Hair Shack

Hair Shack


If you need me call the Hair Shack!!! 936-231-4993
Ya. Its right across the street from me. I can walk to her shop lol..
I Need A Flat Top !
Congratulations Hair Shack. You ladies deserve the best. God bless your business and bring much success and many more clients. Wish I lived in the area, I would be a client!!!
I love these ladies. They can do anything. Always willing to work with you, with or without an appt. Always smiling and welcoming.
Congrats ladies... Hard work pays off.

Haircuts for men, women & children! Men, women & children cuts!!! We also do Hi-lites, Lo-lites, color and perms!!!! Please call for pricing and appointments!!!


Operating as usual

[07/20/21]   Good day to each of you!!! As Back To School approaches, we wanted to send a reminder our books are filling up! Please be sure to contact us ASAP to schedule your Back To School haircut!!!
You can reach us on the shop phone 936-231-4993
📌 Please keep in mind when contacting us on Facebook messenger, text, as well as calling our cell phone we are NOT able to get to it as fast as calling the shop.

Photos from Hair Shack's post 05/25/2021

So today's shenanigans at Hair Shack....
I get a phone call and had to take the call outside due to no service in the shop. When I get out there I see all these cute lil armadillos!!
I run inside with excitement so Judy can come see what I see!! We decide to get as close as we can to take pictures! This damn redneck woman, friend of mine decides she's going to grab one of these armadillos up by the tail and she did!!! Then got it by the body!!! It was okay up until that thing started pooping everywhere, wiggling, and got away from her! That thing jumped on ger damn pant leg, and scared the living s**t out of me! As I took off running, thinking it was going to come and get me with claws the size of shark teeth!!!! I start running and sinking in the soft mud behind Hair Shack, run through the back door, slip, caught myself, and lost every bit of my soul that dwells within me! But we got some good pics and I'm okay now.... I finally caught my breath!!!


18 years on the books! Happy "Hair Shack De Mayo" Anniversary Judy!!!! About to make this one count! I dare you to call us for a haircut today!!!!
#CoconutMargarita #ChamoyMangoMargarita

18 years on the books! Happy "Hair Shack De Mayo" Anniversary Judy!!!! About to make this one count! I dare you to call us for a haircut today!!!!
#CoconutMargarita #ChamoyMangoMargarita

[03/04/21]   Hello to all!!! Sherry here!!! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on my schedule for the next couple weeks. I have two back-to-back weekends I will be out of town. I will make up for it working during the week. Dates are posted below please get with me ASAP to get on the books, as some of these time slots are already filled. LATE APPOINTMENTS ARE AVAILABLE! 936-231-4993
🚩 Friday, March 5th... Open availability
🚩 Saturday, March 6th... Open availability
🚩Tues, Weds, Thurs, March 9th - 11th... Open availability
🚩Tues, Weds, Thurs, March 16th - 18th... Open availability

[02/21/21]   This is Judy. If any body could help.

Needing some help for my little lady, she's 87 years old lives in a 1970 trailer has a busted water line. Can anyone help?

[02/21/21]   💧💧 LATE POST 💧💧
Tomorrow, Sunday.... Judy and I (Sherry) will go into work for a few hours!!!! If you need to get on the books please contact us ASAP! We will arrive at the shop at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow.... if you'd like, you can also leave a message on the machine and we will call you as soon as we get there!
🗣️📣 Huge shout out to those who were extremely patient during these times! Not having any water for several days is extremely rough! It is definitely a blessing that can be taken for granted at times.

[02/21/21]   Judy and Sherry's currant situation.....

[02/17/21]   Hey there everyone! Prayers each of you are SAFE & WARM! Comment and let us know how you're doing!!!
As most of you know we are currently closed. Due to road conditions, electricity going in and out, and the uncertainty of the water conditions at the shop, we will not open until Maybe this Friday or Saturday!
Your safety as well as ours comes first!
Once things start clearing up, and we are able to get up there to see how things are at the shop, as far as electricity and water, we will post an update!
Stay safe, Stay warm, and may God continue to watch over us all during this time.


We are taking donations here at Hair Shack!!! Come on in and drop off something for those in need! It does the heart good!!!

