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We’re on a mission to rescue, restore, and sometimes add our own design touches to, mid-century au

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 08/16/2023

Vintage Sansui SR-2050E // Turntable / Serviced

Everything about the Sansui SR-2050E feels substantial, from the sturdy dust cover, to the tactile feedback of the controls. Indeed, this table is over 50 years old, and has clearly withstood the test of time. Steady speeds, and fully serviced.


Photos from Aural HiFi's post 08/13/2023

Vintage Marantz 2275 // Solid-state Receiver / Restored

Often regarded as one of the best Marantz receivers, many collectors consider the 2275 a work of art. This piece is nearly 50 years old, yet still looks and sounds stunning. There are a few nicks around the cabinet and face, but this piece has been fully restored electronically. Well known for its headroom and detail, the 2275's warm sound is easily mistaken for a vacuum tube sound. This is an extremely well-built receiver which drives low impedance loads with ease, and is, without question, one of the most recognizable members of the Marantz hall of fame.




SPECIAL GUEST // Jazz Artist Anne Bisson

Spend an intimate evening with with renown Canadian jazz artist, Anne Bisson, as she performs a select few of her pieces live. Chat with the artist about her passion for music, her recordings, or even dive into the process of record production. It's a chance to experience her artistry up close, where melodies and stories intertwine, creating a heartfelt connection that's bound to resonate.

Friday, August 18th, 5pm
Tickets are Nine. Bucks.

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 08/04/2023

Vintage Sansui AU 20000 // Integrated Amplifier / Professional Series

170 watts of something to behold. The AU-20000 was the biggest integrated amp that Sansui ever made, and is a true work of art from a sonic and industrial design perspective. From a collector's perspective, this is one Sansui's three kings. From our perspective, the AU20K is the most stunning Sansui piece all around. The cabinet on this piece has a couple of scuff marks, but you won't notice them at a listening distance. It's been fully serviced, and sounds gorgeous. Peak Sansui.

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 07/30/2023

Vintage Altec Model Nineteen // Loudspeakers / Custom Restoration

The Altec Model Nineteen like you’ve never seen before. Refinished, Recapped, Reimagined. No stone was left unturned, and we used the best of the best. The crossovers were redesigned using Mundorf caps, terminals refitted with Cardas binding posts, and the cabinets rewired with 18ga silver over oxygen-free copper throughout. Easily the best sounding Nineteen we’ve done. Stop by the showroom and hear them for yourself.

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 07/28/2023

Vintage Pioneer SX-950 // Solid-State Receiver / Restored

Most would agree that 1978 was peak Pioneer, but even the naysayers would have to admit that the SX line is absolutely iconic. From the crystal-clear readout framed by walnut and machined aluminum, down to the mirrored bezel on each k**b, the attention to detail is palpable. Those details run deep, making the SX-950 one of the most sought after vintage receivers. This example has earned a bit of character after nearly 50 years, but we've serviced it from top to bottom, and this piece is in top working order. Ready. To. Rock.


It's totally a coincidence.

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 07/25/2023

Vintage Quad 303 // Solid-State Amplifier / With Quad 33 Preamp

Two of the most iconic pieces from arguably the most design-forward vintage audio brand (we'll get to you in a moment, Mr. Rams). Reviewers at the time were unfairly harsh, but the consensus among collectors is that Quad caught lightning in a bottle. Beyond stunning, they are incredibly well-built, with repairability in mind. That brings us to performance, and here again, Quad shines. The 303 and 33 go together like peanut butter and chocolate, and the sound is just as good. This set shows a bit of character here and there, which is typical of their age. We have fully serviced both pieces, and they're in excellent condition overall.



lose yourself 🧡

We had such a blast spinning Random Access Memories last night! Many thanks to all who came, and a special thanks to Mark from for bringing such a nice system! We can't wait to do it again, so mark your calendars for August 17th, where we will queue up the 2017 reissue of OK computer by Radiohead! It's free, but please RSVP.

