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At Excellence Transit LLC, we are driven by our mission to assist individuals in the community to qu

Travel: Tips for People with Disabilities - DisabilityInfo.org 12/16/2022

Travel: Tips for People with Disabilities - DisabilityInfo.org

Tips for Travelers With Disabilities

Before booking your flight, make sure that you are informed of the essential things you should know when traveling. Here are some helpful tips for people with disabilities.

Click here: https://disabilityinfo.org/fact-sheet-library/transportation/travel-tips-for-people-with-disabilities/.

Travel: Tips for People with Disabilities - DisabilityInfo.org Travel: Tips for People with Disabilities Here are some helpful tips for traveling whether it’s for a vacation, family visits, or business travel.


We at Excellence Transit LLC always ensure our clients that all our employees are professionally trained, courteous, and well-mannered.

We engage them in an intensive screening to ensure that we provide our clients with the best service.


Common Transportation Issues

Here are some of the common transportation issues most of us experience:

- Traffic jams and trouble finding a parking space.

- Public transport crowding.

- Environmental impact of motor vehicles.

- Industry’s skill and driver shortage.


Here are some of the benefits your elderly loved one will get in an adult daycare center:

- Lessen stress and increases overall well-being for everyone.

- Promote patients’ independence and improved quality of life.

- Looked after by professionals to monitor their health and well-being.

- Engaged by socializing with other people to lessen the feeling of isolation.

- Convenient for family caregivers for them to run errands, attend appointments, and travel.

Let Excellence Transit LLC provide travel assistance for your elderly loved one. Please send us a message to learn more details.


We know how challenging it is to find trustworthy transportation for your loved ones. With this, we offer comfortable ambulatory services for individuals with mobility challenges.

Rest assured that our vehicles are well-maintained to provide our clients with excellent service.

Frequently Asked Questions | Medical Transportation Access Coalition 12/08/2022

Frequently Asked Questions | Medical Transportation Access Coalition

What Is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation ensures people without transportation access travel to necessary medical appointments.

Learn more about this topic here: https://mtaccoalition.org/medical-transportation-101/faqs/.

Frequently Asked Questions | Medical Transportation Access Coalition Educating federal and state policymakers about the benefits of medical transportation and the need for policies that support continued access to these services.


At Excellence Transit LLC, we prohibit discrepancies in service provision and employment.

We do not discriminate or deny services from any individual employee or client with a disability, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, citizenship, national origin, or ancestry.


For people with disabilities, a wheelchair is essential for affirming independence. Having a wheelchair allows people with disabilities the freedom to move around and have access to their daily activities.

Never forget to choose a wheelchair that is appropriate for your needs. A wheelchair must be comfortable enough to reduce common problems such as pressure sores and deformities.

If you require wheelchair transportation, call Excellence Transit LLC to learn more about our services.

What is Ambulatory care - Meaning and definition - Pallipedia 11/27/2022

What is Ambulatory care - Meaning and definition - Pallipedia

Understanding Ambulatory Services

Excellence Transit LLC offers high-quality ambulatory services specially equipped to transport individuals with cognitive or mobility challenges.

To gain further insight into what ambulatory services are, go to https://tinyurl.com/3myyf3px.

What is Ambulatory care - Meaning and definition - Pallipedia ​Disclaimer. Pallipedia does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, or services; therefore, their mention cannot be construed as such. Pallipedia should not be used as guidance to treatment and its purpose is to provide users with information to help them better understand co...


Chemotherapy treatments can cause varying degrees of discomfort in patients. To guarantee the best possible conditions for your loved ones on their journey home, you can rely on our services here at Excellence Transit LLC. Dial us to find out more!


Your Transportation Solutions!

Individuals with medical conditions or seniors living with ailments require frequent trips to medical facilities. But transportation is not always easy to come by. That's where we step in! To know how we can help, let's get in touch.


