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Wishing all of our clients, colleagues and families the best for a wonderful and successful 2020.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American clients and friends!

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On a recent trip to Washington, DC, Kim and Chris met up with long-time client Judy Schramm from ProResource After speaking and emailing with Judy for over 20 years, it was great to finally meet face to face for the first time!

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ProResource specializes in personal branding for technology CEOs and leaders. Raise your profile in

ProResource offers executive branding services for CEOs and leaders who want a dynamic and engaging social media presence that allows people to see the depth of their expertise, builds trust, and creates opportunities for quality conversations. Our Social Velocity methodology helps you optimize your LinkedIn presence:

Findability - make it easier for people to find you on LinkedIn and Google. Fir

15 LinkedIn Tips to Do Now and Start 2023 Strong 12/21/2022

15 LinkedIn Tips to Do Now and Start 2023 Strong

As we wrap up the year, try to carve out an hour to work on your LinkedIn profile.

People who come to your profile to learn about you before a meeting will be better prepared for the meeting and you’ll get more done.

You’ll be offered more relevant opportunities.

People who are a good fit for you will be more excited about working for you.

Here’s a list of things to look at and update!

15 LinkedIn Tips to Do Now and Start 2023 Strong Let’s all stop for a minute and breathe — and celebrate — we’ve almost made it through 2022, which includes surviving the changes, tumult, and crazy of 2020 and 2021. What a ride, right? As we roll into the final two weeks of 2022, I hope you get time — to reflect on what was meaningful an...


Are you using video in your advertising content?

It is undeniable that video is one of the most effective and profitable types of content out there and the statistics back this up.


Are you on the hunt for a new role?

LinkedIn is going to be one of your greatest assets in your search for a new job.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated to showcase all you have to offer with these 7 tips.

15 LinkedIn Tips to Do Now and Start 2023 Strong 12/14/2022

15 LinkedIn Tips to Do Now and Start 2023 Strong

January is coming fast!

The past couple years have been a roller coaster, and there’s no reason to believe 2023 will be any different.

Make sure you document everything you accomplished this year before we jump into the next one.

In this week’s blog, you get a special year-end wrap-up of things you can do to update and enhance your profile:
5 profile updates
4 rapid reviews
3 quick tips
2 easy tricks
1 summary list of the best new LinkedIn features

Count down to the New Year, blast some holiday music, grab your favorite seasonal beverage, and knock some of these out!

15 LinkedIn Tips to Do Now and Start 2023 Strong Let’s all stop for a minute and breathe — and celebrate — we’ve almost made it through 2022, which includes surviving the changes, tumult, and crazy of 2020 and 2021. What a ride, right? As we roll into the final two weeks of 2022, I hope you get time — to reflect on what was meaningful an...


Do the graphics in your LinkedIn ads show true diversity and inclusion?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Don't limit diversity to race and gender. Include people of various ages, sizes, disabilities, religions, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds.

2. Question your assumptions. For example, do you automatically associate men with leadership roles and women with nurturing roles?

3. Avoid stereotyping. It can intensify harmful clichés to include diverse individuals but show them engaged in behaviors that are stereotypical.

What are some of the ways you show diversity in your marketing materials?

Source: ​​


Are you ready to take charge of your personal brand in 2023?

If so, join us for our new workshop, Define Your 2023 Brand.

It’s this Wednesday, December 14th at 12-1 pm ET /9-10 am PT.

You’ll use our proven framework to define your personal brand and design a high-level strategic content plan for the new year.

It’s only $197.

If you’d like to join, just comment below and we’ll get you signed up!


Did you catch our LinkedIn Live on Rebranding Yourself for 2023, yesterday?

Judy Schramm and Matthew Cooke had an excellent conversation that would give you a better idea of what your brand is and how to express it to align with your current goals and initiatives.

If the “you” that you’re expressing on social media doesn’t truly reflect who you are today, or you just think your could use a bit of sprucing up - this one's for you!

You can watch the replay of the Live event here:


Humans constantly evolve and grow. But is your personal brand evolving as you hit new milestones, set new goals, and acquire new skills?

This month, we’re offering a new workshop to help you answer the following questions:
- How do you define your brand?
- What’s the best way to express your personal brand?
- In what ways can you leverage your brand for success?

You’ll come out of the workshop with an enhanced, strategic personal brand to implement in the new year.

Here are the details:

Day: Wednesday, December 14th, 2022
Time: 12pm ET/9 am PT
Length: 1 hour
Price: $197

If you’d like to join, please comment below and we’ll get you signed up!


What are decision makers looking for in the content you create?

LinkedIn did a study to find out, and here are the 6 qualities decision makers said they were looking for.

Would you add anything to this list? Let me know in the comments!


