Fix My Device

Fix My Device


Are you open? I dropped off a computer over a month ago and I can't get ahold of anyone of the phone.
Thanking the guys at Gadget Grave for always being so friendly and helpful! They've helped me several times now with phone issues, as well as laptop issues. Kudos for being so knowledgeable and providing great customer service.
Hey need change my iPhone 8 Plus for iPhone X
Do you fix VCRs?
Gadget Grave replaced my screen on my IPhone X (cost around 150 dollars) and it cracked two days later and will not take a charge most of the time. Took it back and they said they would look at it to see if it was install error but they would give me 25 dollars off another screen if they didn't find anything. I have had the phone for almost 2 years and never had a problem. When they take the new broke screen off it would no way go back on from being cracked and I would have to pay them again. LONG STORY SHORT.. Gadget Grave uses CHEAP parts!!! Find somewhere else to do your gadget business, I know I sure will.
Are you open on Labor Day?
My i-phone 6S was giving me fits with battery issues. It was really frustrating when it would fail and turn itself off at the worst possible times and when it just came off the charger. The folks at Gadget Grave fixed me up with a new battery for around $50 and I'm thrilled with the results. Thanks Cole Thornton and crew at GG for saving me time, frustration AND money! Go see em before you give up and buy a new phone.
Do you post your phone inventory anywhere online? I'm shopping for a quick replacement phone online tonight.
I went there because my phone wouldn’t charge at all. My associate’s name was Steven. I explained what was going on. He examined my phone went straight to the problem cleaned my charge port and made sure that it drew the nessesary power and fixed my phone free of charge. You don’t find that anywhere anymore. If you have trouble with your phone give them a chance they were all nice people and knowledgeable. Thank you Steven and all the nice folks at gadget grave.
Price for fix my samsung s9 📲
Just wanted to drop in and send a huge thanks to GadgetGrave, the owners and the employees. I've recently become paralyzed and in the process of learning to use my legs, I dropped and shattered my iPhone. As I'm sure you guys can imagine, I don't have the money with everything going on to fix it and it's super important I have a phone. Cole sent one of his super friendly employees to the physical rehabilitation hospital I'm at in Fayetteville to pick up the phone and is going to drop it back off, repaired.

This has helped me way more than you can possibly know. A local company helping out a local person going through something like this is nothing short of amazing and I wanted to give them the recognition for this selfless act of kindness.

Thanks guys, it means the world to me.

Please share this so all the cities they are located in know how much these guys care about the communities they do business in.
Thanks to Thomas Howard at gadget grave!! Phones charging perfect now!

We repair, buy, sell, and trade gadgets. We fix iPhones, Xbox's, PS3's, PSP's, Nintendo DS, Wii's, and more. Voted Fort Smith's #1 iPhone Specialists.

(We voted for ourselves.) Get your broken gadget fixed today! Call us at (479) 974-2163. Fix My Device is the top repair specialists in Fort Smith, AR. We Buy / Sell / Trade / Repair Gadgets

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If your cell phone is acting funny, bring it in and we can inspect it for water damage. Even minimal exposure from wet or sweaty hands (where the drops are dry before you even notice) can quietly cause problems.


Do you remember the terms of the contract you signed when you bought your cell phone? Many are two years long, and buying another phone if you are still under contract with the previous phone can be extremely expensive.


Did you ever feel like your cell phone is a little grubby? Cell phones have 18 times as much bacteria on them as the handles on toilets do.


Cracked screens are a common cell phone repair that are fixed through simple screen replacement. Even if a cracked screen does not affect how the phone operates, it should still be fixed because of the threat of nicks or cuts, which become more possible as the cracks worsen.


Did you drop your phone in water or get liquid on it? Fortunately, water damage might not be as bad as you think. Make sure your phone is off, and don’t turn it on. Then, bring it into a repair pro soon to make sure any damage is repaired.


By far the best way to protect your cell phone from internal and external damage is to invest in a durable case and screen protector. A solid case and top of the line screen protector can prevent most damage caused by impact.


If your phone is totally wrecked, see if you can trade it in for any usable parts or recycle it appropriately. Phones shouldn’t be thrown in the landfill because of their batteries.


When it comes to cell phone software problems, there are several things you can do to fix basic software issues, such as rebooting the device. However, if this doesn’t work, then chances are that it’s in need of repair.


A cheap replacement for a broken LCD screen can result in overheating, dead pixels, bad color, unresponsive touch, and shorter battery life. Always ask for the highest quality parts.


Some cell phones have a calibration app that allows users with an unresponsive home button to fix it themselves. First, open the pre-installed clock app on your cell phone, and then hold the "sleep button" down until the words "slide to power off" appears. Next, hold down the home button until the home screen reappears. If this doesn’t work, then you will need to bring the phone in for repair.


Choosing whether or not you should repair or replace your malfunctioning smartphone is an easy one if you ask yourself why you are doing it. Indeed, a scratched or cracked screen, chipped body or button that sticks on occasion is worth the fix.


