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Lots of new members since Lisa has returned from maternity leave. We welcome your amazing referrals... she will act on them quickly; we promise!
Make your bath time fun... 50 years ago Ernie sang this on Sesame Street. BarterPays! can make your bath and shower fun, too! Update your bathroom using barter dollars. 🧼 🛀
So proud of member Monica of Riv’s Restaurants, who designed and created Chase’s Friend Zone. She is a visionary and trailblazer, and we imagine Friend Zones all across the country one day!!💞
yummy 🥰
Like there's not already enough reasons to love you all!
Leather Jackets. Purses. Cozy sweaters. Patches. Stickers. Buttons. Collectibles. Vintage. Denim. Flannels. Boots. Cardigans. Corduroy. Mini skirts. Books. Art.
Rebel Supply Co. just restocked our shelves for the fall/winter season!
Come use some Barter money and get all your holiday shopping done early and easily!
A great BarterPays! Evening at Broadway Joes/LaRivista Restaurant and then onto Come From Away an amazing show!
Saying goodbye is sooo hard. Pat is retiring and moving to North Carolina. We hired TWO NEW BARTER GALS to cover all of Pat's responsibilities! Super Barter Gal Pat, you will be missed. Pat Barter Carol Barter Lisa BarterLisa BarterKaren Barter Leah LaManna Marie Barter Amanda Quinn
Facebook just let us know that BarterPays! reached 600 LIKES. Whoo! Hooo! But we have close to 700 members, and over 2000 cardholders, so I think we need a whole lot more LIKES! We welcome your referrals, to allow local businesses to check us out, and LIKE our Page. Thank you all for your support!
BarterPays! was featured in h-MAG today! Check out our awesome write up, and PM me for more info or for your FREE membership!
We have a brand new animated video explaining BarterPays!. Does Kristin look like someone familiar to the BarterPays! family?

NJ’s largest business matchmaker. Small businesses at the Jersey Shore trust and trade in the original BarterPays! for almost 30 years. FREE to signup!

The best local businesses trade in BarterPays!. FREE to join. We provide NJ business owners new customers and leads. Grow your business with BarterPays!.

Operating as usual


What a strong, powerful and brave teen! She keeps our NJ beaches safe.

Eden: “I’m a senior at Point Boro High School. I’ve always wanted to be a lifeguard when I was little. This year I finally decided to go for it. But I am only 5 feet tall, and weigh only 100 pounds. There were people who told me they thought I couldn’t be a lifeguard because I was too small. But I didn’t care. I went for tryouts, and made it. Every day on the job we would train. We did first aid training, CPR training, water drills, everything we needed to go over to get ourselves prepared.

"My first save was my first week on the job. Both of my partners were on lunch break. We had breaks from 12 to 12:30, and 12:30 to 1:00. So when your stand partner is on break, you’re alone for 30 minutes each day. I had just gotten back from lunch and my partner then went on break, so I was alone. Soon I saw this 10 year old girl who was struggling in the water, and I was like, 'Oh my God, I'm alone right now. This is all on me.' It was a yellow flag day, and she was out pretty far. I was kind of nervous but I called it in to the rest of the beaches, then I went in. As soon as I hit the water I knew I had to swim as fast as I could. There was no other option. It was up to me to get to her. My mind kind of went blank and it was just all adrenaline. I was super focused on getting to her. It was such a surreal feeling.

"There was one point where a strong wave pushed me back, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ but l got past it, which was a confidence booster. I told myself, ‘I just have a little bit farther to go! I'm almost there!’

"When I reached her, she was super scared. She kept apologizing, ‘I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to go out that far.’ I kept telling her it was ok, that I was going to get her in safely. So I just told her to hold on to the torp, I got my arms around her, and I told her, ‘We're going to go in now. You can kick for me if you can.' At that point a partner from another beach came over to get her with me.

"When we got in, her mom was so grateful. The girl was so scared. I offered her some water, and then they left. The most special part of that save was at the end of the day, my captain told me that he found out she was autistic. I was so impressed with that girl’s courage.

