Why is it $35 to ship a couple of bandages to Australia?
Apparently believes their product only sells because groomers "abuse and manhandle" dogs. Horrible company image, terrible social media presence.
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back with you since the arrival of my AWESOME prize package. First, Ella and her sidekick LOVE their new toys. Ella has learned that she can pull the rope back and forth through her alligator, and she is fascinated (It's a small house; we'll get to the tugging when the weather is better). Bo, the world's greatest unstuffer, industriously pulls the fleece squares out of the ladybug, then happily brings it to me to re-stuff. And, "a handful of products?" This lovely boxful of products is like Christmas--all with natural ingredients that won't trigger any of my allergies, so I can use them on the pups without gloves, mask, or crime-scene coveralls. They both seem to like the toothpaste, Bo likes the nose and paws salve on his paws (he thinks boots are to be removed and played with); and I actually tried the Earth's Healing Spray on myself and will be keeping a couple or 3 of those on hand. We haven't tried everything yet, but we have smelled them, and so far, we approve.


PawFlex™ is a disposable non adhesive fur friendly super stretch all in one bandage that maintains a secure comfortable natural fit. We are a morally conscious company of natural and high (human grade) grade health, wellness and hygiene products for Pets for those who believe they are members of our family and deserve the best and safest care.

Operating as usual


Happy Thanksgiving for the PawFlex Family where dogs rule and humans allow it.


I know that look well. The most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life is adopting all our dogs and giving them the best life ever.



great news. companies can not legal mandate the vaccine


Dog Stands on Hind Legs while Snooping in Kitchen

So weird but cute.


All we have to do is charge a hefty fine for breeding dogs, and of course enforce it. Then there would be the end to all the innocent dogs being killed in the shelter.

Please share. Adopt don't shop ❤❤


PawFlex Tubular covers keeping little Brodie's casts clean.

🤣🤣 are a goofball ♥️ (spying on him via his camera 😆)


Earth Science


LOL i thought it was just me.

Yes. Afraid this is true. For me anyway.


Ruh roh 😲



Happy Sunday Folks! how true is this??
of course, this applies to kitties and all the animals!



Sweet Dreams Anipeeps ❤️
Be safe, stay healthy!


Senior Dog Gets His Very Own Retirement Cabin

Here's a pet parent who has his priorities right.




Recognisable? 😉 Truly a man's best friend 😁

If you love dogs just as much as we do, please consider helping us to help them


So true.....


Protective Dog Makes Sure Her Sister is Safe At Daycare


Wild Boar Who Couldn’t Move For A Week Demands Belly Rubs Now


Oh my goodness ! I can so relate to this with 16 fur children 😂😂😂


Too adorable not to share.



Timeline Photos 08/28/2021

Timeline Photos

Well said Ricky


If you ever hear someone say that special needs pets cannot live quality lives, show them this video 😍 @theunsteadyfreddie


Workout with Mom

Watch this reel by pets4all on Instagram 08/14/2021

Watch this reel by pets4all on Instagram funny not to share....

Watch this reel by pets4all on Instagram Pets shared a video on Instagram: “Love the dog’s reaction 😂 (Credit @thejordanpetronella @bitch)” • See 1,956 photos and videos on their profile.



TOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish this was mandated in all schools.
How many agree?

We are so appreciative of our reading buddies. Anxious and scared pups, like this one, appreciate being given their space but they can feel the love. Something as simple as reading to them, shows compassion that they may have never had before. Some animals need time to warm up to humans and build trust. That is what our Shelter Buddies Reading program is all about.

Thanks to our many dedicated volunteers, the dogs are also walked two times each day. We are so grateful for our community of animal lovers ❤️


Please Please share this PSA far and wide. I did not know Birch sugar is Xylitol, and I bet many pet parents out there don't no either. Xylitol is in some creams and peanut butter listed as Birch Sugar.

Please Please share this PSA far and wide. I did not know Birch sugar is Xylitol, and I bet many pet parents out there don't no either. Xylitol is in some creams and peanut butter listed as Birch Sugar.


Happy Independence Day!


Happy Father's Day!

Happy Fathers day to all the wonderful Dog Dads!!!!!!


be still my heart...may it be so true....

be still my heart...may it be so true....

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Some of our MediMitt Boxes!
Home video, Basic Bandage Modeled by Serena the Shiba :). Really easy to put on and did it with one hand! Wound pad atta...
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PawFlex™ MediMitt Bandage Cover
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