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👉 You'll want to know what you can do to protect your business before leaving for the holidays. 🎁

📚 Check out this short blog that reveals 3 must-dos for every business owner before leaving the office for any vacation:

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🚨 “Okay Google, STEAL MY PASSWORD,”… said no one ever.

But it’s happening. 😧

Whether it’s your Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri...

They aren’t just listening in…

They capture recorded conversations that they can use to collect all your personal data.

From credit card numbers to passwords and even… when you’re going in and out of your home or business. (Scary!)

😎 Discover ways you can protect your home and business from becoming a prime target for cybercriminals :

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What makes a good IT technician? 🤩
👉 Self-discipline
👉 Problem-solving skills
👉 Attention to detail
👉 Great communication skills
👉 Passion for technology
👉 And a desire to truly serve customers by helping them when they need it most!

These are all the qualities of TOSS C3’s Technician Of The Month.

We are so proud to have Brian L. on our team and would not be able to provide the best possible IT services to our customers if it weren’t for him.

😊 Like this post to join us in congratulating and thanking him for being as great as he is!

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🎇 5 New Year's Resolutions For Business Owners:

1. Spend more time with family.
2. Provide stronger employee incentives to increase employee retention.
3. Advance your online presence to gain new customers.
4. Refresh your marketing plan.
5. Find a new IT provider that you can rely on and trust to keep you safe in the new world of cyber threats.

👇 Click below to schedule a quick and easy FREE 10-minute call, and let us help you find out if you are being protected in all the ways you need to be as a business owner.



You can go onto Google and check where you’re currently logged in at. If there is a location or a device you don’t recognize or an old session from a friend’s computer - delete it.

If you’re concerned, change your password!

This option is available for many other online accounts, such as Facebook, Yahoo, and Dropbox, too.

Timeline photos 12/15/2022

🎁 Who's got an Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, or Google Home on their Christmas list?

These are some of the most popular Christmas gifts people ask for, and they’re also one of the most popular ways a hacker can get all the information they need to attack your devices!

This can result in losing much more than credit card information and some of your privacy…

If you own a business, you need to know that some people have lost their ENTIRE BUSINESS due to these cyber attacks. ​

Cybercrime is real, and you can’t afford to ignore it. 😳

For this reason, we are offering a FREE, independent, no-obligation Cyber Security Risk Assessment. (This could literally save your entire livelihood.)

📲 Schedule your call FREE risk assessment with us today:


Why should you choose us over other IT companies?

We operate every day with YOU in mind. We work around the clock to ensure that our tech services are helping your business to be more efficient, productive, profitable, and secure. That’s what drives every action we take.

Want to learn more? Get in touch here -


What do you think - true or false?

Does a company not have any data that would be of value just because they’re small? 🤔

Take a guess and let us know what you think.

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When the technology in your company stops working at the WORST possible time, who do you call? 🤔

NOT Ghostbusters!

You call your IT provider and hope that they actually answer the phone when you need them the most.

The programs and technology you have in your office can and WILL need to be tended to at some point in the life of your business.

You need to know that your IT provider is going to answer the phone when you call them and prioritize getting your business up and running again… quickly.

TOSS C3 is giving away FREE Cyber Security Risk Assessments to business owners in the Boston area to make sure your business currently has the best protections in place.

👉Click below to schedule a FREE Cyber Security Risk Assessment with us today: ​



Since the pandemic, many small businesses have elected to change their standard setup for how employees work.

According to an April 2022 survey by Envoy, 77% of companies use a hybrid working model for employees. That allows them flexibility on whether they work in an office or remotely.

Click here to learn more -


Here are a few fast-tips for keeping your phone apps a little safer.

1. Remove any apps you don’t use – they are vulnerabilities for your security and privacy
2. Revoke permissions for apps that require access to sensitive information – why would a calculator app request access to your photos?
3. Keep apps updated – this lowers your chances for hackers to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities

Your phone IS a computer, treat it like one!


Did you know the average person has between 60 and 90 apps installed on their phone!?

