Happy Birthday Lori and Dave!!! I know Dave's was a few days ago. Sorry I missed it, but I hope you both have had great days.
When are you opening again? or have you already. Miss your being open.
any chance of a sale this weekend??? 4/24??
❤❤❤❤WE'RE BACK, BABY!!❤❤❤❤
Due to technical difficulties, we haven't been able to log in here since Sat pm. Now issue solved(we hope!) & we're working to catch up on replying to all those who contacted us. Appreciate your patience as we go thru 100+ messages, etc.

Very sorry for the wait. Lots of kitty problems, plus getting a last minute, spur of the moment sale ready wasn't enough! We had to have issues getting on here, too🥴😜😖🤪🥴
❤❤❤WE'RE BACK, BABY!!!!❤❤❤
Having technical difficulties since Sat pm, but we're here again & working hard to catch up. PLEASE know if you tried to contact us & got no reply that eventually we will get back to you. Hundreds of notifications to wade thru, so we appreciate everyone's patience!!😺😻😺
Was wondering if you could collect another cat. Just went out to try and warm him tonight but he didn't like it. There seems to be bleeding on his feets. 😔 thank you
any albums tonight?
I really do get amazed with the quality of stuff Dave and Lori Mountain sells. The stuff always look so beautiful when you buy them online, But when you get it home and start looking through your stuff, everything always looks even more amazing then in the photos. Thank you very much for all you do for us and the Kitties. ❤️
any albums tonight?
I haven't received any totals from you, but would like to pick stuff up on Saturday. Thank you.

In addition to assisting with spay/neuter & a feeding program, we're an Animal Welfare Resource Center, providing help & info for surrounding communities.

Operating as usual


Put on our screens earlier today & flung all the windows & doors wide open. Don't care how much we have to bundle up tonight. LOVE this fresh Spring air.🌞🌡💨🌤

Hyacinth, daffodils, tulips, forsythia & now rhododendrons are blossoming(the ones that survived after years of neglect because we're busy with kitties).🌷⚘🌺💐🌸

And listen to those peepers tonight! 🐸 Salamanders, lots of bugs, living signs of Spring everywhere!🦋🐛🐜🐝🐞🕷🦟🦠🦎

Enjoying the lovely variety of birds, squirrels, chipmunks, woodchucks, skunks & raccoons. 🦝🐦🦉🕊🦅🦇🐻🐇🦌🐣🦃🦊🐿🐾🦆Nothing goes hungry in this yard❣

Get out into Nature & enjoy.



Our sweet little phoebes start calling at 4:25 am & are still at it now at 8:12 pm. They sure put in a long day at work!! Isn't Springtime fantastic.


Happy Mother's Day in Heaven, my dear little Mom. Missing you this Mother's Day & every day. How lucky I was to have you as my mom for the 14 years that I did❣❣❣


Rose Breasted Grosbeaks have returned today❣
Right on schedule.
If you don't see them, get out & listen for the sound of squeaky sneakers on a gym floor. That would be the sound of one of them!


1ST we planned 2 weekends this month of opening the shop INSIDE.

THEN when we got swamped with truckloads of donations stacked in all the rooms, we switched to planning an OUTSIDE sale this weekend.

NOW we have been & still are swamped with cats (and other animals) needing help PLUS I've been sick since April 11(three negative covid tests!).

DAVE has finally convinced me to call my dr, take my meds & try to take it a WEE bit easier for a few days.

THEN we'll hit it again & have a BIG SALE OUTSIDE LATER THIS MONTH!!!

WHO KNOWS, we may just haul all my displays outside & sell it all for 1/2 Price...
OR have a $1 Sale...OR whatever fun we dream up to entertain everyone.😊

CHECK back next week to see what's happening.




***5/5/22*** WONDERFFUL UPDATE! Frankie has been found and is safe.

***5/3/22 LOST DOG, CORINNA, ME***

Frankie is a 15 year old chihuahua. He is 15 pounds and his is white and black. He was lost in Corinna near Corinna & Dexter Rd. He is wearing a blue jacket with his name tag and phone number. If you have any information on Frankie please call Charlotte at: (207) 564-8669, or (207-717-6343).