Allow us to provide you with key information on the different types of mobility aids:

- Canes
Canes remove less weight from the lower body and put more pressure on the hands and wrists. They are beneficial for those who have difficulty balancing.

- Crutches
Crutches assist in keeping a person upright and may be worn by people with temporary or permanent disabilities.

- Walkers
Walkers are comprised of a metal structure with four legs that provide the user with stability and support.


Those with restricted mobility face many challenges with transportation. Here at Excellence Transit LLC, we gear our efforts toward addressing these challenges so that such people can obtain the medical care they need on time and every time.

Call us!

Using Crutches: Sitting, Standing, Through Doors 11/17/2022

Using Crutches: Sitting, Standing, Through Doors

How to Get Around While on Crutches

Have you sustained recent injuries? Are you having a hard time getting around? Allow us to lend you a hand.

You can get acquainted with several guidelines by going to this website: https://www.fairview.org/patient-education/86011.

Using Crutches: Sitting, Standing, Through Doors Find sturdy, high-seated chairs with arms. If you must use a chair that swivels or has wheels, back it against something stable before you sit down.


Working towards regaining your mobility via physical therapy is going to be a lengthy process, but it is certainly worthwhile. If you are ever in need of transportation after each session, we might just be what you need. Get in touch with us today.


Are you wondering how you can identify whether a Non-Emergency Transportation (NEMT) provider should be trusted? Allow us to help you with that.

Below is a list of qualities you should look out for in such providers:

- Being on time

- An awareness of a passenger’s needs

- Safe and responsible drivers

- Having the necessary types of equipment

You can access all these and more with us!

Wheelchair Transportation Safety 11/13/2022

Wheelchair Transportation Safety

All about Wheelchair Transportation Safety

If you or a loved one is new to using a wheelchair, the best thing you can do is obtain as much relevant information as possible.

Learn about the key facts of wheelchair transportation safety at https://tinyurl.com/3tb8u2nh.

Wheelchair Transportation Safety Guidelines for wheelchair transportation safety including airplane, public transit and train safetly regulations


After undergoing dialysis treatments, some patients may feel lightheadedness or perhaps fatigue. This is why it's crucial to provide them with the appropriate comfort and care on their way home.

And who better to call than Excellence Transit LLC? Call us.


What to Know About Wheelchair Transfer

Getting in and out of a wheelchair needs strength and coordination. While some users can do this on their own, others will require assistance. It's a different scenario, though, when it comes to transportation. Call us if you need help!


If you wish to choose the most ideal adult living facility for your aging family member, here are key questions you must ask your loved ones:

- Does it feel homey to you?

- Does the facility offer activities you’re interested in?

- Is the food appealing to you?

Should you require support in arranging transportation for their medical appointments, we are right at your service. Call us anytime!


Seniors who live alone are prone to feeling lonely and isolated. This is when the benefits of adult daycare facilities are best highlighted.

Do you know anyone who needs help getting to and from such facilities? Contact us right away!


The Basics of Using Walkers

For individuals who are using walkers, it's imperative to learn about how you can increase your safety while using such equipment. This is so you can avoid any unfavorable incidents.

Visit https://medlineplus.gov/ency/patientinstructions/000342.htm.


At Excellence Transit LLC, we realize that entrusting your loved ones to others is daunting. Particularly when they travel to and from destinations.

For these reasons, we go to considerable efforts to ensure that we only hire the best drivers. Call us today!


Do you require guidance in determining whether you or someone close to you requires an assistive mobility device?

We've got you covered! Here are some indicators that you need to be aware of:

- Experience with a recent fall

- Discomfort while walking

- Increased dizziness or problems with balance

- Presence of a condition that puts one at risk of falling

Should you have more questions, contact us!


Mobility-impaired patients require assistance from others in doing daily routines. Doing daily activities isn’t their only struggle. This is why they require well-rounded support from others as much as possible.

Be someone whom they can rely on!


