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Ordered this on Wednesday and it arrived today! So thrilled with the excellent service at The Vac Shack AND my new accessory kit!
Do you repair Dyson vacuums?
Looking for a central vacuum? Ask The Vac Shack about Hide-A-Hose Retractable central vacuum systems. For more details, visit
We currently have a Beam central vac and would like to convert one of the ports to a sweep. After research, we are liking the CanSweep port. Do you sell and/or install these?

The Vac Shack, locally owned and operated for 26 years has been providing the Festus, Mo and surrounding communities outstanding quality full service Vacuum cleaner sales and repair.

We are also a full service central vacuum sales and service outfit, offering complete installation into both new and existing homes. We stock a wide selection of repair parts and can make service calls to almost all areas of greater St. Louis as well as Illinois. We offer sales and service in rug shampooers and we carry Hoover Rug Shampooers in stock. We specialize in vacuum cleaner new and used s

Operating as usual

Photos from The Vac Shack's post 09/10/2021

Anyone missing their Porsche?

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Thank you so much for your great review Connie, and thank you for trusting The Vac Shack to take care of all your central vacuum repair and service needs!

We Install central vacuums in both new and existing homes, and service all makes and models.


When you call for service on your built in vacuum system because it has no suction, you may want to ask yourself when the last time you emptied it was!
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Hide-A-Hose retrofit - Ballwin, MO.


Just another day at the office!


Vacpan sweep inlet retrofitted into existing kitchen cabinets and connected to existing central vacuum system. Just kick it on and sweep the dirt into it. The suction from the central vacuum system carries the dirt away and out of the house!


Hide-A-Hose retractable hose system installed in this beautiful brand new house. Enjoy your new home and your central vacuum system, Karen!


Here’s a good example of why you shouldn’t hire anyone other than a central vacuum company to service or install your system:

This installation originally started out right with the correct pipe and fittings used. However at some point the main power unit was replaced, presumably by a handyman or someone else that either did not have access to or did not care about using the correct materials.

Instead of using the correct thin wall schedule 20 pipe, the installer used 1 1/2” schedule 40 plumbing pipe. Plumbing pipe is designed for carrying liquids, not dirt and dust being whisked away at a very high rate of airflow. This piping does not have a smooth inner surface like central vacuum pipe does and greatly reduces performance. Moreover, the rubber coupling used here to adapt the plumbing pipe to the central Vacuum pipe does not make for a smooth transition. In this case, it caused a nasty clog!

We removed the plumbing pipe and fittings and re-piped it with the correct central vacuum pipe and fittings. We also replaced the power unit with one that was better suited for the large home it was installed in.

Whether you have an existing central vacuum system that needs service or are wanting a complete system installed in your new or existing home, you can count on The Vac Shack’s years of knowledge and expertise to perform only the best work while utilizing only the best materials!


This past weekend, we attended the Vacuum Dealer's Trade Association convention in Charlotte, NC. This allowed us to stay up to date on the newest products and services within the industry to better serve our customers. We also attended several classes on central vacuum service and installation in order to keep us informed and educated on new service and installation techniques, as well as exchanging ideas from other dealers.

We look forward to using what we learned to be able do our job even better than before and be able to offer the best products and services that we possibly can!


Happy Valentine's day from The Vac Shack!


NuTone Central Vacuum

When you know your built-in vacuum system needs service....


Another central vacuum installation completed in this beautiful brand new home. If you are a builder or a homeowner and are thinking about a central vacuum for you new home, then give us a call. We give free estimates and can work with most budgets.

If you have an already-existing home and would like a central vac installed, we can also retrofit them!


Central vacuum systems are typically installed with a 24 volt control circuit, which allows the main power unit to turn on when the hose is inserted into the inlet valve. The system is then turned off when the hose is disconnected.

Here's a situation we recently encountered where a sub-par installation resulted in the central vacuum not being wired with low voltage controls. The homeowner had to go out to the garage to manually switch the main power unit on and off.

Since this home was finished on all 3 levels, it was not possible to wire the inlet valves for low-voltage control. We installed an RF transmitter at the main unit to allow the customer to control their central vac from inside the home using a remote switch installed on their hose handle. It now has the added functionality of on/off control from the hose that has been missing from this system for the past 32 years!


A central vacuum system can be retrofitted into any home, old or new, and at any budget. We recently installed this system into a 1920's shotgun-style home in Quincy, IL.

Cost was a concern for these homeowners so we installed a reconditioned Vacuflo cyclonic unit for less than half the cost of a brand new one. One inlet valve strategically placed on each end of the house reaches every corner of the main floor using a lightweight 30 foot hose. We also installed a utility inlet in the basement so it can be kept as clean as the main level.

The entire installation was completed without opening any walls or damage to the plaster. We also installed an outside exhaust to redirect fine dust and odors out of the home.


When your central vacuum spews out more dust than it picks up, it's probably a good indication that it's time to replace it!


Photos from The Vac Shack's post

This central vacuum unit appears to have reached the end of it's useful life. At least it went out with a "bang!"

