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It is very common for mothers of fragile infants to face challenges when establishing a breastmilk supply. When a mother’s own milk is not available, donor human milk is the next best option, reducing the risk of infection and other serious complications in premature babies.

As National Breastfeeding Month begins, help give new mothers peace of mind by donating your extra breastmilk to the milk bank. We’re hosting Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas’s next Milk Drive on Wednesday, August 3 from 10am – 2pm at My Pure Delivery Plano.

New donors will be able to complete their donor screening and free blood draw, plus drop off their milk in one visit. Drop by too if you’re an approved donor and need to clear out your freezer - we’d love to see you!

For more information and to start a pre-screening for an even quicker milk drop, call 817-810-0071 or visit our website:

Announcement Time!

After 11 years of supporting new parents and babies in the Austin area, Milk Maven is taking her leave. I might be back, I might not be. All I know is that at this time, I am burned out, and need to retire. It is time for me to find the next right thing for me and my family and I want to wish you luck and thank all of you for trusting me with your families over the years!!

I will no longer be taking any new clients, and will have limited availability for any current clients, please text me for appointments as my scheduler is no longer functioning. If you would prefer to see an IBCLC who is not at the end of their rope, I am happy to refer you to Milk Diva or My Pure Delivery they really know their stuff and can help you reach your goals.

Thank you again Austin, I loved watching you grow!
Headed to see the girls My Pure Delivery
Father-infant skin to skin contact has positive impacts!
For the baby:
💙 improved bonding
💚 temperature regulation
💛 reduced cortisol levels (stress hormone)
For the father:
💜 improved sensitivity and engagement
❤️ increased protective behaviors
💛 higher oxytocin levels
💙 increased participation in baby care
💚 lower stress
💗 more verbal interaction with baby
It should also be stated that skin to skin between mother-baby has all the same benefits, plus better initiation and duration of breastfeeding.

My Pure Delivery

My Pure Delivery got a great write up in the Community Impact this week! Way to make our amazing profession more visible and more accessible to all! Your win is a win for all of us!
📣📣 Exciting news from our friends My Pure Delivery, one of our local milk collection sites! 📣📣
Maternity clinic My Pure Delivery plans to open a new location this summer at 6217 Chapel Hill Blvd., Ste. 100, Plano. The business will offer in-person lactation consultations, classes, support groups and breast pump rentals.

Maternity clinic My Pure Delivery plans to open a new location this summer at 6217 Chapel Hill Blvd., Ste. 100, Plano. The business will offer in-person lactation consultations, classes, support groups and breast pump rentals.

My LO is 11mo, and recently she's been scratching/pulling/pinching my ni***es really hard. Like I am bleeding from her most recent attack. Im at a loss at what to do to make her stop. Has anyone else gone through this??
Hi there! My LO hasn't been nursing well since she was born. I pumped milk and put it away in the fridge. I've just warmed it up to give it to her since she's been feeding every 2-3 hours. But she's still asleep. I've unswaddled her, changed her diaper and she's still asleep and now I'm afraid that this milk is going to waste. How long can I keep it out for her? Can it be reheated?
Currently renting a symphony from y’all and I got an error message tonight 😫 Panicking since I exclusively pump and you’re closed for the weekend. 😱
Hey Austin donors! Our friends from My Pure Delivery are officially becoming a Milk Collection Site for !!! 🎉🎉
We can't be more excited and grateful to all My Pure Delivery staff for their hard work in establishing the Collection Site.

Donors, please call in advance to schedule your visit. Their wonderful staff will come to your car for curbside pick-up 😉
📞 512-765-9959
📍 301 Brushy Creek Road, Suite 106 Cedar Park, Texas 78613
Visit our website for more information!
Our recent Skills Lab was packed with Doula Care training and Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP). Special thanks to Diba from My Pure Delivery for the NRP training! We enjoyed having you spend the day with us!
Who else needs one of these little helpers?

Image via My Pure Delivery
Truth! 🤣

How close to your due date did you deliver??? Did you know only 5% of babies arrive on their actual due date? Babies are considered full term as much as 3 weeks before and 2 weeks after!

