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One of the best upgrades I made when moving to Huntsville was getting the Healthy Line Inframat Pro. Upgrading from a simple heating pad to this has been a game-changer!

This mat is under all of my patients and offers numerous healing benefits. It contains thousands of amethyst, jade, tourmaline, and obsidian gemstones, which release far infrared rays and negative ions. Naturally emitted negative ions increase with the mat's warmth.

Additionally, there's a copper net to shield from EMFs, a pulsed electromagnetic field system (PEMF), and photon red lights. The PEMF cycle simulates the Earth's magnetic field, aligning with our biorhythms.

While these features aren't necessary for an effective acupuncture session, they certainly enhance it. It's like acupuncture with turbo activation 😀

Close up photos by: .dupree

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Just to prepare you, this is probably the most personal I’ve gotten on SM… ♥️

Reflecting on my journey, I've come to terms with the complexities of being childless-not-by-choice. It's a reality I've struggled to fully grasp, and accepting it has been a process strangely intertwined with guilt and resilience. Despite exploring various avenues like freezing my eggs and embracing natural fertility methods, my journey took an unexpected turn several years ago with premature ovarian failure, a diagnosis that completely reshaped my trajectory.

Navigating and attempting adoption brought its own challenges, including heartbreak and financial strain. Still, amidst these trials, I acknowledge the privilege of not enduring miscarriages, multiple IVF rounds, or strained relationships with stepchildren (they can be good too!)...the list of painful, common alternatives could go on. Instead, I cherish the love of a supportive partner, the blessing of nurturing parents, and the freedom to explore the world with loved family and friends...

While the unrealized dream of motherhood lingers, I've discovered a newfound purpose in supporting others on their path to parenthood. This journey feels like a calling, one born from the depths of my own struggles. Though not everyone may understand this shift, I'm committed to pouring my love and energy into this meaningful endeavor.

As Mother's Day approaches, please tread gently, mindful of the diverse journeys women face. Refrain from probing questions and assumptions, recognizing that motherhood is just one thread in life’s incredibly complex tapestry.

Cultivate kindness, patience, and gratitude for the abundance in your own life.

Sending love to all—mothers, grandmothers, pet mothers, nurturers, childless-not-by-choice, childless-by-circumstance, childfree. I hope you all have a happy Mother’s Day, bittersweet though it may be. ♥️

Photos by a beautiful and talented mother: .dupree

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It might sound a bit odd, but I really find joy in helping people with jaw pain! Recently, I assisted someone with jaw tension using principles from Chinese medicine.

⭐️ Check out the second picture to see where I placed the needles— it's a mix of what I learned in graduate school, and from practice.⭐

We relax the masseter muscle and ease tension/reduce inflammation in the temporomandibular joint. (TMJ)

Some of the key acupuncture points are on the Stomach channel. In Chinese medicine, Stomach plays a big role in handling feelings. Sometimes, jaw pain gets worse when you're dealing with tough emotions.

The Stomach helps process emotions and can be influenced by the Liver channel in Chinese medicine. The Liver is quite active during the springtime, so it's especially important now to find time to sooth yourself.

Consider taking a walk outdoors, enjoying some quiet time away from screens, or getting acupuncture to feel better. 🍃

We use a special point called Yin Tang (between the eyebrows) to help relax, then let you rest for 20-30 minutes to let the needles work their magic.


"The Vacation Effect" earned its name because many people experience increased fertility and even conceive while on vacation, attributed to reduced stress and increased relaxation. 🏝️

This phenomenon aligns with scientific understanding, as deep relaxation lowers stress hormones like cortisol while boosting feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, optimizing fertility.

However, not everyone can afford the time or money for frequent vacations.