Apps have come along way since the first app, Nokia’s game Snake, was released in 1997. Now you can check weather, track your fitness and food, do your banking, and more.

What’s your favorite app? Share below!

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Did you know that small and medium sized businesses are the TOP target for cyber attacks?

Here’s what you can do to protect your SMB:
👉 Train your employees to understand and follow cybersecurity best practices.
👉 Think like a hacker. Identify where you would think as a hacker, what your company’s weakest links are and work hard to strengthen them.
👉 Invest in a cybersecurity policy. Cybersecurity insurance is just as important as any other insurance policy you may have.

Don’t assume that the package you have with your current IT provider already includes the coverage.

📲 Schedule your call with us today so we can help you make sure your business has the proper protection in place:


When shopping online it is better to use a credit card or a payment service link Paypal instead of a debit card for several reasons.

One of the biggest is that the debit card is linked directly to your bank account and you do not want a cybercriminal to gain access to that information.

Another is if you dispute an unauthorized purchase made with a debit card, you’ll be in a weaker position because the merchant will already have your money.
It could take weeks or longer to get it back.

When you use a credit card you’ll have time to dispute a charge before any money is actually paid out giving you the upper hand.


When shopping online make sure you only enter your credit card information on sites that are secure.

One way you can tell is if the URL starts with https.

If you’re not sure if the website is secure, don’t input your information.

Find another site that sells it, even if it’s a little bit more. Getting hacked isn’t worth it.


You have to start kids early these days!!

Have a great weekend.

Shared via Pinterest.

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😳 Did you know when you buy a security camera or even a baby monitor, the devices will ship to you with default passwords that are well-known by hackers? (Yikes!)

If you don't change the password before using them, you leave the door wide open for hackers to access your devices.

This is dangerous in two ways:
1. All of your activities can be recorded.
2. These cameras can show when you are not home, allowing criminals to know when it’s safe to burglarize your house!

You can stop the hackers in their tracks by immediately changing the passwords on these devices.
The more you know.

❤️ Follow us for more quick tips, tricks, and all things technology.


When it comes to promotional emails, if it seems too good to be true, it likely is.

If you receive an email with a great holiday offer, make sure it’s actually from the retailer. Cybercriminals will get creative and create fake emails that look similar to the real brand in order to trick customers.

If they offer a code for special pricing, manually type in and go to the website and enter it or search for the promotion on Google.


The holiday season is in full swing which means so are the cybercriminals.

BEFORE you purchase anything online, make sure the website you’re on is the real deal.

Cybercriminals will set up fake websites with fake products hoping that you’ll either enter your information and they can steal it or you’ll buy an item, they’ll collect the payment and then never send you the product.

Don’t be fooled! Verify EVERY vendor FIRST.



Municipalities, Libraries, Law Firms, and Companies Nation-wide - You are NOT immune from the dangers of hackers, cyber-terrorists and ransomware.

It's YOUR job to make sure you're taking the right steps to stay safe.

Join us tomorrow for a FREE Training where we'll share how a Zero Trust Network Access Strategy can keep your data safe and your reputation intact!

It kicks off at 11 am EST.

Register FREE -

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🎄 Business owners... The holiday season is here!

Will you get to spend time truly focused on and with your family?

Of course, you HOPE you'll get to...

The sad reality is that there will be times where emergencies happen, and you must tend to the business, which means leaving your family at home... on holiday... because something went wrong.

What if that thing that went wrong this year was something you actually could have prevented?

To minimize problems that could steal you away from your family this holiday season, look into the IT protections that your company currently has.

You need an IT provider that's going to be available 24/7/365 to make sure your business is always in good hands so that you can live your life with fewer interruptions.

📲 Schedule a FREE call with us today, so we can help you make sure your business has the proper protection in place so you can have more peace of mind this holiday season:


⚠️ Municipalities, Libraries, Law Firms, and Companies Nation-wide and of Every Size Are Not Immune From The Constant Dangers of Hackers, Cyber-terrorists and Ransomware. ⚠️

However, we CAN help keep you secure.

