This edgy, compact three story loft style condo in the Liquid Sugar lofts was a sheer delight!

For this property, my sellers decided upon partial painting, some new lighting and a few other bells and whistles that took the place from interesting to Wow!

NurtureSource Designs staged the property with pizzazz, and I held it open for three weekends before we took offers. Over 60,000 people looked at the property online from all corners of the world (literally!).
The new buyer is completely in love with the place, and is delighted to be a part of the complex! The sellers did extraordinarily well with the sale, obtaining the highest price for this sort of unit in the history of the building.

When you want a realtor who works diligently, and creatively to make sure your property sale succeeds, think of me- I can make the difference between a good sale and a great one!

Compass, DRE#1233563
SO many businesses and community members sponsored Rock in the Redwoods and made the event the success it was. Among them Marvin Gardens Real Estate The Grubb Co. Pinnacle Capital Mortgage Kaiser Permanente Mechanics Bank El Cerrito Dentistry, Ian Iwane, DDS The Law Offices of Bonnie K Bishop, Oakland/Berkeley Association of REALTORS Cerami Builders East Bay Audiology Insurance: Ruth Stroup Agency, Red Oak Realty Studio KDA Thornwall Properties, Inc. Jack London Kitchen & Bath-Oakland Jon Christensen Commerce Home Mortgage Moran Engineering Inc. Inspector Ian Tania Balazs & Graham Chisholm NurtureSource Designs Yovino-Young Mpr Financial Jean Shrem at Shrem Law, Contra Costa Association of REALTORS North Berkeley Investment Partners Big Chief Lawn & Tree Service Concepts Truitt & White Floors Todd Jersey Architecture .A. Hayes, Co. Architecure Floors by Milton Navichoque, Inspects Oakland United Beerworks Property I D BOA - Buchanan Opalach Architects Delta Lending Group Anaviv Catering & Events Management Venga Paella Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant Orin Swift Wines McKinney Family Vineyards Arlington Wine & Spirits Management Strategies, Red Bay Coffee Vino Arizmendi
Coming soon! Gorgeous level in home in Richmond Annex. Shout out to NurtureSource Designs for the complete transformation. Proudly represented by Realtor Team Parker & Larkins at Berkeley Hills Realty. Come check it out! with .
Gary, it is great to be in touch. It seems as though we are in similar fields as I direct an organization on clean energy and sustainability. We recently hosted a conference on the Circular Economy which involves sustainable products and designs.
Gary, we're delighted that you've joined our program. Please hop over to our private Facebook group for LHI members only. It's a great place to network with other designers, air questions and share your work. Find us at, then click the Join Group button. See you there!

Home Design & Renovation
Project Management
Home Staging Presentation
Design Consulting Call for a free consultation: (510) 868-1021

NurtureSource Designs is a project management and design services company that helps homeowners prepare their homes for sale. Our goal is to make homes as "move-in-ready" as possible in order to help sellers get the best price. For homeowners planning renovations we collaborate with local interior designers and licensed construction companies to reduce cost and improve the final outcome.

Photos from NurtureSource's post 12/23/2022

What sets NurtureSource apart is our ability to create real value.

Through carefully designed budgets and timelines, our home transformations have the power to return up to 2x-3x of your investment.
Interested in our services? Check out our website and get in touch today.

🏠10 Fieldbrook Pl., Oakland, CA
🗝 Martha Hill | DRE #01414542 | Martha Hill Homes

Photos from NurtureSource's post 12/21/2022

Crafting a contemporary home using clean, simplified lines and natural light is something we love to do. Bonus: Spacious and airy design elements are widely appealing and have true staying power.

Interested in exploring what our team at NurtureSource can do? Let’s get started!

🏠1050 Middlefield Rd., Berkeley, CA
🗝 Kim Marienthall | DRE #00863747 | Coldwell Banker Realty


Meet Alexandra!

She’s our Lead Designer here at NurtureSource, with a dual degree in Architectural Preservation & Studio Arts and more than a decade of experience in interior design & construction. She’s made it her life’s mission to help bridge the gap between what is and what could be by creating multidimensional spaces that seamlessly combine aesthetics with functionality.

Ready to see how she can help maximize the value of your home? Let’s talk!


Our newest labor of love in partnership with Eileen Townsend and Team

Photos from NurtureSource's post 12/14/2022

First impressions are everything.

So…create a warm and inviting atmosphere that buyers never want to leave.
Whether it’s a thoughtfully redesigned kitchen, lighting upgrades, surprising pops of color, or a fresh coat of paint, there’s a long list of improvements we can help with.
Ready to take your home to the next level? Schedule a call today!

