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What are you cooking for Easter this year? 🐰

We have Bone-in Hams and Boneless Hams ready to pick up at these amazing locations!
Avedanos Holly Park Market
Farm Fresh To You
Nugget Markets
Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op
Berkeley Bowl
Davis Food Co-op
Electric City Butcher
Mandela Grocery Co-op
Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op
Good Eggs
My favorite beverage is finally back in stock at the Bbowl!
Find our Bone-In Hams before they sell out, you can find them at these locations:
Avedanos Holly Park Market
Farm Fresh To You
Nugget Markets
Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op
Berkeley Bowl
Davis Food Co-op
Electric City Butcher
El Cerrito Natural Grocery Company
Mandela Grocery Co-op
Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op
Good Eggs

The last day to order online for Easter is April 10th:
A recipe that's crisp, refreshing, and perfect for spring—from our friends at Berkeley Bowl.
Our healthy and affordable plant-based protein options are available at both Berkeley Bowl locations! 🌱
We are soooooo excited 🎉 to be on the shelves Berkeley Bowl!!! A big thank you 👏 for supporting a Berkeley based, woman-led 💪company! East Bay shoppers can find us at both locations:

Berkeley Bowl Marketplace
2020 Oregon St. Berkeley
Berkeley Bowl West
920 Heinz Ave, Berkeley
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All of my animal experiments have been for the purpose of finding out what makes rats happy. I have determined that rats are very fond of Granny Smith apples, and that rats do not consider Red Delicious apples to be worth eating. This was the outcome I expected.
Tell us, where do you want to see Fancypants cookies being carried? 🛒 Right now you can find us at:

+ Whole Foods Market
+ Pretty Moon Mercantile
+ Berkeley Bowl
+ Frazier Farms Market
+ Mother's Market & Kitchen
+ Raley's
+ Mollie Stone's Markets
+ Nugget Markets
+ Gelson's Markets
+ New Leaf Community Markets
+ Valley Fresh Market
+ Andronico's Community Markets
+ Vermont Nut Free Chocolates
+ Misfits Market
+ Imperfect Foods
+ Too Good To Go
Thanks for continuing to require masks. The crowds that love Berkeley Bowl will be safer.
👆 What our profits (aka YOUR PURCHASES) fund. 👆

To the naked eye, this might not look like much.

But to our research and regenerative design partners, this 500,000+ acres is a blank canvas for conducting research that will help us and the world understand what we need to do to save bees and other pollinators.

Our Regenerative Honeycomb Initiative (RHI) research focuses on:

⬢ The effects of managed hives on native species.
⬢ How pollinators contribute to ecological diversity.
⬢ How much carbon a pollinator habitat sequesters.
⬢ What a fully independent, domestic, regenerative honey supply looks like.

To date, we've committed 1.1 Million acres to pollinator research and habitat restoration in the U.S. with an aim of 7 million acres committed in 15 years.

This is a long-term game fueled by our snacking honey sales. You can support the RHI when you shop on our website:

If you're in Berkeley, find us in the bulk department at Berkeley Bowl.

Disclaimer: Our founder funds his bee suits out of his own pocket. 🐝
First comes love, then comes bacon, and next comes rubs!

I always love doing deliveries to @Berkeley Berkeley Bowl because they were the first grocery store to carry our #bacon products and now they are the first grocery store to stock all three flavors of our brand new bacon rubs ❤️

Not from around here (i.e., Emeryville, CA)? Tell your local grocer to call us! Or email us at [email protected], [email protected] or DM me!

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First comes love, then comes bacon! 🥰🥓

Berkeley Bowl U were the first grocery store to carry our products —we’ll love you #4ever

🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Thank you for sharing our story

#bacon #food #founders #inspiration #special

Berkeley Bowl is an independent, full-service supermarket committed to bringing you the highest quality groceries at the lowest possible prices.

We first opened in 1977 as a small neighborhood market. In 1999 we moved into a 40,000 sq. foot renovated former Safeway site at 2020 Oregon St. between Shattuck and Adeline Streets. In June of 2009, our second store, Berkeley Bowl West, opened in a new modern building at 9th & Heinz Ave. (920 Heinz Ave., Berkeley, CA 94710) one block north of Ashby. Berkeley Bowl West has ample free above ground parking and an underground parking garage.

Operating as usual


When you combine artistry with deliciousness you might, if you’re lucky, be staring at a pastry from Craftsman and Wolves.

We are fortunate to welcome @craftsmanwolves to Berkeley Bowl in the bakery counter!

Carrot cake with adorable mini macarons, a kiwi + sesame pill that will make you want to take all the medicine, a positively out of this world guava + strawberry tart and more! Stop by and


Charcuter-weeeee! Why wait for a special occasion (unless you consider lunch a special occasion in which case you are absolutely our people)!

