Come check out the grand opening of Frontier Kitchen and pick up some delicious samples! Our friends DMV Charcuterie by Jamie and Chipkickcookies are setup here with goodies too!

25387 Pleasant Valley Rd
Unit 110
Chantilly, VA 20152
Got by Chipkickcookies.
We have received the survey results from the Inaugural Carlyle Cookie Crunch and the winners are as follows:

First Prize Winner!
J'aime Madeleine (Chef Patrice/Cooking Live) for the Raspberry Heart Sable Cookie

Second Prize Winner!
Joy House Bakery for the S'mores Chocolate Chip Cookie
Facebook Website:
Joy House Bakery

Third Prize Winner!
ChipKick Cookies for the OGio Chocolate Chip Cookie

Congrats to all the winners and thank you to all who participated! We can’t wait to have you back next year!

get #chipkicked ! flavors and menus released each week for nationwide shipping and local pickup in n

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 01/27/2023

chipkick love is a special kinda love. DMs blew TF up and we are still processing the messages, the notes you left in your orders (had us 😭😭😭) , and the outreach. the good news is we’ve received an overwhelming amount of support from other local bakers AND big partners who want to help us find solutions. we’re taking it all in stride and figuring out what’s next. we love you all 💗 chipkick forever.


which cookies did sam & Michelle choose for their snack break at last night’s final production run?

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 12/15/2022

yesterday was the birthday of , co-founder and head baker (AKA brains behind the bakery!). but not only did we have a drop to manage but she also had to be in the kitchen making dough for our holiday orders so TODAY we celebrate her big time. our queen, our mama bear, the brains and the brilliance that keeps the business going, wish her a happy birthday, chipkick fam! 🎈🎈🎈🎈

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 12/14/2022

stocking stuffers or cookie stuffers? FINAL DROP OF THE YEAR LET’S GOOOOOOOO. link in bio to get or give chipkick. ships Tuesday 12/20 (and then we outttttt 🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡). happy chipkick holidays fam!

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 12/07/2022

TWO DROPS LEFT IN 2022 😵 thanks for including us in your holiday gift guide of women-owned small businesses from coast to coast. orders open today at 1pm through sunday and ship out Tuesday 12/13. if you are sending gifts, we recommend placing your order this week. next and final drop is 12/14 shipping 12/20!


pass the pie? pass the COOKIES! the thanksgiving stack has something for everyone at the table: nutella & red velvet, caramel & snickerdoodle, milk chocolate in our harvest cadburied, rainbow sprinkles in our funfetti, and of course the OG chocolate chip cookie. site opens at 1pm - order by sunday to receive - or send- for the holiday.


ooffff that went fast 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨 raise your hand if you nabbed this one - caramel stuffed snickerdoodle, our latest fall flavor. if you missed out, come back for the restock on wednesday at 1pm est. it’s our take on a classic skickerdoodle, stuffed with sea salted caramel, and rolled in cinnamon sugar. 💥💥

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 10/31/2022

NO TRICKS JUST TREATS, BOO 👻👻 // looking back on some of our favorite Halloween moments. from last year’s epic “dirt cup” cookie inspired by those pudding desserts we loved as kids, to our first Halloween in 2020 where we hosted driveway “pail pickup” trick or treating because things were, well, different. we love holidays at chipkick HQ. and Halloween is like the kick off for them all. new menu drops this week, but for now … get tricked. get treated. get chipkicked 💥💥💥

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 10/18/2022

it’s our final drop of the month, boo👻👻👻👻 shop starting wednesday at 1pm & get them just in time for halloween weekend (aka that halloween party you’ve been waiting 2 years to host). orders ship next Tuesday 10/25. NOTE: there will be no drop next week. last chance at these flavors before the november menu rolls out!

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 10/08/2022

is it a cinnamon roll? Is it a cookie? is the label even important? rolling in the dough is our nod to the mall entryway smell of sugar glaze toppings being poured over sweet cinnamon spiced dough. the most perfect cookie for fall. shop it at the link in bio. 🌀🌀🌀🌀


📚the stack that inspired all stacks. the marbled chocolate & fluff of campfire & chill, the rainbow explosion of funfetti, the chocolatey goodness of OGio.
💥last chance to shop this week’s menu before we ship out on Tuesday (6pm is the cutoff). link in bio!


📣📣📣 cookies restock today at 1pm! if you’ve been looking for chocoloco, our brownie-esque double chocolate cookie, you’ll find it exclusively in our half dozen sampler packs. you’ve got until sunday to place an order - all orders ship tuesday 💥


WHAT A HANDFUL 🆘🆘🆘 a stack of crunchy oats & milk chocolate with our signature chipkick base dough. link in bio to shop, send a gift, and explore our packs.


batch of bedrock ☄️🪨🔨// white chocolate & fruity pebbles. shop it now along with campfire & chill, not your grandma’s & more at the link in bio.

