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Coquille chess players! Team Illinois has challenged Oregon to a Team Arena on Thursday 6/18/20 from 3:00pm-4:30pm. We need the coast with the most! Make sure you join Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation on Lichess, then follow the link to the Team Battle.

Coquille Chess Club I don't know if this is double-posting or not, because my last post seems to have disappeared from my end, but I would be coming to the tournament today if I weren't going to Roseburg today. Do you have any idea when the next tournament will be?
I'd be coming today, but I'm heading out to Roseburg for an event. Any idea when the next tournament in Coquille will be?
Here is a front-page article that describes Aaron's role in securing the win for Webster-C (and a final-four berth for Webster University as a whole), and then later on in the article contains his final-round game with analysis.
US Chess has made 2020 amendments to the 7th edition Rule Book.
Free online and downloadable versions of the rules, chapters 1+2+11 only (which are the critical sections for players), digested from the 7 th edition rulebook, are available at the link below.
Note: The 2020 updates of these chapters were uploaded on December 20, 2019 and incorporate the rules changes to 11D and 11D1 that go into...
Just saw the recap article on this week's PRO Chess League battle royales, and one of Aaron's games was featured--his first-round game against pandazero (WGM Zhai Mo of the Chengdu Pandas), which I'd missed watching because I logged in to watch after the first round was finished.

I'm glad I got a good look at it, because it featured some interesting strategic points: That game was 9 moves away from a 50-move-rule draw when Aaron pushed a pawn, leading to a pawn trade, and then went on to instructively achieve a Lucena position and build a bridge to win!
Just saw this article on covering their first week of PRO Chess League matches. One of the matches covered is, of course, the match in which Joshua played for the Webster Windmills vs. the Miami Champions. Included in the article is a tweet from the Webster Windmills that shows a reaction to the finish of Joshua's first game, in which he won on time against Grandmaster S P Sethuraman when down by two queens to one!
Huge congrats to Joshua and Josiah on superb performances!! Probably their best to date! :) I really enjoyed seeing so many big upsets left and right... :)
My son really wants to be part of the chess club. Are there any club meetings or games or activities Thomas can participate in during the summer?

Chess for Coos County


Chess Newsletter September 24th

Chess Tournament this Saturday! September 30th at the Coquille High School Library arrive by 9:30 a.m. Preregistration with [email protected] would be helpful (tell me you are coming). Divisions based on numbers and USCF memberships. $10.00. Prizes are dragons (lower division) or cash (upper divisions). Bring a lunch. Will try and finish by 4 p.m. Those with USCF memberships, this a qualifier for Seaside OSCF Championships.

Next chess tournament is November 4th.

After School Chess Clubs:
Tuesdays, 3:30 to 5:00 at Myrtle Point First Christian Church. Use door from main fenced in parking lot.
Wednesday 3:30 to 5:00 at Coquille High School Library
Thursdays ADULTS 2:30 to 3:30, SCHOLASTIC 3:30 to 5:00 at Bandon Public Library
Thursdays Serious players 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the North Bend Senior Center

Feel free to work out with the schools for kids to be bussed to these locations.

For Myrtle Point, there is a Good News Club drop off at the same location. Kids just need to let people know they are there for chess club and go further down the hallway to our meeting room

For Coquille, I have concerns that kids are dropped off at the lower cafeteria so kids need to be shown how to get to the library on the main level. I have sent an e-mail to the principal to address this concern.

For Bandon, there is a bus that is dropping kids off at the public library.

If there is no school that day (weather, power outage, teacher work day), there will be no chess club.

May all your moves be your best move,

Coach Dr. Keller


Free After School Chess Clubs for all skills, all ages.

Tuesdays: 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. at MYRTLE POINT First Christian Church 511 6th St, Myrtle Point
Wednesdays: 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. at COQUILLE High School Library 499 W Central Blvd, Coquille
Thursdays: 2:30 to 3:30 for adults, 3:30 to 5:00 for kids and adults at BANDON Public Library 1204 11th St SW, Bandon

Contact me at [email protected] to get on the Chess Newsletter e-mail list which lists upcoming events and cancellations.

541 290-8470. My phone is generally on silent and I forget to turn on the volume after chess club and sleep so TEXT is best.

