Finding Roots Farm

Finding Roots Farm

Hi! Welcome to Finding Roots Farm! We're the Sinners, located in southern NH.


Our thanksgiving day surprise

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Stocked and ready for Thanksgiving! Just a few 🥚cellent ideas for your holiday:
Deviled 🥚
Breakfast sandwiches in bulk (or in advance)
Overnight french toast bake
Specialty omelets for those who have the luxury
🥚 salad for quick protein or a quick sandwich for your overnight guests

114 Horace Greeley Rd

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My girls have been working overtime preparing for your holiday. The cooler is fully stocked with quail and chicken eggs. Stop by today and get yours

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I have Nigerian dwarfs: 3 does, 1 doeling, and multiple wethers available. Having to downsize because apparently some kids like to go to college.
Message me with questions, offers, or just good vibes 😊.


Some days on the farm are just "farm days." Yesterday was just that. We lost our sweet donkey, Bert.
He was down in the morning for the second day in a row, but this time he didn't get back up. We don't know what was wrong, but he didn't seem to be suffering and he passed peacefully and quietly with me by his side.
The next few days will be especially hard for our remaining donkey, Lily. We will be giving her lots of extra attention and snuggles.
HUGE thanks to my neighbor Bill who came to try to help at the beginning and stayed with me until after the end.

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Still have a few does and a doeling ready to go! Nigerian dwarfs, registered or registerable. Message for details.

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I've got four bucklings that I thought would be breeders but I'm needing the space now. Tough decisions for me means good deals for you!
2 blue eyes white with amazing ears, 1 grey otter who loves to play, and a black tort who is cuddly and calm.


There's so much special and incredible about this time of year. This is just one thing that I love every second of. No matter how much I see it, I smile every time 🥰

Photos from Finding Roots Farm's post 10/25/2023

Soooo, this happened ❤️❤️❤️
I'm so glad my animals are available for public consumption. I love that they bring joy or calm or memories for so many. Thank you for stopping and so many thanks for this sweet and thoughtful gift ❤️❤️❤️


Thanks to the beautiful weather, we're actually going to fit in more goat cuddles! Come join us! This will be the LAST of the season!

Message for more info and to reserve your spot. $25 per person


Big me and mini me

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Still a few moe doe to go (🙄 I know, right?). Downsizing the farm, good deals to be had!
Good mommas (except for the doeling)
Good milkers
Easy keepers
Amherst, NH

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Got a few on their way out this weekend. Please give me some offers better than meat prices for these two sweet girls. Still of breeding age! And boy do they make milk!
Amherst, NH.

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Flash opportunity! For the rest of October you can get any of these 4 precious bucks, half off.
Purebred Holland Lops, friendly, all under 1 year. (Gray otter can take his slinky with him ❤️)
I've got more planned but I've got to make space first.
Amherst, NH

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Downsizing the farm. Nigerian dwarf goats available, all ages, will sell registered or not your preference. Absolutely easy keepers. They do fine with chain link or cattle panels or whatever else. Super friendly, well socialized. Great opportunity for a starter herd.
Amherst, nh

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Who wants some sweet big does?
Older Nubians, looking for a fun, friendly home 😁 (alpaca not included)


Lunchtime for the birds, courtesy of Hannaford Supermarkets

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Just another day on the farm. Nothing like getting to the right branch!


Sunset. Tonight. 6:00. At the farm. Be there.

Message for info 🥰
Sunset Baby Goat Yoga with Tarah King

Photos from Finding Roots Farm's post 09/20/2023

And then.... there were more


Ok, here we go. I've got girl and boy kids ready to go! Good lines, super sweet temperament, well socialized. Registered parents, bucks can be wethered on request. Message with questions or for more details 😊


I love my TSC pullets 🤣🤣🤣

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Baby goat cuddles available starting at 9am!


I know some others have already started but Tuesday is the first day of school for at least Amherst and New Boston! Message me if you're interested in a 9:00 a.m. after drop off/ first day of school goat yoga (or cuddle) class. If I've got enough interest, I'll find an instructor. And if I can't, we'll just cuddle goats and smile while we cry ❤️


Like can be so, simply, beautiful

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Tonight is the last currently scheduled baby goat yoga class! Don't miss this seasons opportunity to cuddle with these sweet creatures.
Message for more info


I have discovered that a true smile is one of the greatest gifts you could ever receive.
I feel so grateful to be able to share my goats with people. It is a true gift to see people come, forget about their cares, and find their smile.


Turkeys are so strange 🤣🤣🤣


First thing yesterday morning (also the day to drive to CT to celebrate a friend's wedding):
Child gets up, stumbles into a room with windows overlooking the backyard. Yells to Mom who's still in bed, but awake.
"Uhhhh, mom? There's a bunch of people here. In the backyard. Is there goat yoga?"
Mom bolts upright, grabs her phone. Checks it again, for about the 15th time, to make sure she didn't double book the day. Sees the time, it's 2 minutes after a normal yoga class would start, but also doesn't see any messages asking where she is.
At the same time she's confirming she hears child yell out "Oh, I guess it's the clothes. Yeah, it's just the clothes you hung up."
Mom finishes her heart attack, because why not, and decides she's awake 😳🤯


It's like Easter 🥰 Each one is different!

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Soooo, this happened


What did you do on your long weekend?


On bath day we get to hang indoors until Mom is sure we are 1000% dry


Oh, sweet Ila! Thank you for your thank you note. You're welcome to come see Oreo anytime!

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Outside is magical

Photos from Finding Roots Farm's post 01/06/2023

Roxy says she's a cat (though she's not) and must stay inside today. The windows are drafty enough.


I'm glad that was a big one! Thanks again to everyone who is dropping off their trees and donating them to our animals. Special thanks to BSA Troop 5, Bedford NH for all of their coordination every year for their tree pick up and recycle ❤️

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