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 07/20/2023

let's take a spin 🧡

Tonight we spin Daft Punk's Random Access Memories. We'll be presenting this groundbreaking album on an equally special turntable, the Sota Quasar. The rest of the system will be rounded out in style – Mark Sossa from has brought the QLN Prestige 3 loudspeakers, along with a Qualition A75 tube integrated, and what a remarkable pairing. While the listening party this evening is booked, you can stop by the showroom anytime today for an audition, and we'll be serving refreshments from 9-5. Pop in, meet Mark, and experience some equipment that's not typically accessible in Colorado.


get hooked up 🧡

Here’s an interesting receiver - the Pioneer SX-790. It’s a variant of the 780 – same 45W per channel – the only difference is the black readout. The 790 model was only available to overseas servicemen, and unlike a typical “PX Piece” like this, there are no ownership etchings anywhere on the chassis. It’s pristine.


Photos from Aural HiFi's post 07/15/2023

it's all happening 🧡

Black Friday in July. Everything you see here is included, as well as nearly two dozen more serviced and vintage pieces. Top notch gear, rock bottom pricing. Ends soon, so act fast.

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 07/12/2023

Vintage ADS L810 // Speakers / Restored / Reclothed / w/Stands

Well regarded as incredibly musical, the L810 was one of the first designs under the A/D/S brand, built with Braun components. We've refinished the cabinet, added Cardas copper binding posts, refoamed the drivers, and reclothed the grills in a stunning silver with black and blue thread. These are some of our favorites in the listening room right now.

🔴 Congrats to Lloyd! !

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 07/08/2023

Vintage McIntosh C27 // Solid-State Preamplifier

The C27 is a classic McIntosh preamp. This one is in stellar condition, with excellent glass. There is a bit of wear on the k**bs and the trim near the power button, to be expected from a piece over 40 years old. Electronically, this p


Photos from Aural HiFi's post 07/07/2023

Vintage McIntosh MC2205 // Solid-State Amplifier

A timeless vintage McIntosh, the 2205 delivers crisp imaging throughout the frequency range, regardless of volume. The soundstage is wide and holographic, with impressive separation of vocals. With 200 watts per channel, the MC2205 is capable of driving even the most challenging speaker loads with ease. This piece has a bit of bubbling behind the glass in the bottom left corner, and wear around the faceplate trim, typical of it's age. Electronically, this amplifier is in excellent condition. This may be the piece you were looking for.



listen here 🧡

With the DeVore Fidelity O/96, McIntosh C24, Fezz Lybra, and the Metzner Starlight - tell us you wouldn't feel a little jazzy, too!

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 07/06/2023

Vintage McIntosh C24 // Solid-State Preamplifier

One of the most classic McIntosh preamps, the C24, is also one of the most beautiful sounding. This piece was one of the first off the line in 1964, and could well be regarded as a survivor. We've recapped the signal path, and the glass is immaculate. Ready for another 60 years



starlight 🧡 star bright, first star I see tonight.
wish I may, wish I might,
have the turntable I wish tonight

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 07/05/2023

Metzner Starlight 671 // Transcription Turntable / Custom Walnut Plinth / Restored

One of the most noteworthy turntables in hi-fi history, now one of a kind. The Metzner Starlight is a true transcription table, with a Gray 202 tonearm, direct drive, and variable speed control from 16 to 83 RPM. The Starlight was designed by Robert Metzner, who also founded Roberts Electronics, and is best known for bringing Akai to the United States. The Starlight was the only product that carried the Metzner banner, and was only produced for a short time. This example has been mechanically restored, and cosmetically upgraded with a beautiful walnut plinth.



Sunday born of rainy Saturday 🧡

There's some satisfaction in the Colorado rain
No matter what comes down the Mission always sounds the same.

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 07/02/2023

New / Mission 770 // Speakers / Walnut / With Stands

These will knock your socks off. The new Mission 770 may look modest, but these are beasts. They look almost identical to the '77 original, but uses completely redesigned drivers, and modern caps in the crossover. Even at 88dB, they sound incredible on a tube amp tube amp (the Fezz Titania). It's usually the first system we fire up in the morning, and the last to be shut off.