[07/13/20]   Good evening to all!
As hard as this announcement is to post, it has to be done.
Hair Shack will have to close its doors for two weeks. Both of us girls have been closely exposed to Covid-19 and was told to stay quarantine for the next two weeks to avoid exposure to anyone else.
We are deeply sorry for this and hope this does not bring any inconvenience for anyone. We will post our opening date as soon as we both know we are in the clear!

[07/07/20]   New Prices Effective Immediately

📍Adults $16.00

📍Senior (65 & Up) $14.00

📍Senior Tuesday Cut $10.00

📍Kids (12th Grade & Below) $13.00

📍Bang Trim $5.00



$8.00 & Up

📍Shampoo, Haircut, & Blow-Dry:
$26.00 & Up

📍Shampoo & Set:
$16.00 & Up

📍Flat Iron:
$25.00 & Up


📍Hi-Lites & Lo-Lites:
$87.00 & Up (Each Additional Color Add $10.00)

$87.00 & Up

$60.00 & Up 04/22/2020

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says visits to hair salons and shopping inside stores could be coming soon

For those who are asking when we will open... The day is coming! All I know, is what you know. Waiting on our governor and/or our county judge to release a date. AUSTIN — Gov. Greg Abbott said on Wednesday that Texans, at least in many parts of the state, soon may be able to visit hair salons and stores. Previewing...

[04/11/20]   Good afternoon friends, it's Sherry 🙋🏻‍♀️ What a non-eventful month we've had! Anyone else ready to break out to your favorite Mexican restaurant or steak house and actually sit inside to enjoy a meal?? I know I am!!
So I just wanted to start by saying "THANK YOU" each so very much for being so patient with Judy and I through this time. Believe us, we know y'all are going crazy. We have both been getting calls and messages daily with so many needing haircuts. Although it's great knowing we have that relationship with each of you, we simply can not do it. If we took ever call and went through the back door it puts us, you and each of our families at risk. TRUST US... We miss Hair Shack! We miss you!!! All we ask is for your continued support through this.
It was announced a couple days ago May 11th is when all salons can open back up. Seems like a lifetime from now. This is the 4th date they've given us 🤦🏻‍♀️ Just know we are waiting, just as you and your family are.
In the mean time, try NOT cutting your hair. If you did cut it or got one of them black market cuts 😂🤣🤭 Send me a pic, post it in the comments, or just post a comment on what you did to it. Heck, just write under this and say hello... I don't care. Just let me know how you guys are doing and what you've been doing! We all need something to distract us from The Rona 🦠🧤😷☣️


I can not wait!!!


Sorry guys! We are completely devestated by this! Yes we strongly believe health over money, however this is not one of the perks when it comes to self-employment. No work = $0.00 income 😢
We ask that you please be patient with us and understanding through this time. As you see we have no control.
Big Love going out to all our fellow hair stylist and Barbers! We will find a way!!!


[03/18/20]   Good evening everyone!! Hope each of you are doing good and not going too crazy with everything going on.
So this post is definitely not something us girls would have ever imagined!!! But, here it goes....

Due to the Covid-19 there has been so many sudden changes in our community, our county, and all throughout our beautiful state. That being said, please know we have some request for the well-being and safety for each of you, along with us girls.

📌 If you, a family member, or close friend is not feeling well, PLEASE reschedule.
📌 We are asking when and if you do come in for an appointment PLEASE only bring in those who are getting their hair done. Bringing in anyone extra at this time puts you and others at risk.
📌 When arriving for your appointment please be considerate of others. We ask that you, as well as others, space yourself as much as possible when waiting for your turn in the chair.
📌 As of this moment we will cut back on walk-ins and ask that you make an appointment before arriving. This will also help control the amount of people in the shop all at once.

Keep in mind we are under TDLR and have always followed strict rules when it comes to sanitation. We will continue to keep our doors open for business and do what we can for each of you. This post is in no way out here to offend anyone. We are just trying to follow through like everyone else so we can all stay healthy, and not allow this virus to enter within our community. Love, Blessings and Clean Hands to each of you!

Hair Shack 936-231-4993 Judy McGill Wyatt or Sherry Navarro

[03/04/20]   Good evening to all... This is Sherry! I just wanted to let everyone know I will NOT be at work this coming Saturday... March 7th!! So if you need to get in for a cut, get with me ASAP to get on the books!! I also plan on working late THURSDAY!!! Thanks so much!!! Love & Blessings to you all!!!


