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Much need mystery drink 😂
She's back!!!! Glowing like always. Make sure you stop in and see her today. she is sure to bring a smile to your face! Couldn't resist taking her photo this morning. Head to main street where you will find a big ray of sunshine right there in the window and a delicious drink 😊😍🤩
So glad that Impact Nutrition is sponsoring the race on Saturday! Impact Nutrition
James J. Helms
Got my free drink. I started coming to Impact about a month and half ago and it has changed my life for the better . Drinking protein shakes and their amazing boosted teas has made me fell so much better. Thank you for all that you Danielle!
Anyone else 🙋🏼‍♀️🏖
Here until 1pm for all the rainy day fuel 🥤💁🏼‍♀️
We love you too❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for having our breakfast ready for John to pick up. They are delicious and the perfect way to start our day!
Thanks Santa 🎅 😘
Getting a boost this am.

Dedicated to keeping you healthy even when you are on the go. Fitness & wellness center coming soon.


PIVOT… I’ve come very familiar with this act of redirecting over the past 15 months. Big things are still in the making at the new space however, obviously the timeframe has experienced adjustments throughout the year.

No biggie. It’s a blessing not a setback. How so? Because I have spent the past few months helping family as we experience our own transitions. I’m blessed with the flexibility to assist in ways not all members can. So, when it came to choosing how I spend my time, they (no questions asked) got it first.

That being said, I do need to keep making some kind of progress so watch for an update soon on the Impact DeSoto page. The update will NOT be posted here. This will be my last post on this page before I shut it down in August. Impact Nutrition is not re-opening—at least not in the way it’s been anticipated to return. You’ll find out how soon though.

As always, thank you all for your support! I can’t wait to update you soon.


I’m looking forward to Sunday. Alzheimer’s awareness is very dear to my heart as it has and continues to impact my family and my friends’ families. Who’s coming to join me in support and in memory of those we love?


*Take note that this 5k will begin at 9am now that warmer weather is upon us.



Tomorrow will have a lot of trips back and forth as I move the last of the equipment out of the shop and over to Impact DeSoto.

Many have asked for a date for when they can get their shakes and teas again. As always, I am able to make kits anytime. However, I do not have a definitive re-opening date for the shop yet. I will keep you updated and keep you stocked at home until I can open my doors to you again.

Shout out to all that are helping with projects speed up the process. You are my heroes. Thank you!


We don’t know them all but, we owe them all. In memory of many and in honor of all. You’re bravery and service will never be forgotten.


This month went WAY too fast. I’m here until 1pm then ✌️ out Main Street.

Time to keep an eye on socials for a re-opening date inside of Impact DeSoto. I may be nearly empty in here but now I make work of moving the equipment over so…it’s going to take a minute. ⏳

However, if you need anything during the transition, I will still be able to do deliveries and make up your tea and shake kits. (I’m always willing to teach you how to make the same things at home.) Just message me to make your order.

Have a great weekend, friends! I look forward to seeing many of you TOMORROW for the 5k .


Making up some special *tea kits to celebrate the last few days on Main Street. Are you stocked up on the essentials to hold you over until reopening at the new location? Get your tea and shake kit orders in NOW!



Next up on the To-Do list is update the menu board and I want your input.

1. What are the flavors that can’t you live without?

2. What are special/seasonal flavors that you want to see make the board?

3. What are your thoughts on a cafe menu with things like protein parfait bowls, protein waffles and/or muffins, & larger variety of protein coffee flavors?

PLEASE give me all of the ideas before I get to work on the board next week. Scroll through old posts for inspiration and let me know your wish list.

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The price of progress — battle scars. 🩹

The rehab projects have not been easy. Moving in equipment that is not light is not walk in the park either. And, let’s be honest, I’m known to trip over my own two feet. But progress is progress no matter how ugly it looks. 🔨

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all that have contributed in one way or another from finding the location, flooring, plumbing, electrical, equipment, mirrors, painting, moving, spreading the word, and to my team of instructors…ALL of it. You are my heroes. A year in the making but the big reveal is finally in sight. 🫣

So, when you see me around town looking like I got in a bar fight, don’t ask where the bruises came from. I don’t even know anymore because there are so many. 😂


The big move is 10 days away and it’s really starting to look like it around here. Walls are almost bare and the window seating is gone. Bear with me—It’s crunch time. I don’t want to be closed longer than necessary after my last day on Main Street so the clearing out starts NOW.

MAKE SURE you have liked the Impact DeSoto page because socials will be moving too. As soon as a reopening date is determined and grand opening details are finalized the information will be posted. Stay tuned!!


Only two more weeks on Main Street! (May 27th)

Things are moving along across the street and will be ready to rock before we know it. Stay tuned for all the updates!


Enter to win our in house raffle tomorrow while you are also qualifying your entry card for the grand prize.

