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Coquille chess players! Team Illinois has challenged Oregon to a Team Arena on Thursday 6/18/20 from 3:00pm-4:30pm. We need the coast with the most! Make sure you join Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation on Lichess, then follow the link to the Team Battle.

Coquille Chess Club I don't know if this is double-posting or not, because my last post seems to have disappeared from my end, but I would be coming to the tournament today if I weren't going to Roseburg today. Do you have any idea when the next tournament will be?
I'd be coming today, but I'm heading out to Roseburg for an event. Any idea when the next tournament in Coquille will be?
Here is a front-page article that describes Aaron's role in securing the win for Webster-C (and a final-four berth for Webster University as a whole), and then later on in the article contains his final-round game with analysis.
US Chess has made 2020 amendments to the 7th edition Rule Book.
Free online and downloadable versions of the rules, chapters 1+2+11 only (which are the critical sections for players), digested from the 7 th edition rulebook, are available at the link below.
Note: The 2020 updates of these chapters were uploaded on December 20, 2019 and incorporate the rules changes to 11D and 11D1 that go into...
Just saw the recap article on this week's PRO Chess League battle royales, and one of Aaron's games was featured--his first-round game against pandazero (WGM Zhai Mo of the Chengdu Pandas), which I'd missed watching because I logged in to watch after the first round was finished.

I'm glad I got a good look at it, because it featured some interesting strategic points: That game was 9 moves away from a 50-move-rule draw when Aaron pushed a pawn, leading to a pawn trade, and then went on to instructively achieve a Lucena position and build a bridge to win!
Just saw this article on covering their first week of PRO Chess League matches. One of the matches covered is, of course, the match in which Joshua played for the Webster Windmills vs. the Miami Champions. Included in the article is a tweet from the Webster Windmills that shows a reaction to the finish of Joshua's first game, in which he won on time against Grandmaster S P Sethuraman when down by two queens to one!
Huge congrats to Joshua and Josiah on superb performances!! Probably their best to date! :) I really enjoyed seeing so many big upsets left and right... :)
My son really wants to be part of the chess club. Are there any club meetings or games or activities Thomas can participate in during the summer?

Chess for Coos County Chess has been demonstrated in multiple studies to improve children math and science test scores. The problem thinking and strategy improves analytical skills.

Chess also teaches patience, the importance of thinking ahead and dealing with consequences.

Operating as usual


We took a loss today at Oregon Chess League against Wilson and I blame the phone lines going down. We had only two players who had the ability to play in the virtual tournament and we had to take automatic losses on boards 3 and 4. Thank goodness my phone line was working as I had the responsibility of running the tournament! Pictures (from the past )of the two players who tried to fend off Wilson tonight!


Chess for Success

Calling all 7th grade chess players! Chess for Success is holding a 7th grade virtual chess tournament this Saturday! Parents-contact [email protected] to sign up your Oregon or Clark County, WA Chess Kid, this is a free event. Bring your best moves!


Anyone who would like to join the free Coquille Chess Club--contact Coach Nancy Keller @[email protected]. We offer free chess lessons. Would like all of Coos County to join us!


Club Newsletter:

Congratulations to Joshua for winning the February Fiesta. Frank and Sawyer had some tough games but won 3 out of 5. Then absent minded coach here unbelievably forgot to register Andreas for the tournament.

Daniel played in the sixth grade Chess For Success tournament and won two games.

Tuesday we will have chess. I can do lessons again now that I finally caught up at work after a week off for "school".

2:00 Daniel, Erik, Shaleena, Jason and anyone else who is interested are welcome to come for intermediate lessons. There will be free play at 3:00 for the novice and intermediates. 6:00 is Claire's beginner lessons.

Joshua will be holding his 3:00 advanced lessons.

No Quadlandia this week. Let me know if you are interested in Quadlandia on March 2nd.

Thursday is chess league and there will be a playoff between Coquille and Wilson to determine the 2021 Winter Chess League Champion so I need all my best players: Joshua, Dustin, Sawyer, Riley with Frank and Jason on standby for who does not show up. Everyone is welcome to come and play for Coquille team B.

Saturday is the Chess for Success for Seventh Grade. Shaleena and Erik, I hope you both can play!! Let me know!

Also this Saturday is a chess tournament for those over 1000:

I have had only two responses and still need to hear from Frank, Riley and Jason.

Keep Practicing on and!


Coquille Chess Club has expanded to include scholastic players from all over Coos County and even has a player from Canada.

The Chess For Success Statewide Tournament held their 5th grade tournament this weekend and Coquille Chess Club entered Quincy Converse into the competition. Quincy from Bandon joined the chess club just a few months ago and become a talented player. He took on players from all over Oregon and managed one win and a draw. It is a great start. His mother Canada had to take on the challenges of figuring out how to get him into Chess for Success and then into the tournament virtually. After one phone call with Coach Keller, he was in and playing. Despite the storms of snow in Portland and rain and hail in the South Coast, the internet held and he was able to play the five round event.