That's where acupuncture comes in as an accessible option to induce the same deep state of relaxation, offering a practical and effective alternative for enhancing fertility. 🥚 ☯️

Of course we go deeper than just relaxation, but that’s a good start! 💆🏻‍♀️

Photo: .dupree


🌿✨ Fueled by curiosity and guided by my graduate studies, I explored Chinatown in LA over 12 years ago to obtain my trusty buffalo horn for gua sha. Remember, your tool doesn't need to be fancy; a simple flat surface like a Chinese soup spoon works wonders! Embrace gua sha for these benefits:

♉️Relaxation: Melt away tension and stress.

♉️Circulation: Boost blood flow for vitality.

♉️Detoxification: Support lymphatic drainage.

♉️Pain relief: Alleviate discomfort and soreness.

More posts are coming soon to further explain this ancient traditional Chinese medicine technique!

Let's unlock the healing power of gua sha together ✨

📸 .dupree


Hey, folks! Time to hop on the Best Life Wellness train on Instagram. Here’s a glimpse of the ultimate gift basket packed with local business treasures – the highlight of the year! AND we’re giving it away!! Stay tuned for better pics, the giveaway kicks off on Monday, Feb 5th. Follow us at ** Bestlife.wellness ** on Instagram. Thanks and you're welcome ☺️



Tag your favorite gal pals for a chance to snag 2 tickets to the ultimate GALENTINE’S DAY bash at the fabulous venue!

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Each ticket includes 2 drink vouchers and an exclusive shopping spree with 18 amazing local, women-owned businesses!

🛍️ Join us on THURSDAY, FEB 8th, from 6-10pm for an unforgettable night.

I'll be there as a vendor, offering 24K gold ear seeds, ♥️-shaped cups, and a limited collection of love-themed gifts. Organized by the fabulous owner of , this event promises SHOPPING + SIPPING + SUPPORT for locally-owned women-led businesses.

Not only will you treat yourself, but proceeds will also benefit The Crisis Center.

Excited to be part of this! Save the date, and even if you don't win, your presence is a win! (You can buy a ticket at the link in the bio!)

Other awesome local vendors include…

… and more!


*Winner will be contacted via IG, if you don’t respond within 24hrs a new winner will be chosen*

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Bringing the magic of singing bowls to you! 🎶✨

Discover the therapeutic wonders of sound therapy...

I'm now available for hire since I no longer have my own practice space.

Elevate your next event – whether it's a bridal shower, employee health summit, or birthday – with a personalized sound bath experience.

Let's chat about how I can create a dreamy and healing atmosphere for your special gathering. 🌈💫

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Photos from Best Life Wellness's post 11/30/2023

Hey everyone! 🌟 After 10 days off the grid (More than a week ago now!), I'm thrilled to share the mystery behind my transformative journey!

I explored the magical beauty of Savannah, GA, for half a day before diving into a Vipassana silent meditation retreat at Dhamma Patāpa in Jessup.

No phone or any distractions, just intense inner work guided by the ancient technique originally taught by Buddha and facilitated by the teachings of Mr. S.N. Goenka, even after his passing in 2013.

The retreat, set in serene woods, had me meditating for 11 hrs/day, participating in challenging group sittings, and having two meals with lights out by 9:15 pm. Vipassana is an Art of Living, aiming for mental impurity eradication and ultimate liberation. The 10 day residential experience was created to help you properly learn Vipassana.

The experience felt like a meditation boot camp, as the Assistant Teacher rightly said. I initially kept it under wraps, fearing reactions and setting a personal boundary.

Difficult aspects included 11 hrs of meditation/day, with 3.5+ hrs in a group sitting, two meals a day (breakfast at 6:30 and lunch at 11...fruit at 5pm), and waking up (hungry) at 4 am daily. However, I enjoyed zero distractions, no talking, silence and the delicious vegetarian meals.

Worth noting, the course is paid for as a donation, and what you contribute goes towards the next student's course. If you're curious about Vipassana or considering it, hit me with your questions! If you've been to a Vipassana course, do share! 🧘‍♂️

First photo - Shows how in the middle of nowhere you are during the course.
Second photo - Pure Joy on the last day!