Come again 🧡

Stop by and see us, open regular hours

🎶 tomorrow will be Sunday born of rainy Saturday 🎶

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 06/30/2023

Vintage McIntosh MC225 // Tube Amplifier / Restored

Classic, meet Stunning. This absolutely gorgeous 225 has been fully electronically restored. If you look very closely, you may find some tiny character marks, but you'll really have to look. The chrome is immaculate, a bit of the lettering has rubbed off the back, but there's not a hint of pitting or even swirls. You're looking at a piece over 60 years old – this is a true survivor.


Photos from Aural HiFi's post 06/26/2023

Vintage McIntosh MC2505 // Solid-State Amplifier

The McIntosh MC-2505 has the signature vintage warm and sweet sound you would expect from Mac. With 50W per channel, it has plenty of power for your high efficiency speakers. This clean example was recently serviced here in our shop, and working and running as it should throughout. This is the later variant, MC 2505-2, with flush power meters The front glass faceplate has a bit of typical separation near the headphone jack and gain k**b, but these fade away at a listening distance, as you're immersed in the sweet, smooth sound.


Photos from Aural HiFi's post 06/23/2023

Vintage Klipsch Cornwall I // Speakers / Refinished / Recapped / Reclothed

If you love tubes, it's hard not love the Cornwall. They've got amazing clarity, spectacular bass, and don't require much power. This pair is beautifully refinished and reclothed in a gorgeous cream fabric. We have of course, recapped them and added Cardas solid copper binding posts as a finishing touch. An iconic loudspeaker with an incredibly unique look, designed to fit seamlessly into a modern interior.



current mood 🧡

(🎼 excerpt from Raspberry Jam by the Allah Las , 2019)


happy father’s day 🧡
(An excerpt from Peace and Rhythm Suite: Peace by Idris Muhammad, 1971)

We’re spending some long overdue time with our families today – our showroom will be open regular hours Tuesday. Friday we’ll have free a BYOV happy hour from 4-6, and Saturday, will be here from Miami to spin. It’s all happening ⚡️

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 06/16/2023

Vintage Quad II // Tube Amplifier / Monoblocks

Often regarded as the first great amplifier, Peter Walker’s original, the Quad II, is a fairly unusual find in the United States. This classic '50s tube amp from across the pond cemented Quad's reputation as a company of influence and integrity. These examples have some character, and one side has a bit of a dent near the terminals, but electronically, they're square in spec and fully tested.



If ya don’t know, now ya know 🧡

Here's a bit more: Starting this week, we're hosting a HiFi Happy Hour every friday this summer from 4-6pm. BYOV - Bring your own vinyl, and we'll have beverages on the house!

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 06/13/2023

Vintage Altec Lansing 878A Santiago // Speakers / Custom Restoration

We may have outdone ourselves with this build. The only thing we didn't re-envision were the cabinet dimensions and driver load-out. Simply spectacular, and they sound even better than they look. The customer couldn't be happier. Yes, ladies, they're sold, but word is we have another pair on the way, and you could make them uniquely yours, as only we do.

Full 30-point service check
Recapped with Mundorf Evo oil caps
Rewired internally with 18ga silver over oxygen-free copper
Installed Cardas solid copper 5-way binding posts
Replaced top and face laminate with grain-matched veneer
Cabinets meticulously refinished
Shaved the horn fins to mellow the upper register
Powedercoated horn and legs to match
Installed custom-made round grilles on 3D-printed magnetic standoffs
Clothed grilles in acoustically-transparent black cloth with gold and silver weave
Complete frequency sweep

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 06/09/2023

New Blumenhofer Acoustics Tempesta 20 Mk2 // Speakers / Horn Loaded

Founded in '77, and nestled in nature park near Munich, Blumenhofer Acoustics is synonymous with high end. The Tempesta 20 MkII is one of the most rousing loudspeakers we've auditioned, with crisp detail in the upper registers, and full-bodied bottom end. Geared toward an advanced listener, the Tempesta is efficient enough to be driven by tube alone, yet easily bi-ampable. Blumenhofer's crossover includes switchable impedance linearization, which allows the owner to adjust the brightness to taste, and the Tempesta handles the double-duty of cinema with ease. In a sea of similarities, the Tempesta stands out as a remarkable transducer with tunable voicing and immense capability. Available in a wide range of unique veneers.

