Delson Computer Inc.

Delson Computer Inc. Since 2006, provide residential and commercial computer and network help and some government computer defense contract work mainly in Charleston SC.

Also provide remote computer and network support for clients/businesses throughout the US and abroad. Provide computer and network solutions consulting, server support, acquisition, repair, internet marketing and website development, SEO work, and other services. Evaluate, acquire and implement new technologies such as cloud and collaborative solutions, medical systems consulting, paperless office



Hello, due to Covid related repair part shortages, we apologize for this announcement but the break-fix repair portion of our business involving hands-on repair work WILL REMAIN CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Unfortunately we will not be able to perform hands-on repair or service of computers until repair part shortages expect to ease up.

If you need hands-on break-fix repair work we suggest reaching out to another local computer repair shop.

We are continuing to remotely support hundreds of existing organizations and businesses that have support agreements with us. We naturally welcome new businesses or organizations interested in contract work so please call us at 843-779-7929 to setup an appointment.


Common Question - I'm relocating to blah-blah-blah, which company offers the best internet there?

Answer - Ask your neighbors, specifically next door, cross the street, down the block and seriously vet. How many times a month do you experience an outage, how long is the outage, is support good when you call for help? Don't ask about or mention internet speed - your neighbors may have cheap or ill-maintained network equipment; others may not want or need faster internet plans. The key is quality of service. Just because Wow or Comcast is good in one neighborhood, doesn't mean that's true a few blocks down the road or throughout your area. If you have further questions, call 843-276-6551 or stop by our office - Delson Computer/Electric Red at 1662 Savannah Highway in Charleston. We've serviced thousands of clients and can help you pick the right ISP and the right network equipment for your needs.


Yesterday Apple launched IOS 11 for iPhone and iPads. As with many major software updates there are bound to be issues. The biggest issue that has been uncovered in the past 24 hours is that iOS 11's mail app is having problems sending and receiving emails with Microsoft's Outlook and Office 365 services.

If you have an iPhone or iPad or check your Office 365 email from your iDevice we request you DO NOT upgrade your device at this time.

If you upgrade you will have issues with your email and we do not have a way of fixing this issue.

Both Apple and Microsoft are working on a fix for this issue and we will provide an update when it has been resolved.

As always please call us if you have any issues, concerns or require assistance.

Thank you!
Norm Delson
Delson Computer

Get the best deals on last-minute travel - Video 08/01/2017

Get the best deals on last-minute travel - Video

From keeping your home safe while you're away to saving you money on travel & reducing your bills, we like Lexy Savvide's one-minute tech vids providing you some of the best apps and advice with none of the b.s.

Get the best deals on last-minute travel - Video Even if you haven't made summer travel plans yet, you can still get great deals on flights and accommodation with these apps and websites.


3 Best Computer Repair in Charleston, SC - ThreeBestRated

Nice surprise. Apparently Delson Computer Inc. was voted top 3 after a company in TX surveyed folks, contacted past clients, fact checked reviews, BBB history, background, history, etc.

3 Best Computer Repair in Charleston, SC - ThreeBestRated Top 3 Computer Repair in Charleston, SC are Delson computer, A Geek To Go!, Inc. and Computer Wrestlers. We check customer reviews, ratings, cost, complaints, history, satisfaction, trust and their excellence.


Want a good value computer? One that will last you in most cases three to five years or more? It's super simple. Find out the manufacturer's warranty. If it's a Windows computer avoid those with a built-in one-year warranty from the manufacturer; in most cases these computers don't last as long with average wear and tear. And if something major breaks under warranty in most cases you are typically out of pocket for at least several days or weeks without a computer.

Does being without your computer for weeks sound appealing?

We emphatically DON'T recommend purchasing computers like this due to increased likelihood of trouble. Instead we recommend Apple computers or "business class" windows computers with a built-in three year warranty from the manufacturer.

This is NOT the same as buying a one-year warrantied computer and getting a free additional year of warranty coverage for being a valued Costco member. Or buying a one-year warrantied computer from BestBuy and buying two additional years of warranty coverage from BestBuy.

Instead consider Apple Macbook laptops, Dell Optiplex desktops, etc. that have better than average consumer satisfaction and/or three-year next business day on-site repair warranty from the manufacturer.

Here's why. Manufacturer's are in the business of making money. They hate having to cover warranty repairs especially on business class computers sold in huge volumes. Consequentially, they put higher quality emphasis on engineering and higher quality components that last longer so there's less chance of break-down; an added bonus - most of these computers come stock without allot of crap-ware and trial-ware which slow things down.

Look for a computer with a next business day repair warranty where the manufacturer sends someone to your door to repair/replace major components for free. When something breaks you're not shipping your computer off for weeks which mitigates disruption to your life and/or your business; also you typically get a higher than average quality help-desk so you're not wasting even more time getting the run-around.

For a few hundred dollars more on average per computer this piece of advice has been reported by most of our client's as the single smartest computer making decision they've made.


Oh yeah !!!

Delson Computer, now a message from (NOT) Arnold ..... 09/26/2015

Delson Computer, now a message from (NOT) Arnold .....

