescue facial mask today & 👋 bye bye to stubborn breakouts.

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Our Story

I am Regina Honey Hilton, Licensed Esthetician since in 2003. I started Luxe Haven (the online professional skincare), and Luxe Haven Aging & Acne Aesthetics (my private acne & age correcting clinic) in 2014 after working for a local day spa for 3 years and prior to that I worked in skincare & cosmetics for luxury retailer Neiman Marcus (2004-2008) and Bloomingdale’s in Newport Beach, Ca (2000-2003). In 2012, I advanced my esthetics education by becoming ITEC certified; which allows me to practice in over 8 countries, obtained my product ingredient certification, as well as advanced professional treatments certifications. In 2019, I took an incredible professional 6 week advanced acne course in which I gained extensive knowledge & insight on how to select the perfect home care products to treat acne & aging skins and give customers my professional “in clinic” acne & aging facial results at home.

I am relaunching to serve the growing demand of customers wanting to find skincare products that are affordable, offer professional facial quality results, clears acne gently, quickly & yet very effectively. Acne & aging skins need these 2 things; healing & oxygenating ingredients in order to get & maintain clear, healthy, youthful skin. I have used my skin expertise to curate ONLY products from TOP professional skincare brands that I have used in my clinic & that heals & oxygenates the skin.

Q. Is it okay to use products from multiple skincare brands?

A. YES. It is all about the right ingredients, not the brand!

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