Photos from Coquille Chess Club's post 08/21/2023


RESULTS of the Bandon Chess Tournament 8/19/23:
Frank Morse (Coquille) and Misha von Dassow (Coos Bay) dominated the advanced division of the South Coast Chess Tournament held at the Bandon Public Library Saturday. Misha did beat Frank during the first round but was beaten by Gabe Dunn (Myrtle Point) in the fourth round. Gabe Dunn and Jordan Florez (Coquille) were only one point behind them. All four are invited to the Oregon Open in Portland during Labor Day weekend.

A CAR WASH will be held August 26th 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Coquille Les Schwab to help cover the expense for these top players to attend the three day event.

In the Intermediate Section Anya von Dassow (Coos Bay) and George Philippeos (Bandon) tied for first. Ruckus Hughes placed second, Malichai Florez place third. Surprisingly, the intermediate section played long games lasting as long as the games in the advanced section did. All sections were USCF (United States Chess Federation) rated so notating games was required. Even soon to be first grader, August Philippeos, was able to keep meticulous records of their games. He managed one draw with him being the youngest player. The Intermediate section shows there are some more strong upcoming talented chess players.

All Chess Clubs are on this week and open to all ages, all abilities!
Myrtle Point Tuesday 3 to 5 p.m. at MP First Christian Church
Coquille Wednesday 3 to 5 p.m. at the Coquille High School Library
Bandon Thursday 3 to 5 p.m. at the Bandon Public Library




THIS WEEKEND!! Fifth Street Chess Tournament Saturday June 24th (Corner of Fifth and Elliott in Coquille). All ages and all skill levels are invited for some fun chess as well as outdoor fun this Saturday. Registration fee is $5.00. Badminton, sq**rt guns and other fun games will be available for between rounds. Bring food for a small potluck. Show up by 9:30 a.m. Preregistration with [email protected] will help first round to start on time at 10 a.m. Pay at site.

Live Chess Board 6:30 p.m. July 20th at the Coos Bay Fire Department 450 Elrod Avenue. Free! Those who come will become the chess pieces with many costumes available or dress up in your own. Fight “to the death” with balloon swords. Fun to do and fun to watch.

Photos from Coquille Chess Club's post 06/22/2023

Frank Morse earned opportunity to compete in the National Open at the Las Vegas International Chess Festival June 14th through the 18th, where 1200 people from around the world came to compete. He had a rough start with a loss in his first round held in the evening. Coach Nancy Keller may have worn him out as they had explored Las Vegas that day. He recovered in round 2 and made less mistakes for the rest of the tournament. It came down to positional advantages rather than material imbalances in his later games. He won four out of seven games in the Under 1300 section and vows to return and do better. He did get some prizes as winning the last round earned him the tournament playing board to bring home and winning more than half his games earned him a $50 gift certificate for the chess store.

Meanwhile, Coquille Chess Club alumni Aaron Grabinsky was in Czech Republic and competed in his first of five European Chess Tournament in an attempt to earn the coveted Grandmaster title. If he succeeds, he could the second Grandmaster in US history to come from Oregon and he will join the 105 current grandmasters in the United States. Unfortunately a loss in his third game shuffled him to into the lower rated player bracket and despite 6.5 points out of 9, he did not earn his second grandmaster norm (he needs three) or the international rating of 2500. He did beat the #1 player in Italy and tied with the #9 player in Argentina.

Aaron Grabinsky is currently ranked #1746 in the world.

We wish him luck at his next tournaments.

Kulhanek, Jachym vs. Plat, Vojtech | Prague Open 2023 06/22/2023

Kulhanek, Jachym vs. Plat, Vojtech | Prague Open 2023 Replay the Prague Open Round 1 game played on 22/06/2023 with computer analysis


Meanwhile in the USA, we have Frank Morse playing in the National Open in Las Vegas. He has won 3 out of 5. He is starting to get into the groove of lengthy games lasting 3 hours. Don't have any pictures from the tournament as they make everyone turn off their cell phones but here is one from our exploration of Las Vegas.


Coquille Chess Club alumni Aaron Grabinsky is playing 5 tournaments in Europe to try and attain Grandmaster status. He is currently in his first tournament in Czech Republic and has won 6 out of 8 games. His recent last game was against Italy's number one player and Aaron beat him! Round 9, he is playing Krysa Leandro from Argentina who is ranked #9 in his country. Can't wait to see the game! Waiting for round #9 to start and Aaron is on board 7.