Repost from My Pure Delivery

Via My Pure Delivery

Breastfeeding - Education, Empowerment and Support As a team, we deliver on the commitment to foster a true human connection and provide the best possible experience for our clients and their families.

We are a breastfeeding clinic and baby boutique in Cedar Park, TX, and offer our products and services nationwide. Visit us at

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September is Baby Safety & NICU Awareness Month and we're celebrating! 🎊👶

Register for a future Infant CPR & Safety live webinar class anytime this month, and...
🎉 You will receive a ✨ FREE ✨ Infant CPR Anytime practice kit (local pickup only- while supplies last)!**
~ PLUS ~
🎁 We will donate $5 from every registration to ! This amazing Austin-based non-profit organization provides support to NICU families nationwide. 💚

Register here:

Your free kit will include:
- 1 Bilingual Infant CPR Anytime DVD (English/Spanish)
- 1 Mini Baby CPR Manikin
- 1 Bilingual Infant CPR Anytime Skills Reminder Card
- 1 Replacement Lung
- Manikin Wipes

Interested? Register via the link in our bio! Class fee is only $25 to gain life-saving skills and other valuable safety information. (class is not for CPR certification.)

**Local pickup at our Cedar Park and Plano clinics only!




Two loves, a whoops, a little cleaning and a fist bump- that tracks.

The Sucky History of the Breast Pump 09/14/2022

The Sucky History of the Breast Pump

Interesting history of breast pumps!

Need help with pumping? We got you, and our sefvices are 100% covered by most insurance. Give us a call at 512-765-9959 or take a look at our website for information!

The Sucky History of the Breast Pump Efficient, double electric pumps are only 30 years young, but contraptions for expressing breast milk have been around for millennia

Vintage Photos of Celebrity Moms Being the Absolute Best 09/11/2022

Vintage Photos of Celebrity Moms Being the Absolute Best

This is great.

Vintage Photos of Celebrity Moms Being the Absolute Best


Put your feet up and get comfortable 😌

Timeline photos 09/05/2022

weekend is for parties and barbecue, but also for slowing down. Here's to naps and snuggles, putting your feet up, and everything else that makes you happy!

Follow >> My Pure Delivery for support, accurate, up-to-date baby and breastfeeding info, and adorable babies 💕

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Timeline photos 08/29/2022

Hello, Monday. Back so soon?

Night waking is biologically normal. Exhausting, but you're not doing anything wrong if your baby doesn't sleep through the night. Self-soothing is developmental, and every child is ready at a different stage. Mine didn't sleep through for 3 years, and while I have a few extra wrinkles to show for it, we made it. And he sleeps like a champ now.

When did your babies sleep through?

Timeline photos 08/25/2022

Mom brain is real. How many times has this happened to you?
I'm probably in the hundreds. 🤦‍♀️

Timeline photos 08/23/2022

🌈 After a storm, a rainbow appears just as the clouds start to clear. The rainbow does not attempt to erase or overshadow the storm, it simply acknowledges it. Even when there are still clouds overhead, the rainbow symbolizes that light can radiate through the darkness and create something beautiful from it.

For some, this day may be a bittersweet celebration, and for others who have not yet seen the light break through, it may be a very hard day.

Today we acknowledge and hold space for this special kind of grief, while celebrating all the precious babies born following loss. .


This is how we do it 💁‍♀️


"Estaba hoy en McDonald's amamantando a mi hijo de 2 meses de edad, una señora me dijo que su marido me estaba mirando y que si me podría cubrir mientras amamanto a mi bebé. Mi hija de 11 años nunca me había visto cubrirme, así que tiró algunas fotos pq estaba molesta de que yo tuviera que cubrirme.
Así fue que me cubrí para que el esposo de la señora dejara de mirarme. "

-Nicolle Blackman

Timeline photos 08/20/2022

Weekends aren't for sleeping in anymore. Where's the coffee?🥱

Did you know we have a free breastfeeding support group that meets every week either virtually or in person?

FOLLOW US >> My Pure Delivery for support along your journey into motherhood!


