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This picture were taken over Memorial Day weekend
This was my office window today...Great start to spring field work. I stretched the legs on the 4440 today doing a little discing. We are mostly notill farmers, but needed to level up a field after getting sludge applied last fall. There is something about the smell of freshly work ground that gets the heart pumping. Lol

Roop Farms grows quality hay, grain, and straw in De Soto, Missouri. Raising a quality product is o

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2023 Wheat harvest and double crop beans going in the ground

Photos from Roop Farms's post 06/03/2022
Photos from Roop Farms's post 11/19/2021

Here are a few action photos from this fall.


Straw available by appointment only

$3.00 in the field - You pick up
$3.50 in the field - We load your trailer
$4.00 in the barn
$4.50 Delivered (50 bale minimum)

Due to rain, straw will not be available in field until at least Tuesday.


We are almost out of straw. Only 400 bales left and we will be out until the end of June. If you have any projects coming up this spring that you need straw for now is your chance to get it while it’s available and you don’t have to pay twice the price at a retailer.

$3.00 per bale - you pick it up
$3.50 per bale - delivered

Call or text - 314-560-2581


We still have some round bales for sale. Please contact me at 314-560-2581 if you need some.

Here is what we have available:

50 - 4x6 round bales that would be excellent hay for cattle. It is mostly Orchard Grass/Fescue but there is some Johnson Grass and Clover in it. It was 2nd cutting hay and was cut when it was all about knee high. This hay is located just south of De Soto. Has been stored inside, is net wrapped, and never got wet.

200 - 4x6 round bales that would be excellent hay for any live stock. It is Orchard Grass/Timothy/fescue (no Johnson grass in this at all). This hay is located in Festus. Has been stored inside, is net wrapped, and never got wet.

$45 a bale - if you pick it up
$50 a bale - we deliver it to you


Late-First cutting fescue/orchard grass/Timothy 4x6 round bales available in the field for $40 per bale this weekend in Festus, MO. Call or text 314-560-2581


Baled straw today. If you need some give me a holler at 314-560-2581. The wheat didn’t do very well this year due to the wet spring, but it is clean. With the poor crop we will have less than half of what we normally do so it will go fast. Last year we were sold out in January so I anticipate it will be gone by mid to late November.

$3.00 per bale and we can load your trailers or flatbeds 15 bales at a time.


After the winter we have had (selling our last round bales in January) we have lots of people planning ahead and putting in orders for round and square bales of hay already. If you are in need of hay for next year let us know so we can start planning too. As of this week we have 3000 square bales and nearly 900 round bales already spoken for. Call 636-586-8437 to get your hay needs on the list.

Also, we only have 300 bales of straw left. If you need some for your garden or yard give us a call before they are all gone.

Photos from Roop Farms's post 06/30/2016

Jon gives his vote of approval for a new a John Deere 6140M. The buddy seat really sold him on it. Otherwise, it would have been a deal breaker!


We have 500+ round bales for sale.

$45 in the barn you pick it up
$50 we will deliver to you (two bale minimum)

Call 636-586-8437


Excellent square bales of hay ready to be picked up in the field today for a reduced price!


We will have square bales in the field today and tomorrow. Great opportunity to get quality hay for a reduced price.

$2.75 a bale you pick it up in the field
$3.25 a bale we load your trailer
$4.26 a bale we deliver to you

Call 314-560-2581 to set something up now!

Mobile uploads 08/01/2015

Round and square bales available for pick up in field today in Festus! Text or call 314-560-2581for details! Special Field price round bales is $40 a bale, square bales are $2.75 a bale.


We have started combining wheat, finally! That means lots of straw will be available tomorrow. Special field price $2.00 a bale. We will load your truck or trailer for $2.50 a bale. Call or text me at 314-560-2581 for more info

Photos from Roop Farms's post 06/24/2015

First cutting round bales ready to go! Excellent orchard grass, Timothy, and light fescue. Bales are net wrapped, too.

$40-you get them in the field
$45-you get them out of the barn
$50-Delivered to your farm

Photos from Roop Farms's post 06/17/2015

Tropical storm Bill is not helping out our beans too much!


Wheat is really starting to dry! We will begin cutting it in the next couple of weeks and baling straw right after. If you need straw call 636-586-8437


We finally have some round and square bales in the barn! All this rain isn't helping much with putting up hay but hopefully it will pay off in September and October! If you are in need of hay call 636-586-8437

Mobile uploads 05/01/2015

Planting our test plot. row cleaners doing work.

Mobile uploads 04/13/2015

I'll stop blowing up your news feeds for the evening after this picture I ran across on Twitter that pretty much sums up my childhood and most likely my sons:)

Please feel free to invite others to like our page. We are trying to get our name out there a little more and use social media as a communication device to reach potential customers. Also you can follow me on Twitter for tweets related to agriculture, education, and De Soto schools/athletics! Thanks!

Photos from Roop Farms's post 04/13/2015

The 4440 was busy last fall planting wheat! 35 years and 9000 hours later-still nothing runs like a Deere! Anyway, lots of wheat planted last fall means lots of straw to bale this summer. Keep us in mind if you need straw for landscaping, gardening, fall decorations, pet bedding, hay ride seats, and all things regarding straw!

Mobile uploads 04/13/2015

Some of the fine pork products ready to be devoured tonight! Get yours from Lewis-314-640-7594

Mobile uploads 04/13/2015

If you are in need of Pork call Lewis at 314-640-7594. 3 pregnant sows right now so gilts will be available later in the year. Reserve one now before they are all gone.

Mobile uploads 04/13/2015

Hate loading square bales of hay in the 100 degree Missouri summers? We can help you with that!


Hunters!!!! If you are interested in buying feed corn to bulk your deer up this summer we can hook you up! Bring your barrels, trash cans, etc and we can load you up for the market price of corn which is usually less than 1/2 what you would pay for bags at any other store!


Hay season is right around the corner! If you are in need of high quality round or square bales of hay for horses or cattle call 636-586-8437 and we can get some hay reserved for you when we start cutting!

Mobile uploads 04/13/2015

Spent Easter Monday spreading P&K on corn ground. Once we get some dry weather will be under way

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