✨Enter to Win the Grand Garden Prize by returning your stamp card with 5+ stamps to Lucy & Nell by 3 pm!✨ Support local and grab a stamp at these participating businesses:

Back to Play
Blush BLVD
Cherished Memories Florist & Hallmark Gold Crown
Comfort Cabinetry
De Soto Public Library
Drummond’s Florist & Greenhouses
Impact Nutrition
Just Be Kind Cafe
KT Bug Creations
Lola B’s and Moonlight Stitchery
Lucy & Nell
Mercantile @ Main
Mueller Electric Inc.
The Corner Closet
The Odd Duck
The Wicked B
Train Town Treasures

Shop Small. Support Local. Have Fun!


Preparing for another eventful Saturday on Main Street! There will be so many fun activities set up in your favorite shops up and down Main Street.

How are we participating? From 9am-12pm, come in to pick up *mom-osa and *sangria flavored tea kits as well create a bouquet box of seed bombs for the one(s) you celebrate on Mother’s Day. (Or for yourself—no judgement here. 😜)

Check with each shop to see how they are participating!


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It’s opening day for your DeSoto Farmers Market!


TODAY, is delivery day!

New is arriving and installations begin. Please, excuse me while I must be present at Impact DeSoto for these things. I will see you Friday!



Well, the banner and sign are in the front windows, cups are stickered with the new logo, and sample cards with the class schedule are ready for pickup at the printer… It’s going to be both a long and short last month on Main Street.

If you want samples delivered to your office, NOW is the time to message me to get on the schedule. Drops will start next week!

Photos from Impact Nutrition's post 04/30/2023

It’s time.

I’ve been a bit quiet lately on socials because April has been BUSY preparing for exciting new things. So without further ado…

Because fitness training classes (personal and group) have continued to grow like wildflowers, I’ve been preparing to move EVERYTHING UNDER ONE ROOF at Impact DeSoto in June!!

I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity to expand my class schedule AS WELL as extend hours to serve your nutritional needs. Yes, I’m going to miss seeing your smiling faces walking up and down Main Street through those big windows but, I’m not going far. In fact, you can see doorstep to doorstep.

So, if you want to stay in the loop, make sure you “like” and follow the new page. (All socials will be transitioned to the new page by July.) Comment below if you want to get a sneak peek of the class schedule. I have six incredible instructors teaching with me that are anxious to introduce themselves and what classes they lead.

I’m so very grateful for all of your support that has allowed me to expand what I get to offer to our community. THANK YOU!


A sneak peek at the next 5k…

Currently looking for collaborations to help honor both the fallen and our veterans. I have some ideas but want to hear yours as well.



Good morning! ☀️

Did you know you can have your favorite teas, shakes, and treats catered at your parties and meetings? 💯

I’ll be delivering for a party today (so I’m closing early @11:30) and I have more beginning to fill the calendar. All you have to do is send a message to reserve your date and create your menu. I can’t wait to help you celebrate or give you the energy to make it through a meeting (that could’ve been an email 😅)!

Have an amazing weekend!
See you Monday 7am-2pm.


Sometimes things pop up that need attention right away and today is one of those days. I appreciate your understanding and will see you Thursday during regular shop hours, 7am—2pm.

Have a great day!!


Photos from Impact Nutrition's post 04/03/2023

What a weekend! Y’all showed UP at the 5k, Active 4 Autism!! The number of registrations, the energy, the donations… I’m beside myself (and exhausted, lol). Seriously, check out that group picture. I couldn’t fit everyone in the post!


Thank you for your support!

It means a great deal to the families looking forward to the sensory elements of the splash park. If you missed the 5k and would like to give, head over to The Odd Duck throughout April. They have rubber ducks, raffles, and other ways to give towards the water park project.

Thank you, again, for an amazing kickoff weekend!




Waiting for the forecast to register? Nothing but sunshine and 69 for the high. ☀️🕶️👟

What club team will you be representing?
💙 Five-0 Nutrition
💚 Off Road Nutrition
❤️ Balanced Blends
🧡 Impact Nutrition

We launch from Impact Desoto (300 East Clement St.). See you soon!!


Ready to find out who’s wearing red next weekend as team #4 in the club vs. club team size challenge?

🧡Team orange: Impact Nutrition & Impact DeSoto
💙Team blue: Five-0 Nutrition
💚Team green: The soon to merge shops, Good Vibes Nutrition (moving to) & Off Road Nutrition
❤️❤️Team red: Nichole Hacker with Balanced Blends

Want to know how you can contribute if you’re not a “5k person”? Please reach out to us for suggestions or to join the volunteer team.

I can’t wait to see us all come together on April 2nd! Registration and payment links are in the comments. EARLY BIRD (for extra goodies) ENDS TOMORROW 3/26 but you can register up until April 2nd.

Spread the word!! 💙🧩💙

What team are you representing? Tag them in the comments. See you NEXT WEEKEND!!


Benefits of yoga:

🧘‍♀️ increase lung capacity & oxygen to the brain
🧘‍♀️ help with digestion issues
🧘‍♀️ increase flexibility & strength
🧘‍♀️ increase metabolism
🧘‍♀️ decrease joint pain
🧘‍♀️ correct posture
🧘‍♀️ increase libido
🧘‍♀️ decrease stress through controlled breathing
🧘‍♀️ increase focus


Grateful for each and every one of your faces. Whether I see you daily, weekly, or only a few times a month, you have a place in my 💚. You have become friends over the years and make doing what I love that much sweeter.

