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ThunderPower Megaphones

Premier Megaphone and Bullhorn Supplier! Most megaphone orders ship the same day!

ThunderPower Megaphones has earned a reputation for quality, power and offers the best megaphones for sale on the market. We stand by our bullhorns and know you will be impressed with our level of service. All megaphones come with one-year warranty. Bullhorn service and warranty work is handled completely in-house. When you place an order you will receive an immediate confirmation email. When your


From outdoor concerts to the slopes, entertainment vendors trust ThunderPower for all of their crowd control needs!

Plus, our megaphones can ship as soon as today!


It doesn't matter where you are this winter — if you need to be heard, ThunderPower is your best option!

Choose from several available models:


School drop-off locations can be busy and loud — make sure students and drivers can hear you by choosing ThunderPower!


Compact but POWERFUL.

The THUN-150 is our smallest megaphone, but it still packs a punch! It can project a user's voice up to 600 yards away, making it perfect for school administrators, day care coordinators, tour group leaders, and more!

Click here for a full breakdown and pricing:


Need megaphones for your next event? Make some noise with ThunderPower!

All models are currently on SALE. Call us for details, or place your order here:


Why should you choose the THUN-120 for your next megaphone?

- 15 watts of power, with a range of 800 yards!
- Durable, high-quality chassis.
- Heavy-duty bell made from industrial plastic.
- Reinforced nylon-webbing wrist strap.
- Inexpensive. It's even on sale!

Learn more:


Do you need a megaphone for a small group or indoor presentation?

Look no further than the THUN-150!

Super compact and packing 15 watts of power, it comes equipped with a presentation/lapel microphone, adjustable volume control k**b, and nylon shoulder strap.

Order yours today:


Ready for your next protest? Don't forget your bullhorn!

All ThunderPower models are on SALE right now!


Megaphones have come a long way since cheerleading squads first adopted them.

Learn about the great options currently available to your team:

ThunderPower Spotlight: The THUN-120 Megaphone - ThunderPower Megaphones 11/06/2023

When customers want a high-quality megaphone at an affordable price, you can bet the THUN-120 tops our list.

Learn more about this exceptional megaphone and see if it's time to purchase one of your own.

ThunderPower Spotlight: The THUN-120 Megaphone - ThunderPower Megaphones When customers tell us that they’re looking for the best-quality megaphone at the most affordable price, the THUN-120 megaphone immediately springs to mind.


Coach, tired of laryngitis and making sure that your players can hear you?

Get better practice and protect your health with ThunderPower!

See which megaphone models are currently available:


Outdoor events bring a lot of people. Do you have the megaphones you need to be heard?


Why is ThunderPower the best megaphone brand on the market?

- Styles for every venue and range.
- Easy to use.
- Cost effective.
- Durable.

Hear and see for yourself!


The THUN-120 has the perfect balance of power and range for school-related announcements and emergency response.

Check out its features and place an order:


Make sure you're prepared with the best megaphones available when it comes to factors like crowd control, event safety, and emergency response. Whether you're managing concerts, protests, big events, or indoor meetings and assemblies, you need the same models that are trusted by:

- Military Trainers
- Crowd Control Personnel
- Security Professionals
- Police
- And More!


Fall festivals are easier to manage with the right megaphone!

See why the THUN-450 is one of them:


Versatile and effective: the THUN-150 is the go-to megaphone for all school administrators!

Get yours today:


Not only is the THUN-450 an incredibly loud megaphone, it’s also easy to operate thanks to a shoulder strap and detachable palm mic.

Hear what 35 watts of power can do for standing out in the crowd!

Megaphone Use Tips: How To Speak Effectively - ThunderPower Megaphones 10/03/2023

Not only do we want you to have the best megaphones on the market, we also want to make sure you know the best ways to use them!

Here are our tips for getting the most out of your megaphones:

Then, check out which of ours are in stock and available to ship:

Megaphone Use Tips: How To Speak Effectively - ThunderPower Megaphones affects those around you. To that end, we’ve compiled our top four megaphone use tips we think you should know about operating yours.