Shop the deli, then spend some quality time at our cheese island for recommendations, then head to produce for seasonal goodies (the muscat grapes caught our eye) then build out your board!


These are noods we NEED to share! @ramen.hero is the real deal! Packed into an envelope in our frozen foods aisle - everything you need to replicate the bowl of ramen you might find near the train station in Tokyo.

The noodles? springy and chewy. The toppings? Delicious, and the broth…

The best ramen in the world is only as good as its broth and this broth is delicious!

Restaurant quality that you make at home!


@starterbakery is ready- are you ready? We have hot cross buns and colomba di pasqua in store now!

Hot cross buns and colomba di pasqua are traditional breads served at Easter - pick up a pack along with all the fixings you need for your holiday meal!

Hoppy Easter!

#🐰 #🐇


Oh, is it warm outside?

Hadn’t noticed. Could be because of the bowl of must love that I called lunch…🤗

Creamy delicious chocolate with a hint of banana, dairy free, what an excellent way to beat the heat!



Meet MJ! MJ is the supervisor of our online shopper team.

Unlike the ‘Instant’ shoppers, orders placed thru the Berkeley Bowl app are filled by our in house team with care and pride for the products we carry.

Order your groceries for curbside pick up or delivery until 7PM Monday - Saturday and 6PM Sundays.


Renewal Mills is an upcycled food company on a mission to fight climate change and global food loss by up-cycling byproducts from food manufacturing into plant-based ingredients and pantry staples!

We dug into the 1 to 1 Gluten Free Baking Flour this weekend in the Berkeley Bowl test kitchen, and came up with a delicious Okonomoyaki recipe (that can easily be tweaked to make it vegan).

Okonomiyaki are a savory Japanese pancake chock full of fresh veggies with a crisp outer layer and pockets of chewy dough between ribbons of cabbage and mushrooms.

Find the recipe on our website on the recipe tab and check out the entire line of renewal mills products in store!


We’ve been meaning to mention… We have Nectar!

Crisp and Clean - Sparkling hard seltzer with Yuzu, Asian pear, Lychee and Mandarin flavors! Pick up a case before they’re all gone!


The thermostat is climbing! We’re expecting some record temps this week - stock up and cool down with @mustloveco Banilla, Choco Choco Chip, Cashew Cookie and Dipped Chocolate Ice Cream bars for cool refreshment on the go!


Good morning! This is just a reminder that we have delicious bagels in the bakery department at Berkeley Bowl West, and packs of three at our Oregon street location.

Sourdough bagels (and bread and the amazing cookies) all from @midnitebagel.

If you have a bagel in your mouth you won’t have the wrong words in there. *wink*


In the name of the moon you’re going to want to get your hands on these! New sparkling sodas in flavors like lychee, strawberry and pear - so delicious! Find them in the Asian aisle!


How about a fine Friday Feast?! Our kitchen team is mixing it up again with a sumptuous Southern Style spread! Green Beans, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, ribs and don’t forget the meatless versions including our vegetarian gravy!

It’s been a long week, why not pick up dinner instead of cooking? Meet us at the hot bar when it reopens at 5pm!


The weather is warming, and days are getting longer!

We’ll be looking for quick easy meals like our shredded chicken salad with @gothamgreens delicious green goddess dressing served on a leaf of Gotham Greens Butterhead lettuce!

Visit The recipe tab on for this easy recipe and more! (For real the basil olive oil cake with Gotham Greens basil is out of this world!)


All that happens on April 1 is not foolish.

Our Beer Guy had tapped into his coffers and is releasing a limited stock of some of your most sought after bottles!

Shop the Berkeley Bowl app or online from our homepage for exclusive access to this limited stash!


Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Cupcakes - just stringing those words together leaves me craving one!
Congratulations to Food Network celebrity baker @cakesbykarl on this winning flavor and thanks for making the available at Berkeley Bowl!

Get them while you can!


Sometimes you need a hearty snack and these curry tuna puffs hit the spot!

Warm, with savory, spiced flavor,@safecatchfoods wild albacore tuna - the lowest mercury of any brand, and dotted with chunks of potato all wrapped in a flakey pie crust - visit for the recipe!


Sometimes you need a hearty snack and these curry tuna puffs hit the spot!

Warm, with savory, spiced flavor,@safecatchfoods wild albacore tuna - the lowest mercury of any brand, and dotted with chunks of potato all wrapped in a flakey pie crust - visit for the recipe!


Sometimes you need a hearty snack and these curry tuna puffs hit the spot!

Warm, with savory, spiced flavor,@safecatchfoods wild albacore tuna - the lowest mercury of any brand, and dotted with chunks of potato all wrapped in a flakey pie crust - visit for the recipe!