Photos from Mountain's post 05/03/2022

Well, Christmas arrived in a BIG way here last Sat & Sun. Toss in some Halloween & everyday stuff and the inside of the store is SWAMPED again😲

Wendy Kimball & Heidie Ann were busy, busy, busy both days & into the night...between what they & the people donating all of these goodies hauled in, there were 5 truckloads, 3 SUV loads & 2 trailer loads. Add to that 2 truckloads we hauled in ourselves, plus donated food, litter & items for the shop from a number of supporters, and we are packed FULL!!

Toss in unwanted cats & kittens, many messages with questions about animal issues & sick kitties we're nursing & we don't know what to tackle 1st!!

Photos from Mountain's post 05/01/2022

Newest addition to the gang, this little sweetie was living alone after her owner passed in mid-April.

When I saw the obituary, I remembered hearing stories in the past about this kitty from her owner. I got worried about her fate, so we stopped in, left a note, then stopped again the next day when we saw vehicles in the yard.

Since there was a lot going on inside & out and doors were open, we figured when we couldn't find her she'd gone into hiding someplace.

Later last pm after everyone left & things got quiet, we went back with a live trap & other cat catching supplies. I heard Dave from 1 side of the house call to me to bring the carrier. When I did there he stood, talking quietly to this dear girl. She'd found a quiet, sunny spot & was just lying low. Dave petted her, picked her up to the carrier I was holding & guided her in. Door shut & she was safely inside & headed home with us.

At about 9:30pm we finally finished up our day, got her tended to & settled in. We removed 1 huge, fully engorged tick, 1 newly attached tick & 1 still crawling on her. Otherwise she needs just ears cleaned, nails trimmed, and to put on lots of weight. She's very hungry, but we're reintroducing her to food very slowly, since we're not sure how often or if she'd gotten food & water for a few weeks.

Also we're giving her lots of love & attention since she seems quiet & is likely in mourning for her person. She's so calm & still & asks for nothing but head scratches. What a sweetheart.

Sadly, she's one of dozens in need just this week.

Photos from Mountain's post 04/30/2022

If anybody happened to go past Highlands Credit Union in Dexter today & wondered if the circus was in town, that would be a valid guess!😂😹
That was actually a very colorful Wendy Kimball & her cohorts out in the cold, wind & even SNOW holding a Pet Food Drive!!
She collected cat & dog food, other much needed supplies & monetary donations for the needy animals we'll help this Spring.
We truly appreciate Wendy's dedication & hard work, the Credit Union's willingness to let her set up & everyone's kind, thoughtful donations for the animals. A great big thanks to Sharron & Rick Goodwin for making the day extra special!

Obituary for Joyce (Nelson) Austin at Crosby & Neal Funeral Home, Dexter 04/30/2022

Obituary for Joyce (Nelson) Austin at Crosby & Neal Funeral Home, Dexter

How fortunate we were to know this lovely lady. Joyce was one of the most dedicated long-term supporters of our mission to help needy animals. We'll miss her smiling face & thoughtful ways.

Obituary for Joyce (Nelson) Austin at Crosby & Neal Funeral Home, Dexter DEXTER Joyce N. Austin, 84, passed away April 24, 2022 at her residence. She was born March 19, 1938 in Dexter, a daughter of Glen and Dorothy Towle Nelson. After graduating from N. H. Fay High School, she had four years of social services education and worked in that field,

Photos from Mountain's post 04/28/2022

This dear little baby was born to a feral momma cat on a farm & at several weeks old his paw was injured. The paw was amputated a short while later, but a bone still protruded thru the surgical site, so he wasn't able to heal & was in constant pain.

We were able to make arrangements between the rescuer & HART in Cumberland for him to be transferred to them. Once at HART, he immediately underwent another surgery to remove the entire leg.