Teplice Open 2023 • Round 9 June 10th - 18th | 9-round Swiss | Classical time control


Teplice Open 2023 • Round 9 June 10th - 18th | 9-round Swiss | Classical time control

Photos from Coquille Chess Club's post 06/07/2023
Photos from Coquille Chess Club's post 06/07/2023

South Coast Summer Chess Tournament at Fifth Street Park Coquille
(corner of 5th street and Elliott near the hospital)
Saturday, June 24th
$5.00 entry fee. Prizes outdoor toys, cash for advanced section..
For all ages. We welcome adult players.
Arrive by 9:30 a.m. Time control G25/D5 for advanced players.
Two divisions–those with USCF memberships will be in the rated section(s) and qualify for 2024 Seaside. Those without USCF memberships will play in the unrated section which is not a qualifier for Seaside.
Scholastic players can get $10 USCF membership through
Adult players can get $45 USCF membership through
POTLUCK, bring food to share.
I will bring badminton, sq**rt guns and other outdoor games. Feel free to bring your own games for all to enjoy.
Dress for the weather generally cold in morning, hot in afternoon, could rain. We will be covered at the gazebo and with canopies for sun and/or rain.
PREREGISTER with [email protected] please, but will take onsite registration

Free Summer Chess Clubs for ALL AGES
Tuesday Myrtle Point First Christian Church 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. (starts July 11th)
Wednesdays Coquille High School Library 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.
Thursdays Bandon Public Library 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.
Thursdays North Bend Senior Center 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Thursday July 20th, Live Chess Board at Coos Bay Fire Hall
6:30 p.m.
Costumes will be available to dress up as chess pieces although costumes are limited so feel free to bring your own. Enjoy dramatic fights with balloon swords and feel free to give Oscar Award worthy death scenes. This is in celebration of International Chess Day. Novelty chess boards and a giant chess board will be available to play with.


A little intellectual humour lol 😎

Timeline photos 05/20/2023

A cartoon by Jason Adam Katzenstein.

See more from this week’s issue:


Saturday May 20th starts at 10 a.m.
Chess Tournament for all ages, all abilities at Coquille

PREREGISTER with [email protected].
If new or do not have USCF membership I need: Name, DOB, grade/adult, school, phone number, address, e-mail.
Registration fee: $5.00 if have current USCF membership, $15.00 if no/expired USCF membership.
Begins at 10 a.m. Arrive at least 15 minutes early. Late players will get 1/2 point bye for first round.
Prizes: Dragon figurines for novice and intermediate section, cash for advanced
Divisions to be determined depending on registratrants. Generally three sections split by ratings.
No scheduled lunch break. Bring a lunch
Time control for advanced section G30/D5. Will decrease time control if needed for later rounds to make sure finished by 5 p.m.
This is an OSCF qualifier for next year's Seaside State Championships.
Contact: Nancy Keller
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 5412908479

Location Details
Coquille High School Library
499 West Central
Coquille OR 97423 US

Photos from Coquille Chess Club's post 03/27/2023

Chess is expanding in Coos County

March 25th, 48 chess players from all over the country and one adult from Washington, competed in the Coquille “There be Dragons” Chess Tournament. Dragon stauettes were the prizes. Many players were preparing for upcoming state tournaments in April.

In the advanced division, Mark Claiborne (North Bend adult) who is the best chess player residing in Coos county was able to demonstrate he remains the best player as he was undefeated and placed first.

Riley Jones (11th grade Coquille) who has diverted his attention to wrestling but found some time from his wrestling tournament to attend the chess tournament. Jones showed he still is a powerful chess player. He was only defeated by Mark Claiborne and won second place. There was a three way for third place: Sawyer Bergstedt (11th grade Riverside), McKinley Warncke (10th grade Coquille) and Gabe Dunn (8th grade Winter Lakes).

In the intermediated division rated 600-1000, Robbie Corbin (10th grade Coquille) dominated the division undefeated. Jeremiah Thompson came in second, his only defeat came from Corbin. There was a four way tie for third place: Tyler LeBrun (7th grade Coquille), Kayla Sullivan (10th grade Pacific High), Jaxon Corbus (10th grade Coquille), Julian Liga (7th grade Lighthouse), Emmett Stewart (6th grade Lighthouse) and Matt Sopiwnick (Adult, Washington).