"I ended up getting Save of the Summer award, which was super special to me because going into that summer, I had a goal for myself: I wanted to win Rookie of the Year because I wanted to prove that even though I'm super short, and some people thought I couldn't do it, I wanted to prove them wrong. And I did. We didn't end up having that award this year, but winning Save of Summer was super cool. This was the best summer of my life, and I cannot wait to go back next summer."

~ Karge Ave Beach, Bay Head, where she made her save.


Eye ❤️ BarterPays! Happy National Eye Health Week!

Timeline photos 09/17/2022

A NJ hero!

Off-Duty Transit Police Officer saves 2 from drowning at NJ beach⁣

On Tuesday, September 13th, off-duty NJ Transit Police Officer Sjosward was fishing from shore at Island State Park Beach in Seaside Heights. He, and two friends were at a location which was not staffed by lifeguards.⁣

Officer Sjosward went to retrieve an item from his vehicle and upon his return, both of his friends were unaccounted for. They had both been swept away from shore. While scanning the area, Sjosward noticed one of his friends in the water, struggling to stay above the surface.⁣

The friend was being pulled by an apparent rip current. To rescue his friend, Sjosward grabbed a body board from his vehicle and entered the water. He swam to his friend’s location and attempted to drag his friend to shore via the bodyboard. This was unsuccessful as the board’s line snapped. The board was ultimately swept away. Sjosward subsequently utilized his Water Survival and Intervention training to bring his friend to shore via a rescue technique. ⁣

With one friend on shore, Sjosward again drew his attention to the water. He observed the other friend partially submerged and being pulled away. Despite extreme exhaustion, and with disregard for his own life and safety, Sjosward again entered the water. He made his way to his friend, fought through the current and brought him to shore.⁣

Sjosward flagged down a passing motorist who assisted in calling 911 and both friends were transported to urgent medical aid. They would ultimately survive. Officer Sjosward’s actions exemplify our NJTPD Core Values: Honor, Commitment, Integrity, and Courage.⁣


Are demanding customers getting to you?? Have a great weekend.


We all want this shirt, right!? Buy your tees now at Rebel Supply!

Every other person this weekend🤞
DM us! Size S-2XL
(Also if he twirls on stage with a Stevie shawl we will never recover)

Why NYC buildings use ‘sky blue’ in their 9/11 tributes 09/11/2022

Why NYC buildings use ‘sky blue’ in their 9/11 tributes

We will always remember. 🇺🇸🙏

Why NYC buildings use ‘sky blue’ in their 9/11 tributes The National 9/11 Museum & Memorial has a special place for “sky blue.”

It's Time to Recession-Proof Your Small Business in 2022 | The Michigan Chronicle 09/07/2022

It's Time to Recession-Proof Your Small Business in 2022 | The Michigan Chronicle

Barter gal Lisa was quoted in this US Chamber of Commerce article. She offers great advice!

It's Time to Recession-Proof Your Small Business in 2022 | The Michigan Chronicle It's Time to Recession-Proof Your Small Business in 2022

Unfortunately no, you can’t really help 🫠 #weddingprobs #weddingstress #diywedding #weddingthings 09/06/2022

Unfortunately no, you can’t really help 🫠 #weddingprobs #weddingstress #diywedding #weddingthings

We can help you with all your WEDDING problems… really!!

Unfortunately no, you can’t really help 🫠 #weddingprobs #weddingstress #diywedding #weddingthings


Have a great holiday!


We're looking for 1 male and 1 female African-American singer / actors for immediate replacement for Hair scheduled to perform September 23-25 at the Count Basie Center in Red Bank.

Must have open availability Sunday-Thursday evenings with minimal conflicts.

Please send picture/resume and a 30 second pop/rock or performance video to [email protected].

