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Media Power Advertising works with business owners and c-suite professionals locally, regionally, and nationally on cross-platform marketing strategies.

With over 30 years of combined experience, MPA's team is a blended mix of liberal and conservative, younger and older, southerners and northerners with various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We pull together as a team of inspired, problem-solving go-getters. We are marketing professionals, thought leaders, industry experts, communicators, researchers, media planners & strategists, negotiators, d

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Media Power Advertising updated their phone number. 09/02/2021

Media Power Advertising updated their phone number.

Media Power Advertising updated their phone number.

Media Power Advertising updated their phone number. 02/11/2021

Media Power Advertising updated their phone number.

Media Power Advertising updated their phone number.


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HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! #tgif 04/02/2014


Think you are savvy at counting calories, making the best food choices, selecting the lowest calorie / highest fiber / lowest sugar snacks? Well give this app a try. It's an Agency favorite and will change the way to look at allllllllll those labels. Take your favorite item and just scan the UPC code and you'll get a letter grade and a breakdown of the good, the bad and the ugly. * * Warning * * it can be really addictive (but in a good way) :) Fooducate helps you make better food choices. Fooducate's scientific algorithms generate a letter grade (A, B, C, or D) for each product scanned, along with brief explanations and warnings about its nutrients and ingredients. Users are just one click away from viewing similar, but healthier alternat... 04/02/2014

A Look at How Women Grocery Shop

Great article on the analysis on how women Grocery Shop. "Online shopping may often trump the in-store retail experience, but not when it comes to grocery shopping." The infographic really paints a detailed picture of the shopping experience. Nice to see the focus on healthy / better choices as ranking high in what is being purchased. We need to be more aware of what's in our food and dig deeper than what we see on the labels. #healthy #fruits #veggies These days, ladies are all about the labels in the grocery store. With the help of mobile devices and coupons, they tend toward the healthiest food at the best prices, and are swayed by packaging that promotes fresh and low-fat ingredients.


Yes.....yes it IS!!!!! #tgif #wemadeit 03/27/2014

How Advertising Worms Its Way Into Your Brain and Drains Your Wallet

Well well well .....someone finally connected the dots on how Advertisers tap into the subconscious to promote a product. Why does a certain company choose a particular color for it's logo? Have you ever noticed that cosmetic ads show models with enlarged pupils? Take a look at the link to learn more (we dig all the retro footage in the video by the way) Newsflash: Advertising is nefarious and manipulative after all. 03/25/2014

Wieden + Kennedy Finds Its First Ads Ever, Made for Nike, on Dusty Old Tapes

We should save this post for #tbt but it was too much fun looking back to wait until then. These are the first #Nike ads that ever aired (circa 1982). Wow they have come a long way. Enjoy! Nike running: So easy, a caveman can do it? Wieden + Kennedy made quite the discovery earlier this month. The agency says it's "pretty damn pumped" to have finally found the first ads it ever made—which happen to be the first national broadcast ads Nike ever aired. 03/25/2014

Pinterest Readies for Its Big Ad Business Rollout

It will be interesting to see how Pinterest weaves in ads on their site when things roll out in the next few months. We've seen how "not" to do it (Facebook), let's hope it's a seamless, tasteful transition. Pinterest is the name on the lips of digital advertising execs, brands and just about everyone else in the marketing industry today, as the popular social networking site prepares to launch its much talked-about ad business.


Ahhhhhhhhhhh another rainy day here in the QC.....where oh where is our S-P-R-I-N-G weather??????? #rainraingoaway


What do you see? 03/24/2014

Statue of Liberty Gets a Makeover in DigitasLBi's New Ad for Frizz Ease

Everyone struggles from time to time with the dreaded BAD HAIR DAY......and it looks like this new on-line only campaign from John Frieda's Frizz Ease seeks to put an end to it - even for our dear Lady Liberty. The new tagline is "Never Pull Back." "When you let frizz win, you are pulling your hair and yourself back." A new campaign by DigitasLBi for John Frieda's Frizz Ease hopes to get at a woman's emotional connection with her hair. The push centers on a 60-second digital ad, which will be posted tonight on the company's YouTube channel. 03/21/2014

What CBS's Thursday Night Football May Mean for the TV Upfronts

Are you ready for some Football?........On Thursday night?....On CBS? Things will definitely be heating up as this all plays out. "If rival broadcasters get it right, it could present an opportunity to attract more female audiences and non-football viewers. But the competition will be intense." We are eager to peek at the Fall lineup to see what the other networks will do. #nfl #football #thursdaynight CBS's deal to air Thursday Night Football games may inflate pricing, while putting pressure on rival broadcasters. 03/21/2014

Defy Media Creates Talking Bench for NCAA - AgencySpy

So how's your #MarchMadness bracket looking today? Here's hoping you are closer to winning the #QuickenLoans #WarrenBuffett billion dollar contest. As we cheer on our favorite teams....there's a new NCAA campaign rollout "promoting the importance of education to young athletes, called “2.3 or Take a Knee". Enter the "talking bench". We'd love to see this during the tourney....or even at the pro level.....can you imagine? Defy Media Creates Talking Bench for NCAA


#tgif #happy


#happy #spring #buhbyewinter 03/19/2014

5 Tips To Use Smell In Your Marketing | ePromos | Promo Products

Since we're on the topic of how powerful scent / the sense of smell can be and how it can affect our mood, remind us of special places / are some tips on how you can use smell in your marketing campaigns. Can you visualize the glow of the "HOT DOUGHNUTS NOW" sign...and smell the sweet smell of a hot Krispy Kreme doughnut??????? Smelly marketing is effective marketing. Learn why and get tips for appealing to your customers' noses. Let ePromos infuse scent into your campaigns now!


