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CORE Filtration is the premier representative of major filtration and screening companies in the Nor

Selling equipment and disposables to the process industries, particularly the food and beverage industries.

Core Filtration LLC updated their phone number. 10/25/2021

Core Filtration LLC updated their phone number.

Core Filtration LLC updated their phone number.


Core Filtration is pleased to offer a special on small single cartridge housings. We have a limited amount of 5 and 10 inch SS housings that will take a standard single open ended cartridge with 226 end. These units are high quality housings with NPT inlet and outlet connections. Ideal for water filtration or polishing of small volumes of all types of beverages.

We have available three (3) 5” long housings with ¾” NPT and three (3) 10” housings with 1” NPT. These will be sold on a first come basis at very attractive pricing. Cartridges for both units are available as well. Click the "Send Email" button for additional information and quotes from our filtration experts today!


Core Filtration Bag Vessels offer a low cost way to remove high volumes of solids from your beverages after fermentation or steeping. Simple to use and set up, our filters offer an affordable pre-filtration or clarifying step for any sized operation. Visit and contact us for a quote today! 08/11/2017

Innovation award for FIBRAFIX TX-R - Filtrox
Exclusive TX-R sheets for the easy removal of TCA, the cause of cork taint. The 2011 SIMEI includes for the first time an “Enological, viticultural Innovation Prize”.FILTROX invested into research to find a solution to remove off-tastes (e.g. cork taint) from wine. FIBRAFIX® TX-R depth filter sheets are an effective method of removing TCA (2, 4, 6-trichloroanisole) from win...

Cellulose Filter Media and Housings 08/11/2017

We offer Filtrox and Carlson Brand Filtration Products, two of the highest quality brands in cellulose based filtration with over 100 years of experience in wine & beer filtration. Exclusive TX-R sheets for the easy removal of TCA, the cause of cork taint.


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