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Had a wonderful visit to the Savannah Scottish Rite.
I filled out evaluations online for 2 of my children on January 11, 2020. I’m sure timing for evaluations are delayed because of COVID-19, but I filled out their evaluation over a year ago. Would someone please send me a direct message or give me the information of who I need to contact regarding this?
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The Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation is presently not taking applications for dyslexia testing as we evaluate our mission of serving the dyslexia community.

Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation if the charitable outreach of the Scottish Rite Masons in Alabama. Our primary efforts are for Alabama's dyslexic children and education. We are supporters of the Alabama Teacher of the Year and the Teacher Hall of fame. All services are free.

Operating as usual

Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation updated their business hours. 12/03/2021

Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation updated their business hours.

Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation updated their business hours.

Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation updated their phone number. 12/03/2021

Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation updated their phone number.

Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation updated their phone number.


Fantastic news, I have wished for years.

Katie Boyd Britt files statement saying she’s running for U.S. Senate 06/07/2021

Katie Boyd Britt files statement saying she’s running for U.S. Senate

Katie Boyd Britt files statement saying she’s running for U.S. Senate Britt, Shelby's former chief of staff, stepped down as president and CEO of the Business Council of Alabama last week.


Check out the article about the Literacy Act on


We are currently completely shut down until further notice. This includes testing.

Thank you for understanding.

Be safe


It is wonderful that so much has been accomplished to assist our children with dyslexia to reach their full potential. I wish I could look upon the face, shake the hand and say thank you to everyone who has labored so hard to make these gains a reality. You are the best!

Now I want you to know that I think it is time to raise the bar to the next logical level. That would be for Alabama's schools of education to embrace the idea of including multi sensory training in the new teacher's training. I believe this is the way to help all of our dyslexic children.

I ask everyone who reads this to offer up a prayer that we could bring this goal to fruition. May God bless you! 10/05/2019

Opinion: Reading curriculums must change with times School districts should offer phonics-based interventions to students who may have missed it and still need it.


I am informed that Governor Ivey has signed the Alabama Literacy bill which makes it a law.

Thank you to our law makers and Gov. Ivey!


Following communications with several Senators, I have been encouraged to share my thoughts with others about the value and importance of "Proficiency-Based Promotion" as included in the Alabama Literacy Act (ALA). The concern being voiced about "retention", or what I prefer to describe as "proficiency-based promotion", is a false flag in terms of the ALA as there are far too many children already being retained under our current failing literacy system.

We test children for dyslexia at our Scottish Rite Centers at no cost to Alabama families as part of our philanthropy. Of the 10K children we have tested, 75% have been retained in at least one grade! Very sadly, the schools currently have no obligation to provide intensive reading supports before or after the retention nor even to report the number of children retained. If we adopt the ALA, schools will be accountable for those they fail to teach to read and will have to include this information in reports that will ultimately be made available to the legislature and to the public. I know that we will have much improved reading proficiency with the adoption of the ALA. The ALA will provide teacher training, intensive interventions, early identification, parental partnering, and monthly progress reports for all children who struggle in reading in grades K-3. The beauty of the AL Literacy Act is that it begins in Kindergarten with needed screening for reading problems including dyslexia and provides some of the very best supports available for 4 full years. We also have a number of "good cause exemptions" and a reading portfolio option that will bring balance to our literacy efforts as needed.

Another reason that I so strongly support the ALA is that I honestly believe that social promotion (advancing a child to a grade for which they are not prepared) is a form of educational malpractice and fraud and will be damaging beyond measure to the child. There is no one in the upper grades to rescue the child and the child's reading deficit will become permanent. In 4th grade and beyond, most learning of content depends upon reading and if you can't read, you begin to hate school and to develop behavioral problems. The time to correct reading problems is in grades K-3 and the ALA will help us do this.

I know that you have read about the success of our MS neighbors as they have significantly increased the number of proficiently reading 3rd graders in just three years. My good friend Robin Lemonis, who is the Director of Intervention Services for the Mississippi Department of Education has explained to me that they would not be seeing these results without the proficiency-based promotion. She said that after their proficiency-based promotion act was adopted, all of the schools began to realize that they had to come to the table and actually provide children with needed supports. Sadly, this accountability is something we are totally lacking in Alabama now.

I urge you to support the ALA which will provide needed accountability measures for our schools and desperately needed literacy supports for our children. Help Alabama's children have the advantages and supports being provided to children just to our West. Please do not be distracted by "false flags" offered by those who are failing our children so miserably.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Denise P. Gibbs, Director, Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation Learning Centers


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I just left the broken monument to Ephraim Kirby. It was knocked down and broken by a drunk driver. The monument and part of it's base are both damaged.

The town's people at City Hall said someone was inquiring about this a few days ago. Do you know anyone working on this?