Why Is Fall a Great Time To Buy a Megaphone? - ThunderPower Megaphones 09/28/2023

Why is this season a great time to buy a new megaphone?

College sports and cheerleading may come to mind first, but there are plenty of other activities that benefit from using them.

Learn more about them here, and what megaphones are available to get the crowd fired up:

Why Is Fall a Great Time To Buy a Megaphone? - ThunderPower Megaphones It’s almost fall, and you know what that means. School’s back in session, and football is kicking into high gear. Here’s one thing they have in common: the need for powerful megaphones. In fact, there are a lot of seasonal events where these devices are essential for maintaining an effective c...


Compact, lightweight, and boasting 15 watts of power, the THUN-120 is the most affordable, quality megaphone that you can buy.

Click here to learn more and place an order:


Rocking 25 watts of thunderous power, the THUN-250 is arguably the best medium-sized megaphone on the market today. It boasts an extra loud siren and whistle, and includes a nylon strap for convenient carrying.

Click here to order yours:


When emergencies strike, government agencies and first responders trust ThunderPower to be heard:


If people can’t hear you with the megaphone you're using, you don't have the right megaphone.

Learn why the THUN-1200’s range is comparable to a rock concert:

Coaches, Use These Sports Megaphones To Prevent Vocal Strain - ThunderPower Megaphones 09/12/2023

Coaches, are you worried about straining your voices?

Here are tips to protect yourself — including the best ThunderPower megaphones!

Coaches, Use These Sports Megaphones To Prevent Vocal Strain - ThunderPower Megaphones ...come at the cost of your vocal chords and general health. While we strongly believe that sports megaphones are key to avoiding undue...


Small but mighty! Customers love the THUN-150 thanks to its ergonomic design, easy portability, and powerful range.

Learn more about it, and why you should consider it for your next purchase:


Megaphones may have been popularized by cheerleaders, but schools can benefit from them in many ways, from coaching and assemblies, to pep rallies and field trips!

See which ThunderPower units are currently in stock:


ThunderPower is proud to support sports teams at all levels, and rowing clubs are no exception! Learn how we helped the Pacific Rowing Club improve communication between scullers and their trainers:


School administrators love the THUN-120!

Made with an industrial-strength chassis and coupled with a nylon carrying strap, it's the perfect megaphone for indoor and outdoor activities like:

- Pickup and drop-off lots
- Cheerleading and coaching
- Theater productions

Order yours today:


The THUN-250 is considered one of the most durable and well-made megaphones on the market. Whether used for grassroots protesting or emergency response, it’s the right choice for anyone who needs to be heard.

Order yours today:


The summer may almost be over, but there’s still plenty of time to spend out on the water! ThunderPower megaphones are a great addition to any boat’s survival kit.

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Our Story

ThunderPower Megaphones are designed for people who want to be heard. From outdoor playing fields to indoor rallies, ThunderPower battery powered megaphone bullhorns love a good gathering, and were designed help people be heard over a crowd. Two of the biggest attractions for our customers is that our megaphones are one of the loudest megaphones on the market, constructed better than other megaphones, and also one of the most comfortable bullhorns to hold or carry. In addition, unlike other megaphones that are made in China, ThunderPower megaphones are constructed in South Korea from the most durable materials and electronic components available so they can withstand being dropped or banged against a hard surface.

Simple Ordering

Another reason ThunderPower megaphones are so popular is that we can ship them out the same day you order them and we guarantee their ! No delays or inventory issues! Visit THUNDERPOWER.COM today or call 866-927-7955 and explore our unique line of megaphone bullhorns. We stand by our product so if you ever need help you can call us and someone will answer your call right away, and you will never get stuck on hold or get voicemail. All megaphones come with a one-year warranty and all warranty work is handled completely in-house. When you place an order you will receive an immediate confirmation email and when your order ships you will receive the tracking number immediately.

What Kind of Megaphone Do You Need?

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