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Rhett Creative communicates messages and branding in a creative way using whiteboard animation, vide

Rhett Creative uses whiteboard animation, video production, graphic design and logos to help tell your story or explain your message in a fun, fresh, and sophisticated way.

60 Brilliant Ads With Amazing Art Direction 11/06/2022

These are amazing!

60 Brilliant Ads With Amazing Art Direction Even the best advertising idea can get ruined if the art direction is not spot on. The design and ex*****on of any campaign is as important as the idea

Photos from Rhett Creative's post 08/30/2022

I create content. I find what is valuable about a company and then I use different creative mediums to make it meaningful to the customer. Each time it is different because every product/service is different and every market of consumers is different. (Pro Tip): finding the connection usually involves showcasing people. Because people install/sell great products, provide great service, or treat you with dignity. People do that. Companies with good people who are 100% bought-in are easy to create content for! Human connection is powerful!

Photos from Rhett Creative's post 08/26/2022

Check out a character I'm working on for a business in Colorado Springs! "Marketing Mountain Man!" I think he's gonna be pretty funny! He can help with your marketing, and help you put away your picnic baskets before bears attack!


Check out a video we created for Mayhill Hospital! You can see it on their website: https://mayhillhospital.com/treatment-services/electroconvulsive-therapy-ect/

Photos from Rhett Creative's post 08/15/2022

I love being creative, especially with marketing. I took this picture at Cane’s Chicken. With a few quick edits, this would read shorter with same message communicated, and it rhymes! Lol. (I guess it rhymed before but the cadence was jacked up, lol)


Do you have a video presence?

What does the Bible say about...the Battle of Armageddon? 08/11/2022

Thank you Reed Hewitt for including Rhett Creative in part of your video ministry series "Living Strategically"! Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kol724Gaeqo&t=395s

What does the Bible say about...the Battle of Armageddon? When it comes to studying the End Times, the Word of God should be the first place to look for information, not the last. So grab your Bible because today we...

Photos from Law-Related Education - State Bar of Texas's post 08/10/2022

Check out our work going into schools across Texas! 🇺🇸


Filming in a lab that crushes stuff to test Load Bearing Wall Pros building methods.

Personalized Products 07/06/2022

Check out a new video we created! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JNAB6SKUxM

Personalized Products


Artist unknown:


Concept, sketch, layout, color, voice-over, finished product: https://texaslre.org/civics-works-engaging-in-my-community/

Photos from Le fotografie che hanno cambiato il mondo's post 01/21/2022

Had to share!


Check out a video we put together for TRIO Talent Search at University of North Texas

How to Remove a Load Bearing Wall on Pier & Beam Foundation 01/04/2022

Load Bearing Wall Pros have explained this process (how a load bearing wall needs to be reinforced on a pier and beam foundation) to their customers, with exceptional detail, face-to-face, dozens of times a day, only to receive many deer-in-the-headlights looks.

Within the first 30 minutes of meeting with them (drawing while they explained it to me), they suddenly jumped up from their seats at my desk as if they'd won at the poker table after an "all-in", clapped their hands, pointed at the drawing and yelled, "YES!! That's it!!"


How to Remove a Load Bearing Wall on Pier & Beam Foundation Load Bearing Wall Pros spent enormous amounts of time and energy explaining, sketching out on paper, basically everything short of using a dancing bear to ge...




Show this to someone for 15 seconds then see how much of the crime scene they remember! How good of a witness are YOU?!


https://texaslre.org/ Check out what I've been working on! Coloring pages on your phone, reading a book (with different voices), fun videos about our government, and more!


Check out a tiny excerpt from an animated video series I'm working on about Jury Service!

Photos from Rhett Creative's post 12/02/2021

It is so fun to work for Tommy's Hi Tech Auto and help create their Calendar that they give away to their customers! Check out some past December calendar pictures!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Feast 11/19/2021

Draw a Thanksgiving Feast.
Come on the SHOW!!
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Thanksgiving Feast


Canon is my camera language!

Photos from Rhett Creative's post 11/16/2021

Working from home terminology:
“Satellite Office” = Desk in bedroom. Lol

Learn to Draw a T-Rex - Wee Draw Together 11/12/2021

What are you doing this weekend?
Please come on the show!

Learn to Draw a T-Rex - Wee Draw Together www.WeeDrawTogether.com

Learn to Draw a T-Rex - Wee Draw Together 11/12/2021

Happy Friday! Draw a T-Rex this weekend with me and Bo!


Learn to Draw a T-Rex - Wee Draw Together www.WeeDrawTogether.com


There are no bad ideas when it comes to being creative.
Give us a call 214-695-5560.


Thinking about Franchising your company? Check out this video we created for PEAK Elevator about their franchise opportunities!


Check out a full presentation we did for JPaul Roofing and Construction. Now sales guys have an animated video they can hand to customers while they examine the roof. Pretty smart!


Creative little kiddos. Love their work! Their (2 people) are opposite side from them on the lite brite board.


Just got a visit in my office from this dude!

Learn to Draw Imposter from Among Us - Wee Draw Together 07/09/2021

Happy Friday! Check out the newest Wee Draw Together!! Like, share, and subscribe!! https://youtu.be/-1zmt_USp8U

Learn to Draw Imposter from Among Us - Wee Draw Together Imposter from Among Us



Learn to Draw a Soda Can - Wee Draw Together 07/02/2021

Happy Friday! Check out my latest Drawing video for kids! https://youtu.be/DPM-zfeYgXw

Learn to Draw a Soda Can - Wee Draw Together

Photos from Rhett Creative's post 07/01/2021

Happy July 1st! Check out some photos we've done each year for the calendar of our favorite mechanic Tommy's Hi Tech Auto

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Our Story

I have spent a lifetime fascinated by storytelling, music, visual arts, and how they have such a dramatic affect on emotions. Everyone has a favorite movie, favorite dance, favorite book, favorite song... and the affect is spellbinding. And when that favorite song comes on, oh wow! An emotional response is triggered and we are transformed to being 13-yrs-old again when we used to rock that song on our tape player with our best friend.

I was born with a talent. I can’t explain it. It has always been there. It is simply a God-given gift that enables me create these affects better than I can do anything else. This is what I do at Rhett Creative... what I was born to do.

It’s true, I create content like whiteboard animations, video ads, & logos to help tell your story or explain your message in an entertaining, engaging, and extraordinary way, but what I REALLY do, is deepen the impact and emotional affect on your audience to motivate a genuine response.

Not with coupons,

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Wee Draw Together - Marie from Aristocats
Playing with New Character



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