🏠25 Evergreen Ln., Berkeley, CA
🗝 Anthony Cassel and Alex Michas | Keller Williams Realty

Photos from NurtureSource's post 12/09/2022

Our newest investment property has just hit the market. We are so excited to share 5925 Thornhill Drive in Oakland. 🎉

Looking for a team of dedicated professionals to elevate your home? Schedule a call today. ✨

🏠5925 Thornhill Drive, Oakland, CA
🗝 Eileen Townsend

Photos from NurtureSource's post 12/08/2022

At NurtureSource, we know our way around a Mid-Century Modern home.
With decades of experience, our team of licensed and insured professionals knows exactly how to enhance these special homes. From graphic shapes and pops of color to clean lines inspired by indoor-outdoor motifs, there’s hardly a style more striking.

Need help enhancing your Mid-Century Modern home? We can help!

🏠1432 Scott St., El Cerrito, CA
🗝 Marc Guay | DRE #00979693 | Coldwell Banker Realty

Photos from NurtureSource's post 12/06/2022

Clean lines and a contemporary aesthetic make a huge difference in home transformations.

From optimizing floor plans to focusing on kitchen and bath renovations, we want to maximize your home’s value by creating a truly desirable place to live. Allow our team to transform your home and get the most out of your investment.

🏠2905 Garber St., Berkeley, CA
🗝 Andrea Gordon, Realtor® | DRE #01233563
📸Klugmann Media


Vacant homes lack inspiration. But thoughtfully staged homes tell a story. When a future buyer walks into your home, we want them to be able to envision their life there.

Let us stage your home and we’ll give buyers a sense of their future home’s full potential.

Head to our website today and check out our work.
🏠1121 Colusa Ave., Berkeley, CA
🗝 Grace Bishop | DRE #1245471 | Red Oak Realty


Let’s talk about the power of design.

Here at NurtureSource, we focus on both how a home looks and how it feels. We want your house to be a home, and we can accomplish that by drawing on our years of experience and team of professionals.

Whether you’re looking for a timeless design or something more trendy, we can help make your vision a reality.

🏠8440 Skyline Blvd., Oakland, CA
🗝 Spencer Mills | DRE #02127098 | Red Oak Realty

Photos from NurtureSource's post 11/28/2022

Who do we work with?

NurtureSource works with buyers, sellers, and agents – using the power of design to maximize your home’s value. Drawing on decades of experience, NurtureSource has transformed more than 1,700 homes.

Looking for a team of dedicated professionals to elevate your home? Schedule a call today.

🏠2717 Forest Ave., Berkeley, CA
🗝 Andrea Gordon, Realtor® | DRE #01233563


NurtureSource designs and renovates homes whether they are going to be sold or enjoyed by their current owners. Our in-house teams of project managers, designers, tradespeople, and stagers are passionate about design that adds value to your home today and into the future.

Call or message us today to find out how we can help you!

🏠2439 Roosevelt Ave, Berkeley, CA
🗝Joey Wang | DRE #01890931 | Keller Williams Realty


The Kitchen of Your Dreams

A thoughtfully designed kitchen adds substantial value to a home! Check out this beauty from one of our most recent projects.

Need help in your kitchen renovation? We can help!


Each home has a specific design style. NurtureSource strives to acknowledge and enhance the style of each home with thoughtful and value-driven design. From Contemporary to Spanish, Ranch to Tudor-style homes, our design experts will assist you in pinpointing the renovations or enhancements suited to your home.

Let’s talk about a design for your home! Link in bio. ✨

🏠2211 McKinley Avenue, Berkeley, CA
🗝Marc Guay | DRE #00979693 | Coldwell Banker Realty


104 Dominican Drive

Take a step inside 104 Dominican Drive.

104 Dominican Drive was already a beautiful property but needed quite a bit of updating to make it appeal to today’s buyers. Complete with designer upgrades to the kitchen and bathrooms, new light fixtures, flooring updates, interior and exterior paint, and refreshed landscaping, this gorgeous property will be a lucky buyer’s dream come true. It’s on the market now, so go check it out!

Let’s talk about doing this to your home! Link in bio. ✨

🏠104 Dominican Drive, San Rafael, CA
🗝Grace Bishop | DRE #1245471 | Red Oak Realty


“Working with Nurture Source gives me peace of mind, that it will be done completely, correctly, and in good taste.”
– Rayne Palmer, Real Estate Agent

The happiness and success of our clients and agents mean everything to us. From our initial meeting to the delivery of the completed project, we work alongside you every step of the way to ensure your vision becomes a reality. We pride ourselves on being trusted advisors and friends to every client.

We’re here to help. Link in Bio to connect.

