Festus Fire Department

Festus Fire Department


Is it legal for Wal Mart to lock the doors at north end of building? Seems like in case of emergency both doors should be unlocked.
A mother’s child whom is 5 was beat up by the other parent and police told the mom they aren’t taking people in unless it’s a felony BECAUSE OF THE COVID-19 Virus! The f**k!
If you see my niece please contact me and local police department. Please help us.
Thank you for being a part of our Veterans Day Block Party! Hope to have you join again next year!!
Can you tell us why the ramp to S. Hwy.55 from Hey. A is blocked with police cars?
Odd post for here... but figured I'd try, I hope you can help and do not mind.

This baby is lost... Last seen yesterday afternoon around 4:00pm running South on railroad tracks near Woodland Road & West Coty Park in Festus, MO.

She was recently adopted after fostering for a few months and she got loose from her new owner by slipping out of collar. :(

With the weather of recent, please keep an eye out! Her name is "Zea" and is a 55lbs female lab/mastiff mix... very friendly, but skittish. DO NOT CHASE.

PLEASE if you have seen her or know if her whereabouts, kindly call or text Nicole Ashraf at (636) 697-6803.

$100 REWARD offered by Dog Saver Rescue.
As the Community Health Coordinator for the St. Louis regional area, I’m hoping you can help me spread the word about our upcoming health screening. Knights of Columbus is hosting this important health event on June 4th. Please like and share to help get the word out!

Please share and come join us!
How I get a shirt from your fire department
Happy International Firefighters Day! Thanks for all you do for the City of Festus and surrounding areas! We appreciate you! Stay safe!
How I get a shirt from your fire department

We are located 35 miles south of St. Louis and serve a population of approximately 13,000 citizens. Most residential fires occur between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Fire Prevention

Our online fire prevention site offers many valuable fire safety tips for you and your family. The most important part of any firefighter's job is to make sure that their community stays informed on what they can do to make themselves safe. This area will help adults and kids of all ages learn what they can do to make sure they are prepared in the event of an emergency. Smoke Dete

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🚒🔥Today at 10:55 am your Festus Firefighters responded to a *1st Alarm Residential Structure Fire* in the 13000 block of Davis Lane. 6614 arrived on scene of a single story residence with smoke showing. Firefighters entered the residence with a hose line and located a fire in a bathroom. The fire was extinguished and no injuries were reported. We would like to thank Hematite Fire, Dunklin Fire, R-7 Fire, Mapaville Fire and Crystal City Fire for the assistance.

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Several members of the Festus Fire Department, along with so many other first responders, spent two days shopping with kiddos from several school districts for the Shop with a Cop event. This is a great organization, and such a fun time shopping with the kids! 🎄🎅🏻 🎁

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Welcome Chief

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The on-duty Festus Fire Department crew got to enjoy watching the Twin City Parade tonight, while some of our volunteers were able to participate in the parade with two of our trucks. It’s always a great time for a Christmas Parade! Oh……and we got to see Santa!! 🎄😃

Timeline photos 11/22/2022

Timeline photos

By unanimous consent the City of Festus has appointed Jeff Broombaugh to the position of Fire Chief. Following selection from twenty plus applications and interviews with four candidates Mayor Sam Richards made the appointment Saturday, November 19th in a special session of the Festus City Council. According to Mayor Richards, “Mr. Broombaugh’s credentials speak for themselves – in a career that is the definition of public service, we are thrilled that Jeff has decided to continue his nearly forty-years of fire service here in the City of Festus as our Fire Chief.”

In a career that began as a volunteer firefighter with the Rock Community Fire Protection District in 1983, Jeff has served as an EMT with Joachim-Plattin Ambulance District, Instructor and Regional Co-Ordinator for Missouri University’s Fire and Rescue Training Institute, Volunteer Deputy Chief for the DeSoto Rural Fire Protection District, and most notably rising through the ranks at the Rock Community Fire Protection District, serving from 2016-2022 as their Fire Chief.

Broombaugh’s first day on the job will be Monday, December 5th, and will be formally introduced at the City Council’s regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 29th at 6pm.