It's the c-section scar for me...shining bright just like her medals as a sign of victory. 😍

Whatever your path in life, you deserve the opportunity to pursue it, with support, as you grow your family. While this is primarily a female issue, it extends to all people because we all play a role in raising the next generation. From stay-at-home parents to executives, to athletes and movie stars, no one should have to choose between becoming a parent and continuing to earn a living, or striving towards their goals or passions.

Kudos to Allyson Felix for taking matters into her own hands when faced with that inequity. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

When Allyson Felix became pregnant, Nike was prepared to cut the terms of Felix's endorsement by as much as 70% due to the pregnancy, and told her to “know your place and just run.” 🤯

Amid all of this, she was forced to have an emergency c-section seven months into her pregnancy because of a potentially life-threatening condition and her baby had to live for more than a month in the NICU. But two years later she’s qualified for her fifth Olympics with her daughter watching.

Felix dropped Nike and created her own brand of running shoes, the Saysh One. She is currently running in the Olympics in Japan wearing them under the banner “I Know My Place”. 😏

With 11 medals now, she passed Carl Lewis this summer for the most track and field medals by an American in history!

"I used my voice and built this company for you. So that you never have to train at 4:30am while you're 5 months pregnant to hide your pregnancy from your sponsor.”


Happy International Bow Day! 🎀
We'd love to see pics of your babes in bows! Comment your favorite picture below 💕


Timeline photos 08/19/2022

Pacifier use is a widely debated topic among both healthcare providers and parents. Pacifiers are tools, and as with any tool, there are positive and negative factors to consider before using it. Click the link to read our article covering the pros and cons of pacifier use, suggestions and safety precautions, as well as a bit of the interesting history of soothers that dates back over 3000 years!

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These are popular swings, please share!!!

Photos from My Pure Delivery's post 08/15/2022

Ruby takes very seriously, especially after filling up her belly with mama's milk.

Personally, I think it's a cruel joke for this day to fall on a Monday. 🥱☕️

Need breastfeeding help? ➡️ We take most insurance nationwide. (🔗 in bio!)

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🎊 It's a Breastfeeding Month ✨️GIVEAWAY✨️
We want to highlight the beauty and importance of breastfeeding in ALL its forms! Pumping, nursing, combo-feeding, chestfeeding, using donor all counts! 💁‍♀️ Remember, if your child consumes breast milk, you breastfeed. 🤱🍼

Here's where you come in- head over to Instagram to share your "brelfie" (aka breastfeeding selfie) for a chance to win a bundle full of amazing products! Don't forget to give us a follow while you're there!😁

No, My Breast Milk Is Not a Bomb 08/05/2022

No, My Breast Milk Is Not a Bomb

"I can now say with confidence that traveling internationally with pumped breast milk has been the greatest challenge of my working career."

This woman's story of all the roadblocks and wasted milk while traveling internationally as a lactating mother is infuriating and heartbreaking.

No, My Breast Milk Is Not a Bomb The first challenge is to freeze it. The next is to satisfy airport security.

Photos from My Pure Delivery's post 08/03/2022

Milk drive with at our Plano clinic in honor of Breastfeeding Week! They will be here until 2pm today to screen new donors and accept milk from already approved donors. We have swag and goodie bags, so stop by and learn about the milk bank's mission to save fragile babies' lives through human milk.

Watch LIVE videos on TikTok! 08/03/2022

Watch LIVE videos on TikTok!

We're live on TikTok with Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas at our milk drive today! Talking about all the amazing things that donor milk can do for fragile babies. 💕
They'll be here until 2pm to take donations from approved donors and do new donor screenings. Stop by!

Watch LIVE videos on TikTok! Watch, follow, and discover more trending content.

Photos from My Pure Delivery's post 07/29/2022

Ending July with a 7 month old LC graduation! Just look at that sweet, happy face after learning how to eat like a champ 💪.

We've been seeing this family since week 1...and yes, today is bittersweet for all of us, but they definitely deserve a grad party! 🎓👶🤱

Lactation support covered 100% by most insurance- get the help you deserve! 👇

(Shared with permission)

My Pure Delivery IBCLCs on TikTok 07/29/2022

My Pure Delivery IBCLCs on TikTok

What is your current favorite baby name? 👶
We asked our staff this question at the clinic this week!

