Tax Preparation Services Taxpert is a full service tax preparation firm. partnerships, Corporations, S-corporations. and trusts.

Taxpert's preparers are Enrolled Agents, licensed to represent tax payers before the IRS. Taxpret can help taxpayers with the filing of any tax return, all federal and state returns can be completed by the staff at Taxpert, including foreign earned income, LLC's. Canadian and other countries are also within the ability of preparers at Taxpert. Taxpert can help with IRS problems and issues along wi


New tax law in effect for this filing season. If you have any of these tax credits; College Education credit, EIC (earned income credit), or refundable Child Tax Credits; you can file your return as normal starting January 23, 2017, but the IRS can not issues refunds until after February 15 for these refunds and anticipate that it will be February 27 before they start issuing these refunds.

Also if you have Education credits, Taxpert will need to see your 1098T or an actual itemized statement from the college or colleges attended for each student. New rules hold us accountable for verification and fines are up to $5,000 per tax return we fail to verify properly.

We have the same rules on the other two credits and therefore must see Social Security cards for new children on your return and birth certificates if their last name does not match taxpayer or spouses last name. again we can be fined up to $5,000 per person we fail to properly verify on the return per credit.


IRS letter CP01A, taxpayer ID theft PIN number assignment letters are being mailed now.

I got mine yesterday, if you receive this letter it is important that you get it to your tax preparer, not having the assigned PIN number results in having to mail your tax return to the IRS and 3 to 6 months process time before refund will be made. 03/14/2016

How To Respond To An IRS Notice? Very Carefully IRS notices are scary, but some common-sense rules apply to them. Be careful, and don't fail to respond on time. 03/14/2016

How To Respond To An IRS Notice? Very Carefully IRS notices are scary, but some common-sense rules apply to them. Be careful, and don't fail to respond on time.


Well, it's official! The IRS started accepting e-filed tax returns today, the 2016 season is open.

Our schedules are filling up fast so get your appointment now if you have not already set yours.


Montgomery county TX ( along with several others) was declared a Federal disaster area in May 2015. The IRS granted tax relief to taxpayers in these area, if you live in the disaster area or your records are in the area ( your tax preparer is in area and has your information). this relief moved the due date of tax returns to Nov 2, 2015. It also granted relief for 941 filing and deposits due after May 15 and before Oct 15. So if you get any notice of penalty from IRS for this time period, let us know, we may be able to get it abated.


Remember September 15 is Business Return extension deadline, late filed returns will be hit with penalties even if you do not owe. taxes. We need your information ASAP to get them done timely.

October 15 is deadline for individuals and Sole proprietor tax returns.


Taxpert's cover photo 03/19/2015

Campaign for Liberty - Reclaim the Republic. Restore the Constitution.

Montgomery County looking for huge bond issue with May 9 election. Research the issue and get out there and vote. Personally I am worried about issuing another $350 million in bonds to pay for roads. Here is the article I read. I do not always agree with this organization, but they are right about the need for taxpayers to be informed and to vote once they have studied the issues. I like to say if you don't study the issue you should not vote and if you don't vote you have no right to complain!

Campaign for Liberty

Dear Friends,

In a sneaky but well-planned procedure, Montgomery County Commissioners recently declared that on Saturday, May 9, residents will decide whether the county should take on over a quarter billion dollars in new debt.

They say the money is needed to fund road projects.

But many of the projects are unnecessary and unwanted.

This would put the county's total debt at nearly a BILLION dollars and require a huge tax increase!

New debt - especially debt whose repayment schedule hasn't been made public yet - deserves more serious deliberation than county leaders have given to this.

Unfortunately, taxpaying citizens have been sadly under-informed thus far.

If passed, this new debt could obligate your children and grandchildren to pay it off.

By springing the vote on taxpayers during an “off” election season, county leaders are betting on a low turnout to guarantee passage.

We agree there are certain necessary projects that have to be done for Montgomery County to grow, but throughout this process, our leaders have failed to even attempt to identify more responsible ways than debt issuance to fund the improvements.