Can you clearly define your personal brand? Is it aligned with your mission and goals?

As the year draws to a close, it’s a perfect time to assess whether your personal brand needs to be revamped to align with current initiatives heading into the new year.

Join us for our next LinkedIn live with executive coach Matthew Cooke and CEO Judy Schramm, where they’ll discuss how to upgrade your brand to match your goals and objectives in 2023.

It’s this Wednesday, December 7th at 12 pm ET.

Here’s the link to register:


This month, our entire focus is on getting your brand ready for 2023. Yesterday, our blog was about how to know when it's time to update your brand.

In next week's LinkedIn Live, Matthew Cooke and Judy Schramm will share useful tips on how to think about your brand - how to figure out what you want your brand to be.

Register at


Our focus for December is getting ready for 2023!

We’re starting today with a blog post on rethinking your brand for 2023. Is it time to re-think your personal brand? How can you tell?

Answer these 6 questions and you’ll be able to figure out what you need.

Maybe you need a small tweak or two. Or it may be time for a major overhaul.

Find out here ➡️


is today! Please think about how you can support the nonprofits and causes you believe in.

It doesn’t have to cost a cent (although of course a donation would be welcome).

Just like, comment on, or share a post from your favorite nonprofit.

And get more tips here - there are lots of ways you can use your to benefit nonprofits.


Most of the time, we network to meet interesting people—to talk about new ideas or business problems and hear what other people have to say about them.

They might know how to help us, or they might know someone who does.

And sometimes, a conversation turns into much more. It turns into a partnership or a way of working together that helps both of us.

What do you want to get out of networking?


With coming up, you have so many ways to promote the nonprofits you believe in. In my recent conversation with Kenita Smith, she shared what nonprofit leaders are looking for and how you can use your social capital to support them.

🎧Listen to the full session .in/e-R9JhjX


Everything you want can come to you through other people.

One of the most effective ways to use strategically is to build an ecosystem of people who can bring you the people and resources you need to achieve your goals.


Networking opens the door for all kinds of opportunities. The more people that you connect with, the more possibilities there will be for you.


What’s the best way to give people insights into what it’s like to work at your company?

Tell stories!

You can tell them, your employees can tell them, your customers can tell them, your leaders can tell them.

Are you making your company culture known through story-telling?


Know someone who needs help with their LinkedIn profile? Share our LinkedIn Profile Glow Up with them!

🗓 It’s on Tuesday, November 15th at 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm ET.

LinkedIn expert Ann Marie Beebout will help them make their LinkedIn profile more powerful.
They will:
✔️ Tell their story more effectively
✔️ Become more findable
✔️ Impress people
✔️ Build trust

This webinar introduces five simple enhancements anyone can make to their profile, each of which takes just a few minutes and can be completed during the webinar.

You'll end up with a LinkedIn profile that's more polished, professional, and effective - one that will deliver noticeable results.

Link to sign up:


When done correctly and consistently, networking yields excellent results. The time and effort is absolutely worth it.

Name someone that you met from networking who has made a difference in your life.


Have you thought about how your life might change if you started speaking up about something that matters to you?

Meryl K. Evans • Digital and Content Marketer and Judy Schramm had a wonderful conversation where Meryl explains how she transformed her life and her career when she started speaking up about the importance of captioning.

As someone who is deaf, that is a topic that is important to her. Her initial posts and videos drew her into a larger discussion about the importance of accessibility.

Now she is a sought-after speaker and consultant about accessibility, and has been named a LinkedIn Top Voice and LinkedIn Influencer.

You can hear Meryl’s story on our LinkedIn Live recording. It’s truly inspiring!

🎧 Listen @


Burnout is an epidemic in the tech industry. If you are worried about burning out, feel emotionally drained or mentally exhausted, please join us for our next LinkedIn Live where we talk about how to prevent burnout.

It’s this Wednesday, November 9th at 12 pm EST.

Matthew Cooke and Judy Schramm have both burned out in the past, but Matthew went deeper into what caused it and investigated how he could prevent it from happening again.

Matthew’s tips are invariably excellent and many people have benefited so much from putting his suggestions into practice.

If you want to ensure that you don’t burn out - or want to help someone you care about - please join us!

Here’s the link to sign up:

If the time doesn’t work, you can watch later at the same link.


A strong provides a competitive advantage for CEOs, especially those in the tech industry.

It also helps them achieve their milestones faster - and with less effort.

In this week's article, we've defined the three foundational pillars essential to building a powerful and authentic CEO brand.

Find out more at


We’ve had 72 people apply to our program on How to Grow a Large and Engaged Audience with Elizabeth Leiba.

We're excited to see so many people interested in growing their LinkedIn audience and mastering engagement!

We’re now in the process of evaluating the applications to select the people best suited for the program.