Meanwhile six Coquille players and the second grade Canadian player took on the President’s Day Tournament.

Riley Jones 9th grade was undefeated in the hardest Open section and won clear first place. Shaleena Crawford won 5th place in the U600 section and Ari Ish-Shalom won 6th place in the U600 section. Andreas Doemer, 2nd grade from Canada was placed in the Open section due to his rating and he won 2 out of 4 games. He is a potential chess prodigy who enjoys lessons with our local National Master Joshua Grabinsky. Daniel Wilson, Noah Ish-Shalom, Jason Herker put in some good games.

Next weekend, Daniel Wilson will be Coquille Chess Clubs player in the Chess For Success Statewide Tournament for 6th grade.

[02/13/21]   Two chess tournaments this weekend. First is Chess for Success 5th grade statewide tournament and Quincy, who has only been with our chess club for a few months is ready to take on the challenge. Meanwhile the President's Day Chess Tournament will have seven of our Coquille player in nearly every division. Go Coquille Chess Club (made up of members from Bandon, Coos Bay, Myrtle Point and even one from Canada!)


Oregon High School Chess Team Association

Online Oregon Chess Team League (middle school and high school)


Register with [email protected] and a weekly zoom link will be sent to your e-mail.

Players must check in by 4 p.m. and team/individual pairings are done by 4:30.

We use so sign up for Oregon HS League Team (if you don't know how, I will help you via e-mail)

We are looking for middle school and high school teams (6th through 12th grade) and will welcome younger mature kids to join teams with siblings and as fill ins for teams.
Individuals 6-12 grade are also welcome and if play regularly, will be placed on an open team. Bring your friends! We mostly want to have fun playing some competitive chess. No adult coach is required although having a designated person as the contact person is best.
Game 45 minutes with 10 second increment so TAKE YOUR TIME!
One game per Thursday but feel to rechallenge your opponent for fun.
NWSRS rated.
Please familiarize yourself at how to challenge another player on lichess. If you can't figure it out, don't worry, we will help you.

Please e-mail:
1. Name
2. NWSRS if have one
3. Rating if have one
4. School
5. Grade
6. name
Contact: Nancy Keller Daily
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 5412908479 01/27/2021

Chess for Success

This weekend is going to be busy. We also have two talented youngsters Noah and Ari who will be playing in the K-3 Oregon Chess For Success State Championships! Helping students develop high-level critical thinking and problem-solving skills that improve self-esteem, behavior and academic performance. 01/26/2021

2021 US Amateur Team Events Begin Online This Weekend

Coquille High School Chess Team will be participating in the Amateur Team West competition this weekend. Good luck Joshua, Dustin, Riley and Sawyer!!! Beginning January 30 with the USAT-West, the four regional team championship events will take place online through February.


We are playing Gilbraltor at noon today. Is there anyone (Coos County) who can help us play today? We so far have only three and we need four!! Arrive at 11:45 a.m. on If you are not in our small town surpriser club I can invite you. Let me know you name!


Tuesday, Coquille Chess Club and Coos County Friends will be playing Brazil at 6 p.m. under the club name Small Town Surprisers.


Go Oregon Go!!!! Go Joshua Go!!!!

On Monday night, watch first place Oregon battle second place Washington for the top spot in the Western Division of the States Cup

Beating New Mexico in round 5 gives us a 4-1 record, all alone in first place in the West Division. We play second-place Washington on Monday, October 12 at 7:00pm PDT. Watch live commentary of the match on Nathan Wonder’s Twitch stream with guest commentator Carl Haessler. Or use the links below to follow the games of

Joshua Grabinsky,
Matt Zavortink,
Roshen Nair, and
Zoey Tang



Too true...

😭 😭

[09/09/20]   We have a week off from the 2020Worldwide Chess Tournament. With college back in session, we are playing a lighter schedule! 09/09/2020

Quadlandia Benefit Tournament for Hayhurst Chess Club Tuesday, August 25th | Hayhurst PTA

Kids had fun playing in the Tuesday night Quadlandia tournament. Thanks Chad Lykins for hosting! Quadlandia Benefit Tournament for Hayhurst Chess Club Tuesday, August 25th Hi Chess Families, Quadlandia is my new series of beginner-friendly online chess tournaments held Tuesday nights 5:00PM-8:00PM PST beginning on 8/25/2020. The first episode of Quadlandia benefits Hayhurst Chess Club, which re...

[09/09/20]   This weekend, five Coquille Chess players played in two different tournaments.

