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What a fun and amazingly delicious lunch event we enjoyed yesterday as we had our annual Christmas Sweater Contest, client Holiday greeting recording ( thanks Lake View Visual ) and perhaps the best Southeran BBQ in the County - amazing ribs, burnt ends, Brisket, and all the sides via HotBox BBQ

PRO Tip: After you sample Mission BBQ ( because its brand new in the area - and everyone is going there... ) do yourself a favor and compare this local soon to be legend that puts heart and soul in every pound of meat meticulously smoked!
This one of the cooler stories I have done in a while. Ephrata based Lester R Summers, Inc. Has been helping to move the parts and now the entire NASA Earth NASA's James Webb Space Telescope from NASA Goddard to the launch site in South America. Thanks to Lake View Visual for the amazing video. Local 21 CBS News, WHP Harrisburg

Lake View Visual
Elizabethtown-based video production company Lake View Visual teamed up with comedian and advocate Jon Stewart to spread awareness for Burn Pits 360 Veterans Organization.

Countless veterans are exposed to toxic chemicals from burn pits in desert war zones. These toxins released from burning batteries, tires and other garbage can be a result in different forms of lung disease and cancer. Check out the article below for more information on this great cause.

According to Forbes, the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video than a website that doesn't include video!

One of our Chamber members is here to help you harness some of that traffic to your business' site. Lake View Visual is a locally owned company that has created videos for numerous Lancaster County businesses.

Reach out today to see what they can do for you! And remember your timing... if you have outside, aerial shots, this is prime time during summer and fall!

Central PA based video production company. We want to tell your story!

Operating as usual

Photos from Lake View Visual's post 03/31/2022

Supreme Court of the United States

I was told SCOTUS hears somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 cases per year. I admit, the vast majority of those come and go and I don't hear much about them. There is a major exception to that rule now.

For the last several years we have been getting to know Le Roy Torres and Rosie Lopez-Torres- the husband and wife co-founders of Burn Pits 360 Veterans Organization. They've allowed their story to be captured as they and so many others work on legislation to help veterans impacted by burn pits during service overseas.

As work continues to get legislation passed on behalf of the veteran community a closely related but separate fight went before The Supreme Court Tuesday.

Torres v. Texas Department of Public Safety

Summarizing the case in a quick LinkedIn post is incredibly difficult but here is my best attempt.

In short, when Le Roy got back from serving in Iraq- injuries he sustained meant that he needed accommodations to continue to do his job. He wasn't extended those accommodations and he was forced out of work. Most employers are held to the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act but Texas has claimed sovereign immunity and says it's not open to suit by a private citizen. Now it's up to the SCOTUS to decide.

It's been an absolute honor to follow along this week and for the last several years. I'll continue to share as we capture more of this story.


Hauling History: NASA's James Webb Space Telescope hauled by Ephrata, PA's Summers Trucking 01/21/2022

Hauling History: NASA's James Webb Space Telescope hauled by Ephrata, PA's Summers Trucking

🎥🚀 Mind boggling.

It's completely mind boggling to consider the things that scientist say NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is capable of seeing and uncovering.

Last month, JWST launched from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana on the northeastern coast of South America. The $10 billion telescope is poised to look deep into our cosmic past likely changing our understanding of the universe.

Something many of us likely never consider is how does NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center get an observatory like Webb into position at the launchpad?

The Ephrata, PA based team of Lester R Summers, Inc. and countless others worked together to make launch day happen.

It's been an absolute treat to follow along and to help Summers Trucking tell this story. This piece is more short doc than traditional corporate video. We're thrilled with how it came together.

Thank you Summers for allowing Lake View Visual to lend a hand on this!

Hauling History: NASA's James Webb Space Telescope hauled by Ephrata, PA's Summers Trucking For over a decade, Ephrata based Lester R. Summers Trucking (Summers Trucking) has hauled equipment and material across the country and beyond for NASA. On D...


Post Production Pups

🎥 Getting some input from my subject matter experts on the footage that we captured yesterday. Sure, I posed them like this. That said, I have never seen a dog watch a screen like our puppy Divot does (left).


Doing a double take

🎥 We’re really not trying to rush from one season to the next, hoping this video illustrates that!

With that being said, now is a great time to think about what we all can do to connect with our clients this holiday season.

Video is an excellent way to do that. Right now, we’re talking to clients about getting scheduled to record custom video greetings that can be emailed to clients and posted across all of your social channels.

Sending a professionally produced video is a great way to skip the shipping and let your clients know you’re thinking of them.

If you’re curious but not quite sure what it might look like give us a shout, we have an example that I can share with you.