After that his recovery just took off!! Joann Wallace, (one of HART's very best!), fostered him & gave him lots of loving care as he recovered & adapted to life with 3 legs. Once the pain was gone, he was a sweet, lovable, playful, friendly little guy.

After his amazing recovery, he was adopted very quickly. He's at home with a kitty sibling & wonderful pet parents already!❣😻❣

We're so grateful to have HART & all their fantastic people to network with in getting these kitties the help & homes they so desperately need.

Photos from Mountain's post 04/19/2022

Let's all wish Wendy Kimball a very Happy Birthday today! 🎉🎈🎊
She's entertained us all & worked her heart out here. Enjoy a look at just a very few of the many faces & antics of Wendy.
Happy Birthday, dear Wendy, Happy Birthday to you😻❣🎁🎉🎀🎊❣

Happening now in Corinna, ME, United States 04/14/2022

Happening now in Corinna, ME, United States

PLEASE sign & share. Bloomberg, PA & the USDA, during breeding season, will be killing Canada Geese for pooping. The geese have lived in the park for years, residents love them, despite the poop. But the council decided some will be moved, others KILLED this year! For pooping! Come on, how do you go from doing NOTHING to slaughtering them...for pooping??? Make a better plan. If some can be moved, why not all??

Happening now in Corinna, ME, United States STOP the Canada geese CULL in Bloomsburg, PA. 679 signatures are still needed!


Can you help?
Requests for pet food assistance have risen. Our supplies are very low. Most needed: dry dog & cat food, wet food(pate seems preferred over chunky types). ALL brands very welcome- Purina & Friskies seem most popular with the animals. Even 1 can makes a difference!! Can be dropped at the shop anytime.
Many thanks to all!


Maybe It’s Time to Take Animal Feelings Seriously - The results of a number of recent studies suggest that many of the traits and abilities we believe are uniquely human in fact are not unique to us.

What You Can Do to Help Improve Animal Welfare


Wanting everyone to know we are reading all our messages, but are WAY behind. The sick, stray ,& other animal messages get answered 1st. But we will eventually get to them all. Thanks for understanding!❣


Huge THANKS to all who came to our April Sale!! So glad to see everyone & hear all the happy chatter as people shopped. We appreciate every single one of you who help us help the animals❣😻❣
We'll now be closed to restock every single shelf inside & hopefully start getting the "outdoor store" set up, too. See you all May 6, 7, 13 & 14. IF all goes as planned with no big cat projects added to the list🤞🤞🤞

Photos from Mountain's post 04/09/2022

Mountain's is open 1 more day this month, today, April 9, 10-4. Putting out new stuff all day. Come grab those treasures or wait til May!

Photos from Mountain's post 04/08/2022

Come spend a rainy day treasure hunting at Mountain's, 225 Dexter Rd, Rt 7, Corinna. Fri & Sat, Apr 8 & 9, 10-4 daily. Here's SOME of the items we have this weekend.

Photos from Mountain's post 04/08/2022

Mountain's is open this Fri & Sat, April 8 & 9, 10-4 daily.
Visit us at 225 Dexter Rd, Rt 7, Corinna. Great way to spend a rainy Spring day!

Photos from Mountain's post 04/07/2022

Shop is open this Fri & Sat, April 8 & 9, 10-4 daily. Refilling as many displays as possible in just a few short days. Stop in & see what's new. These will be our last 2 days open this month, so don't miss out!!

Photos from Mountain's post 04/02/2022

More goodies to check out at Mountain's today, Sat, Apr 2, 10-4. 225 Dexter Rd, Rt 7, Corinna.

Photos from Mountain's post 04/02/2022

Here's just a few of the treasures available at Mountain's on Sat, April 2 from 10-4. 225 Dexter Rd, Rt 7, Corinna.

Photos from Mountain's post 04/01/2022

Open Fri & Sat, April 1 & 2, 10-4 daily. Mountain's, 225 Dexter Rd, Rt 7, Corinna.
Come treasure hunting with us!

