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Project: Carroll Gardens

WindowFix installed a custom Origin USA aluminum folding door system. Paired with Phantom Screens New York fully retractable insect screen, this allows for as much or as little ventilation as desired. So easy to use!

Now you see it. Now you don't. The wall screen can accommodate large openings, welcoming in the fresh air, and then it can disappear when not in use. Much like the folding door system, which can reconfigured with up to 8 panels.

Not only do both products offer a sleek design, but they are very easy to operate.

See for yourself:

1000 Windows Replaced - WindowFix 02/23/2022

1000 Windows Replaced - WindowFix

Project: 345 Montgomery St.
When this apartment complex needed to replace 1000 windows, WindowFix accommodated. @CrystalWindowsandDoors supplied the custom fabricated thermally-broken units. Architects and tenants alike were happy with the results.

Learn More:

1000 Windows Replaced - WindowFix Window Fix replaced 1000 windows in a Brooklyn apartment complex. We offered sound reducing glass, child safety guards, and fire gates.

Timeline photos 02/16/2022

Project: 460 43rd St.
A thermally broken DH by Crystal Window was the product of choice for this replacement window project, which included capping.


IMG_2173 storefront glass

Big things are in the works!

Photos from WindowFix's post 02/02/2022

Project: 35 W 25 St Storefront
@parrettwindows supplied the windows for the 2nd floor. That consisted of nine wood Euro inswing operable casements, each 6' x 10' and crafted of Sapele mahogany. Very handsome windows, indeed. Durable, too!

Learn more about our storefront projects:

Timeline photos 01/26/2022

When working on a historic property, maintaining the original profiles and sightlines can't be over emphasized. If a window can't be restored, it must be replicated down to the last detail. @TheMarvinBrand has a 3/32" tolerance. And that pretty sums up the importance of being true to the existing.

Learn more:



Project: 35 W 23 St.
Progress in motion, hoisting the @parrettwindows up to the second floor for installation.

Check out our other storefront projects:


Project: 35 West 23rd St.
With the existing conditions determined, there's nothing left but to do install the second floor windows.

Photos from WindowFix's post 01/05/2022

Project: 35 West 23rd St Storefront
Before the windows of the residential units above the storefront could be replaced, we first had to determine the condition of the framing. Dimensional lumber undergoes considerable distress in the course of a century. A little prep time saves a lot of headaches later.

Learn more about our custom storefront offerings:

Timeline photos 12/29/2021

We will be closed on Friday Dec 31.

Here's hoping for a healthy and prosperous 2022!

Timeline photos 12/22/2021

In the spirit of the season, we will be closed Friday Dec 24.

Photos from WindowFix's post 12/15/2021

Project: 35-37 West 23rd St.
This custom storefront project in @nyclandmarks Ladies' Mile Historic District has seen many changes over the years, and it's undergoing yet another one as we transform not only the street level, but the entire front facade.

Williams Inn by CambridgeSeven 12/08/2021

Williams Inn by CambridgeSeven

From @TradBuilding @TheMarvinBrand was the key supplier of aluminum-clad wood windows for the Williams Inn, owned by Williams College and located in Williamstown, MA. It was designed as a communal space for the town to enjoy, as well as the visitors.

Williams Inn by CambridgeSeven CambridgeSeven of Cambridge, Massachusetts, designs the Williams Inn in Massachusetts.

Timeline photos 12/01/2021

According to @WindowDoorMag , one of this year's hottest trends in window design is the narrow profile which allows for greater visibility and more natural light.

Timeline photos 11/24/2021

In observance of Thanksgiving, we will be closed Thursday Nov 25 and Friday 26.
We will be back to serve your window needs bright and early Monday Nov 29.

Parts of a Window 11/17/2021

Parts of a Window

There's more to a window than glass in a frame. When shopping for windows, like anything else, it's best to familiarize yourself with basic terminology beforehand.
The process will become much easier.

Learn more from @TheMarvinBrand in the link below:

Parts of a Window Shopping for new windows? Or is there a window in your home that needs repairing? This comprehensive glossary of the parts of a window is a great place to start.