Hey guys, It's Sherry! I normally don't share photos of my work, but really wanted to on this cut.
My heart went out to this woman! Her hair was nearly to the middle of her back and went to someone for a light trim. Her outcome was not what she wanted (as you can see). I am not gonna lie... I was a bit nervous when she contacted me and sent photos. I thought "Oh sweet Jesus please put all you have in me to fix this cut"!! I wanted to make her happy and wanted to give her the best cut ever! I say he came though (AS ALWAYS) and got me right through it! It meant so much to me to see how happy she was when I finished!!!
I'm so glad to know I made her feel great after such a bad experience!!


Hey guys!!! It's Sherry!
Just wanted everyone to know I have 3 different fundraisers going at the Hair Shack!

🐾 Texas Roadhouse Rolls & Butter! 1 doz & 3oz butter $4.00

🐾 House Of Pies! $20.00

🐾 Tamales! Pork, Chicken & Bean $12.00 doz

So come get a haircut & support our local Caney Creek HS!!!

[11/01/19]   Good evening friends... This is Sherry posting! Sorry if I missed anyone today, I was home sick. I will be available for appointments tomorrow and Saturday! You may contact me here on fb or call the shop 936-231-4993 anytime tomorrow.
Have a wonderful and safe Halloween night 🎃👻🤡🎈

[10/08/19]   Good evening everyone!!! Wanted to give you guys a few updates for the week!

☎️📞 First thing... WE DO NOT HAVE A PHONE (landline) AT THE SHOP! ☎️📞 We are currently without the shop phone and will be all this week. We are working on some changes with accounts and it's the only way to get it done. That being said if you need to set an appointment please call/text us on our CELL PHONE!

Sherry 936-648-3144
Judy 936-217-2626

🚢 Keep in mind "Judy" will be at work Tuesday & Wednesday of this week, with limited space available!!! She goes on vacation Thursday and will return the following Tuesday! 🚢

🗓️✏️ As for me, "Sherry" I'll be there all this week!! Please, please, please remember to call the cell phones!!! ✏️🗓️

Thank you so much for your time 🤗

[09/26/19]   Just a friendly reminder, Judy will be leaving on vacation on Oct. 10th, so if you need an appointment schedule with her soon.

[09/24/19]   Good evening to all!! This is Sherry ☺️
Just wanted to give everyone the heads up on my schedule this week (Tuesday thru Thursday).
Please remember while at work I can't get to my phone. So please, call the shop 936-231-4993
If you need to get with me tonight to get on the books I have my phone with me.

📍Tuesday ~ 9am till later in the evening... Booking as you call.

📍Wednesday ~ 9am till later in the evening... Booking as you call.

📍Thursday ~ 8:30am till 12:30pm and then... 3:30pm till 5:00pm

📍📍Friday & Saturday ~ I'll be out of town....

[09/20/19]   Right in the middle of a haircut, feeling great about this day and then BOOM! Lights went out. Entergy is saying 6:00pm they should be restored. To all our Grangerland peeps.... We as a community are gonna be just fine!!! We have all survived this before and we will do it again! Stay Strong Friends and get your flashlight 🔦🔦🔦

[09/20/19]   Good morning to all! What a hard hit our community had yesterday. So much was hurt! Our schools, homes, yards, business, vehicles, etc... and the biggest of all our hearts. Please know us Hair Shack girls had everyone in prayer and still do!!!!
As most of you know we were closed yesterday due to no electricity. Today brings a new day!!!! We are open!!! So if anyone would like to schedule an appointment please call 936-231-4993 Even if you don't need a haircut you know our doors are always open for a visit! We would love to see you and know how you came out on this side of the storm.
Love and blessings to you all 🌻

[09/12/19]   Hey guys! It's Sherry!!! Just wanted each of you to know I'll be working late today. If you need to get in please call the shop 936-231-4993

[08/02/19]   Good afternoon everyone! It's Sherry!!! I just wanted to let each of you know what I have left for back to school...
Today and tomorrow (August 2nd & 3rd).
Next week... FRIDAY AND SATURDAY (August 9th & 10th).
Tuesday, August 13th
***Subject to come in Sunday 11th and Monday 12th if enough book.


Huge shout out to all my Hair Shack Peeps for throwing in that extra change in my Stones bucket! I got my shirt!!! And I may grab a second one!