Our prince has come! OK so it’s s not Wesley but we feel quite sure being rescued by delicious bread is > any ROUS’s any day!

Welcome @fireswampprovisions to the family - grab a bag of Parker House rolls to make this katsu sandwich with Japanese inspired red cabbage slaw and sriracha mayonnaise for an elevated fried chicken sandwich!

The bun totally makes the meal!
We also have the English muffins, and brioche babka two ways - treat yourself and enjoy!


…and on Wednesdays we have Korean food in the hot bar!

Check it out - our hot lunch today features Korean inspired treats like Japchae and Korean style wings!

Our kitchen team has started to mix it up - watch this space!


As a kid I thought I could live on these. As an adult I’m still pretty sure I can - it’s the classic musubi, with a western twist - instead of umeboshi or another traditional middle, these musubi are stuffed with tuna mixed with mayo!

Roll them in furikake to make them look fancy and chomp away! We used @safecatchfoods pure wild tuna because their tuna has the lowest levels of mercury of any brand, and it’s delicious!!


Spring has sprung and we have been visited by bunnies!!

These adorable bunnies are made from Japanese themed fabrics and they’re available now in our floral and gifts department!

Get yours while supplies last!


Meet Cult Crackers, a women-owned and women-powered Berkeley business, makers of delicious small-batch organic crackers.

@cultcrackers co-founders, Dianna and Birgitta, are local moms who met while volunteering at their daughters’ school in Berkeley. They became good friends and business partners when they launched their artisan cracker company.

And these crackers are seriously addictive! Find them in our cheese department!


“We’ll, Actually “ from @henhousebrewing in collaboration with the Pink Boots Society (an organization of professional female brewers that fights for equality within the industry).

A beer flavored IPA brewed by women, for everyone.


Was reducing your carbon footprint part of your goals for 2022? (We hope so!)

We have ways to help!! Blu cloths paper towel alternatives from @rockflowerpaper, beeswax food wrappers from @meliwraps, food safe reusable silicone storage bags from @stasherbag, and reusable produce bags are all great earth friendly alternatives to traditional products!


It’s all about balance - have the pie, follow it with a classic Salad Niçoise featuring @safecatchfoods ahi tuna!

Shop Berkeley Bowl for the delicious ingredients - eat all the colors!

Safe Catch tests every tuna for mercury levels to ensure the lowest levels of mercury in every tin.


Indulge in the nerdgasm that is 3/14 - we have sweet pies, we have savory pies, we have hand pies, we have pot pies, we even have have pizza pies (those should totally count) - whatever your speed, we gotcha covered!


We’re so excited! Only two days away from Turning Red!

To celebrate we’ve got our hands on @drinksanzo ‘s lychee sparkling water featuring art from the movie! You won’t find these collectors edition cans anywhere else so get them while you can!! (See what we did there?)


Panettone is just… special, and Roy’s is divine!

Tender like a cake but with the distinct air bubbles and a melt in your mouth quality. A thin light crisp crust on the outside and studded in this case with delicious hazelnut chocolate,

Its hard to think about sharing.

Berkeley Bowl is proud to be the only local grocery store to feature From Roy in our stores!


We felt like you needed to see these beautiful ranunculus currently available in our floral department.

Photos don’t do them justice - in person, they look like they’re made of dark purple velvet!
@berkeley_bowl_floral has outdone themselves!


This is NOT your typical frozen pizza! Crisp bubbly crust, delicious toppings and ready in minutes! @pizzeriadelfina has hit our shelves and we may need to start a movement to make this pizza a food group…


New to our stores - - pour-over coffee singles. All the delicious flavor of a coffee bar pour over but in a snazzy little single serve packet!
Can coffee be delicious and cute at the same time? Yes, yes it can.


Black History Month is winding down. At Berkeley Bowl we support Black Creators and Businesses all year long as they make history for the next generation.

From delicious meals that nourish the soul by @shewhatcafe to haircare from @avocurl and skincare [email protected] to decadent pies from @pietisserie and cookies from @partakefoods (just to name a few) we are proud to have these brilliant creators and the products they create in our stores.


Is it weird to get excited about toast? Not if it’s a slab of buckwheat black sesame sourdough!

We cut it a little ‘thicc’ toasted it up, slathered it with fresh butter and topped it with translucent prosciutto and arugula micro greens.

So yummy!! A delicious breakfast to kick off the day!

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920 Heinz Ave & 2020 Oregon St
Berkeley, CA
94710 & 94703

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 7pm
Tuesday 9am - 7pm
Wednesday 9am - 8pm
Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday 7am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 7pm
Sunday 9am - 10am

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