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BODY is a sunless tanning studio that uses airbrushing to follow the natural curves of your body, gi

Photos from Body Airbrush Spray Tans's post 01/22/2024

Stunning stunning stunning.

Peep the last photo for a good time.


You wanna talk about a natural tan.. 👀

I cannot get over how gorgeous she is. My medium solution on her is to die for. 😍

Make sure you guys are booking your Thanksgiving tans ASAP!


The thing about spray tans are… you don't always want people to know you’ve gotten one. And the hands are a BIG give away if they aren't looking 👌🏽.

Read and remember for the sake of your hands, my lovelies::

1. You better not forget to exfoliate those f*ckers! Scrub the crap out of them. Get in your knuckles, in between your fingers, the sides, and by your wrist.

2. Don't be washing your hands with soap all day before you come in for your tan. Soap can leave a weird barrier on your skin and hot water can mess with your pH!

3. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD DO NOT TOUCH YOUR BODY AFTER YOUR TAN UNTIL YOUR RINSE. I wipe away all solution that may have come into contact with your palms at the end of your appointment FOR A REASON. Don't get more back on them!

4. If you need to clean your hands before your rinse, use hand sanitizer only on your palms.

5. Sleep with long clothes so your palms do not come into contact with your skin while you sleep. If you feel you may touch your face in your sleep, wear gloves. I'm not joking. (not ones that will make you sweat).

6. THE BIGGEST ONE that can mess with your thumbs BIG TIME… be aware of your hands when you are pulling up your pants!! if you are running your thumbs up your legs while pulling up your pants at all before you rinse, YOU ARE EXPOSING THEM TO MORE SOLUTION! this will cause them to over process and look orange!

7. If you realize you’ve been touching your body, grab a wipe ASAP and carefully wipe the area of your palm that has come into contact with any solution! (Even if you can’t see it, it still may develop!)

Keep these tips in the back of your mind for the most flawless spray tan hands you’ve ever had 💅🏼

If this seems like too much for you to handle for 8-10 hours or overnight, try a rapid solution next time so you can rinse sooner! 😉💋

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A bride and her mother 🤍

The cutest and sweetest women. It was a pleasure to get them glowing for this special day.

Let’s hear it for the entire team:
DJ: with
Florist: &
Rings: &
Bridesmaid Dresses:
Invitation Suite: .engaging


Let's be sure 👌🏽

It's a WATER rinse. no products.

Your rinse should be done with lukewarm water and should not last long. Use your hand to gently glide the bronzer off of your body. DON’T worry that you see color coming off (this is what you want). Keep rinsing until the water runs clear. Start from your forehead and work your way down your body. Don’t forget to rinse your ears, behind your ears, your entire neck, your armpits, inner thighs, under your butt and underneath your chest. Once you’re finished, pat dry with a towel and avoid as many body products as possible until after your full-shower.

Extra tips:
1. If you see streaks down your leg, get back in the shower and continue rinsing those areas!

2. Do not p*e in the shower. Trust me.

3. Do not skip your rinse unless you are an experienced sunless tanner and know the limits.

4. It is okay if you look pale again. Your color will continue to develop even though you rinsed!

5. Wear a shower cap to keep your hair from getting wet.

Happy Rinsing 🚿


Could she be glowing any more… UGH!!! ✨ This photo is to die for.

Tan on the lovely for her pregnancy announcement photos!!

(She’s also a makeup artist 😉 )

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It can be intimidating. But it’s really not that bad! Here’s some tips to help you mentally prepare for your first tan! ☀️


✨“Should I get a classic or a rapid?”✨
This is one of my most asked questions!

The one and only difference is that you get to RINSE SOONER with a rapid spray tan. 💃🏽

Rapid Sprays do not mean an earlier full-shower time or faster development time!

Here are the rinse times that I recommend with my solutions:

🤍Classic: Rinse after 8-10 hours or sleep in it!
🖤Rapid: Rinse after 1-4 hours. (5 if you’re experienced and want to be extra dark!)

I like to recommend rapids for early evening sprays or for an early morning spray! 🌞That way you don’t have to sleep in your tan, OR, if you get it in the morning, you don’t have to spend an entire day worrying about ruining it!

Classics are great for appointments at night because you can go home, fall asleep, and rinse immediately when you wake up! 🚿

Once you rinse, you may think that your tan is GONE! Please trust the process!