Phoenix Productions and the Count Basie Center have a clear vision: to be the place where a diverse mix of talented people want to do their best work. The organizations’ continued pledge to deepen their commitment to cultural competency, racial equity and social inclusion is at the heart of the Basie Center’s mission as a nonprofit.

In casting, this means a commitment and intention to locate and encourage performers of all ages, ethnicities, cultural heritages / backgrounds, body types, and gender expressions.


❤️ Love getting photo updates on barter projects. Lookin’ good!!


Driving school? Pet grooming? Auto detailing? Spend barter dollars and save your cash!


Happy National Beach Day! Jersey has the best beaches AND the best businesses!


Member CPA Lee plus BarterPays! made the memory wall at Wall Stadium.


BarterPays! has the best restaurants!!!


Starting a business in this economy? BarterPays! shares tips on News12

Starting a business in this economy? BarterPays! shares tips on News 12 New Jersey

Ivy League Day Camp 08/13/2022

Ivy League Day Camp

Sign up now for best rates on BarterPays!

Ivy League Day Camp Ivy League Day Camp is a traditional day camp for ages 2-15 offering a summer filled with Aquatics, Crafts and Athletics! Our Camping professionals insure the kind of Big League Fun that happens every summer at Ivy League Day Camp.

Welcome to Holistic Spa 08/12/2022

Welcome to Holistic Spa

Call Holistic Health Spa- 732-262-2100,
several openings tomorrow. 8/13/22!

Welcome to Holistic Spa Welcome to Holistic Spa

Looking for a road trip? Check out Fireball Mountain in Wrightstown 08/09/2022

Looking for a road trip? Check out Fireball Mountain in Wrightstown

Fireball Mountain is a wild experience... and you can barter it!

Looking for a road trip? Check out Fireball Mountain in Wrightstown Get ready to immerse yourself in a video game! Can you survive in the woods and complete a mission?


Just did an amazing, fun interview with News12. Watch for it!


WOW!! Barter your Jersey Shore parties!


Biting into a Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe chocolate pretzel is like one of those amazing moments in time... like seeing a rainbow 🌈 or getting a hug ❤️ from your child. If you haven’t yet had a Suzi’s chocolate dipped pretzel you ought to put it on your bucket list! Suzi's Sweet Shoppe - Chocolates, Gift Baskets & Corporate Gifts

Photos from BarterPays's post 08/03/2022

Broadway is back… and it is available at 100% BarterPays!


Meet George Jetson! 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵

Council Post: How Business Owners Can Prepare For The Probable Recession 07/27/2022

Council Post: How Business Owners Can Prepare For The Probable Recession

How can my barter group help my business if there is a recession?

Council Post: How Business Owners Can Prepare For The Probable Recession The common thread to all these strategies is timeliness. The time is now. We may be headed toward a recession—or not. These strategies will prepare you, just in case.


Love getting reviews! Here is one that appeared on Google this week. Thank you, Chelsea!

Small Businesses Gain Mall Foothold with SBDC Partnership 07/25/2022

Small Businesses Gain Mall Foothold with SBDC Partnership

Test out the waters on your business idea with low cost and short commitment.

Small Businesses Gain Mall Foothold with SBDC Partnership The Westfield Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus has teamed up with the New Jersey Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Ramapo College


Our entrepreneurial barter gals worked all weekend.

Photos from BarterPays's post 07/21/2022

When you get your very first haircut (on barter, of course), you stop for donuts afterward to celebrate. This is barter gal Susan’s daughter. Thank you, Mosaic Wellness and Beauty


We probably won’t get your young teen into medical school… but BarterPays! does have SAT prep, tutoring, and college counseling for your teens to achieve their personal best!


Barter your chores… meal delivery, power washing, bookkeeping, laundry, lawn cutting, and lots more.


Barter pizza. Barter a new bathroom. Barter a roof. Barter a taco. Barter sushi. Barter gold jewelry. $12BP-12,000BP… it is all available on the original BarterPays!.


Congratulations to Nonna’s on its new location!! We love the original Nonna’s for 20 years, and wish you another 20+ at your new location.