Photos from Mountain's post 03/31/2022

OPENING Fri & Sat, April 1 & 2, 10-4 daily.
Mountain's, 225 Dexter Rd, Rt 7, Corinna
2 rooms FULL!!!

Photos from Mountain's post 03/31/2022

In 3 1/2 days Room 2 went from total chaos, nothing organized, boxes stacked everywhere & barely a path to walk thru to this!

Still have to price it all in ONE DAY! Yikes!

Hope to see you all Friday and/or Saturday. We'll be open 10-4 both days.

Photos from Mountain's post 03/30/2022

Dave received an interesting package recently from Richard & Linda Fuller.😹😹
Wendy Kimball, looky what Dave has!😛 The 2 of you should be quite a sight out in the parking lot this summer😮😲

Photos from Mountain's post 03/28/2022

Finally decided!
Opening Friday & Saturday, April 1 & 2, 10-4 both days!
1st room is PACKED FULL. We've started on Room #2 & will also open that one with whatever is ready. Might have several empty displays in there to start, but the ones that are full will be INTERESTING! Also it will give us all a bit more room to spread out.
Watch for pics of that room at end of the week, so you can plan your shopping. There might just be some PYREX in there😉😉😉 along with other fun stuff.
Hope to see you all soon!!


Update: FOUND!

Photos from Mountain's post 03/27/2022

Dave put up another new display rack. We looked up & said hey, there's still room on the ceiling to put stuff😹😆
Plus the area under the sales counter needed more displayed there, too!

Photos from Mountain's post 03/25/2022

Sweet Miss Dainty Puff is our oldest kitty. We rescued she & her sister, Opal, about 19 yrs ago from a very high-kill shelter the state later shut down. They were both seriously ill & required weeks of nursing care.

Now she is a happy, healthy girl despite having megacolon. She's on a special diet & we monitor her closely to be sure she stays healthy.

Every night after the lights are out & the house quiets down, we hear her playing with her toys!! She has a very identifiable meow & a quirky little voice as she tosses & chases her "prey".

The other night when there was only a nightlight on, we noticed her staring intently at the wall. Finally figured out she'd seen the shadow of my hand. So we made shadow puppets for her for awhile. When we finally headed off to bed, she was still watching for the strange creatures. Our house is well guarded at night😹❣😹

Photos from Mountain's post 03/25/2022

We fit a lot into 1 room & we're not done yet😊

Photos from Mountain's post 03/23/2022

Input please...
We'll have this 1 room pictured below completely ready to reopen next Fri & Sat, April 1 & 2. To start with, is that enough stuff for everyone?

If we open next weekend, EVERY inch of display space will be FULL! BUT it will be crowded to shop! (Will also have a nice display of jewelry that's not set up yet).

OR we can wait to reopen another week, have at least half of the 2nd room ready & open both at the same time.

What does everyone think? Anxious to get opened up, but want to be sure you all come!

Photos from Mountain's post 03/22/2022

Another little section of 1 room in the shop. Nothing for sale yet, sorry! Not enough hrs in a day!


Our helpers today enjoying the heater & laying on the cat bed(formerly known as my jacket)😹😹😹

Videos (show all)

Can everybody stand seeing one more, cause GW is just SO darned cute!😻😻Enjoying his new bed from Auntie Ruth Gustin. ❤
Now we remember why we hate having yard sales...
Score:Dave 0. Mother Nature 1.
A peek at just one of the many activities that goes on here in a day.Please note: We clean ONLY outer crevices of ears w...
Put Dave in charge of taming the ferals in this project. How's he doing? Next comes a much needed bath! That will be int...
Laurie's heading out to talk to them about social distancing.
Spring is in the air at Mountain's!🐇🐰🐔🐣🐤🐥🌼🌸🌹🌷🌺🌻
Trying to get this video interrupted the cutest part of what was going on...Goldie was NURSING & kneading on Cliffy's be...


ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS & so much more!!



225 Dexter Rd, Rt 7
Corinna, ME

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