When you rinse at the correct time, you are dramatically slowing the development of your tan. So even if it seems like you lost all of your color, after 24 hours post-spray, you will look PERFECT! 👌🏽

Please note that if you want a body contour, you need to book a classic tan. As I do not offer contouring with a rapid tan!

Some of my regular clients do their own thing and rinse whenever they want, that’s great! Love that for them! HOWEVER… if it is your first time getting a spray with me, PLEASE follow my rinse instructions to avoid any disasters! Then when you come back next time you can push the boundaries a bit!

If you usually get a classic spray I HIGHLY recommend trying out a rapid in the future! It’s a game changer for sure!

One more thing for special events: if you are either used to a classic or a rapid solution, I would not switch it up for a special event tan. You never know the difference in results that you will get and you don’t want to dislike it for a big event!!


Can we talk about this beauty for a minute…

My rapid solution on her is simply 🤌🏼💋

PLEASE send me photos of your tans. Literally nothing makes me happier!! I’d love to show you off!



Body is a safe space for ALL.

I love all of my BEAUTIFUL clients. Repeats and newbies. You are all nothing short of amazing. 😘

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Getting sprayed for a getaway? ☀️
Read this 👇🏽

🌊 Stay hydrated. Always have a bottle of water with you! Your body and your tan will thank you.

🌊 Moisturize. Your tan will fade blotchy and quickly if you have dry skin! Apply moisturizer twice a day, at least, and use a spray tan safe product! Pick up one of my Whipped Body Butters (coconut or lavender scented) or Luce Moisturizing Oil to REALLY glow! You can grab these in studio and on my website!

🌊Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Please. No aerosols! These contain extra alcohol and are drying for your skin! My favorite brands are Sun Bum and Coola!

🌊Body Oil. The most annoying thing to hear about spray tans is that extended water exposure will fade your tan faster. However…you can apply a body oil to your body before going into the water to give your skin an extra barrier and let the water glide right off your skin! HIGHLY recommend my Luce Moisturizing Oil for this! Your skin will LOVE the ingredients.

🌊Tan extender! You need this if your vacation is over 7 days! Replace your nightly moisturizer with a tan extender and rinse it off in the morning. Be sure to wash your hands after application.

Oh, and be sure to tag me in your vacation pics 😉


Jealous? Me? Yeah. I am. 🤣

You don’t have to be, though. Book your appointment and get this glow for yourself ❤️

Also…let’s talk about jealousy.

Jealousy is only bad if you react with hatred and a bad attitude. Be jealous if you want..but show it in the form of adoration. It’s one of greatest compliments. (In my opinion)
And if you want what they have, then work for it! Don’t sit there and resent..admire them and use them as inspiration!

Normalize telling people you’re jealous. Kindly, of course, and use that feeling as fuel! Nothing wrong with wanting something someone else has.

But at the same time, love yourself and your journey. Always!

That’s all. 🤍


You wanna talk about glowing skin?! 😍🙌🏻

Book those appointments! The weather here in Chicago is warming up, let’s get you the color you’re looking for (the safe way)!


A wedding in the Dells 😍

Gorgeous example of my dark solution on


Your girls are feeling generous 😉

Win a Free Classic Spray Tan and a Full Set of Gelx Nails!

💕How to Win💕

1. Follow and
2. Share this post to your story! (Tag us)
3. Mention friends in the comments. Each mention gets you an entry!

The giveaway will end on April 9th and the winner will be announced on April 10th!

Prizes include:

✨ a Classic Spray (add-ons and upgrades can be purchased at the time of the appointment if desired)

✨A full set of nails (any length). Designs can be purchased at the time of service if desired.

Good Luck!

Winner must claim their prizes in either April or May of 2023!

Photos from Body Airbrush Spray Tans's post 03/23/2023

Better question long will YOU make it last? 🫵🏽

Spray tans take team work. I can only do so much for you if you don’t take care of your body!

Here’s the answer you’re looking for:
✨3 days with no prep or aftercare.
✨5 days with prep but no aftercare.
✨7 days with prep and some aftercare.
✨10+ days with proper prep and after care.
✨Most tans are to the point of no return at 12 days with treating it right. Then it’s time to exfoliate and book your next appointment!

Prep: Shower, shave, and exfoliate the day before your appointment. Not the day of. Don’t do it.

