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A place where you can connect directly online with the fish family you love. Come on down to Two Cousins where the fish crabs and lobsters are wild!

We are a family run business that specializes in selling the best quality fresh seafood! We love our customers, and we love what we do, and we've been in the buisness for generations so we take great pride in our work! The help is even wilder and we're more than happy to help you find affordable ways to cook seafood, one of the world's healthiest foods in your own home for your own family.

A cousin to the Mediterranean diet: The Atlantic diet explained | CNN 02/14/2024

The Atlantic diet includes fresh fish, particularly cod, with some red meat and pork products, dairy, legumes, fresh vegetables, potatoes typically eaten in vegetable soups, whole-grain bread, and moderate wine consumption.

A cousin to the Mediterranean diet: The Atlantic diet explained | CNN Recent studies show the Atlantic diet, a cousin to the Mediterranean diet may help reduce chronic disease. What is the Atlantic diet, and is it good for you?

Study finds compounds unique to salmon that may help lower cholesterol 02/05/2024

Study finds compounds unique to salmon that may help lower cholesterol Salmon contains unique compounds that are associated with cardiometabolic health indicators, such as reduced cholesterol, a nutrimetabolomics study shows.


You don't need to go "all in" on a habit to make sure it sticks.

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I’ve got a million epic stories I could tell from my time working Christmas eve in the fish market. Just last year me and couple of the guys had to have a Freeport police humvee es**rt us to work due to the flood. Through good and bad times its been a friend and family community affair going back to my early childhood. Merry Christmas everyone!


Full disclosure I used to work in a fish market with these guys and some other family members. My cousin Anthony still does work there. 2 of us are in our late 30’s now and one of us is over 40. I think we look pretty good for our age. Make your own judgement.

How much would you be willing to spend if I was to tell you that I had discovered the fountain of youth? If I was to tell you I could guard you and your family members against loss of eye sight, depression, and possibly Alzheimer’s, as well as boost your short term memory, your baby’s IQ, and increase your cardiovascular health without even asking you to step into a grueling fitness regime might you say, “That’s sounds great but I’m doubtful because there’s no such thing as a miracle pill.” Well that’s fine because as a well studied student of nutrition who works in a health store, I believe in natural solutions. More specifically I work in a fish market, the best fish market and the tremendous loads of scientific findings touting the benefits of omega-3’s have shown to hold water over the decades. Eating more fish could indeed be the most important step for you to increase your overall health that you ever decide to take. Does this sound too good to be true? Let’s see what the research says in an amazing article I received in my first nutrition class entitled, “Holy Mackerel! Go Fish for an Ocean of Omega-3 Benefits” by Diane Welland, MS, RD.

In the article Diane Welland discusses how researcher Joseph Hibbeln looked at the intake of omega-3 fatty acids for 38 different countries in addition to over twelve important related issues ranging from “cardiovascular disease and stroke to postpartum depression and homicide. (Welland) For each variable, intake of omega-3’s was directly correlated and so much so that Dr. Hibbeln argued that “much of the chronic degenerative disease and mental illness afflicting people in the United States is a result of an omega-3 deficiency.” Simply put if you think you might be crazy or at least unhealthy, don’t feel too bad because you are probably suffering from something most Americans are suffering from…a fish deficiency. In all seriousness, most Americans don’t eat enough fish, and the serious consequences of this are just now being fully discovered. According to Hibbeln, “We can solve a lot of the world’s problems if people just [eat] more seafood” (Welland)

Wow now that might seem like an overstatment, but let’s simply only consider omega 3’s relationship to cardiovascular health. With heart disease being the leading cause of death in the United States, the claims of seafood’s highly touted cardiovascular benefits are highly worth being analyzed. According to another researcher in this article, William S. Harris PhD, “Omega-3 fatty acids levels in the blood have a greater impact on risk for heart disease than cholesterol, total fat, or fiber,” and “The higher the omega-3 levels, the lower the risk of heart disease and death and vice versa.” The first statement here is mind blowing! When a person is at risk for cardiovascular problems you might immediately think cutting out fat, lowering cholesterol intake and increasing fiber intake are the first steps in prevention. Dr. Harris suggests that increasing the intake of omega 3’s should be our first priority because when measured in your blood the concentrations of omega-3’s will determine your cardiovascular health more than any of the aforementioned dietary substances.

Now if you are not familiar with cooking fish, please understand that this is one thing worth learning about. Your heart will thankyou and trust me its really not that complicated. Most baked fish can be cooked with a simple combo of heart healthy olive oil garlic parsley and lemon. You stick in a pan leave it in the oven at temp of 275 degrees for 20-25 minutes, and your set. It’s delicious and simple. Look for other fun ands easy cooking tips to explore online or come in to 2 Cousins Fish Market and ask my dad or uncle Dan about it. See you soon!
-Brian J Halton RD the wellness counselor
Lasting Lifestyle Change


If our waters support these big guys we must be doing something right Strong Island! Enjoy the pic! I love that it has Jones Beach theatre in the background and if you zoom in you can see the little fish jumping out of the water too. Humpback whales apparently love our local seafood as well! This pic was taken right off field 6.


We are just beginning to understand how food influences our cells, tissues, organs, moods, thoughts, feelings, and the structure of our bodies, but what scientists have discovered over the last few decades is astonishing.

Food is not only a source of energy, joy, connection, and pleasure; it can also rejuvenate us and even reverse disease. When we think of food, we think of protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

But the most important parts of food may be the tens of thousands of medicinal compounds embedded in plants and even animal foods that regulate, modulate, and influence nearly all of the 37 billion billion chemical reactions that occur in our bodies every second. I call this process symbiotic‐phytoadaptation. It means our bodies use chemicals found in food to beneficially influence each of our biological systems.

The only way to take advantage of these disease-fighting compounds is to focus on our food quality. Deeply colorful plant foods, organic and grass-fed meats, and wild fatty fish are abundant in compounds that strengthen and protect our cells.


Thankful for the cool free advertisement! Thanks CNN! God bless America!


A little salty humor


Sometimes you just have to indulge! Save the beans for peas and rice with your fish!


This is because the relaxation nerve (or vagus nerve and not the Las Vegas nerve) goes through your diaphragm and is activated with every deep breath.

Here’s a simple practice that you can incorporate a few times a day, and it only takes minutes. I encourage you to do it right now if possible.

Take 5 Breathing Technique:
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Close your eyes and your mouth.
Breathe in slowly through your nose to the count of five. Hold to the count of five and then slowly breathe out to the count of five.
Do this 5 times.

That’s it. This is a super simple and effective way to calm your body down and find a moment of pause in your busy day.


Off west end Jones Beach this past week Wow!


Stress less. 🕯 For more actionable ways to reduce stress — and the science on how stress impacts the body and affects our diet! — download our free guide: Stress 101:






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Nautical festival 2023


Small actions can have a big impact. Every time you pick up a piece of trash, you're making a difference in the fight against ocean pollution. This Earth Day, let's all commit to being mindful of our waste and doing our part to protect our marine friends. Join Operation SPLASH in our mission to keep our oceans clean and healthy.


Happy Earth Day! 🌎 🌊 🐟

Let’s keep our oceans clean and wildlife safe 👏🏻 ♻️


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