It’s going to be a great program! We are looking forward to going on this journey with everyone, helping them live their mission!


Thinking about taking your career in a new direction - focusing on something you are passionate about?

In our next LinkedIn Live, Meryl K. Evans • Digital and Content Marketer explains how she used LinkedIn to transform her career.

We've worked with Meryl for more than 20 years, knowing her as a content marketing expert. She has done excellent work for our clients, who love her. We all do too.

In the past couple years, she has stepped into a larger role - one with much higher visibility - as an advocate for accessibility.

Meryl is deaf. With more and more content being produced on video, she saw that it was going to be increasingly important to make that information accessible to more people by including captions. She started talking about captions on LinkedIn, sharing best practices, doing her own videos on LinkedIn... And her career took off!

She has been named a Top LinkedIn Voice on accessibility. She speaks at conferences and events, including a TEDx Talk, and is interviewed and quoted often.

Join us on Friday, November 4th at 12 pm ET to hear about how Meryl has built her reputation as a thought leader and how it has changed her life.

Here's the link to register:


Happy Halloween from the ProResource team! 👻



Matthew Cooke and Judy Schramm are putting together some workshops based on the information he has been sharing in our .

Which topic would you rather focus on? If you pick D, please put the topic in the comment as well.


Did you catch the Live with Matthew Cooke where he talked about the 12 stages of burnout and what to do if you are on the edge of - or already burned out?

If you worry about burning out, please join us for the next LinkedIn Live instalment where we talk about how to prevent burnout.

It’s on Wednesday, November 9th at 12 pm EST.

He has so many tips, you will absolutely love this.

Here’s the link to sign up:


Is there a cause you are passionate about? Something you want to advocate for and possibly build a career around?

Join Meryl K. Evans • Digital and Content Marketer and Judy Schramm in our upcoming LinkedIn Live and hear how she evolved into the passionate and highly respected advocate she is today.

Register @


Today is the last day to apply!

This is your opportunity to work with the amazing Elizabeth Leiba, Judy Schramm and the team at ProResource.

You will learn the techniques and get the support you need to make a difference in the world.

Live your Onlyness!

We want to work with you!

Apply at


Tomorrow is the last day to apply for the program with Elizabeth Leiba - How to Grow a Large, Engaged, Authentic Audience.

The cost is $500/month - very affordable.

Watch the Live recording to learn more about what to expect from the program

We’d love to have you join us!

Apply at

Apply for Grow a Large, Engaged, Authentic Audience on LinkedIn 10/24/2022

Apply for Grow a Large, Engaged, Authentic Audience on LinkedIn

We had a really good question last week about the program with Elizabeth Leiba - what kind of homework assignments will we be giving?

That’s a good question, because we are asking participants to put in at least an hour of work every week on LinkedIn.

These are not essays or hoops you have to jump through.

We want you to spend at least an hour a week exploring the technique Liz taught.

You need to get your hands dirty… Immerse yourself in that particular process. Do it over and over again. Try different ways of doing it. See what works for you and your audience. And also what doesn’t work.

We want you to really master and embrace one technique before you go on to the next.

So many people only care about understanding how to do it, and that's not who this program is for. Because that doesn't actually get you anywhere.

Think about it like working with a personal trainer.... the trainer shows you how to do a curl the right way.

You repeat the curl 10x with the trainer watching your form and you know how to do it.

But knowing how to do it doesn’t build any muscle.

You are only going to build muscle if you do those curls day in and day out.

This program is for the people who actually want to build their LinkedIn muscle.

Apply ➡️

Apply for Grow a Large, Engaged, Authentic Audience on LinkedIn Turn data collection into an experience with Typeform. Create beautiful online forms, surveys, quizzes, and so much more. Try it for FREE.

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ProResource offers executive branding services and coaching for CEOs and executives who want a dynamic and engaging social media presence that allows people to see the depth of their expertise, builds trust, and creates opportunities for quality conversations.

Our SocialVelocity methodology provides:

Power Profile – a carefully crafted LinkedIn profile that impresses people and creates opportunities to engage.

Social Action Plan - the specific steps you need to take to achieve your goals in social media.

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Happy Halloween from the ProResource team! 👻#halloween2022 #halloween
Here’s an effective framework to follow if you’re looking to upgrade your #storytelling skills.
Are you ready to overcome limiting beliefs about raising your visibility? In this LinkedIn Live, Matthew Cooke and I bot...
Judy Schramm Interviews Chris Tully
Judy Schramm Interviews Kyla O'Connell
Steve Smith, Sander Sales Training
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How to Look Amazing in Your Headshot
5 Essential Tips to Look Your Best in Online Meetings | Free Webinar | Wed, Sept 23, 12:00PM ET



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