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South Huntsville Main Business Association presents our Small Business Saturday Engagement Contest, and we're making it a game-changer! 🎉

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All the Details:

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Taking a moment to appreciate nature's palette 🌿🌸

Capturing the beauty of nature has always been a passion, and I recently had the pleasure of exploring the stunning flower gardens at near Portland. 🌼📸

These vibrant blooms left me in awe, and I couldn't resist sharing their enchanting colors with you all. 🌈✨

(Tip: use Portrait mode on iPhone to capture their intricate details!)

The colors of these flowers, especially the radiant reds, calming purples, and soothing pinks, evoke such a range of emotions…

Red connects with our root chakra, grounding and energizing.

Purple resonates with the third eye chakra, fostering intuition and insight.

And pink represents the heart chakra, bringing love and compassion.


It's truly miraculous how nature's palette can align with our chakras, offering healing and balance in the most subtle ways.

Which color do you resonate with?

Share your thoughts below!


🌟 Hey there, lovely souls!

🌼 It's Jenny Best here, celebrating a decade of healing journeys this year!

Specializing in pain relief and fertility enhancement, I'm thrilled to be back in South Huntsville, where my story began. 🏡

From Grissom High to the world, I've returned with a treasure trove of experience. 🌍

Conveniently nestled near Memorial Parkway, just hop off at Lily Flagg exit for easy access and plenty of parking! 🚗

I would be honored to join you on YOUR healing journey! ✨

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While these models and pictures make for nice decor…do you know anything about the fascinating world of acupuncture points?! 📍

These magical spots were uncovered over centuries of observation and experimentation. 📖 🔎

They're like energy checkpoints along meridians (pathways) linked with our organ systems. 🌀

Acupuncture today harmonizes ancient wisdom with modern healing! 🌱

Let's tap into these pathways for a balanced, revitalized YOU! 🌈

Photos: .dupree

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Hello creatives! 💡

I’m sure you’re well aware: A relaxed mind is a creative mind✨

But did you know that acupuncture points have the potential to unlock your creative flow??🌈

So, when you're feeling the need for some artistic mojo, try acupuncture to get the creative juices flowing! 🌊

Photos by: .dupree

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On a recent journey, I was captivated by the enchanting allure of the Shisandra Berry, beautifully embodied in a delightful canned beverage (I’m a sucker for good branding, let’s be real)🍒✨

Derived from TCM's treasure trove, this triple-threat herb bestows the gifts of enhanced vitality, a serene mind, and radiant skin! 😍🌟

While single Chinese herbs are undeniably potent, the true essence lies in the secret sauce –


These harmonious blends of herbs synergistically amplify their powers! 🚀

Embracing ancient wisdom, one can truly experience a vibrant life!

My pursuit of a California acupuncture license included extensive training in Chinese herbs and formulas.

Feel free to reach out to me if you're curious about how Chinese herbal formulas can enrich and invigorate your life!


Here’s something AI will never replace: healing touch. 💆‍♀️🌿

Let's remember to embrace the beauty of preventative self-care. 🌟

We flourish when we receive the gentle, healing touch of a skilled practitioner.

For those with demanding schedules, I highly recommend scheduling regular sessions at least every two weeks. It's a powerful way to manage your busy life and achieve that elusive life-work balance. ⚖️📆

Let's put our well-being at the forefront and prioritize self-care. 🌿💚

You deserve to invest in yourself and your health and happiness. 😊✨

Photo: .dupree


Why do I leave the room during your acupuncture session ❓❓📍📍

After assessing your needs and placing the needles, I often step out, allowing you to "cook."

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it takes about 20-30 minutes for your life energy (qi) to flow through the meridians and rebalance.✨

This peaceful and comfortable environment enhances the therapeutic effects of the treatment.

Being alone in the room helps you relax and focus on the sensations you may experience.