We replaced it with a quality, American made M.D. AirMaster unit. Much quieter and more powerful than the old unit it replaced!


Here's just a few of the central vacuum units that we have recently upgraded. If you have an older central vacuum system that is not performing like it should then give us a call for an estimate to repair or replace it. We service all brands, old and new!


Hide-A-Hose retrofit we recently completed in Steeleville, IL. One centrally located inlet with a 60 foot hose reaches the entire house! 05/03/2017

We're a Best of HomeAdvisor Winner!

Thank you to all of our loyal customers for allowing us to receive the HomeAdvisor Best of 2017 award for central vacuum contractors. At The Vac Shack, customer satisfaction has always been our number 1 priority and we will continue to offer the same excellent service and quality products that our customers have been accustomed to. Our company is proud to be recognized as a top pro member based on exceptional quality, service, and value. Find out more here.


Today we were visited by Grant Olewiler of MD Manufacturing, who is the company president!

We are very fortunate to have grown our central vacuum dealership in the last few years to the size it is today, and that is largely in part to not only our customers but also our vendors like MD manufacturing!

The Vac Shack is looking forward to working with MD for many more years to come, and to continue selling and installing quality, American made cleaning systems!


The Vac Shack can install a central vacuum system in any type of home: This includes single story homes, two story homes, ranch homes, bungalows, apartments, condos, mansions, and even mobile homes! Yes that's right, MOBILE HOMES!

This customer opted for a Hide-A-Hose retractable hose system installed in his doublewide. With this system, the suction from the main vacuum unit retracts the cleaning hose into the piping for easy and trouble free storage. This also allows for the entire home to be cleaned with a single inlet valve.

If you have been considering a central vacuum for your home but do not think it is possible to have one installed then give us a call today. We have years of experience retrofitting them into all different types of homes both big and small!


Received another shipment of central vacuum units and tool sets. If you are interested in having one installed in your new or existing home then call us today!

If you have an older existing central vacuum that is not working as well as it should we can also help you with service or upgrades. We can come to your home or place of business and repair it on the premises usually in one visit.


Just a few different central vacuum power units that we have recently serviced or upgraded. If you own a central vac and need service then give us a call and we will come to your home or place of business and service it on the premises.


Another brand new home roughed-in for a central vacuum system. These customers purchased a Hide-A-Hose retractable hose system for the main floor and two regular inlet valves upstairs. Once the drywall is hung, we will come back and install the inlet valves and hang the power unit on the wall in the garage.


At The Vac Shack, we service and repair all makes and models of vacuum cleaners and maintain an extensive inventory of repair parts. Here's Midge in our parts department holding an Electrolux brushroll that we commonly sell here. We also stock replacement bags, belts, filters, cords, and much more!


What do you sweep your crumbs into when reach for your broom? A dustpan? A trash can? With the VacPan you do not need either. Just kick it on and watch the dirt disappear. It even has L.E.D lights so you can sweep in the dark!


Thank you to all our customers who recently purchased a new central vacuum system from us. We know that your investment in one of these premium cleaning appliances will keep your home spotless for many years to come.

We sold out of inventory this week but just got a new shipment delivered today, so if you are looking to have a central vacuum installed or an old one serviced or replaced then give us a call today for an estimate!


Imagine having the power of a full size upright but the convenience of no cord? The R10 cordless Supralite by Riccar is just that! Stop by The Vac Shack today for a free demonstration.


Re-arranged the showroom and added some new inventory. Come visit us today for a great deal on a new or used vacuum cleaner or a central vacuum system serviced or installed!


This NuTone central vacuum unit had been malfunctioning and crying to be put out of it's misery. We happily obliged and replaced it with a brand new Modern Day bagged unit. Much quieter and more powerful than the old NuTone, and no more shootin' fire out it's ass either!


[12/26/16]   Wishing all of our wonderful customers a safe and happy holiday! We will open and resume normal business hours tomorrow from 9:30-5:00.


Here's an old central vacuum we serviced that we don't see everyday. A Black and Decker from 1968, and it's still in regular use too!


MD Manufacturing M715H central vacuum unit. These customers also purchased a garage and car cleaning hose and tool kit, which conveniently stores next to the main power unit.


Thank you Brian G. for taking the time to write about your positive experience you had with us on Yelp. Seeing 5 star reviews like this one is what makes us want to come into work every morning and strive to offer the very best service we possibly can!

If you have had a positive experience at The Vac Shack, please feel free to write us a review on Yelp, Google, or here on Facebook. We value and appreciate all of our customers very much!

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NuTone Central Vacuum
Central vacuum systems are typically installed with a 24 volt control circuit, which allows the main power unit to turn ...
When your central vacuum spews out more dust than it picks up, it's probably a good indication that it's time to replace...
What do you sweep your crumbs into when reach for your broom? A dustpan? A trash can? With the VacPan you do not need ei...
Imagine having the power of a full size upright but the convenience of no cord? The R10 cordless Supralite by Riccar is ...
This NuTone central vacuum unit had been malfunctioning and crying to be put out of it's misery. We happily obliged and ...



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