Instead of holding TXDOT accountable for financial obligations already made on many of our state highways, they are expecting you - the taxpayer - to fund their pork projects locally.

County Judge Craig Doyle admits a bond package of more than $200 million would likely require a tax increase.

They are asking for 350 million dollars.

Why do they want to raise taxes now? Texans already passed a Constitutional Amendment in November to raid our rainy day fund to pay for infrastructure.

Remember, if this bond passes, the debt will fall on local taxpayers.

And the commissioners filling their coffers with this bond money won’t even be obligated to spend the money on our roads.

There are other ways to fund street maintenance and essential infrastructure projects.

TXDOT has already budgeted hundreds of millions of dollars for state roads right here in Montgomery County.

We agree more infrastructure is needed in our rapidly growing community.

But some of the projects included in this $350 million bond are unnecessary and there is adamant opposition to the urbanization of our rural hometown atmosphere.

The commissioner's own study showed some roads would have an increase in traffic of 42 percent. Is more traffic what you want?

So just WHO would benefit from this. . .

. . . you - the taxpayer. . .

. . . or the well-connected politicians and the developers who’ve given nearly $100,000 in political contributions to sell Montgomery County on the idea of more debt and higher taxes?

On May 9, Montgomery County voters will get the chance to decide if they want to add new debt and raise taxes on everyone in the county.

Please learn the facts about this proposal before heading to the polls, and ask your friends and family to do the same.

Let's keep Montgomery County accountable.

In Liberty,

Kelli Cook
Montgomery County Coordinator
Texas Campaign For Liberty

P.S. On Saturday, May 9, Montgomery County voters will face a choice.

Will they add new debt and a tax hike for road projects that are unnecessary and unwanted, or will they tell the County Commissioners to take the bond project back to the drawing board?

Please learn the facts before heading to the polls, and ask your friends and family to do the same.

Because of Campaign For Liberty's tax-exempt status under IRC Sec. 501(C)(4) and its state and federal legislative activities, contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions (IRC § 170) or as business deductions (IRC § 162(e)(1)). Reclaim the Republic. Restore the Constitution.


The Texas Comptroller has started mailing out the franchise tax reminders this past week. If you get one, we need a copy so we can file franchise tax online. The letter contains a web file number to allow online access to accounts.


Remember March 15 is business filing date, not April 15. If you have opened a new LLC or Corporation you need to file an extension or be fined $189 per member/shareholder for each month or part of month late.

We need company name and EIN today to get ext filed for you.


We have moved our office next door to 120 N San Jacinto St Conroe TX 77301. We thought the big sign would be good enough to let everyone know, but habits are strong! We are now in the grey building on the north side of old office. There is a ramp with entrance at rear of building and all doors are wheelchair friendly. See you soon!


Well the IRS efile system is up and running, refunds for filed returns should start paying around Feb 7


Please remember that the ACA (Obama Care) requirements are in effect for Taxpayers. Your preparer will need to know when each person on your return had medical insurance coverage. If you had coverage from the Health Care Exchange, they will need form 1095 showing premiums and subsidy for each person.

If you are covered by a parents insurance but not claimed by a parent, you'll need to get insurance info from them to prepare your return.


Sitting in class all day today, it's day two of three at the IRS Tax Forum in New Orleans. Trying to pick up some useful information to help clients minimize taxes legally and safely. Unfortunately only one in three classes is really helpful, but it is fulfilling mandatory CEU that we must get, so not a total waste when the class is bad.

On a positive note, yesterday was very good with information that will help several clients who are having SS garnished at 15% rate each month. A court case in November 2013 has has resulted in the IRS putting new procedures into effect June 1, 2014 that should help me be able to get garnishment removed for several clients and get a refund of garnished fund for a couple of them. This one class will have made the whole trip worth while, since it will save current clients several hundred dollars each month and allow better assistance to future clients and current clients that incur problems in the future.


