Not Made in a Factory

Not Made in a Factory


Annalynn keeps asking when we are going to do another vendor show lol if I'd had more luck with them, I probably would lol
Thank you so much! She loves her puppy!
Can you make something like this. I have 30 shirts. If so could you send me a price.
I'm looking for someone that can make a quilt out of some t-shirts, is that something you could do and would be interested in doing? Thanks
Evelyn loves her new bubble play mat :) thanks Renae
Can you make maxi dresses in a size 2T?
I got my apron today! I love it!!! It's perfect and I feel so old school in it. Thanks for making sure "the girls" fit as well. Lol!
How much for kids aprons
Hey all, just wanted to make a shout out to everyone if you don't already know Renae Little is one talented crafter if you will. I am so happy with my tote bag and matching little purse for my daughter go look at them on her pictures. We need to back our local US small business so if you have an idea she will work it out. So proud of you Renae. Keep it up.
If I send you Kamries old baby clothes and blankets could you make her a blanket out of them?
Do you make clothes for people too?
I liked it first! Lol Well after you anyway :-)

I have yet to find a project I cannot make! Bring me your ideas and I will make them come true!!

I make a variety of different fabric items, ranging from handbags, clothes, and cloth diapers, to quilts, pillows, curtains and memory bears. Odds are, if you want something made, I will be able to make it for you!!

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A repair done on a shoulder holster! I not only doing sewing and baking, but can also do some leather work!


Hello everyone!!!! I know it has been forever since I've been on here, after healing up from my surgeries, it was determined I have severe osteoarthritis in my left hand 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ and then I managed to tear my left rotator cuff 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ so it's been slow going lol but I finished up this cute for my trip next month! What do you think???


Not the best photo, but the is completed!!! Off to deliver these items!!!!


And this beautiful is done!!!! Now to finish up the and deliver tomorrow!!!!


Bless my daughter. She knows I'm busting butt to get this order done, so getting to spend time with her is not able to be done, so she is helping me, so we can have time together 🥰

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One of the final steps!!! Attaching the rows, then binding!!!! Loving the look of this one so far!!!


It's been slow and steady on this Christmas order. This is coming along though!! Almost to the fun part! And the quickest part, SEWING!!!!


I love how this one turned out!!!! This purple camo turned out beautifully!!! It's available for sale for just $20!!! (+s&h)

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I am now slowly starting to test my hands and see what I am able to do. It has been a slow but steady recovery since my surgeries, but I am itching to get making NMiaF items again!! With the weather getting colder, I thought these would be a good start! Message if you are interested in any , or


Due to an unforeseen plant shut down, and my hands getting a much needed break, I'm cranking out everything I can!!! Beautiful wedding dress for a beautiful bride, getting an alteration done!!


Sometimes this is the best therapy I can get...finishing up altering a shower curtain into a valance and curtain set.


I know I haven't been posting much in regards to items and availability, so I wanted to let everyone know what is going on.
After having some tests done, it has been determined that I will be having surgery on my wrists and elbows. Unfortunately the surgery will not be happening until this fall, so my availability and time frame for orders will be greatly affected until then and also after surgery, I'm not sure how long it will be until I am able to return to working full time.
The orders that I currently have I am working on diligently, but unfortunate it will take a bit longer.

Thank you everyone for understanding and I hope to be back full force asap!!

Owner/Sole Operator


Another prom alteration done and ready for a night of dancing! About 4.5 inches removed to make it the perfect length!

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The completed prom dress....or skirt lol about 4.5" taken off and now it is ready for a night of dancing!!


And just in time!!!! Can you tell which presser foot failed? And is the oldest?! Lol this is about 8 years old, and the new one just arrived to finish the dress!!!


Been a tedious day today 🤣🤣 lordy the beads! But it was definitely worth it!! Love how this turned out!! Now to finish up the dress!!!

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It's been a busy day here at NMiaF, prom dress alterations and matching face masks! Ready to bedazzle the mask and finish hemming!!


It's days like these that are the hardest to handle. Something as simple as pinning a zipper in, is taking me 3xs as long as it should..


Sometimes the most tedious part, is just the tearing apart lol love being able to repair an item such as this

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My most recent project that I just completed. I still have a tray I want to make for the jars to sit in, but so far...I love it!!!

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I forgot to post my daughter, A, and her beautiful quilt that she made!! Of course with help from mama, in a few tricky parts 🥰🥰


A special project for a special little girl!!! Loved making this for her!!!


The 2nd of many daughter got my first sewing machine as a gift this Christmas. After learning some of the basics, we are starting her first mini quilt. 😊😊😊 I'm excited to share my love of sewing with my mini me and see where it takes her


I have been absolutely terrible about posting!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and that 2021 hasn't been as hard on you as 2020! I am always taking orders! Let me know what you need!!!


Final Christmas order done for the year


Been a busy day here at Finishing up the last few Christmas orders!!! Love these blankets!!!


Nothing quite like messing up an embroidery item, which then forces me to make an emergency trip for more fabric 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


The frustration level is high today 😫😫 working on making an embroidery design and cannot get the measurements correct!!! Driving me crazy!!


Very happy with another which will be heading to its new home tomorrow!!!

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My heart sometimes feels as though it can't handle some of the jobs I am asked to do. There have been a total of 3 bears now, that I've made, that have left a significant impact on my heart. God has blessed me with a gift to be able to help families, and I am so honored to be able to do these.
Here is the finished with headbands and a carrying bag for her clothes.

Photos from Not Made in a Factory's post 11/30/2020

Sometimes my ADD helps, while laying out the fabric for the 2nd bear, I decided to take a combination of shirts that look to have started to be turned into a bag, and finished it up. Used the neckband from a dress and the ribbon from another to make a carrying bag for the clothes that the big bear will be able to wear.


All hand stitching is completed on this very special I love how the belly turned out and very excited to get this one finished up!


Because what else do you do between matches at a wrestling tournament? Getting another Christmas order finished up!!!


This big sister is coming along great! I unfortunately ran out of stuffing, so that will be picked up tomorrow, then just the handstitching around the big sister, and closing the openings up. So honored to be able to do this special bear ❤


It has been a busy day here at NMiaF, all pieces cut and ready to start assembly on this large special memory bear!


Lord, please give me steady hands, and a clear mind, to focus on the job that you have put before me. You have blessed me with a gift to help bring closure and happiness to those who have lost loved ones. Please help guide my hands as they cut and give life to the clothes that their loved ones once wore. Please be with them as their hearts heal and be with me while I fulfill the task you've put before me.
In Jesus name,


I wanted to share what I pray before most every memory item I work on. It can vary with each project, but everything I do, I do with his guidance.

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27443 Campbell Rd
Circleville, OH

General information

All products are made to order, being that, I do require half of the determined price to be paid upfront to cover supply costs, this deposit is non-refudable. Once production has finished, the remaining balance will be due, once payment has been received, your product will be shipped. If you have special needs when paying, feel free to ask and we can work out arrangements. I have finally made it to the present date and have Paypal to accept payments now.

*If you fail to make your final payment, you void all rights to the finished product and it will be handled/sold at the company's discretion.

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