Shaleena Crawford 7th grade, Daniel Wilson 6th grade and Jason Herker 9th grade competed in the Oregon Open Scholastic. Although they did not place during the four round event, they developed chess skills and continue to grow as competitive players.

Meanwhile, Dustin Herker 11th grade and Sawyer Bergstedt 9th grade participated in the Oregon Open which is usually held in Portland and is mostly adults. The Oregon Open was a three day six round event with games lasting up to three and hafl hours. Dustin Herker played in the Under 1600 division with his United States Chess rating at 1276 so he was at the bottom of the division. He managed three wins putting him in the upper half of the division in skill level. Sawyer Bergstedt was relatively new in the United States rating with his at 440. He played in the Under 1200 division and tied for third place! His only losses were to first and second place winners.

Last week in the Worldwide 2020 Chess Tournament, Coquille Chess Club and Friends played Cuba. The original Tuesday time had to be moved as they had just suffered a hurricaine but later in the week, Coquille lost to Cuban United Chess Team 2 to 6. The week before, Coquille played Jeffrey School from South Africa beating them 7 to 1. Coquille enjoy having the Coos County adult players who ocassionaly help in the Worldwide competition alongside the Coquille scholastic players. it is just a fun international tournament made up of clubs and colleges from around the world.

Chess lessons are available on Tuesdays through zoom. Advanced lessons are at 3 p.m. with Joshua Grabinsky. Coach Nancy Keller is available throughout the day on Tuesdays to give free private lessons and once school starts will decide on a time to give novice lessons. Coach Keller is availbe to teach anyone how to play and parents are welcome to sit in on the lessons. Since there is no in school lunch hour to entice kids to chess, if you think your kid is interested--contact Coach Keller at [email protected]. Kids and adults can learn chess for free! The Coquille Chess Club pays for tournament registrations through generous donations so any scholastic player can participate in competitive chess if they want to increase their chess skills. 09/01/2020

Play Live Chess Online

Tuesday fun!

This week we will be playing Bath U. from England in the 2020 worldwide chess league.

It will be Tuesday (tomorrow) at 11:00 a.m. Here is the link:

Hope you can make it, and we will be having chess club on zoom starting at 3:00 p.m. Play free chess games at with more than 40,000 players online. Join tournaments and arena challenges. You can play directly in your browser without any downloads. Choose your favorite time control and chess variant. Game on!


We are playing Cuba at 1 p.m. today! If you did not get an invite link, contact me at [email protected]. Joshua is back so we are the smalltown surprisers again.


REAL:Youth To Youth Fundraiser Tournament

Have four Coquille chess players in this tournament Saturday. If you want to also play, contact me at [email protected]. I must register everyone by 5 p.m. today. REAL:Youth To Youth is hosting a 5 round online swiss chess tournament with cash prizes. All profits will be be donated to REAL:Youth To Youth (Rural Education And Literacy), a non-profit organization with a mission of supporting the education and literacy of underpriviledged youth in rural India an...

[08/21/20]   We beat South Africa 5 to 1 yesterday. Awaiting for who we will be paired with next week! Thanks to all the players who came yesterday (virtually) and was ready to play! Getting ready for a chess tournament this weekend!


Thursday we will be playing South Africa. Looking for more Coos County players so contact me at [email protected]. This week I am in charge so I need you to join Southern Oregon Chess League club. I think Joshua will be back next week.


For Coos County Chess players rated over 1200, there is a tournament this Saturday online sponsored by the Portland Chess Club. Let me know if you want to register! 07/22/2020

Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation Fair Play Agreement

Novice chess players: Tournament this weekend. For those 1000 and under. Let me know if you need assistance with the entry fee! Dr. Keller 541 290-8479 during the daytime. Get familiar with lichess!


NWSRS Rated and 2021 OSCF State Championship Qualifier

REGISTER NOW. Registration closes on Friday, July 24 at 5 pm PST

OSCF player Nikhil Samudrala presents a Chess Tournament to raise funds for and REAL: Youth To Youth (Rural Education And Literacy), a non-profit organization with a mission of supporting the education and literacy of underpriviledged youth in rural India and supporting STEM education in Oregon.

Format: 5 round Swiss Tournament through lichess in 3 sections: U1000, U1400 and Open. Play up into higher sections is allowed. Sections may be modified by tournament director based on number of participants.

Eligibility: Open to all regardless of skill and location.

Rounds: 9:15, 10:30, 11:45, lunch break, 1:30 pm, 2:45pm. Checking in at 8:30 am is mandatory and players may forfeit if they do not check in on time.

Entry Fee: $15. All profits will be donated to REAL: Youth To Youth

Time Control: Game in 25 minutes with a 5 second increment per move.

Prizes: 25% of entry fees will be returned as prizes. With 100 players (maximum) the prize fund is $50 for first place, $40 for second place and $35 for third place in each section. With 50 players, the prize fund is $30 for first place, $20 for second place, $12.50 for 3rd place. The prize fund will be adjusted at tournament directors discretion based on the number of players.