Often I hear about red flags for audit from clients, saying things such as I heard taking the home office makes you more likely to get audited. Every return has things that raise flags, but failing to take deductions because you are afraid of audit is like giving the IRS a present. As long as you have the proper documentation take the deduction, if you don't have the documentation then learn what you need and keep it for next year! There is no need to fear the IRS if you do your part and keep the right records and documentation.


It's 7am and freezing rain is falling in Conroe. I have about 1/4 inch on windshield. If you need to reschedule please call after 9am and we will do our best to work you in soon. Remember safe is better than missing an appointment to get your taxes done.


The IRS has once again delayed the start of return processing for this tax season. The IRS says they will begin processing on Jan 31, 2014 rather than today the 28. This will result in refunds starting to go out around Feb 21, 2014.


Have you heard about the IRS Fresh Start Program, maybe you saw an add on TV? The Fresh Start Program is really just a new name for an old program the OIC (Offer of Compromise). Anyone who has tax debt can apply, which is what the TV adds all tell you. What they fail to mention until after they have collected a huge up front fee, is there are rules and qualifications. First you have to be all caught up on your tax filings, all returns have to be filed. Second you can not have excess income over allowable expenses, since that could be used to pay the IRS. Last you can not have equity in assets that could be sold to pay the tax debt.

If you owe the IRS $10,000 but have $20,000 equity in you home you will not qualify.

If you are interested in this program, Bill at TAXPERT can help you, we have the formula the IRS uses and can see very quickly if you will qualify. Plus there may be other programs that will work if you do not qualify for the OIC. TAXPERT can help you do anything legally allowed, except represent you in tax court, to help you get the IRS and tax debt behind you


The IRS has confirmed that they will not start processing tax returns until January 28, 2014 and that while most refunds will be sent within 21 days, there will be refunds held up due to the new fraud detection software. Some refunds will take 6 weeks and longer before the IRS will release funds.


Tax season is here, I'm not looking to scare anyone but my schedule is already booked over 50% thru April 15th. Last year I was completely booked thru April 15th during the first week of March, so please call (936) 539-5995 and get you appointment set while you still have choices.


The IRS admitted yesterday that tax refunds are running late. The notice says that some refunds may be as much as 4 weeks beyound the normal due to a new fraud detection software program that is slowing things down. I am seeing at least 60% of clients getting deposits made one week late and another 10% to 15% running two weeks late.


Well 5 more days until tax season officially opens. The IRS allows e-file and starts accepting 2011 tax returns January 17. If you want a Feb appointment call in soon, several days are already booked up and over 20% of available slots are filled already.


Save time getting your taxes done by setting up a folder to place tax information into as it comes in, make it easy to access so you actually put things into it and then when you are ready to do your tax return you will not have to hunt for those forms you know you got but don't remember where you placed them.


Well the new year is here and marks the begining of Tax Season. we wish to remind all of our clients and friends that our appointment slots fill up fast, three days in the first week of Feburary are all ready booked and last year as of January 30, I was and stayed booked out 3 to 4 weeks, so make your appointment early. 12/16/2011

Internal Revenue Service

Need tax forms or tax information? The IRS web site has lots of information that can help you with your tax questions.
Need help with an IRS issue? Give us a call 936-539-5995. We can help taxpayers no matter where you are located.


Don't Let the IRS Shake You Down!


Have tax problems? Taxpert can represent you before the IRS no matter where you live. We have clients in 37 states and 8 different countries. We can look at your individual or business issues and help you decide the best approach to take when dealing with the IRS. Need an Offer of Comprise? Taxpert can determine if you will qualify and what amount the IRS is willing to accept in your situation!


The year end is nearing, time to review your tax situation and make sure that you are ready to pay the lowest amount of taxes possible! A review before the year is over gives you time to make changes and do the things necessary to minimize your tax bill.


The "Taxpert" is in.


Need help with your Personal or Business Returns? Give us a call at (936) 539-5995


Just a Reminder we will be out of the Office from April 20-25th We will return to Normal Hours on April 26th.


We will be closed April 20-22. We will return to the office on Monday April 25th.


Its April 15th have you done you taxes or filed for an extension yet?


"Don't let the IRS shake you Down!"




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