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Over the past several weeks, your Festus Firefighters and some of our mutual aid departments have trained over some new equipment called ResQjacks. ResQJacks are used for stabilizing and lifting vehicles involved in accidents. They can be used for vehicles that may be on their roof, side or even on its wheels. This has been a great training! We hope to introduce more of our mutual aid departments to these tools soon!

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This past week, your Festus Firefighters, along with Herculaneum Fire Department, were able to tour Sunridge Meadows, the 3 story, 60 unit, senior housing complex that is currently being built. It is good for firefighters to see the building layout, major building construction components, safe havens and other important items prior to it being drywalled. We thank FWC construction for allowing us to come tour the building this week! We will continue to stop in as the construction gets further along.

Timeline photos 10/23/2022

Timeline photos

The City of Festus remains under a boil water advisory due to the major water main break Saturday. The advisory will remain in effect while we wait for results of samples collected for analysis. You can learn more about boil water advisories here http://ow.ly/LeZA50LivS5

Timeline photos 10/23/2022

Timeline photos

The main break has been repaired and customers should start to see pressure returning. THE BOIL ADVISORY WILL REMAIN IN PLACE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Great job by Festus Water & Sewer crews!


Please refrain from any open burning tonight, including bonfires. The city is currently dealing with a major water main break. Thank You.

Timeline photos 10/22/2022

Timeline photos

All city residents are under a boil water advisory effective immediately and until further notice due to a lack of water pressure. Earlier today, an AT&T contractor hit one of the largest water mains in the city. Crews should have the break repaired sometime this evening and water pressure should be restored overnight. Will update as necessary.

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Last week, during fire prevention week, we had the privilege of speaking to over 1500 children about fire safety. If you ever have questions about fire safety, stop by the firehouse.

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Fire Prevention week is in full swing! Today, we were able to go visit with the kids from Festus Elementary to talk to them about Fire Prevention. The theme this year is “Fire won’t wait. Plan your Escape.” Thank you for allowing us to come in and talk to the kids today!

Photos from Festus Elementary School's post 10/11/2022

Photos from Festus Elementary School's post

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This week, your Festus Firefighters were able to participate in mutual aid Aerial Apparatus Training with several other fire departments from Jefferson County. Great training opportunity!

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Today, your Festus Firefighters, along with several other fire departments from Jefferson County were honored to pay our respects to Master Sargent John Warren of the MSHP.

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Over the past several weeks, your Festus firefighters have trained over drafting operations. Drafting is the process of raising water from a static water source, such as a lake or portable tank, and bringing the water into a pumper truck to supply hose lines, or supply water to another truck. Even though the city of festus has a hydrant system, festus fire department responds to mutual aid locations where drafting may have to be utilized. Special thanks to Chief Bob Hipes, with the Hematite Fire Protection District, for doing the training for us! We also had one night of mutual aid drafting with Jefferson R-7 Fire, Crystal City Fire, Hematite Fire, and Desoto Rural Fire.

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Over the past month, your Festus firefighters have trained on “running” Incident Command for structure fires. The Incident Command system is utilized for structure fires, large scale incidents, multi-agency responses, and for any situation where it may be needed to manage the incident. This system not only helps with command, but also helps with control and coordination of personnel and equipment on the incident scene.

Photos from O'Fallon Fire Protection District's post 07/04/2022

Photos from O'Fallon Fire Protection District's post


We're gearing up for our recruit class this August! If you want to serve your community, receive free training, and call pay, pick up an application at 212 N Mill St! This is a great opportunity to gain experience and training needed if you want to pursue a career in the fire service. Accepting in and out of district volunteers. If you have any questions, ask below or send us a message.

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Today was our Open House! We want to say Thank You to everyone who attended today’s event! A special Thank you to Jefferson County 911 and Joachim Plattin Emergency Medical Service for being here as well! We hope everyone had a great time!!

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Over the past few weeks, your Festus firefighters have taken advantage of the nice weather, and trained on pumping fire apparatus, hose line deployments and different techniques of advancing charged hose lines. All of these trainings help to make your firefighters more efficient and safe when dispatched to structure fires. Thanks to Crystal City firefighters for joining us for some mutual aid training as well!