Join us on Dec. 8th at 11 am CST to find out how a Zero Trust Network Access Strategy can keep your data safe and your reputation intact!

Register FREE -


A standard firewall/antivirus package is no longer enough for businesses.

With the automated attacks hackers have set up, you are more at risk than ever before.

Be smart, be proactive, and protect your company!

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The new year is just weeks away.

Did you accomplish all the goals you set for your business, or your personal life this past year?..
..Or did you have to spend so much time putting out fire after fire, that it held you back?

Don't let next year be like that. Take control of one thing that you CAN control...

Reduce the headaches you're facing in running a business by making sure you have an IT provider that you can count on when things aren't working.

☎️ Call us TODAY for a FREE 10-minute session where we can prove to you where your current IT provider is falling short and holding you back.

👉 Click here to schedule:

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7 Habits Of A Highly Successful Business Owner:

1. They are not afraid to fail.
2. They nurture relationships with prospects and customers to gain and maintain long-lasting business.
3. They have a life outside of their business! (But how? Keep reading...) 😉
4. They aren't afraid to 'cut the fat' from their company so that they can optimize the business from top to bottom in every way possible.
5. They prepare, plan, and execute. NOT just say they want to do something but actually get to the ex*****on.
6. They invest in themselves, their company, and their employees.
7. They make it a PRIORITY to have a reliable IT provider that will offer 24/7/365 support. (Not the type of provider you hate even having to call. )

At TOSSc3 we know EXACTLY how important it is to have an IT company you can call at any time of any day and know that they will answer the phone and be there to help QUICK.

NO Excuses.

If you let us help alleviate the headaches IT problems can cause for you in your business, then numbers 1-6 will become a lot more obtainable and con

☎️ Find out what you SHOULD be getting from the IT company you're paying now by having this free conversation with us 👉

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The lies you’re letting yourself believe about your business:
🙅 “That wouldn’t happen to me…”
🙅 “My business is too small…”
🤷 “Why would anyone want to hack us?”
🤷️ “We don’t have the type of data that anyone would want…”

The Truth:
Most business owners have NO idea how their current IT provider is putting them at risk!

Here’s what you need to do to make sure your business is ACTUALLY protected:

☎️ Call us TODAY for a FREE 10-minute call where we can prove to you where your current IT provider is falling short.

👉 Click here to schedule:

Timeline photos 11/27/2022

🤔 Imagine this…
🌨 There’s a hailstorm in your area, your car was parked outside, and when the storm ends you walk out to find that your car has golf ball sized dents all over it!

The worst part?

You assumed your insurance would cover it, only to find out that you never purchased the optional comprehensive coverage, so now you’re screwed… 😔

😧 The same thing could happen with your business if you were to endure a cyber-attack without the proper IT security.

👇 Click below to schedule a quick and easy FREE 10-minute call and let us help you find out if you are being protected in all the ways you need to be as a business over.


Timeline photos 11/26/2022

🗣 Business owners…

What has your current IT provider told you about the NEW MANDATES for greater cyber protection that ALL businesses must have? Probably nothing, right?

There’s also a good chance your current IT company is NOT protecting you like they should be. Stay with me…
Which means your business is at a HUGE risk of a cyber-attack, data breach, or compliance violation.

☝️🙄 Those problems are expensive. But the first step of our solution for you is completely FREE!

☎️ Find out what you SHOULD be getting from the IT company you’re paying now by having this free conversation with us


Our Story

TOSS C3 is the #1 Fastest, Most Reliable, and Secure way for businesses to eliminate 99% of their IT-related problems [downtime, system crashes, slowness, data loss] and other annoying technical issues, while:

• Giving their employees access to their desktops, applications, email, and data from any device, anywhere, at any time.

• Getting the best friendly technical expertise and support, quickly. • Saving up to 50% on hardware, software, and IT services.

• Preventing ransomware, malware, spam, and other forms of cyber attacks.

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👉🏻 Not so fun fact - passwords are one of the weakest authentications out there. ⁣



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