🏠4310 Barrett Avenue, Richmond, CA
🗝Home sold by Rayne Palmer | DRE# 01902981 | Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate LLC
📸Klugmann Media


“Staging is about showcasing an engaging, move-in-ready home that creates an emotional connection with the buyer. Updating décor with on-trend, inviting style—particularly in living rooms, primary bedrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms—can make a memorable impression. Once engaged, buyers will be more committed and possibly willing to increase their offer, and they may be less likely to change their minds at the last minute or ask for concessions.”
- National Association of Realtors

Vacant homes often lack personality and a buyer can struggle to imagine themselves living in the space. Allow one of our design experts to stage your home with on-trend decor & accessories to create magazine-quality photos that appeal to buyers and bring them through the door!

Inquire about our staging-only services today! Link in bio.

🏠1829 Versailles Ave, Alameda, CA
🗝Chih Wu | DRE #01443410 | COMPASS

Photos from NurtureSource's post 11/09/2022

“Their crisp, clean and modern aesthetic is a complete asset to any of the ultra-luxury homes I sell. There is always a sense of refinement, and visual beauty that arrests and attracts the eye to their work – this dynamic enhances any listing they stage.”

Andrea Gordon, Real Estate Agent, Selling 819 Paramount Rd, Oakland. (Pictured Above)
DRE #01233563 | Andrea Gordon, Realtor®

Looking for a team dedicated to the details? We would love to talk! Schedule a call today with our team of experts.

Photos from NurtureSource's post 11/07/2022

Sometimes, a simple enhancement is all a home needs to make it shine.

Simple updates like updating flooring, replacing countertops, installing new lighting, and a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. We have all the necessary resources to enhance what your home already is.

These projects are done quickly and efficiently by our licensed experts. Have questions? Let us know! We would love to help.

🏠2439 Roosevelt Ave, Berkeley, CA
🗝Joey Wang | DRE #01890931 | Keller Williams Realty

Photos from NurtureSource's post 11/03/2022

Some homes need more than just enhancements, they need a value-driven design to transform into a space that appeals to and serves today’s homeowners.

Transformations add substantial value to a home whether you are preparing to sell, or you are a homeowner looking to renovate.

Inquire through our website (link in bio) today to learn more about how we can transform your home.

🏠1900 Harvard Drive, Alameda, CA
🗝Liz Rush | DRE# 01443410 | Keller Williams Realty

Photos from NurtureSource's post 11/01/2022

01 Meet & Assess
Establish a connection with our team so we can evaluate your particular needs & goals.

02 Our Recommendations
We will structure a cohesive plan, budget, and timeline to begin the process

03 Get to Business
Our team of licensed and insured professionals take over and complete your project quickly and efficiently.

04 Finishing Touches
Our expert designers stage the home and we capture magazine-quality images to showcase the project.

Interested in taking the next step? We’re here to help - send us a DM! ✨

🏠2616 Etna Street, Berkeley, CA
🗝Mark Hardwicke | DRE #01352634 | Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate LLC

Photos from NurtureSource's post 10/27/2022

We focus on the power of design to increase the value of a home. Offering a wide range of services from home transformations, enhancements, and staging gives us the ability to use a tailored design approach for each project’s individual needs and goals.

🏠38 Schooner Hill, Oakland, CA
🗝Chris Thompson | DRE# 01439169 | COMPASS

Photos from NurtureSource's post 10/17/2022

As an agent you want to see your clients happy. You want your sellers to make as much money as possible for their home. You want your buyers to feel satisfied with their investment.

Get in touch with us with a DM if you’re interested in being part of our agent network.

Photos from NurtureSource's post 10/14/2022

We work with all kinds of design styles including:

Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, Ranch, Spanish, Mediterranean, Craftsman, Bungalow, Farmhouse, Colonial, French, Tudor

What kind of home are you looking to renovate? We’d love to hear about it in the comments…

(P.S. Check out our portfolio on our website – link in bio ☝️)


Did you know that not everyone in the home renovation business is fully licensed and insured? We make sure we are covering all of our bases to fully reduce liability for listing agents, sellers, and even future buyers. We are committed to doing it well and doing it right.

If you want home renovations you can trust, designed to sell your home for the highest price, we’d be delighted to meet with you. 🤝

Let’s talk! 📞Click the link in our bio and schedule your introductory call 🤗


How would you like to sell your home for 25% more? How about 50% or 80% more? Renovations are one of the best investments you can make.

We specialize in designing homes to sell. We offer two main renovation services: Transformations & Enhancements:

Our transformation projects will get you the best price for your home. Though these projects may take more time, they aren’t on the market for long and have been known to set records for selling prices.

Our enhancements focus on the updates that are going to provide you with the best return on investment. Typically flooring, painting, countertops, lighting, and staging. We complete these projects quickly and efficiently, which often results in a return that is two times or more of your investment.

To get started, schedule a call on our website - link in bio.

Questions? Leave a comment or send us a DM - we’re here to help. 😃

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