[07/11/19]   Good morning friends!!! Happy Thursday to all! This is Sherry and I'd like to let each of you know my work schedule for the next week...
For this week I'll be in today and tomorrow... That's THURSDAY, July 11th & FRIDAY, July 12th! I will be available to work late if needed!
I will return to work the following week in FRIDAY, July 19th & SATURDAY, July 20th! Please call the shop 936-231-4993 if you need to get in today or tomorrow! Thanks so much everyone!


*July 11th (Thurs) ✂️ Working
*July 12th (Fri) ✂️ Working
*July 13th (Sat) 🙅🏻‍♀️ OFF
*July 14th (Sun) 🚫 Closed
*July 15th (Mon) 🚫 Closed
*July 16th (Tue) 🙅🏻‍♀️ OFF
*July 17th (Wed) 🙅🏻‍♀️ OFF
*July 18th (Thurs) 🙅🏻‍♀️ OFF
*July 19th (Fri) ✂️ Working
*July 20th (Sat) ✂️ Working



Hey guys!!! Just a heads up to everyone... 🚨🚨 DO NOT GET SCAMMED BY FAKE ENTERGY REPRESENTATIVES!! 🚨🚨
They keep calling the Hair Shack from this number ☎️ 1-800-311-3581 ☎️ And the caller ID even says "Entergy"! Please do not fall for it!!! And I beg you to tell your Granny 👵 Cause you know that's who they always target!
This below is how Entergy is really running things! Consider yourself informed!

[05/14/19]   Good morning friends!!! It's been awhile since we've posted! We've been busy with work and with family! As most of you know it's never ending when you juggle both! We will be here extended hours this week if anyone needs to get in! We have some availability still on the books! So please CALL THE SHOP 936-231-4993 so we can set you up! Also, if you need to get in before graduation now is the time to schedule....
Love & Blessings to you all ❤️

[01/14/19]   Good afternoon everyone, it's Sherry!!! Just wanted to give my people a heads up... I will only be at work Tomorrow and Wednesday this week!!! That is January 15th (Tuesday) and January 16th (Wednesday)!!! So if you need to get in on the book you may message me tonight or call the shop starting tomorrow morning 936-231-4993

[12/26/18]   Hello friends... I am so sorry I have not been able to respond to everyone. I can not lie when I say Judy and I are completely heartbroken over this! It does not help knowing our emotions are already all over the place due to hard news we have on our plate already. So here is an update on what has happen....
This morning Judy called and asked where our Coin jars were and then asked were a few other items were. I ran out the house and came straight there. At that point Judy had already called an officer out to do a report. My heart hurts cause I know deep inside this was someone who knew us... someone that has been in our shop... someone that acted as a friend to our face, yet took from us, our families. they came in with a plan!!! They knew of the coin jar that sat on our station. A coin jar that was started to have spending money when we went on our cruise. Which then turned into just a little something we could use to save for anything we wanted! Our people (YOU) gave to this!!! Heck for me I was SOOOO excited to save up for T-Shirts for my upcoming Rolling Stones concert!!! And Judy.... knowing her she would have paid a bill with hers.
But as far as the TV, the EMPTY money lockbox, the Keurig and the spinning thing that holds the Keurig cups, that didn't cut as deep as the money that was stolen! FOR YEARS Judy and I have had a system. a system that has worked for us. We hid money to cover our rent and bills at the shop! Just like some do at home, we did it at work. Old shop and new! We truly thought it was WELL hidden but we were wrong! Trust me... we have heard enough today "Why would you leave money in your shop" like I said it has worked for years!!!! but that will no longer happen again!!! $1,400 is a lot of money to take. It kills me! but what do we do??? We pick up and go on!!! Thank The Lord we have an AMAZING landlord!!! He was so understanding and gonna make sure he makes some changes around there starting today! So for all those who asked what was taken.... that's it! It could have been way worse and we are truly blessed this was it. Thank you so much for your prayers, love and just simply reaching out and asking how we are!!! You guys ALWAYS pick us up and we truly feel the love!! I just hope whoever did this will feel the guilt!!! Of course after they are done watching TV while sipping on their coffee and putting all their new found money in their money lockbox and coin jar!




16463 FM 2090
Conroe, TX

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9am - 4pm
Wednesday 9am - 4pm
Friday 9am - 4pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm
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