Happy Monday! 💚💚❤️🥤❤️💚💚


Each month we grow and this 5k just exploded before I could make this post!

This 5k was originally a April Fools Day theme until I had a conversation with The Odd Duck. As many of you know, they do a lot for our community every April for Autism Awareness. So, of course, I had to brainstorm to come up with a way to contribute and here you have it!

The explosion…. I reached out to fellow nutrition club owners for a club vs. club vs. cub vs. club team size challenge. The results:

🧡Team orange: Impact Nutrition & Impact DeSoto
💙Team blue: Five-0 Nutrition
💚Team green: The soon to merge shops, Good Vibes (moving to) & Off Road Nutrition
❤️Team red: It’s a (familiar) surprise 😉

Want to know how you can contribute if you’re not a “5k person”? Please reach out to us for suggestions or to join the volunteer team.

I can’t wait to see us all come together on April 2nd! Registration and payment links are in the comments. Early bird (for extra goodies) ends 3/26 but you can register up until the 2nd.

Spread the word!! 💙🧩💙


STARTS TODAY!! 🧘‍♀️🧘🧘‍♂️

Photos from Impact Nutrition's post 03/13/2023

I can’t say it enough… the support for local small businesses around DeSoto is top notch. Thank you for an amazing weekend!

And Congratulations Sherry Wenk!! You are the winner of the pot of gold raffle.

🌈 🍀💚🍀🌈🍀💚🍀🌈🍀💚🍀🌈


Thank you for an amazing weekend between the Lucky Leprechaun Boutique Crawl, Shamrock Shuffle 5k, and MEGA workout!! Because of the eventful weekend, however, it’s going to take bit to get the shop back in order to serve you today.

Can’t wait to see you 10am—2pm today!

Photos from Impact Nutrition's post 03/11/2023


Remember to turn in your qualifying punch cards HERE by 3pm today. The pot has grown since yesterday! 🌈🍀

Photos from Impact Nutrition's post 03/11/2023

…And there are still more raffle donations to pick up in the morning. 😳

📢 DO NOT miss your chance to win TOMORROW!!

We’ve been working hard to pull together an amazing day of customer appreciation for you. Thank you for your support of local small businesses. 💕

Photos from Impact Nutrition's post 03/10/2023


1. Check out the comments for links to each business so you can see who is participating and how

2. Pick up a punch card at a participating small businesses. (Opening hours vary.)

3. Support local by collecting a minimum of 5 punches to enter the pot of gold raffle.

4. Turn in your qualifying card here by 3pm for your chance to win.

I’ll be out and about this afternoon gathering all of the goodies for the raffle. So excited for a huge weekend full of events around town!!

Photos from Impact Nutrition's post 03/07/2023

The weekend is almost here!

How is Impact participating Saturday? Stretch before you shop with Mary at 8:30am. She’ll be sampling her yoga class HERE before the day starts so, grab your mat and join us. (Space is limited.)

Also, Impact Nutrition is where you will drop off your completed punch cards by 3pm for your chance to win the pot of gold raffle. Additional participating businesses to shop and pick up a card from for the raffle are:

The Odd Duck
Lucy & Nell
Mueller Electric Furniture & Bedding
Train Town Treasures
Belle’s Book Boutique
Cherished Memories Florist & Hallmark Gold Crown
The Corner Closet
Mercantile at Main
Lola B's and Moonlight Stitchery Boutique
The Wicked B
Drummonds Florist & Nursery

We’ve featured a handful of businesses within the event but check out their socials for yourself as well. Each one has been posting their own events for the day. We have so many great finds up and down Main Street!!

Then, Sunday, join me at Impact Desoto (300 East Clement) for our Shamrock Shuffle 5k as well as a day filled with a sampling of fitness classes that will be coming soon!

It’s going to be a great weekend!!


The countdown begins! It’s going to be a great day to check out spring changes at your favorite local businesses. 🍀💚🍀


Yes. You. Can.


Monday — Friday




📢 Check out the update to the day’s events around the 5k! So excited to incorporate a showcase of fitness classes that are coming soon.


Happy Thursday!

☕️ May your coffee feel like magic.
🎵 Let your playlist make you dance.
😊 Make a stranger smile today.
☀️ Let the sunshine touch your soul.
💕 Simply, fall in love with being alive again.


The off the menu, menu…


Spring hours:
🥤Monday — Friday…….7am-2pm
🥤Sundays………………… CLOSED



Congratulations Evan! Well deserved. 🥊🥊

Photos from Impact Nutrition's post 02/18/2023

If you know him you know that he is the kindest bada$$ you’ll ever meet.

Good luck today, Evan! Your hometown supporters are going to make sure you hear us in Vegas! 🥊 🥊


Happy Friday!! It’s going to be a great (& busy) day!

Several deliveries have been requested today. Please message ahead to setup yours or to ensure I will be back before coming by.

I hope you have a great day as well!

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Impact Nutrition

We serve super healthy meals replacement shakes & herbal teas for an energy boost. Plus a lot of other items to fuel you throughout your day. Perfect for ON-THE-GO!

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Desoto, MO

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