Don't wear makeup, deodorant, perfume, or lotions to your appointment.

Aftercare: Use spray tan safe bodywash and products. Be gentle with your skin ALWAYS.
Stay hydrated. Moisturize twice a day.

Avoid long periods in water.
Exercise, sweating, and shaving will make it fade faster. I hate to break it to ya 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Your face will always fade the fastest, especially if you use a lot of skin care products! Pick up some tanning mist in studio to keep your face looking fresh! Or use tan extending lotion all over your body once a day to lock in that color even longer!


Spring is here, and you need a tan 🌷🌞

Only a few spots left this week! Book now so you aren’t translucent on your spring break trip! 🤣

I am currently in the process of getting my online shop set up! I cannot wait to be able to ship my products to all of you beautiful people! 💕 Keep a lookout!!


Reminiscing a lot today. 🥲

So many people have helped me get to this point. I cannot take all the credit.

To my clients, even if you’ve only been to me once, you have gotten me here.

To people who support my business through liking, commenting, and sharing, you have no idea how much it means to me 💕

To my husband who has supported me through it all, I could not have done this without you.

To my brother in law who helped me maintain this space and set me up for success, I am forever grateful 🙏🏻.

To my parents who gave me an interest free business loan to help me transform my dream salon, I love you so much!

And to my father in law, brother in law, and husband who turned this space into the beauty that it is, you are the BEST.

Come in this weekend only for a $55 Spray for TWO! 👯‍♀️


Celebrating TWO years of Body! This weekend only: get a Spray for Two for $55! 👯‍♀️ USE CODE: HBBODY


Love to hear it 🙌🏻

Nothing feels better than hearing you all are LIVING in your tans! ❤️‍🔥

Keep an eye out for a Wedding Package dropping soon. I also have some yummy products in the works 😜


Natural, seamless, and glowing ✨

Book your spring break tans NOW before the date you need fills up!

Cannot believe spring is almost here! 🌸

Photos from Body Airbrush Spray Tans's post 03/01/2023

It’s Official.🫢

The Body Membership is available to book NOW!

This membership will get you access to monthly offers as well as 1 giveaway spray a month! (Get that bestie in here that’s been dying to try Body out!)

The entire month of March members get free Drying Powder at each appointment! 😍

To find the membership while on my site, click “Book an Appointment” then click “View Products/Packages” at the top of the booking page!

Photos from Body Airbrush Spray Tans's post 02/28/2023

Who gave her permission to be this cute? 💕💄💅🏼

This beauty gets my extra dark solution..and this shoot was at the END of her spray life 🫢

And guys…Memberships start TOMORROW, March 1st. 😍


It’s scientifically proven that a spray tan makes you feel like a bad b*tch 👍🏽

Book those spring break tans now everyone! We don’t want you leaving for vaca looking like lord Voldemort 🫣

You have until the end of February to purchase retail for 20% off, get a spray for two for $80, and to apply for the ambassador program!!

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For my ride or dies ❤️‍🔥

If you were having trouble timing up your appointments or have been wanting to increase the frequency of your appointments..check this out! 👀

Day 1 is always the day before your appointment cause it’s where the journey begins 🗺️

To make this routine work, make sure you have the essentials! Pick them up at your next appointment!
✨Exfoliating Mitt ($10)
✨Tan Eraser ($25)

& for my bi-weekly babes:
✨tan extender ($24)
✨tanning mist ($22)

All retail is also 20% off until the end of February! 😜

If you’ve made it this’s a special treat…


Y’all I’m so excited 🙌🏻
$10 a month to be a member.
$40 unlimited classic sprays.
10% off all retail. ALWAYS.
Priority booking.
Gift 1 spray to a friend each month. 🫢

(Gifted sprays can only be given to a new client and cannot be given to the same person more than once!)

Photos from Body Airbrush Spray Tans's post 02/10/2023

The Perfect Bride 💗

2023 Brides and Grooms!!! Keep an eye out for a Wedding package coming soon 😍

Tan: Me 😘


Spray tans have a PIZZA my heart ❤️‍🔥

Happy National Pizza Day to all my lovely clients 🍕

Book that spray babes. And enjoy a slice of pizza while you're at it. 😘

Bring your bestie with you too! Spray for Two appointments are only $80 for the rest of February! Use Code: s42

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