Timeline photos 11/10/2021

There's no need to sacrifice your privacy for the sake of natural light. Placement, glass type, and translucent fabric can go a long way towards keeping your life out of the public eye. Consider installing windows hight then eye level. Decorative frosted or bubbled glazing are options. Even sheer curtains can block the interior view.
Learn more from The Marvin Brand, in the link below:

Photos from WindowFix's post 11/03/2021

Door and Window Market Magazine just published their 2021 Buyers Guide in the October issue.
Look for WindowFix on page 35. We're also listed under Made In the USA!

Timeline Photos 10/27/2021

This modern cabin blended with the native trees to invite the great outdoors indoors, thanks to @TheMarvinBrand Ultimate line of products which were chosen for aesthetics as well as performance in the North Dakota weather extremes.

Timeline Photos 10/20/2021

When your landmarked property needs attention, look no further than WindowFix.
Not only do we have considerable experience working with NYC Landmarks, but we also have an in-house historic window expert.
Your sashes are safe with us.

American Gothic | The Art Institute of Chicago 10/13/2021

American Gothic | The Art Institute of Chicago

The inspiration for one of America's iconic paintings came from a window. Artist Grant Wood saw a so-called Carpenter Gothic-syle window in a farmhouse in Iowa. Using his sister and his dentist as models, Wood elongated their faces to match the lines of the window. The result was, "American Gothic."

If one window can inspire a painting, imagine the masterpiece that could be created with a whole building.

American Gothic | The Art Institute of Chicago Grant Wood, 1930

Timeline Photos 10/06/2021

Just around the corner from us is the @courttreecollective in @industrycity, where they held a “Windows to New York” exhibit.
Windows have been a perspective observed for over a half century by Japanese-born artist Masao Gozu.
First, as a photographer he captured people on film, using their own windows to frame a moment in time.
Then, he sculpted his own windows from rubbble. He resized bricks and made it apppear as if the whole had been taken from one façade, yet it was composed of piecemeal bits to suit his vision.
In a city full of windows, taking a moment to appreciate the role they play in our everyday lives seems only natural.

A Brownstone Remodel in Historic Brooklyn 09/29/2021

A Brownstone Remodel in Historic Brooklyn

When this brownstone in BrooklynHeights added a rear addition that reconnected the house with the back garden on two levels, the architect chose @TheMarvinBrand Ultimate Casements and Ultimate Swinging French Doors.

Black acetylated wood frames not only set off the windows and doors, but due to the exceptional dimensional stability of the material, minimal maintenance will be required.

Foresight is the hallmark of any successful project.

A Brownstone Remodel in Historic Brooklyn A brownstone remodel in historic Brooklyn wins the Marvin Architects Challenge Best Remodel/Addition project category.

Collaborative Redesign with Architectural Steel - WindowFix 09/22/2021

Collaborative Redesign with Architectural Steel - WindowFix

The property owner was also an architect who designed an all steel system of windows, doors, skylights, and curtain wall for this multi-family in Brooklyn and worked closely with @OptimumWindows to manufacture the components. When It came time for installation, WindowFix had the extensive knowledge required to make the pieces come together successfully.
Learn more:

Collaborative Redesign with Architectural Steel - WindowFix WindowFix installed and assembled multiple custom architectural steel windows, doors, skylights, and a curtain wall. This included installing the glass for every unit on site.

What is a Craftsman-style Home? 09/15/2021

What is a Craftsman-style Home?

Famed NY furniture maker Gustav Stickley not only coined the term for Craftsman-style homes, but he even opened the original, "Home Store," in NYC. In this 12-story building, each floor was dedicated to one aspect of the home. From architectural designs to plumbing to carpeting, it was truly a one-stop shop for building a home in this ever-popular style.

Whatever your style may be, @themarvinbrand can create windows for whatever your heart's desire.

Learn more about the nuances of similar styles and what sets them apart.

What is a Craftsman-style Home? The Craftsman-style home celebrates history with emphasis placed on the nuance and quality of time-tested craft and design.

This Home's Unique Shape is Designed to Capture Sunlight 09/08/2021

This Home's Unique Shape is Designed to Capture Sunlight

The Marvin Brand supplied the fenestration for this dramatically designed home. The front facade was decidedly historic while the rear of the house was thoroughly modern, and designed to embrace the arc of the sun as an integral component.

This Home's Unique Shape is Designed to Capture Sunlight This home maximizes changing daylight conditions with a window-filled, L-shaped floor plan that flows onto a lush landscape.