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 06/08/2023

New Blumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS-2 Mk2 // Exquisite Floorstanding Loudpeakers

Founded in '77, and nestled in nature park near Munich, Blumenhofer Acoustics is synonymous with high end. The meticulously designed Genuin FS2 mkII is a 2-way, horn-loaded floorstander with down-firing ports, which delivers a level of detail and musicality that we've not yet experienced in our showroom. The soundstage is airy and holographic, with crisp detail in the upper registers, and an otherworldly bottom end. The adjustability of this design is on another plane, as the time-alignment can be perfectly tuned to the listening position, and the crossover provides switchable impedance linearization, which can dramatically tune the brightness to your precise tastes. We simply can't stop engaging – with aesthetics rivaling musicality, the Blumenhofer Genuin is an immersive sensory feast.

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 06/07/2023

Vintage Klipsch Heresy // Speakers / Custom Restoration

The Klipsch Heresy is a legend. For this pair from '79, we took an understated, classic approach. We rebuilt the crossover, completely refinished the cabinets, and countersunk magnets in the baffle board to accept our custom made grilles, wrapped in a beautiful cream linen. We offset the badges for a truly "if you know, you know" presentation. While a casual observer might notice a nice pair of speakers, collectors will know this is a very special pair.


Photos from Aural HiFi's post 06/06/2023

Vintage Pioneer RT 707 // Reel to Reel

The RT-707 is one of the top five most sought-after open reel decks, and this one is gorgeous. Once racked, it has a tiny nick on the left edge of the faceplate, but is otherwise spectacular. We've refinished the chassis cover, given it a full work-up, and it's ready for another 40 years. This deck is calling you.

* Aluminum reels sold separately


Photos from Aural HiFi's post 06/04/2023

New Fezz Titania // Tube Integrated Amplifier / Push-Pull KT88

The Fezz Titania is a beautiful modern tube amp with exceptionally neutral sound and plenty of power. KT88 power tubes, two 12AX7s and a torroidal transformer team up to deliver arguably one of the best values in HiFi. Available in the understated Black Ice finish, as well as a dark champagne dubbed "Sunlight." The Titania is available for audition in our Denver showroom.


Photos from Aural HiFi's post 06/02/2023

Vintage McIntosh MR71 // Tube Tuner / Restored

It's McIntosh. It's tube. It's beautiful. Need we say more? Beautiful enough to go commando, or wrap it in an optional custom cabinet from our friends at

Full 30-point service check
Installed LED lamps
Realigned RF,IF and MPX
Restored tuning capacitor
Cleaned controls, switches, and chassis


Photos from Aural HiFi's post 05/30/2023

Vintage Phase Tech PC800HO // Speakers / Original Box

Ever heard of Phase Tech? The company was founded by one of the unsung heroes of vintage HiFi, Bill Hecht. He invented the flat-piston driver, as well as the soft-dome tweeter – nearly every soft dome tweeter references his patent. Mr. Hecht's original company, United Speaker Systems, supplied many OEM manufacturers in the late '60s, like McIntosh and The Fisher. In fact, McIntosh contracted Hecht to design the ML-1C. One of his later designs, the PC800, is a loudspeaker known for excellent horizontal dispersion, and relatively uniform room response. This is literally a piece of HiFi history.

Photos from Aural HiFi's post 05/26/2023

Vintage Luxman T-88V // Solid-State Tuner

One look, and you know it's a Luxman. How many other brands can you say that about? Although it's just a tuner, it's every bit as equisite as anything Luxman ever produced. Tune in the '70s


Photos from Aural HiFi's post 05/19/2023

Vintage Revox A76 // Solid-State Tuner / Realigned / Original Box

The Revox A76 is a high-end FM tuner that was built to last, with a sleek and minimalist design that looks great in any vintage setup. But what really sets the A76 apart is its incredible sound quality. It's known for its ability to pull in weak signals and deliver a warm, detailed sound that's perfect for radio enthusiasts and audiophiles alike. This tuner has a reputation for being incredibly reliable and well-built, with high-quality components that were designed to stand the test of time. Indeed, aside from the typical alignment, this baby was in top shape. It's no wonder that the Revox A76 is still sought after by collectors and vintage audio enthusiasts to this day.


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