Lancaster company plays a key role in replacing the Hubble telescope 10/23/2021

Lancaster company plays a key role in replacing the Hubble telescope

Check it out!

Thanks Michael Gorsegner for sharing the amazing work that our client Lester R Summers, Inc. is doing!

Lancaster company plays a key role in replacing the Hubble telescope T-minus two months until NASA launches a new telescope to replace the aging Hubble telescope. A Lancaster County based company is playing a key role in the big day. “We feel proud of what we did. We feel wonderfully blessed to be involved in this and now we are going to sit back and relax,&rdq...

Photos from Lake View Visual's post 10/21/2021

🎥 Worlds collide!

For years Michael Gorsegner and I worked together as a reporter and photographer team covering stories all over Central PA.

Over the last few months Lake View Visual has worked with Lester R Summers, Inc. to document their work with NASA Earth

While Summers has been hauling for NASA for years one project with a $10 billion price tag is nearing launch day.

NASA Solar System Exploration NASA's James Webb Space Telescope


Meet Divot

We added a new "employee" to the organization.

If you've ever visited our website you likely know that our Golden Retriever, Bogey holds a very important role within the organization.

Last month he recieved a promotion.


Sincerely appreciate Bernie Sanders taking the time to sit down today. So generous with his time.


🎥Working on a new spot for the fine folks of Argires Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster.


🎥 Interview preparations- make it a great week!


🎥The world is your tripod, this includes the Tomlinson Bomberger Lawn Care, Landscape & Pest Control property.


🎥 I wonder if they’ll let me run that excavator? Probably safer for everybody if I stay behind the camera! Happy Monday!

Photos from Lake View Visual's post 09/23/2020

🎥 Having fun at Fuego! A great day of shooting and tasting all of the great food at Fuego Latino Restaurant & Catering- video on the way!

Photos from Lake View Visual's post 09/21/2020

🎥 More from our work with our friends at @coredesigngrouppa!


🎥 Everybody knows you need to get into a good athletic stance to record an interview!


🎥 Love being able to shoot in beautiful spaces like the @coredesigngrouppa offices.


A great day working with CORE Design Group!

Exciting things are happening at CORE Design Group! Lake View Visual visited our office today to film our new corporate brand video. Be sure to tune in for the final result!


🎥 Kicking off a project for our friends at Tomlinson Bomberger Lawn Care, Landscape & Pest Control


Lancaster County Tranquility

Let’s start the week with some Central PA tranquility!

We’re hearing from many clients that want to update video messaging to align with the current COVID climate.

Some folks are seeing new selling opportunities. Other clients are filling the gap for virtual trade shows and events, it looks different for everybody. If you think video could help with an aspect of your business right now, let’s talk!


Happy Monday- make it a great week!


🎥 It’s great to be back behind the camera!

Photos from Lake View Visual's post 03/09/2020

🎥Working on a new client spot. Happy Monday!


🎥 Out and about


🎥 When your friends rock their @lakeviewvisual gear in Hawaii 🙌🏼🙌🏼Happy Monday!


Cruising around Harrisburg. Definitely enjoyed that bit of sunshine today.

Photos from Lake View Visual's post 02/10/2020

🎥 Thrilled to lend a hand to some fine folks on this project. Using the camera lens to take a much-needed look at addiction in America.


🎥 Happy Friday everybody! Here’s a behind the scenes shot from a recent client shoot.


🎥🥦 So much fun bouncing around York County! Work continues on this new client project.


🎥 🎉 What a year! Thrilled to have worked with so many great clients on so many fun projects! Can’t wait to get started on all of the work that we have lined up in 2020. Happy New Year everybody!


Jon Stewart speaks up for Veterans

Have you heard of a burn pit? It sounds like what it is in many ways. Prior to working on this project I was admittedly unfamiliar with the term.

Near military bases and combat zones, a burn pit is a place where just about anything and everything is burned. Ammo, chemicals, rubber, medical waste, body parts, batteries, you name it.

Many service members are returning home and are getting sick and many are dying as a result of their exposures to these toxic pits. It’s believed that this problem could impact as many as 3.5 million Veterans.

We’re not doing enough to take care of our sick Vets.

This is an issue that needs all of our attention. I’m honored to have worked on the project in support of BURN PITS 360. Great to partner with Sovanna Mam, Michael Sanchez, Rosie Lopez-Torres, Jon Stewart and many more.

Visit today to get educated about this issue.


Today we put the finishing touches on a very important project. I'm excited for you to see it. We will be pushing it out very soon.

Photos from Lake View Visual's post 08/16/2019

It was a good day. Such a treat to work with Jon Stewart, very classy guy.


🎥🎶 35 seconds of tranquility for your day!


Capital City

Flying around our Capital City.

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