Timeline Photos 09/06/2021

From all of us at WindowFix, enjoy the day!

Our Civic Duties - WindowFix 09/01/2021

Our Civic Duties - WindowFix

WindowFix services all types of fenestration needs across #NYC for its municipal buildings, which range in age, design, and quirks of their own. From historic to throughly modern curtain walls, we can handle jobs large and small in a timely and professional manner.

Our Civic Duties - WindowFix NYC’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) awarded WindowFix was a seven year contract to service the vast window and glass needs of all of NYC’s municipal buildings.

Adding Jewels to the Crown - WindowFix 08/25/2021

Adding Jewels to the Crown - WindowFix

When @TheAnsonia needed storm windows, WindowFix worked closely with @nyclandmarks, creating a custom system that preserved each unique, original window while reducing heat loss. We provided a triple track system to shelter the original glazing from the hatch northeast weather. Then, in order to conceal the cross members, we engineered a t-shaped mullion to provide a secure support system. And the windows of this #NYC gem are preserved for generations to come.

Learn more!

Adding Jewels to the Crown - WindowFix In the early 1900’s, The Ansonia was touted as the grandest hotel in New York City. To this day, it has some most unique and detailed architecture.

John Michael Kohler Art Center - St Cloud Window - 08/18/2021

John Michael Kohler Art Center - St Cloud Window -

The John Michael Kohler House was built in Sheboygan, WI, in 1882 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. When the residence-turned-arts center needed to replace the windows, St. Cloud Window maintained the historic character of the building by using a custom design. They replicated thermally efficient windows to fit the narrow openings in their original colors. Another example of the historic and the modern coming together to achieve the best of both worlds.

John Michael Kohler Art Center - St Cloud Window - Historic John Michael Kohler House windows replaced with SCW3000 Series historic windows, matching original openings and original coral and white color.

Sounding Out the Skyline - WindowFix 08/11/2021

Sounding Out the Skyline - WindowFix

The Clock Tower Condos in DUMBO had noise issues, to say the least. The warehouse-turned-luxury-condos on the waterfront are located between the BQE and Manhattan Bridge. WindowFix inspected each of the 500+ units to identify the specific needs of each. We then fabricated and installed sound deadening glass. In addition, we made mechanical upgrades and repairs to the windows which ensured a longer service life.

Learn More!

Sounding Out the Skyline - WindowFix This property was a waterfront industrial warehouse that was converted for luxury residential use. The existing windows were very large, making them hard to open, and in their new life as residences they faced new issues with noise from the BQE and the Manhattan Bridge.

Window Installations and Repairs in NYC | Window Fix 08/04/2021

Window Installations and Repairs in NYC | Window Fix

WindowFix has extensive experience working with @nyclandmarks. Whether the project involves filing for initial approval or requires that fenestration be brought into compliance due to prior violations, we have completed countless adherent projects.

Window Installations and Repairs in NYC | Window Fix WindowFix is New York's top choice for windows and doors. We are New York and NYC's premier supplier and expert installer of custom replacement windows.

Retrofitted Passive House Science - WindowFix 07/28/2021

Retrofitted Passive House Science - WindowFix

WindowFix installed more than 50 windows in this Landmarked property located in the Fort Greene Historical District. Not only was the 19th-century brownstone retrofitted, but brought up to 21st-century standards and beyond. Zola European Windows supplied their triple-glazed ZCN windows, which is the first of its kind to be certified by both Passive House Institute and Passive House Institute US.

Retrofitted Passive House Science - WindowFix There are many obstacles to overcome when retrofitting a historical brownstone to Passive House standards. The installation detail for the openings and coordination of air tightness is critical.

Timeline Photos 07/21/2021

Project 1372 Dean St., Brooklyn

When, “That Castle,” as it’s locally known, needed its bent glass windows restored, @WindowFix provided high-performance units from @ParrettWindows that not only satisfied the requirements of @NYCLandmarks but exceeded the NYC Energy Conservation Code.

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IMG_2173 storefront glass
@themarvinbrand  available @window_fix we are Marvin Experts. #marvinmodern #marvinelevate#marvinwindows#landmarkwindows...
@themarvinbrand  available @window_fix we are Marvin Experts. #marvinmodern #marvinelevate#marvinwindows#landmarkwindows...


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