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 08/27/2022

ppssstt. remember pickups? remember our bakery boxes? remember pulling up in our driveway 15 cars long for your order? we do! because that’s how we started 🎉 ICYMI, we announced that we’ll offer pickups 1x month for our local chipkick fam - here’s your chance.

🍪WHAT: an assorted 6-cookie sampler with all the flavors of the current menu, exclusively available for pickup

🚀HOW: shop at the link in bio

🛍PICKUP: Monday at 7:30pm from our chantilly kitchen

🎁 cookies will be packed in our bakery boxes for a good dash of nostalgia 🥹


🍋💦🫙 we’re squeezing what we can out of summer with these final august shipments. lemonade stand takes a bow this week. if you haven’t had it, or have to have it again, this is your chance. shop tomorrow, ships tuesday.

chipkick lemonade stand
🍪 signature base dough
🍋 fresh lemon
🌨powdered sugar topping


lunchtime, anytime, friday night, late night. cravings, satisfied 💯 find at ashburn & brambleton locations. don’t feel like driving? let someone else take the wheel and get it delivered via 💥 funfetti & OGio are both now stocked!

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 08/16/2022

the inside gooeyness of a lemon bar with the outside texture of a crinkle cookie. head baker is a damn genius. lemonade stand restock coming soon for next tuesday’s shipments 🍋🍋🍋🍋

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 08/12/2022

1 or 2? shop now for both (& more) 💥💥 shown: double stuffed (Oreos, semi sweet chocolate, white chocolate chips, Oreo pudding) & dunk90 (teddy grahams, white chocolate, rainbow sprinkles, homemade vanilla buttercream frosting)


a spill we never mind cleaning up. need to send a gift ? send chipkick. every package is a party 🎉(PS big news coming 🔜)


one for you, and one for…you 😜 // last chance to place an order before tuesdays shipments! link in bio to shop. sharing completely optional.


oats are breakfast food. not your grandma’s has oats. this cookie is breakfast food. perfect logic 🤷🏻‍♂️

not your grandma’s: wake up to a chipkick breakfast of champions 🍪🥛 link in bio to shop now. orders ship tuesday.


🎶 RETURN OF THE MAC 🎶 the perfect combo of sweet and salty thanks to decadent white chocolate & salted macadamia nuts. get it today with oatmeal chocolate chip, and our signature classics like chocolate chip, funfetti, walnut chocolate chip & double chocolate. collection drops at 1pm EST - orders ship out tuesday.


Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 07/27/2022

dropping this weekend: everyone’s favorite “not your grandma’s” crammed with crunchy oats and exploding with milk chocolate chips. no raisins here 💥 shop friday at 1pm

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 07/23/2022

which one r u. we love our entire chipkick fam!!!! 💥💥💥💥

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 07/21/2022

WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS, MAKE COOKIES 🍋🍋🍋 introducing “lemonade stand,” a nod everyone’s first summer job as kids, to the lemon juice we’d squeeze in our hair for “highlights” as we canon-balled into the pool, to the limoncello we toast with at family gatherings and the lemon crinkle cookies we devour. AND to our lil business which sometimes feels very much like a lemonade stand bc we are just trying to stay alive in these streets😭😭. it’s our signature chipkick base with a dash of (real) lemon and topped with powdered sugar and it drops TOMORROW. so next time life hands you lemons, get and shop the drop at 1pm EST on friday ✨💥🍋


“hon did you remember to send so-and-so a gift?” 😬 don’t worry. we got you 🙋🏻‍♀️ funfetti / OGio / chocoloco are our signature cookies - find them in our classic sampler, a perfectly gift-able 6 pack of cookies available to order any time (like when you promised you’d take care of that birthday / thank you / congratulatory gift that we just reminded you of). order online by sunday night, ships out tuesdays (missed the sunday cut off? it will get baked and shipped with the next week’s production run!). 💥


dunk90 pays homage to everything we loved as kids from dunkaroos, nike dunk kicks, teddy grahams and vanilla frosted , rainbow-sprinkled everything 🐻🌈🧁🍪👟 a teddy graham base, rainbow sprinkles, stuffed with vanilla frosting and topped with more teddy grahams. drops tomorrow, ships tuesday!

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 07/13/2022

*fixed it* ✨ all the cookies in the universe, er, we mean this weekend’s drop - swipe for menu deets & shop friday at 1pm EST!

(photo c/o NASA)

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 07/10/2022

1, 2, or 3?