It's almost here......can you smell it? Let's hope the weather cooperates when it's officially here tomorrow!!! #spring 03/19/2014

HUSH Designs Web Experience for Aerin Fragrances - AgencySpy

The smell of your Grandma's favorite perfume, freshly baked cookies, your dad's aftershave.....our sense of smell is powerful and can transport us back in time to a particular place or person or event. This first spot paints beautiful imagery of Aerin Lauder‘s memories. They've also created a unique way to engage where "site users can create their own packaging or monograms, using images of berries, flowers, and other fragrance ingredients, and share them on social media for a chance to win $3,500 worth of Aerin products." HUSH Designs Web Experience for Aerin Fragrances 03/18/2014

15 Purchases That Might Outlive You

The old adage of "you get what you pay for" has never been more true in our current economy. Here's to brands that stand behind their products. Would you add any others to this Adweek list? Leave a comment and give a shout out to your favorite fabulous brand. Despite the rage of disposable clothing and the rise of America’s throwaway culture, some brands do still make things for keeps—and offer satisfaction guarantees to go along with them. Read why in Adweek’s March 17 cover story here.


Trying to "think Spring" even though it feels like December outside here in the QC...... Yaaaaaaaaaaaay for Starbucks!!


Have a great St. Patty's Day!!


Timeline Photos 03/13/2014

Duracell Bus Shelter in Montreal Heats Up When Everyone Holds Hands

Would you hold hands with a complete stranger to stay warm? This innovative campaign from Duracell encourages interaction from those who are waiting at a bus shelter in Montreal. It takes the concept of "interactive" to a whole new level. #PowerWarmth Nothing enhances a commute like coming into physical contact with a bunch of strangers at the bus stop. Cossette's "Moments of Warmth" campaign for Duracell had public-transport patrons in chilly Montreal join hands to complete a circuit and activate heaters in a branded bus shelter.


Meditation (Gaiam) - Desk Yoga: Breathe Out Stress

Could you use a 5 minute stress reliever right now? Click below to see Rodney Yee demonstrate a 5-minute meditation technique to relieve stress and re-energize, right at your desk. #namaste - Rodney Yee, world-renowned yoga teacher, demonstrates a 5-minute meditation technique to relieve stress and re-energize, rig... 03/13/2014

What's the Meaning Behind Your Favorite Yoga Pose?

We have lots of yogis here at Media Power Advertising. Here's a fun quiz for today......What's your favorite yoga pose? Click thru to the link to find out what it says about you...... Yoga poses are a way for people to connect with many aspects of the world. Ancient yogis put a lot of thought into what poses should be called -- based on what they look like and what they represent.


More Life Happens Here

Great to see companies tapping into compassion and raising community support for local organizations. This new spot from Chili's shows the many ways they connect and give back. They've raised and donated $50 million dollars St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. "More life happens here" is the new tagline......#morelife


Media Power Advertising is an avid supporter of Arts & Culture in our community. Charlotte friends/family who appreciate arts and culture and understand how it adds to our quality of life: Today is the kickoff of "ASC is You & Me" social week for the Arts & Science Council. One way you can show your support is to change your cover photo to one of the following designs via the link below. Check it out and thanks for your support!
ASC is You & Me Social Week - March 10-14, 2014 (5 photos)

Show your support for ASC! We are asking all of our friends to change their Facebook cover photo to one of the four banner images during the ASC is You & Me Social Week March 10-14, 2014. Let's have a conversation about the importance of the cultural community.


Media Power Advertising's cover photo 03/10/2014

How Low Can 'Idol' Go? Former Powerhouse Sinks in the Ratings : TVBizwire : TVWeek - Television...

Is this the end of Idol? How many of you are still tuning in? The ratings woes continue for the singing competition that once dominated prime-time television. "American Idol" registered the lowest rating in its 13-season history Thursday night, based on Nielsen overnights for the key 18-49 demo.


#daringgreatly 03/07/2014

Instagram Inks Ad Deal With Omnicom Worth up to $100 Million

* *ATTENTION * * Instagram users......looks like you'll start seeing more ads soon. A paid advertising program partnership has been created with Omnicom. It promises not to bombard users with ads - " the buys will be manual and selective." Instagram is rolling out its first official paid advertising program with a year-long Omnicom partnership


Don't forget to SPRING AHEAD Saturday night before you hit the hay....... A show of hands if you are ready for SPRING!!!!#nomorewinter 03/07/2014

U.S. Adults Spend 11 Hours Per Day With Digital Media [CHART]

For American Adults - we are now spending almost half of our 24 hour "day" with some form of digital media. Do you know which form of media ranked #1? A new cross-platform report found American adults spend 11 hours per day with digital media


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