Click the link below to see what they said, and let us know your favorite baby name in the comments! 😄



My Pure Delivery IBCLCs on TikTok What is your current favorite baby name? Let us know in the comments!

Timeline photos 07/28/2022

There are helpful ways to speak to a mother who's struggling, and there are unhelpful ways. She doesn't need permission to quit, and she doesn't need a toxic positivity cheerleader either. She needs support and validation for whatever she's feeling.

Listen to what she's saying, and make sure she knows she's being heard. That's how she will be able to make the best decisions for her situation, because it's not anyone else's decision to make.

Covered at 100% by most insurance plans, we are here for you with qualified, non-judgmental breastfeeding help. please reach out if youre struggling. 512-765-9959


Entertaining a baby in a breastfeeding clinic is not difficult when you have all kinds of toys laying around 🤣

And yes, this is one of our favorite uses for a silicone pump!

People around world tend to talk to babies in higher voice 07/26/2022

People around world tend to talk to babies in higher voice

Do you speak differently to babies? I know I do! It appears that the tendency to use a higher pitch and make silly sounds is something that people do all around the world!

People around world tend to talk to babies in higher voice Study finds striking similarities in infant-directed speech and song in cultures spanning six continents.

Upcoming Milk Drives : Events & Resources : Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas 07/25/2022

Upcoming Milk Drives : Events & Resources : Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas

We are thrilled to kick off breastfeeding month by hosting this Milk Drive at our Plano clinic with Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas ! If you are in the area, and have ever wondered about the process of donating your breast milk to help fragile babies thrive, this is a fantastic time to get some information. Stop by and see us!

Upcoming Milk Drives : Events & Resources : Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas Mothers of premature infants often struggle to produce adequate breastmilk for a variety of reasons. For these families, donor human milk is a welcomed gift during one of the most stressful times of their lives. Donating to a nonprofit milk bank ensures that fragile babies in our community receive s...

Timeline photos 07/25/2022

And nothing will ever be the same again 💕

Did you know our live-stream prenatal classes are covered by most insurance?👇🏼

My Pure Delivery IBCLCs on TikTok 07/22/2022

My Pure Delivery IBCLCs on TikTok

Mama’s been breastfeeding him for 17 months- he knows where his loyalty lies! 🤣
Click below to watch, and don't forget to give us a follow while you're there!


My Pure Delivery IBCLCs on TikTok Mama’s been breastfeeding him for 17 months- he knows where his loyalty lies!


🍪 S'mores lactation cookies?? YES PLEASE.

These are baked locally in by our friends at BARE MAMA LLC

Flavor of the month S’mores

Our Story

Providing the highest level of care & support to help you attain your desired breastfeeding relationship. Insurance accepted!

Consults, Classes, Pump/scale rentals & natural care products.

Visit us at:

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Entertaining a baby in a breastfeeding clinic is not difficult when you have all kinds of toys laying around 🤣And yes, t...
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We had such fun with our office babies (aka company officers- Ruby, Chief Cuteness Officer and her adorable summer inter...
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Still waiting, waiting (not so patiently) for your IBCLC exam results? My Pure Delivery is taking applications for our A...
Memorial Day Weekend is the kickoff of the summer season and breastfeeding moms want to know...CAN YOU DRINK ALCOHOL WHE...
Don't forget- we're going LIVE on TikTok tomorrow at 12pm CST!Join us as we discuss all things breast pump related, incl...
Yes, you can start producing milk again, even if you've stopped entirely!✨Relactation✨ This was our top video of 2021, a...
Wishing you a day full of relaxation and love! #mothersday #fourthtrimester #tiredasamother #newbaby #newmom
Today is Administrative Professional’s Day, so of course, we have to show our thanks and appreciation for this admin DRE...
Just Announced!! 🚨We posted a new TikTok with one of our favorite office babies- you don't want to miss out on her cuten...
Thanks to our office neighbors Burks Digital Imaging for the delicious Tiff's Treats ! 💚🍀


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