🍌banana peel: chocolate chunks only, banana pudding, walnuts

🍪OGio: chocolate chips and chunks

🌰OGio 2.0: chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, & walnuts (yea that’s a hazelnut emoji bc there are no walnut emojis - y tho?!)

💥 link in bio to shop all 3.


mile high ✈️ now on all air chipkick flights worldwide. (well, we can dream right?). get this cookie butter stuffed goodness today at 1pm along with the banana peel & signature four. (PS if you’re DMV based, this one is no longer available at foxtrot market - new flavors landing soon, but if you want mile high, you have to come through us 😈)

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 07/07/2022

🍌remember two years ago when everyone was making banana bread? yea we won’t go there either. enter: the chipkick banana peel. our walnut chocolate chip cookie with just the right touch of banana pudding swirled into the doughfor a banana bread inspired cookie. 🍌🍌🍌🍌 dropping tomorrow 🍌🍌🍌🍌

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 07/06/2022

summer jet setting has us dreaming of our next destination, so we’re dropping the chipkick cookie inspired by everyone’s fave airplane snack: the biscoff cookie.
🍪crushed biscoff, chocolate chips, loaded and stuffed with cookie butter
💥drops Friday at 1pm EST


hope your 3 day weekend is as perfect as this campfire & chill cookie 💥

next drop: Friday at 1pm!


it’s giving out of office vibes ✌️ this is NOT a drill, fam. all DMV locations are getting a selection of campfire & chill and bottle rocket cookies for the 4th weekend (along with the usual assortment). shelves should be stocked tomorrow💥💥💥

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 06/28/2022

1, 2, or 3? ➡️ which campfire & chill fluff level are you? 🙈 we may or may not have *slightly* overstuffed this batch, you’re welcome.


that thiccc sugar cookie though 😳 cookies drop at 1pm EST: bottle rocket, campfire & chill, & the signature four for a red, white & chipkicked star spangled weekend. 🎆🎇🧨

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 06/23/2022

baby, you’re a firework. 🎆🎇🧨 whether you’re home, headed to the beach, or sharing a house with an epic pool, show up with chipkick. 4th of july drop is tomorrow at 1pm est with campfire & chill, the bottle rocket, & the signature four. all orders will ship tuesday in time for the holiday weekend. now all that’s left to do is throw on that out of office ✌️✌️

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 06/19/2022

happy father’s day to all the super dads out there, including our co-founder, creative director, head of ops, & our everything who celebrates his first Father’s Day! while head baker (and nick’s wife) was pregnant and out of commission (thanks morning sickness which is all day sickness!!) nick stepped in, coming to the kitchen - often alone- to keep things rolling, face-timing with michelle who would walk him through the recipes for dough prep and anything else that needed to be done. nick is truly the backbone of chipkick cookies - without him, chipkick simply would not run.

to all the super dads who make sure the metaphorical cookies get baked - who make sure the things 💥get 💥done 💥- happy happy father’s day !
(PS peep pic 3 for nick + papa gio in the kitchen together. fun fact: sam & nick’s dad’s career is in the food / hospitality world - let’s hear it for dads telling us NOT to follow in their footsteps but doing it anyway🫣😜✌️!)

Photos from Chipkickcookies's post 06/19/2022

happy father’s day to all the super dads out there, including our co-founder, creative director, head of ops, & our everything who celebrates his first Father’s Day! While head baker (and nick’s wife) was pregnant and out of commission, nick stepped up, coming to the kitchen to keep things rolling, often alone, face-timing with michelle who would walk him through the recipes for dough prep and anything else that needed to be done. nick is truly the backbone of chipkick cookies.

to all the super dads who make sure the metaphorical cookies get baked - who make sure the things 💥get 💥done 💥- happy happy father’s day !

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oats are breakfast food. not your grandma’s has oats. this cookie is breakfast food. perfect logic 🤷🏻‍♂️not your grandma...
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love you to pieces // chocolate chips & reeses pieces. the most epic combo of pb & chocolate — dropping this friday 💥🟠🟡💥...
issa very good friday because we’re baaaaaaaaaack 💥💥💥💥💥💥 let’s get chipkicked, fam! shop now at the link in bio / orders...
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semi sweet chocolate? milk chocolate? hazelnut chocolate? take your pick in todays drop!  flavors: 🥣not your grandmas (c...
the WCR is the cookie that catapulted head baker @michsamra into the cookie business. her first-ever stuffed cookie and ...
because nothing says I love you like red velvet stuffed with nutella // the valentine’s day collection drops tomorrow @ ...
someone DM’d us yesterday asking to bring the dunk90 back - what do you think, chipkick fam?! // have a groovy weekend ☮...
to the merriest of christmases and happiest of holidays! being part of your life moments has been such a joy. thank you ...



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Chantilly, VA

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