Question of the Day

Mobility aids are more than a necessity for physically challenged individuals. These devices help them move around more comfortably. Therefore, the durability of equipment must be considered upon purchase.

How do you take care of mobility assistive devices?


Mobility-impaired patients rely on rehabilitative services to improve their physical skills. Two of the most commonly used rehabilitative services are physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Because of this, they are often used interchangeably. Some even have the misconception that they refer to the same thing, but they don’t.

Physical therapy aims to improve specific physical functions while occupational therapy uses daily routines as a way of regaining mobility.

We can take you to your therapy sessions!


Doctor’s appointments play a significant role in the recovery of patients. This is why it is essential for them to get the most out of check-ups. An ideal way to ensure this is by arriving on time. That way, not a single minute of their visit is wasted.


Help Someone Today

Among the biggest struggles of physically challenged patients is transportation. Driving is a huge risk, while public transportation is inconvenient. This is what our NEMT services are for. We’ve got a perfect solution to their transportation problems!


Patients with mobility problems depend on mobility assistive devices in doing activities of daily living. Therefore, these mobility aids are more than just a necessity for them. In other cases, some people couldn’t function well without these. Below is a list of the most commonly used mobility assistive devices:

- Cane
- Crutches
- Walker
- Wheelchair
- Scooter

Make sure to take proper care of them, too!


Dealing with the discomfort of pain is a huge struggle for most patients. The good news is there are simple ways in order to ease this. Say, for example, applying a cold or a hot compress to the affected area gives instant pain relief.


Make Some Modifications

One must be considerate when living with a mobility-impaired patient. Ideally, homeowners must make certain modifications in order to maximize safety in the abode. They must take preventive measures against accidents as much as possible.


Patients are going through relatively the same challenges. The struggles they are dealing with test their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This is why patients couldn’t wait to fully recover. However, this may not come in an instant.

The phase of recovery can take some time, and there is no definite length for it because the end goal is more important. Forcing things may only lead to serious consequences.

When it comes to recovery, it’s best to prioritize safety over anything else.

Take it one step at a time!


Every person deserves safe and comfortable transportation. This holds especially true for physically challenged individuals. They need this more than anyone else. This is our mission. We provide top-notch NEMT services to everyone who needs it.


Did You Know?

Wheelchairs were invented during World War II. George Klein got the idea upon seeing a multitude of severely injured veterans and civilians. Therefore, the first wheelchair can be traced as far back as the 1930s.


Non-emergency medical transportation has helped millions of patients all over the world. It has been a solution to the transportation needs of patients, especially those who struggle with mobility. NEMT services help ensure that they can go to therapies, gatherings, and wherever they need to be in a safe manner. Here are some advantages that one can earn from these services:

- Peace of mind
- Convenience
- Cost-effective
- Well-equipped vehicles
- Door-to-door transportation

Reap all these benefits when you take advantage of our state-of-the-art NEMT services!


When it comes to wheelchair transportation, we understand that one size does not fit all. That is why we provide high-quality, reliable wheelchair transportation services with fully equipped vehicles and trained staff.

Give us a call for more info.


Increasing Access to Our Services

To increase access to exceptional non-emergency medical transportation services to the community, we accept several payment methods. This includes private pay and payment through insurance.

Please call 224-770-7103 for inquiries or concerns.


Dialysis is a type of treatment needed when the kidneys are no longer capable of meeting the body's needs. Missing a dialysis appointment places you at risk for building high levels of potassium and phosphorus.

The former can lead to heart problems like heart attack and arrhythmia, while the latter can weaken the bones over time.

To ensure our clients can travel to and from their dialysis appointments, we offer NEMT services. Get in touch with us for more information.


Do you know a friend, neighbor, or family member who can benefit from high-quality NEMT services?

If so, help extend our services by submitting a referral at http://www.excellencetransit.com/non-emergency-medical-transportation-submit-your-referrals.



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