Order your tickets on barter now! The Basie’s Phoenix Productions in Red Bank.


The best pet groomers barter in BarterPays!

Baci a Havanese from Cuba


Top 3 reasons to join this business network!

Top 3 reasons to join this business network!


Wash Your Troubles Away With BarterPays!® and B&K Carpet & Window Cleaning!

Lots of great power washers welcome your barter business!


Electrical contractor makes POWERful connections with BarterPays!

Electrical contractor makes POWERful connections with BarterPays!

Photos from BarterPays's post 07/06/2022

Everyone loves outdoor dining. Use your barter dollars at amazing great restaurants in the BarterPays! network.

Photos from BarterPays's post 07/05/2022

Concerts on Barter!

Photos from BarterPays's post 07/04/2022

Here's a bit of 4th of July trivia for you..did you know that of all the signers (56) of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 only two went on to become president? They were John Adams and Thomas Jefferson...chillingly yet appropriately, they both died within a few hours of each other in 1826, Jefferson at Monticello and Adams at Peacefield in Quincy, MA, 550 miles apart...ON THE 4th of JULY!!!!!

John wrote the following to his wife, Abigail: "This second day of July, 1776*, will be the most memorable epocha in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more."
~Happy 4th All~

* Independence was declared on July 2, 1776, but its final version, complete with edits, was approved by Congress on July 4. The Declaration of Independence wasn't completely signed until August 2, 1776. (it took almost a month to get the document to all remaining signers scattered about the 13 colonies, 56 signatures in all)

Photos from BarterPays's post 06/29/2022

Enjoy a spa day! Dozens of spas and salons welcome BarterPays! dollars!


Why pay cash when you can barter I.T.?

Why pay cash when you can barter I.T.?


We have the BEST DAY CAMPS in Monmouth County participating in BarterPays!.


This guy ❤️s BarterPays!

This guy ❤️s BarterPays!


Happy Freedom Day.


We highly recommend COWLEY'S PEST CONTROL! They are EXCELLENT!!


THANK YOU! WE ARE BUSY! We are signing up new members and trading is really good this month. Thank you for sticking with us, your loyalty and support and vote of confidence! We are here for you. Thank you for being here with us.

Our Story

Buy/Sell/Swap! BarterPays!® is your NJ business matchmaker. Grow your business with a free member signup in BarterPays!®. You can trust the original BarterPays!®. 25+ years, thousands of member cardholders in Monmouth-Ocean Counties, impeccable financials, #1 barter economy guaranteed at the Jersey Shore. The best businesses trade in the preferred BarterPays®; and it’s FREE to signup. PM us, email [email protected], or join online. We make it easy for companies to simplify their marketing and sales efforts with a membership in BarterPays!®. BarterPays!® is round-robin barter. You can buy thousands of other products and services available in the business-owners network and pay for them without using cash! Others may sound the same, or use a similar name, but we are the genuine, authentic and original BarterPays!®. BarterPays!® can grow your business, help you generate more revenue, attain more customers, market your company, and barter saves cash.

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Happy National Beach Day! Jersey has the best beaches AND the best businesses!
Starting a business in this economy? BarterPays! shares tips on News12
Top 3 reasons to join this business network!
Why pay cash when you can barter I.T.?
This guy ❤️s BarterPays!
Top 3️⃣ reasons you should join this business network! #BarterPays #NJBusiness #NJbusinessowners #MercerCounty #Monmouth...
Top 3️⃣ reasons you should join this business network! (Part 2) #BarterPays #NJBusiness #NJbusinessowners #MercerCounty ...
Tonight! Free Biz Expo!
Electrical contractor makes POWERful connections with BarterPays!
Top 3️⃣ reasons you should join this business network! (Part 1) #BarterPays #NJBusiness #NJbusinessowners #MercerCounty ...
BarterPays! Testimonial: Drew Cowley of Cowley's Pest Services ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
It’s a beautiful day at BarterPays!



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