One common myth about cell phone repairs is that it costs too much money to have cell phones repaired. According to a recent study, the average cost to repair an iPhone 5 is $109 and dropping. A lot cheaper method than purchasing a new phone.


Want to be sure that your repairs will last? Many repair pros will offer warranties on their service. While you shouldn’t have to bring the phone back, you can rest easy knowing that you have the option in case things go wrong.


If a battery is loose, it won’t charge well. Batteries can lose their connection if the inside of the phone is dusty or if the phone has sustained fall damage.


Touchscreens on iPhones are designed for a bare finger, even multiple fingers! The touch features were originally developed by FingerWorks! They even have finger print scanners on the home button now!


When we unlock your cell phone, there will be some areas of it that are still off limits. Certain permissions and protected or hidden files will not be able to be accessed. See us for a complete explanation of limitations.


One of the most common cell phone repairs involves the replacement of cracked glass. Cracked glass can either be a result of wear and tear or from impact upon being dropped. Fortunately, even touch screens are repairable.


There is a wide range of issues that can cause speaker damage on a cell phone, necessitating repair. Broken, loose, or faulty wires; a damaged or broken mother board; or other internal circuitry problem are most often the culprit.


If your phone does not seem to be reading the memory card, try putting the card in another phone. If it works there, then the problem is with your phone, and some minor repairs are needed to restore its operation.


Are the most common repairs to cell phones and smartphones covered under warranty? According to some experts, the answer is no. What's the solution? Invest in a quality smartphone case and be careful.


Text messaging is very popularly enjoyed by teenagers and younger adults. With the cost of talk time versus text time, texting tends to be the less expensive alternative, making texting a more cost-effective method of communication when compared to voice calling.


If your cell phone is inadvertently dropped into a body of water – pool, sink, or other – the first thing to do is get it out of the water. Then, remove the battery immediately. Bring the cell phone to us as soon as you can.


Has your cell phone had a run-in with a puddle? Contrary to popular belief, removing moisture from a cell phone by sticking it in a pile of dried rice won't solve the problem for long. Rice only removes external moisture. For a long term fix before your phone's innards begin to oxidize, have it serviced.


Are you running into glitches and problems with how your cell phone runs? These software issues can need special tools to diagnose them correctly, and you can count on cell phone repair experts to have the equipment they need to understand their software.


Mobile phones have been around for a while, but maybe not as long as you think. In what year was the first mobile phone placed on the market in the U.S.? If you guessed 1983, you're right.


One of the most common tablet problems is that landscape mode becomes unresponsive. In fact, not every tablet app takes advantage of rotational vertical and horizontal mode. Be sure your orientation lock isn't on and be sure the rotation lock isn't turned on either. If this doesn't help, a repair may be needed.


Is your phone's battery always running on 20 percent or maybe even 10 percent power? Well, you can very simply extend the life of your battery by adjusting your audio and lighting settings to the lowest level possible.


One common problem experienced with today’s cell phones involves shorting out due to exposure to moisture of humidity. Other common repairs include smashed or cracked screens, and reduction of touchscreen sensitivity.


Initially, the first iPhone was created secretly as a collaboration with AT&T! The estimated development cost was around $150 million! That's a lot of money!


One of the great advantages of a SIM card is that it can be swapped among different cell phones, and the information contained on it will transfer. App information is stored on the handset and will not transfer.


Today’s cell phones usually have wireless capabilities, including infrared or Bluetooth. Your cell phone repair professionals understands the ways in which these technologies operate and which accessories work best with them.


IBM’s Simon was the first smartphone with a calendar, fax, and touchscreen, among other features. Introduced in 1993, it cost more than $500. Today’s smartphones contain many more features. Your cell phone repair specialist understands new smartphones, which are significantly sleeker and are outfitted with much more technology.

Our Story

The Rocket Incorporation (‘Rocket Inc.’) was founded in October 2011. After growing a very successful chain of repair locations in Utah & Arizona our founder KC Kelly, sold his thriving retail business to a 1000 Store Verizon conglomerate for Millions of Dollars.

Soon after exiting his company, KC Kelly partnered with his “Justice League” and has consulted more than 1000 team members worldwide.

After consulting 100’s of owners on his “Rocket Methodologies” KC Kelly decided alongside his bride bearing the same name, Kacie Kelly, to re-acquire the best retail stores in the world under Rocket Inc.’s umbrella. Rocket Inc’s share holders consist of members, managers, and seasoned Operators.

Rocket Inc.’s partners have over 30 years of retail experience! As experienced owners themselves, they have generated more than $100MM in gross revenues and sold a multitude of businesses to the tune of eight and nine figure exits.

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We are the iPhone Specialists. We work on just about anything with a circuit board. We specialize in iPhone, iPod Touch, Xbox, and PS3 repair. We are very reasonable and our repair quality is the best in arkansas! Call us today for a quick quote.
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