Delson Computer, now a message from (NOT) Arnold ..... Delson Computer In Charleston SC. Over 30 years experience. We help small businesses with computer and network problems. Call us now at 843-276-6551.


Windows 10 Privacy and DoNotSpy10 app

We're not recommending folks move to Windows 10 right now for several reasons. For those of you that have taken the plunge, If you don't change 10's privacy settings, Microsoft will in accordance with the EULA (end-user license agreement) collect all the info it can gather on you. Those seeking privacy should consider DoNotSpy10 from DoNotSpy10 aggregates all Windows 10 privacy settings into a single screen and allows you to turn on/off each one easily.

Download it from FireFox or Google Chrome, not Window's 10 Edge Browser which won't work. When installing DoNotSpy10, choose a "custom" installation and uncheck any crap-ware normally included in the installation.

There's at least 20 different privacy settings one can alter and the program can be run as many times as you like.

Dave Grohl of Nirvana / Foo Fighters Made Us A Picture !!! 12/04/2014

Dave Grohl of Nirvana / Foo Fighters Made Us A Picture !!!

Dave Grohl of Nirvana / Foo Fighters Made Us A Picture !!! Delson Computer in Charleston SC.

iPhone 6 Plus can bend in your pocket 09/25/2014

iPhone 6 Plus can bend in your pocket

Don't put your iPhone 6 in your pocket!!

iPhone 6 Plus can bend in your pocket Larger, thinner iPhone has an unexpected design flaw; it's been dubbed "Bend-gate"

Server Work 05/05/2014

Server Work

Pet Helpers PC Rollout March 2013 03/16/2013

Delson Computer recently helped Pethelpers.Org on James Island with a PC rollout of several new machines. Over the next few months Delson Computer will be helping PetHelpers with installation purchasing and implementation of a new veterinarian software server for the Spay/Neuter Clinic and new domain server for the entire organization.

Timeline photos 10/02/2012

Friend's new iPhone 5, Special Delivery ..... (It'll buff out)

Anson Restaurant | Home 09/13/2012

Anson Restaurant | Home

Last night Delson Computer Inc. setup Anson Restaurant on Open Table; OT's an easy web reservation site for guests/concierges, etc; for restaurants, computer terminals replace pen-and-paper to streamline table management, targeted e-mail, etc.

Anson Restaurant | Home

Timeline photos 09/06/2012

Good guy New York Public Library.

Used to love Firefox. It has a ton of cool add-ons, easy to use layout, etc; BUT they release new versions of FireFox way too frequently and it's become a slow, unstable, memory-hog, so I'm now using and suggesting Google Chrome allot more now to clients. Little hard to get used to at first but considerably faster.


Good: fixed Internet for several hundred guests staying at Marriott downtown tonight.
Bad: they're at capacity; had to huff it several hundred yards in pouring rain with all my gear.

3D-Printed "Magic Arms" 08/04/2012

3D-Printed "Magic Arms"

3D printing has opened both negative and positive avenues never imagined before. Glad to see it's being used for such a positive goal.

p.s. My wife worked in the PT department of this amazing Children's hospital when we lived in Delaware.

3D-Printed "Magic Arms" Two-year-old Emma wanted to play with blocks, but a condition called arthrogryposis meant she couldn't move her arms. So researchers at a Delaware hospital 3...

Timeline photos 08/01/2012

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 08/01/2012

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 07/03/2012

You know you smoke too much when you start giving inanimate objects cancer...
Guy smokes 2 packs a day in front of his PC for 5 years straight, brings PC to shop. This is a photo of his heatsink.

Computer Services & Repair In Charleston SC 06/20/2012

Computer Services & Repair In Charleston SC

Computer Services & Repair In Charleston SC Computer Repair and Computer Services in Charleston SC

65 Legare St Charleston, SC 29401 | DwellAgent 01/10/2012

65 Legare St Charleston, SC 29401 | DwellAgent

Call us at 276-6551 if you or someone you know needs a quality affordable FSBO website. Here's a listing we did for a downtown home that's for sale now:

65 Legare St Charleston, SC 29401 | DwellAgent Completely renovated offering the best of downtown living in a serene setting. Nearby beach, golf, movie, grocery, medical services, outlet shopping, etc.


When should I replace my hard drive? | Charleston Computer Repair & Support

When should I replace my hard drive? | Charleston Computer Repair & Support Most of my Charleston computer clients are already running Carbonite or MozyPro for online backups and the very smart clients are combining online backup with local backup to thumb-drives or external drives that are being rotated on and offsite; provided you have an online backup program and provide...



Our first video .....

DELSON COMPUTER Delson Computer - Your first choice for Computer Repair and Maintenance.


NORM !! You are a genius !! Its downloading -YAHOO !! How about this
testimonial ?

Even while I'm in Jerusalem Israel, Delson Computer supported and
troubleshot my computer issues. There is no comparable service anywhere in the world - I have recommended Norm to all my family, friends and business associates
Michelle Waters - Jerusalem Consulting Group



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