Rating: NWSRS rated. NWSRS ratings will be used to group players into sections but lichess ratings will be used for pairings.

Fair Play Policy: All players must follow the following Fair Play Agreement:


Register and pay at: by July 24th 5 pm PDT
Request to join the REAL:Youth To Youth Lichess team at:
Once accepted into the team, join the appropriate section. Section assignments will be emailed to the email provided during registration
Contact: Please contact [email protected] with any questions

Contact: Nikhil Samudrala
Email: [email protected]

More Info: Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation Fair Play Agreement Last Updated 6/13/2020 By registering for an OSCF event, players agree to follow the fair play agreement terms. Players who break the agreement may face forfeiture of games, expulsion from the tournament, and sanctions by OSCF,, ... 07/09/2020

US Chess/ChessKid Online Elementary Championship Coming August 8-9 -

If any Coos County chess player want to play in this online chess championships K-6, let me know and I will get you registered and set up! [email protected] The US Chess/ChessKid Online Elementary Championship is coming August 8-9 for all U.S. kids in grades K-6. 06/30/2020

Puzzle Duel: Free for 2 Weeks! - On the heels of Puzzle MAYven's success, we've decided to make our Puzzle Duel Feature free for the first two weeks of July! 06/21/2020

Burlington Ambush Chess Club - Chess Club

Calling all chess club players. We are playing Burlington Ambush USA team tomorrow. We need more players as we have been down to three in recent games. Contact Joshua for the 11 a.m. FRIDAY (edited as I had the wrong date) round! Let's give Burlington a good chess battle! Reach me [email protected] if you want to join. You need account to play. This is Round 1 of Stage 5 of the 2020 Worldwide Chess Tournment. Let's show what a iittle Oregon town is capable of! We are a free club. We meet four times a week: Sundays at 2 PM until we feel done, Wednesday/Friday at 6 PM and Friday at noon. During the winter, we play inside and Wednesdays are done at 8 PM.

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94417 Rink Creek Ln
Coquille, OR

General information

Tuesday nights, chess club is held at the Coquille High School Library from 3:30 p.m to 8 p.m. All ages and skill levels are invited. We invite anyone in Coos County to join us. During the school year, Dr. Nancy Keller holds chess at the Coquille Valley Middle School, Coquille High School and Myrtle Point High School during lunch hour. Chess Tournaments are held about every two months.

Opening Hours

Tuesday 15:00 - 17:30
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Coquille Valley Fitness Center Coquille Valley Fitness Center
1174 W Central Blvd
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CVFC is 24/7 fitness facility. Memberships here are valid at two other facilities as well, Bandon Fitness Center and Bay Area Athletic Club, meaning you can have access to three of the largest gyms in the Coos County area!

AquaZumba AquaZumba
117 N Birch St
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Join us at the Coquille Community Pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00pm. $3.00 per person

Coquille Martial Arts Coquille Martial Arts
74 E 1st
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Coquille Martial Arts is a community minded martial arts school in Coos County Oregon: our main school is in Coquille, Our secondary location is in Downtown Coos Bay and we hold classes in Bandon at the Community Ctr. Classes held 5 days a week

Zumba in Coquille Zumba in Coquille
Coquille Community Building
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Rocky Jones big game guide service Rocky Jones big game guide service
97429 Lone Pine Ln
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Rocky Jones guide service offers big game hunts for Roosevelt elk, black bear, and black tail deer on the oregon coast!

Light em up whips LLC Light em up whips LLC
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Custom led lighting. Led whips,rv lighting amber orange strobe or solid sticks for highway or industrial safety use all made on a firestick.

Coquille Community Pool Coquille Community Pool
117 N Birch St
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The Coquille Community Pool is provided as a recreational service by the City of Coquille. The regular pool season is Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Coquille Women's Exercise Club Coquille Women's Exercise Club
743 N. Central
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Open 24/7. Hydraulic machines designed for women that work legs, arms and heart in 30 minutes. No weights to change. Unable to process insurance claims.

Makoa's Bike Shop Makoa's Bike Shop
44 W 2nd St
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Coquille's only Bike Sales and Repair Shop

Coquille Karate Tkd Coquille Karate Tkd
74 E 1st St
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A professional martial arts school that is owned and operated by martial artists

Grammie Anne Grammie Anne

I'm a Amatuer photographer, and Grandmother to 4 grandkids. I am on instagram and that is posted on here. I am also on youtube now so please go there too

Coquille Valley Elks Lodge #1935 Coquille Valley Elks Lodge #1935
54942 Maple Heights Rd
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The Coquille Valley Elks Lodge is a place where neighbors come together, families share meals, and children grow up. Come join us in serving our community.