Meet Alabama's 2019 Teacher of the Year Ana Behel of Weeden elementry in Florence, Alabama. 05/06/2019

Webinar: Rachel Berger May 8 2019

Don’t miss this free webinar provided by IDA-UMB!! FREE WEBINAR: Assistive Technologies from Microsoft that will help Parents, Teachers and Students Presented by Rachel Berger



ALAN 8: If the Alabama legislature adopts #HB388 and #SB263 as they were submitted on 4/9/19, we will be well on the way to seeing significantly improved literacy instruction and early intervention that will prevent children from falling hopelessly behind. The type of instruction which we have referred to as "multi-sensory instruction" for many years and which is now more globally described with the trademarked term "structured literacy" will form the basis of literacy instruction provided in our schools in Alabama. This term captures the complete essence of the science of reading! This will help ALL children learn to read, including those with dyslexia.

Here is a wonderful resource just published by the International Dyslexia Association that describes the type of literacy supports we could have in our schools!



ALAN 7: Great news for local and regional ARI reading coaches (to be designated as local and regional literacy specialists if the Alabama Literacy Act is adopted! You will be provided with professional development to equip you to support all struggling readers including those with dyslexia!

Please read page 8 section (3) of #HB388 to see the qualifications that will be in place for regional literacy specialists and page 9 section (1) for qualifications for local literacy specialists.

Regional literacy specialists will need to have master's degrees and advanced coursework OR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT in the science of reading, multisensory language instruction, such as LETRS, OR a comparable alternative training approved by the SBOE.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BECOME CERTIFIED ACADEMIC LANGUAGE THERAPISTS (CALTs) AS SOME ARE MISLEADING YOU TO BELIEVE!!! I have received calls from coaches who have asked me about this and I so hope you will read and share this information to correct this attempt to make you fear the Alabama Literacy Act!

My longtime friend Judy Stone who was ARI Director when the dyslexia amendments were adopted in 2015, spent much time and energy securing professional development for ARI Regional Coaches until the time she retired. I, Nancy Coffman, and others came to Montgomery to provide the type of training referenced in the ALA. (VERY SADLY those regional coaches were all fired just after Judy retired.) If the ALA passes, this type of professional development will need to be resumed so that all current Regional Literacy Specialists are equipped through professional development to meet the needs of those who struggle in reading including those with dyslexia.

The qualifications for Local Literacy Specialists are similar but include a bachelor's degree.

DO NOT LISTEN to those who would misrepresent the content in the ALA #HB388 and the specified qualifications. You will not lose your job!

Please read HB388 for yourself (at least pages 8 and 9) if you have concerns about not being able to keep your job! Here is a link to the bill


College of Education Now Prepares Teachers in the Science of Reading

Alabama Literacy Act Needed! (ALAN)
ALAN 6: Balanced literacy does not work except for those children who would learn to read without instruction! #HB388 and #SB263 will bring the science of reading to all K-3 classrooms in Alabama! Science of reading is beneficial for all and necessary for some (those with dyslexia #1in5 )

Watch this 3 minute video and you will understand how important this is!

Dee Dee Cain and Kristi Starks have spent much of their careers teaching children to read, but just a few years ago, they found out about the science of reading, and why many children they taught never learned to read. (April 30, 2019)



ALAN 5: Students will be promoted to 4th grade only if they score above the lowest level on the state test, or if they can demonstrate mastery of 3rd grade literacy standards via a portfolio assessment, or if they are granted a good cause exemption.

If students are not ready to be promoted to 4th grade an intensive acceleration program for more than half the school day will be provided by a well-prepared teacher in a class reduced in size. This sounds exactly like the acceleration we provided at the Scottish Rite Clinic in Montevallo many years ago! Just as we rescued children, Alabama schools would become equipped to rescue children thanks to the ALA - #HB388 and #SB263 - contact your Representative and Senator today!



ALAN 4: The status quo literacy program we have in Alabama is failing our citizens!!

Alabama consistently scores below the national averages on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in reading! 72% of Alabama 8th graders and 69% of Alabama 4th graders scored below the proficient range on the 2017 NAEP!

To change these dismal literacy outcomes and prepare our children for life, we must take what is being portrayed by some as extreme measures and do as Mississippi and all of our surrounding states have already done!

The House Education Policy Committee voted unanimously last week to send the Alabama Literacy Act #HB388 to the full House! One of the many "hero Representatives" on the Committee remarked that this plan might be expensive but that this was money that we needed to spend. OUR CHILDREN ARE WORTH IT!!!



ALAN 2: Early identification of reading challenges including dyslexia will make all the difference in the world to our children. How sad to sit in classes day after day not being able to learn to read like your friends are learning. It happened to me 60 years ago and my teachers just said, " But Denise you are so smart, if you would just try you could do this. You are just not trying hard enough!" Sadly, today even after 4 years of having dyslexia amendments added to the administrative code (but without a legislative mandate or funding), schools often fail to identify or help our children.



