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Established in 1989 we've been at the same location for 30+ years, serving the people of Northern Virginia and MD.

Operating as usual

An album of our completed work! 02/01/2021

An album of our completed work!

An album of our completed work! 12/01/2020

An album of our completed work!

An album of our completed work! 12/01/2020

An album of our completed work!

An album of our completed work! 11/02/2020

Here are more completed jobs by AWS Restorations.


Take a look at our crews hard at work!

This album portrays damage we've found on actual customers' homes, prior to us restoring the exteriors of their homes. 10/28/2020

This album portrays damage we've found on actual customers' homes, prior to us restoring the exteriors of their homes.


AWS Restorations 10-19-2020

A picture video-slide show of some of our completed work!

An album of our completed work! 10/19/2020

An album of our completed work!


AWS Restorations installs all seasons of the year, under viable weather conditions.

Here is a completed job site of our GAF HD Weathered Wood roofing shingles.



One sign of window damage is the buildup of moisture between the glass panes. 💡

This might have been caused by leaks or too much humidity inside the home. When left untreated, this could lead to mold buildup, which could eventually damage your home’s foundation.

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We remember. 🙏


nsurance liaison and damage repair specialist in one. 💯

We can assess your home for damages and at the same time help you get the right compensation from your insurance company.

Learn more about us:


Watch out for peeling interior paint! 💢

Your siding protects your home from the outside elements. Excess temperature and humidity could cause your siding to get damaged, and as a result, would show signs of chipping and paint separation on the drywall.

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AWS Restorations provides free no-obligation roof inspections for storm damage.

Often times we work with insurance companies at no or little expense to our customers. These pictures reflect the work of our recent roof installation. Our customer chose GAF Timberline HD (shingles in), Pewter Grey. Contact us and arrange your roof inspection free of charge!



Home repair shouldn’t be limited to storm season. ✅

Keeping your home in top condition should be a year-long thing since damages can occur anytime.

Need to have your home checked? Call us for a free assessment: 703-426-4000


Salute to all hardworking citizens!

Happy Labor Day. 🇺🇸


Your home is your protection from the elements. 💯

Once one structure fails, the rest will follow, unless you do something about it. Choose a home repair specialist that knows where to look and how to fix your home back to its pristine condition.

Call now: 703-426-4000


Home maintenance is not something you just want to skip and cut corners because it acts as your home’s protective shell. ✅

Your safety is of utmost importance, especially when your home exterior is compromised.

Choose the expert when it comes to home restoration. Call us for any questions:703-426-4000


Oxidation can happen on your siding due to its exposure to outside elements and most especially during a storm. ⛈⚡️

This chalky residue is not only an aesthetic concern, but it also means gradual deterioration of your home exterior.

Check your home if you spot any oxidation on your siding. If yes, have an expert team thoroughly inspect it for storm damage!


AWS Restorations is the best choice for inspecting the exteriors of your home for storm-damage. We provide free no-obligation inspections and will alert you if we find damage, and if your property has no storm-damage then you will have peace of mind.



Serving you since 1989. ✨

Our 31 years of service is dedicated to restoring homes using top-quality exterior remodeling products while maximizing your insurance claim value.

Choose only the name trusted by many:


Not all damages can be seen from the ground. 💢

Sometimes, when your roof is damaged, a professional who can actually inspect and see the dents up close can fully evaluate the extent of destruction.

Need to have your roof assessed for damages? Call us now: 703-426-4000


Did you know that your utility bill can give you a hint if your siding is damaged? 💡

If you experience a sudden surge in your electric bill, check your HVAC if it’s leaking somewhere. A siding that’s been compromised will make it difficult to trap warm or cold air inside, thereby increasing the workload of your HVAC system.

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We have some before and after pictures to share today.



Sharing one of our testimonials from our previous client! ✨

Thank you for trusting AWS Restorations.

For free assessment, learn more:


We provide service to town houses, here is an after picture of our roof installation.
Chantilly, VA


A storm could leave your home in a fragile and damaged situation which could pose serious threat to your safety. ❌

Having a professional thoroughly inspect your home will help ensure that no damage is left unturned.

Call us for free assessment now: 703-426-4000


Your shingles are as equally important as any part of your home after a storm. 💯

Check for dimples. Next, push them a bit to know if they give away. If the answer is yes, the area has been compromised, and a replacement is needed to prevent further damage.

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Looking to have your roof inspected for storm damage?

Give our office a call to ask for an inspection, or you can leave us a voice message with your property address, name, and contact number for a callback. Yes, they're free and take about 25 minutes.


Did you know it used to be popular to install new roofing shingles over the previous shingles? Times change as do building codes and standards. We have serviced Maryland and Virginia for over thirty years, we have customers call us back after working with them over 20 years ago. You can count on us to get the job done, let us start working for you. Give us a call!



Aside from the damage on your home’s exterior, dealing with your insurance company can be a daunting task. 💢

At AWS Restorations, not only do we restore your home to pristine condition, but also we deal with your insurance company to make sure that damages are priced right.

Learn more about us:


What are you waiting for? Can't you see all the roof and siding installations going on?

Many of these jobs are approved by insurance companies because of storm damage! Call AWS Restorations for your free inspection, if you have storm-related damage we will find it for you.



Imagine a hailstorm as a hundred bullet strikes targeted on your home’s exterior. 🌧

This could create chips and dents which could damage your home’s foundation, making your home susceptible to drafts.

Have it fixed before it’s too late. Call us: 703-426-4000


A hailstorm doesn’t have to be strong to cause significant damage to your home. ✅

Sometimes, even the smallest of hails can cause chips and dents on your siding. In fact, less than an inch of hail is enough to leave marks on your home even when it is barely visible.

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About Us

A.W.S is a NoVa and MD locally owned and operated family business that has been serving our greater area for over 30 years. A.W.S. specializes in exterior remodeling, roofing, siding, gutters, window replacement, and home restoration services after severe storms. If you need an estimate or representation when dealing with your home owners insurance company don’t hesitate to contact A.W.S. today. All inspections and estimates are free and come with no obligation.

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A Roof Tear Off and Install through AWS Restorations!
Free Drone Inspection of a Newly Shingled Roof by AWS Restorations


Windows, Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Doors, ect. Exterior Remodeling.




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