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Hi! Wondering how I would get a quote for some work? Feel free to PM me if that's easiest. Thanks!
Thought you might be interested in this, if you haven't heard about them already, so fun!
I checked out your blog and you done a great job, loved it , if I can help in any way let me know
Beth does beautiful work. Riverside Theatre is proud to have her as our props upholsterer!
Talk about service! Bethany not only picked up my piece of furniture to recover and fix up, but she delivered it to my condo and took photos for me! You have to remember to use Good Bones Upholstery for all your furniture updating and restoring needs!
I had to get rid of my beloved mustard settee a few years ago. If only Good Bones Upholstery was around then.
Hi have you ever done car seats? Like installation of seat covers?

Good Bones specializes in custom upholstery for household furniture. Reclaiming quality pieces and g

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 10/20/2022

Its been a busy few weeks with some fun projects in and out!

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 10/05/2022

Another lovely little chair in the books! The curves of the butterfly back, coupled with the diamond tufting and not-so-stretchy velvet fabric was a challenge but the end result is a show stopper.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 09/22/2022

Loving this Queen Ann wing chair in blues

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 09/19/2022

Vintage rocking chair before and after! After a run of couches and commercial pieces, it was nice to work on a smaller piece with a big transformation. My clients refinished the show wood on the arms and we were all pleased with how well the finished complimented the new fabric.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 07/29/2022

Vintage sofa recovered in leather

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 07/07/2022

More fun with different styles of furniture! Vintage La-z-boy recliners and an almost-antique tufted club chair.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 05/26/2022

I've had a run of chairs come through the shop recently. Its nice to have a variety of styles and fabrics to work with.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 05/17/2022

Talk about a before and after! These barstools got an entirely new look, going from a tapestry that screams "early 90s" to a far classier black leather with diamond patterned buttons. Why yes, I *can* work magic 😉

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 05/12/2022

Pretty little custom upholstered bedroom chair; this central fabric from Charlotte Fabrics becomes iridescent when you catch the light just right.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 04/27/2022

I always love uncovering original manufacturing information; in this case just a date, but still! 1961! I'm honored to add my own work to a piece that is going to last for many more decades to come. They really don't make furniture like they used to!

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 04/04/2022

Still thinking about the understated elegance of this club chair I sent out last week. The piping in a solid fabric perfectly complements the herringbone pattern and makes the lines of the chair really pop.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 03/07/2022

Another colorful project! We used a high-durability purple chenille for the inside areas that get the hardest use and accented the outsides with an abstract print.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 02/23/2022

This tufted recliner and ottoman got a posh makeover in a bright blue velvet that is set off beautifully by the decorative nailhead trim.


This is a recent project that gave me joy . . . this vintage tufted couch had a few issues: the stuffing on one of the inside arms was collapsed in, seams were coming apart on cushions, and tack strips holding on outside arms and backs were falling away, but the crushed velvet upholstery was still holding strong! I took apart everything as far as I needed to and reworked and reattached the problem areas. The crowning glory is the custom legs my client had made for her sofa; I love the unique and updated look they give to this vintage piece!

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 01/06/2022

This faux-tufted arm chair was one of my last pieces of 2021. With some projects (the difficult the fussy, the "take it apart and try it again"), I need a little time before I'm able to step back and think, "hey, that looks great!". Now, with my frustrations forgotten, I think this chair looks quite dapper!

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 12/09/2021

These sweet vintage dining chairs got a major upgrade from falling-apart vinyl to this cheerful canvas print. Finishing off the backs with a simple black ribbon added a touch of elegance.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 11/29/2021

Recovering older pieces of furniture is often painstaking work, but the personality and sense of history in the piece always makes it worth it for me. I was only the latest of multiple upholsterers to work on this sofa and though it took extra effort, I feel proud of my contribution towards preserving this well-loved piece.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 11/09/2021

These are recent projects that showcase some options for accenting a solid or textured fabric. The decorative nailheads on the barstools and wing chair draw the eye to the graceful lines of the outside wing and arm while the buttons and faux tufting on the Danish modern side chair add some topography to an otherwise straight-laced piece. Understated, yet elegant.