Feel free to close your eyes, relax, and concentrate on your breath or any sensations.

Many patients feel deeply relaxed, calm, and even fall asleep during this time.

If you need assistance or have concerns, there's a bell in the room to notify me.

However, if you prefer me to stay with you, I'm more than happy to accommodate.

I'm honored to be a part of your healing journey and will meet you wherever you are! 🥰

Photo: .dupree


The 3 months of Summer are called the period of luxurious growth

The breaths of Heaven and Earth intermingle and are beneficial

Everything is in bloom and begins to hear fruit

After a night of sleep people should get up early (in the morning)

They should not weary during daytime and they should not allow their minds to become angry

They should enable the best parts (of their body and spirit) to develop; they should enable their breath to communicate with the outside world; and they should act as though they loved everything outside

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine

Said to have been written by the famous Chinese emperor Huangdi around 2600 BC


How do cups stay on the body? 🔥

It’s fire!! 🔥 🔥

Fire cupping, an ancient therapy, creates a vacuum by briefly igniting a cotton ball, putting it inside a glass cup, then placing the cup on the skin. The vacuum draws blood to the area, promoting circulation, releasing muscle tension, and aiding in detoxification.

The fire creates a strong 💪🏼 vacuum that is like a deep tissue massage, but pulling OUT instead of pushing IN!

The warmth of the fire also helps promote blood circulation. 🩸

With a decade of experience doing glass fire cupping, I can assure you this is a safe and effective method of releasing tension and promoting overall well being!

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🧘‍♀️ Rediscover tranquility in our serene yoga room. 🌿

Immerse yourself in a peaceful ambiance, and let your stress melt away. 🌊

🤫 Please honor our sanctuary by speaking softly. ☺️

If you're a yoga instructor, you can rent this space (which includes the waiting area and all other common spaces) for your private classes or intimate gatherings.

DM us to inquire about rates and available dates and times.

Your experience matters to us! 💆‍♂️✨


Discover the Incredible Benefits of Cupping Therapy: Harnessing Ancient Wisdom for a Balanced and Revitalized You! ✨

Seeking respite from the overwhelming demands of modern life? Look no further than cupping therapy, an age-old practice rooted in the profound wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 🌍✨

Here are three remarkable ways cupping therapy can transform your well-being:

1️⃣ Enhanced Circulation: Experience a revitalizing surge of energy as cupping therapy stimulates blood flow, invigorating your body's natural healing abilities and releasing deep-seated tension.

2️⃣ Detoxification: Embrace the gentle yet powerful suction of cupping, allowing it to rejuvenate your body and support the lymphatic system in effectively eliminating harmful toxins, restoring inner harmony, and promoting a heightened sense of well-being.

3️⃣ Pain and Inflammation Relief: Ignite a comforting and soothing sensation as the cups create a warm vacuum, drawing out stagnant energy, alleviating discomfort, and inducing a state of deep relaxation.

Reconnect with time-tested ancient tools and experience the reasons why cupping therapy has stood the test of time. It's not just a trend—it truly works. Prioritize your self-care journey and unlock the transformative potential of cupping therapy…

Anyone a big cupping fan like me? 🫶🏼


Unseen burdens weigh heavily on women's shoulders.

It's time to reclaim your well-being! 💪✨

Experience acupuncture in our healing sanctuary.

We will help you release the invisible load and restore balance.

Empower yourself with this holistic therapy, prioritizing your self-care and nurturing your resilience. You deserve relief and rejuvenation.

✨ ♥️


Only 4 spots open so book now …

ALCHEMY: A Harmonious Journey of Yin Yoga, Community Acupuncture, and Sound Therapy 🧘🏽‍♀️ 🧘🏻 🧘‍♂️

Join us for a transformative experience like no other, brought to you by the expertise of Jenny Best L.Ac. and Bailey Benton LMT. Allow yourself to surrender and embrace deep restoration in this unique fusion of ancient practices.