In the elementary novice, first place was a three way tie: Malichai Florez (4th grade Coquille), August Philippeos (Kindergarten Ocean Crest), Julian Steimonts (2nd grade Ocean Crest). Second place went to George Philippeos (2nd grade Ocean Crest), Third place was a big five way tie: Jack Davis (2nd grade Ocean Crest), Shoren Stewart (Kindergarten Ocean Crest), Abigail Fanno (4th grade Coquille, Derrick Hyatt (3rd grade Lighthouse) and Kellan Steimonts (3rd grade Ocean Crest).

In the older novice section, first place was shared by Christian Williams (6th grade Myrtle Crest) and Leslie Wirt (a chess mom, Bandon) who drew each other when paired together. Second place was awarded to Luke Noel (8th grade Coquille) whose only loss was to Williams. Third place went to Garrett Bushnell (11th grade Powers).

Chess Clubs are free to all those who are interested.
Tuesdays 3:15 to 5:00 p.m. at Myrtle Crest Library
Wednesday 3:15 to 5:30 p.m. at Coquille High School Library
Thursdays 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. at Bandon Public Library
Thursdays 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the North Bend Senior Center
[email protected] for questions.

Next Open Chess Tournament for all ages will be at Pacific High School in Langlois on April 1st, Saturday. Registration is $10, prizes are trophies, first round at 10 a.m. Preregister at [email protected] with name, grade (or adult), school. Pay on site. If plan to register at site, show up by 9:30 a.m.

Photos from Coquille Chess Club's post 02/14/2023

Full House at Coos Curry Regional Chess Tournament

Sixty three Coos Curry chess players swarmed the Coquille High School Library Saturday, February 11th. There was just enough tables with none to spare to hold the chess boards for the competition. The top players were competing for the chance to compete in the Chess for Success State Competition to be held April 15th and 16th at the Portland Expo Center.

For the high school divisions, the three top players competed for the high school individual champion and they were so evenly matched, that Frank Morse beat McKinley Warncke, Sawyer Bergstedt beat Morse and Warncke beat Bergstedt in a round robin thus resulting in a three way tie. Thus Morse, Warnck and Bergstedt are the Coos Curry high school co champions and will proceed to State.

In the middle school division, players were competing for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade individual champions and the top five scores from players of the same school gave a team score. Misha von Dassow from Lighthouse School dominated the division undefeated and won the 6th grade championship. Jeremiah Thompson from Coquille only suffered one loss and won second place for 6th grade and also qualifies to compete at state.

In the 8th grade division, there was a three way tie so cochampions Jordan Florez (Coquille), Gabe Dunn (Winter Lakes) and Sebastian Newby (Harbor Lights) all qualified for state with 4 out of 5 wins.

In the 7th grade division, was a big four way tie so co champions Tyler LeBrun (Coquille), Quincy Converse (Driftwood), Bentley Hanson (Coquille) and Jack Taylor (Harbor Lights) all qualified for state with 3 out of 5 wins.

In the elementary division, players were competing for 5th and K-4th grade individual champions. Noah Ish-Shalom (Winter Lakes Elementary) dominated that division undefeated and also is the K-4th grade champion. Third grade Nadia von Dassow (Lighthouse) and second grade Jack Davis (Ocean Crest) won second place for K-4th grade with 4 out of 5 wins.

In the 5th grade division, Ryder Stadelman (Ocean Crest) and Ethan Root (Coquille) are co champions with 3 out of 5 wins.

For the team event, Coquille has notoriously won both elementary and middle school team division for the last two decades. This year, Ocean Crest with 5th grade players from the feeder school Harbor Lights defeated the Coquille Elementary team 14.5 to 12.5. Bandon elementary players will be sending a team to state this year.

Coquille Middle School team retained their two decade Coos Curry county championship run as they scored 16 points. Bandon scored 15.5 and Myrtle Point scored 10.5.

Coach Dr. Nancy Keller coaches all three teams and most of the participants. She said “I could not lose when all but four of the participants are kids I teach and encourage to participate!”

The event also held a free side tournament for high school players who were new and not at the level of the top three. First grade Ari Ish-Shalom (Winter Lakes Elementary) is an automatic qualifier for State as he won 2nd place last year in the K-4 division. Coach Keller elected to place him with the high school side players to get some practice. She warned the participants that Ari might be small but he was a powerful player. Results were 1st place: Dillian Richardson (Coquille), 2nd place: Robbie Corbin and a tie for 3rd place: Kenny McMillan (Bandon) and Ari Ish-Shalom.

Ari Ish-Shalom may be the next chess prodigy for Coach Keller to teach and give opportunities to compete at high level tournaments.

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