A newly upholstered chair is always striking, but something about this style of wing chair with the bright red fabric and fresh nailhead trim is particularly dazzling. If I had a palatial mansion to furnish, this would obviously go in the library next to the fireplace.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 09/16/2021

Views of an heirloom wingback

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 09/03/2021

This vintage sectional got a major makeover from tattered orange fabric to soft and chic (and pet-friendly!) vinyl.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 08/04/2021

This old fella was quite the challenge, but I’m so pleased with how it turned out! It’s a great example of a classic piece being made to feel new and modern with a fresh fabric choice.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 07/15/2021

These club chairs got a sleek new look when we swapped out the impressionistic floral print for a vibrant orange solid and simplified the design by removing the skirts.


I had to snap a picture as I followed this truck into work today. Unfortunately, not every piece of furniture is worth recovering and this is where those pieces end up. If you can make the investment to reuse a solid piece of furniture (like an heirloom or a thrifting score) not only can it be recovered and customized just for you, but it can also last a lifetime (and keep a lifetime's worth of cheap furniture out of the landfill).

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 06/18/2021

Another sweet little chair in a fun and colorful fabric.


Love this happy little antique chair in a modern floral fabric!

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 05/05/2021

I love these chairs! First of all, its a striking before and after, but its also the lovely plum-colored fabric (a closeout from Charlotte Fabrics!) coupled with the simple yet elegant angled lines of the chair design itself. I also found a stamp indicating what I'm guessing is the original manufacture date -- March 1966! I'm glad my clients decided that these chairs were keepers.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 04/28/2021

Here is some of the work I've been doing this past month. After a stint of wrangling sofas and oversized chairs, these smaller pieces have been a nice change of pace.


A recently completed modern living room set in velvet.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 04/07/2021

A recently recovered vintage La-Z-Boy recliner. Its always a groaning moment when you realize that the previous upholsterer just covered over the old fabric, but in this case it was fun to be able to share a piece of the old upholstery with the client as this piece had been in their family for decades. They even remembered the old material from when they were a kid!


March was a weird month. I had a wrist injury that slowed down work for about two weeks, had issues with delayed fabric shipments and had a couple projects, including this one, where I just miscalculated my fabric needs and had to order more (also causing more delays). April is feeling like the month to get things moving again.

These club chairs are the first of a few projects I'll be happy to see go out the door. My client provided a mohair and unfortunately it lived up to its reputation of being difficult to work with. As my husband so eloquently put it: mohair, mo' problems!

Good Bones Upholstery: 2022 Scheduling Waitlist 03/31/2021

Good Bones Upholstery: 2022 Scheduling Waitlist

Good Bones is good and busy! We are currently booked through the end of 2021 and are not accepting new clients at this time. We’ll start booking for 2022 at the end of the summer. Follow the link below to receive a notification when our 2022 schedule opens.

Good Bones Upholstery: 2022 Scheduling Waitlist


This newly recovered tuxedo sectional looks like the ideal place for a family nap. With heavy-duty, stain-proof fabric, you can worry more about cuddling and less about grubby hands and paws.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 02/01/2021

This wicker recliner and the pillow-top Parsons ottomans were both styles of furniture that I hadn't yet had the chance to work on in the 6+ years I've been upholstering. Its always fun to do something new but it certainly doesn't come without its challenges!

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 01/15/2021

Quarter sawn oak rocker with leather upholstery and nailhead trim


This vintage side chair simply sings in turquoise vinyl.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 01/08/2021

I sent this skirted sofa back home yesterday. I'm not sure if it was the cool color tones or just the lovely flowers, but this floral print made me feel a little more serene as I pondered warmer and better days to come.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 12/28/2020

Finished this sofa last week, just in time for Christmas. We transformed this from a skirted sofa with a floral print to a sleek and modern beauty. The client didn't mention the color choice specifically, but I'm going to go ahead and call it a very tasteful take on Hawkeye colors ;)

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 11/18/2020

I'm loving these vintage barrel chairs! I don't get this style of chair often, so there was definitely some thinking and re-working involved to get the seats and backs right. Now that they're done, I kinda wish I could keep them for myself!

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 10/27/2020

I recently finished these vintage bedroom chairs in a cozy coral chenille.

Photos from Good Bones Upholstery's post 10/11/2020

Calling all crafters! Help us with our housecleaning by helping yourself! We’ve got rolls of fabric and vinyl, lots of scraps, a leather hide and sundry leather pieces. We’ve also got a few supplies like Velcro, heavy thread and strap material. It’s all yours for the taking! Come and help yourself outside of 328 E 2nd St in Iowa City. We’ll be loading it up to donate at sundown, so make sure you get here today!


328 E 2nd St
Iowa City, IA

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