Lonkar's Long Cars

Lonkar's Long Cars


Lets rent to House Warming party at Eric's
this cant be real......

Fast, fun, and cheap limousine service to all areas in the Northern VA, and DC Metro area. Caters to


I regret to inform everyone that "Lonkar's Long Cars" will be closing up shop. The owner has decided to pursue a medical degree. We want to thank everyone for their support through these glorious years.





Wake me up before you go go, As I'd love to pick you up for a show show!

Oldies but goodies.... No I am not talking about music, I am talking about Lonkar's Long Cars! We have been in business for a long time without many updates but everybody appreciates a good rustic look!

" "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." - Ghandi " - Lonkar's Long Cars

Let Lonkar's Long Cars pick you up!!!


Just as an FYI.... I am also an uber driver, so if you have a smartphone... I can hook you up with a Lonkar long car!


Brrrrrrr.... its cold out here, there must be some Yaks in the atmosphere!

Remember people, Lonkar's Long Cars have THE BEST car heaters in western hemisphere. Trust me, no one, and I mean no one has better car heaters than Lonkar's Long Cars. Believe me.


WINTER IS COMING!!! Don't go from point A to point B walking like a peasant, ride with the cool kidz in Lonkar's Long Cars! We don't want you to freeze your bunz off, so ride with us! Every one of our cars has warm air coming from the tandoori chicken steam that I will be cooking in the front seat.... you're welcome! Those who ride with us longer than 2 miles get's a free lobotomy from the owner of Lonkar's Long Cars!

vroom vroom haters!


Toot Toot mother lovers.... We are proud to announce that all of our drivers are master drivers.... as in all of our drivers have attained their masters from some small school in Cleveland, but I like to say.... THE LAND!!! Like rotten tomatos.... we are certified fresh! Fresh to death.... but no one is dying here, at least to my knowledge. Our driver will make sure you are in one piece, from when we pick you up to when we drop yo ass off at your destination. Tip yo boi because I am still poor and need money. FYI, services close at 8 pm because my mommy also doesn't want me out of the house after dark. Thank you for understanding.... pce out


Holy Ghande.... IT IS HOT. Don't get any more heated with all the s**tty NoVA drivers out there and skip the traffic by letting us drive you to where you need to go! All the tunes you needs during the ride, and for a small fee, we can translate into punjabi! If you do get too hot..... I have bottled water straight from the ganges river to douse yourself in.... you're welcome!


THIS JUST IN: New and improved heating units in all Lonkar's Long Cars!!! We make sure that once you step inside our long cars to go to your destination, you will be sweating your balls off (guys only) right away! Girls, we promise to make sure you feel hotter than you felt after getting all caked up for your first prom!!! Unfortunately, due to the extreme heat improvement, the stench that resembles the Ganges river will arise resulting in everyone passing out, BUT it will be the best sleep of your life! Ride Lonkar's long cars!!!




Vroom vroom bi***es... Costs are down and profits are up! Time to celebrate! Goin' raise up, take your shirt off and spin it like a helicopter m***a f**ka's!!!..... ok back to business..... Because of the great recent success, we are giving away 1 free Lonkar long car after two purchases! Mo money, LEZZ PROBLEMZ


WTF?!?!?! Sales are DOWN!!!! What are you people doing nowadays?!?!? WALKING??? F that! Lonkar's Long Cars is the only way you should be the only way of transportation! Don't make me burn your car and Lebron that s**t!!! You have been warned....

Pick Lonkar's Long Cars!


Can't find a parking spot in Kilby landing drive circle? No worries, park down the street or wherever and Lonkars long cars will come get you!!! India fest 2000 will not be stopped!!!


Singing... HOT HOT HOT!!! You know what's not hot? The inside of one of Lonkar's Long Cars! We provide AC for only $5/hour. Now, I know you are wondering why we are charging for AC use but we didn't get enough fund raising in the beginning BUT I can guarantee that the breeze coming from our AC units will feel like Frosty the snowman sitting on your face! Hurry now, first come first serve! Weeee


The dog days of summer are coming up people. Lonkar's Long Cars would like to drive you to your destination with the AC in full blast! The car still might smell like curry, but beggars can't be choosers.... Did Adam have any choice other than Eve? No. So pick Lonkar's Long Cars! Boo yah!


Spend your Memorial Day weekend traveling in one of Lonkar's Long Cars! Guaranteed on time arrival!!! Free lobotomy with the purchase of two cars!


Buy 10 rides, get the next one free! Lonkar's Long Cars.... we'll pick you up!


I'll love you long time! BUY MY LONG CARS!!!


Lets go people, time is money, and money gots no patience... throw me the moolahhh!!! plus, how can you say no to this face?


mo money, less problemz


Damnit people, send the moolah this way!!!

www.oddee.com 08/25/2014

New limo available!!! Call our 24 hour customer service line to book your Lonkar's Long Car today!



Willing to give up 10% equity for 50 million dollar investment. Contact me ASAP at 1-800-Long-Car


We need more funding....

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