Indulge in the serene ambiance as Crystal and Nepali metal singing bowls weave enchanting melodies, creating a harmonious backdrop for your gentle and meditative yin-yoga floor poses, guided by the experienced yoga instructor and massage therapist, Bailey.

Prepare to embark on a rejuvenating acupuncture session tailored to enhance your well-being. With carefully selected acupuncture points, we aim to facilitate universal healing and provide seasonal support, revitalizing your body and mind.

To ensure an intimate and personalized experience, we have limited the number of participants to just six. Secure your spot promptly to avoid missing out on this extraordinary opportunity, as it is expected to fill up rapidly.

Discover the alchemy of self-care and inner harmony. Reserve your place in this enchanting journey today.

Link in bio! 🔗👆🏼👆🏼


🌼 Blooming through Menopause! 🌼

Ladies, let's talk about how acupuncture, (possibly in conjunction with Western medicine HRT), can be your secret weapon in this transformative phase.

Say goodbye to hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings, and embrace the vibrant energy of this orange flower!🌞

Acupuncture targets specific points to regulate hormones, boost circulation, and relieve discomfort and can even enhance the benefits of HRT.

It's like a natural superpower that brings balance and harmony back into your life.

Transform menoPAUSE to menoPOWER.

So, let's bloom beautifully through menopause together! 🧡

Photos from Best Life Wellness's post 05/04/2023

Hey there! I’m Jenny Best, Licensed Acupuncturist and founder of Best Life Wellness…a cozy wellness suite located in the heart of South Huntsville! 😃

I'm excited to welcome all you new folks to my little corner of Instagram, and I thought it'd be fun to share a few interesting , lesser-known tidbits about myself! 🎉

📅 I recently hit the 10-year mark in my acupuncture practice, and I couldn't be more grateful for this amazing journey! There's truly nothing quite like the feeling of helping people heal naturally! 🌿

My favorite things to treat are pain (physical or emotional), fertility and anything stress-related (everything?)…

💍 My married name is Best, and it's what inspired the name of my practice! Because who wouldn't want the best when it comes to their health? 😜 Plus, it makes for some seriously easy Google searches!

🎭 Fun fact: I graduated with a BFA in Theatre Arts from UCSB in 2001 and spent an enchanting summer studying and performing Shakespeare under the redwoods at Shakespeare Santa Cruz. It was a whimsical experience that will always hold a special place in my heart! ❤️

🌎 Thanks to my dad being an army doc, I lived in three different states and two different countries before I turned 10 - talk about a well-traveled kid! But hey, it definitely made me appreciate the importance of feeling at home wherever you are! 🌟

👗 When I lived in Los Angeles after college, I supplemented my acting income for a time by selling vintage clothes on eBay and at flea markets like Melrose and Rose Bowl. It was a total blast, and I still wear some of my favorite vintage finds to this day! Plus, it's eco-friendly - gotta love that! 🌿

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better! I can't wait to get to know all of you better too! Come visit me and my wellness suite mates at Best Life Wellness for acupuncture, yoga, massage, or counseling, and let's make your wellness journey the best one yet! ❤️

Feel free to drop a comment and say hi! 👋


🌸 A little seed of hope for those struggling with infertility…

Did you know that combining acupuncture with IVF could boost your chances of pregnancy by up to 65%?

It's true! According to The Guardian, acupuncture sessions within a day or so of embryo transfer can make a significant difference in your chances of having a successful pregnancy. 💕

But if you want to support yourself earlier-on during your fertility journey, it’s also a great life enhancement that will take the edge off of what can be a difficult time. ☯️

So if you're tired of feeling like you're spinning your wheels in the fertility department, give acupuncture a try. It's a safe, complementary therapy that could give you the extra boost you need to start your journey to parenthood!

Link to book in bio ⬆️

Photo: Mine, taken at the beautiful Mayfield Cottage and Garden in ATX

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