Tonight our new full-time firefighters were introduced to the city council. Welcome aboard Shannon Peters and Kyra Gilkey! 👩‍🚒👩‍🚒

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🚒 B-crew knocking some engineer training out of the park today! 💪


Citizens of Festus we would like to introduce you to our new training officer Shannon Peters! Shannon comes from Goldman Fire Protection District and the Jefferson County Emergency Services Training Academy. Shannon will develop training plans and educate our firefighters. Each firefighter needs 240 hours of training a year. She will also respond to emergencies, teach fire prevention, and be our public information officer.


🚨🚒First alarm🚨🚒
400 block of S Mill St at 2035 last night. Crews arrived to find visible fire on the second floor of the structure. Crews received a report of two occupants still inside. While one crew coordinated fire attack, two other crews conducted a primary search. No occupants were found. The fire was quickly extinguished. No injuries. Thank you to the mutual aid companies: Hematite, Jefferson R-7, Crystal City, and Dunklin.

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👩‍🚒🚒Firefighters Annie and Hanna completed their ladder truck certification today. In order to run calls, all firefighters must operate and climb the ladder on 6612.


40 hour salaried position at the pay grade of $22.74 – $32.92 hour plus benefits. The incumbent of this 40 hour-a-week position serves as the Training Officer of the Department. Duties include serving as administrative and operational assistant to the Fire Chief. Actively coordinate, implement, instruct, and deliver Fire Department training programs and activities. The Training Officer will supervise delivery of training programs and evaluate the performance of the Fire Department during training and operational activities. Inform the media and public on fire department emergency incidents and activities in a Public Information Officer role. Drives fire equipment and personnel to and from fire and emergency medical alarms, operates equipment safely and efficiently, maintains and adjusts fire engines, pumps, aerial ladders, and other attached equipment, participates in training exercises, performs general firefighting, EMS and HazMat duties when not operating equipment, preplan businesses, performs general maintenance, and educates the public on fire safety in order to protect life and property.

The applicant must have Hazmat Awareness & Operations, Firefighter I & II, Fire Instructor I (active status) and Mo EMT-B (active status) or greater.

Pick up application at:
212 N Mill St
Festus MO 63028

Return applications with resume by April 8th.

If you have any questions,
contact Chief Wood at:
[email protected]

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🔥🚒 Yesterday your Festus firefighters had two brush fires back to back. Crews quickly extinguished both fires. Please do not leave fires unattended. This can lead to a catastrophic event that can endanger people's lives and property. Dry, low humidity, windy days adversely affects fire growth. If you plan on burning in the city limits please call us at 636-937-7661.

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👩‍🚒 Recruit firefighter Alyssa is nearly halfway through the recruit program and is excelling in all skills. Today we covered offensive, defensive, and transitional fire attack. 🔥


👏👏A big thank you to Walmart Festus for helping us obtain a new tv for training our fire fighters! 🚒👩‍🚒 Did you know every firefighter must have 240 hours of additional training every year? Some fire fighters require even more hours if they specialize in other areas like: water rescue, ice water rescue, confined space rescue, high angle rescue, haz-mat, and many more.


In order for a city to grow, city services must grow and scale with it. Last year our beloved late Chief Kevin Cremer worked closely with our firefighters to plan our next step. The City of Festus has ordered the Festus Fire Department a new pumper/rescue fire truck. The new truck will replace our oldest truck in service. Thank you Sentinel Emergency Solutions!

The Festus Fire Department in Festus, Missouri has officially ordered their FIRST Rosenbauer! THANK YOU to the late Chief Kevin Cremer, the Firefighters of Festus FD, and the City of Festus for choosing Sentinel Emergency Solutions and Rosenbauer Group to build your next fire apparatus.

Engine Features Include:
👉 Rosenbauer EXT Crossfire Aluminum Body with LIFETIME TRANSFERRABLE WARRANTY
👉 Rosenbauer Commander Chassis 78" Cab with 18" Raised Roof
👉 Rosenbauer Safe Steps
👉 750 Gallons of Water
👉 2000 GPM Pump

For more information visit our website:


Congratulations to Firefighter Waites on completing her 1 year probation. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

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Christmas tree safety tips! #Christmas #firesafety
Fire Prevention Week 2020
Firefighter Smallegan and firefighter Boyer  practicing a basement window evacuation.
It’s a big day for us! We are pleased to announce as of 0900 hrs today Jefferson County 911 is our new dispatch center. ...



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