ALAN 3: Teachers want to help but need the right tools and training. With the ALA, teachers will have a real opportunity to learn about recognizing and reaching children with dyslexia. While some teachers are being provided with "turn-around-training" (TAT), in how to use a dyslexia kit, that is not the same thing as the training included in the ALA. TAT will never work. Just remember the game of "gossip" from your elementary days! The TAT model results in poor fidelity of implementation and the boxes will wind up on the shelf!!



Starting a string of posts with reasons we need the Alabama Literacy Act to become the law of the land to rescue our state's children from unrecognized literacy challenges. Alabama Literacy Act Needed (ALAN) - Find and add to our ALAN posts at our FB Page! Like and SHARE widely!

ALAN 1: Without legislation, initiatives and programs seem to come and go at the whim of ALSDE administrators who continually change! Few of the key administrators with whom we worked to secure the dyslexia amendments are still at the ALSDE!

We have had 4 state superintendents since the dyslexia amendments were added to the administrative code on 10/8/2015. Each time there is a new sheriff in town, we seem to start from scratch and have to beg for a seat at the table and to pray that the dyslexia amendments will not be ignored. There is NO CONTINUITY nor expectation for consistency with our current system. Legislative oversight should improve this and result in our ability to build a real literacy ship that will stay afloat!


These dedicated, hard working hero teachers have just finished 2 years of training in Multi-Sensory Language Education (MSLE). This training has been provided for many teachers in our state by Nancy Mefford Coffman​ (an Alabama native) for several years.

We are so grateful to the vision of Dr. Mabrey Whetstone and to the tenacity and dedication of Julie Colley Lowery​ who were instrumental in bringing this training to our state. Those who complete this nationally accredited 2 year training program which includes a rigorous supervised practicum can take the national certification examination offered by the Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA) and can then become Certified Academic Language Therapists (CALT).

41 Alabama CALT teachers are listed in the Directory of the Academic Language Therapy Association

We have two levels of dyslexia interventionists listed in the Alabama Administrative Code (AAC). We have those who have received training specific to a particular dyslexia-specific intervention and we have those who have earned the nationally recognized credential. Our dream has been that every school district and someday every school would have a CALT.

Thank you heroes in Cohort 7 for your hard work and for the gift that you are to our children with dyslexia in Alabama.


Glad to report that HB-388 was accepted today by a unanimious vote!

Thank you Representative Terri Collins for your leadership on this important legislation.


The first map was posted on the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) website before Alabama's dyslexia bills (HB 388 and SB 263) were filed. Visit the IDA website now and you will happily find the much improved second map! Click the link to to see the interactive map and to find a link to the AL bills. Thanks to Terri Collins and Arthur Orr who refuse to let Alabama "kick the reading can down the road" with solutions that will never work! We can never be content with so many of our children including those with dyslexia failing to learn to read in grades K-3!

Call your AL legislators and Governor Ivey today and ask them to support AL children with dyslexia by voting for and supporting these bills! This is our chance for real help for ALL Alabama children!


Fellow citizens, perfection is a very lofty and laudable goal. But if we are not careful it can have a paralazing effect.

I am referring to the education legislation about to be presented to Alabama's legislature. I could easily concede it may not meet everyone's expectation for the needs of Alabama's dyslexic children but what alternative do we have?

We were so filled with joy when the Alabama Stated Board of Education passed, by a unanimous vote, changes to the Administration Code with specific recommendations we were pleased with. But alas two key provisions, specialized training for Multi Sensory Language Therapist and a Dyslexia Advisory Committee have been dismissed by the present leadership at the Alabama Department of Education. Remember the Dyslexia Advisory Committee was appointed by the Alabama Board of Education!

My friends, together we have worked very hard for our dyslexic children. We gain three steps but each change of leadership at the Department of Education seems to take us two steps backwards.

All of this has me convinced Alabama needs legislation which can help us have a long term sustainable plan for helping our special children learn to read! While you might not agree with every provision, I urge you to support the present legislation!

Our Story

Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation is the charitable outreach of the Scottish Rite Masons in Alabama. Our primary efforts are for Alabama's dyslexic children and education.
We are supporters of the Alabama Teacher of the Year and the Teacher Hall of fame. All services are free.

Since 2001, we have provided dyslexia evaluations for more than 10,000 children who come to us by teacher referrals and by parent initiated contacts. We have also provided professional development for more than 30,000 Alabama teachers helping them to recognize and reach children with dyslexia in our schools. All of these services have been provided at no cost to Alabama families nor to Alabama schools.


Currently not offered Dyslexia Evaluations (free)
Teacher workshops on webinars



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The Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation coordinates the philanthropic work of the Alabama Scottish Rite Masons. We provide support to Alabama's children with dyslexia through providing free dyslexia evaluations and professional development for teachers at no cost to schools.

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