Imagine our surprise seeing our photo at your booth at the Picayune Street Fair on Sunday. I haven't used your products yet, but my stepdaughter grilled hamburgers using the marinade and said they were delicious!! Looking forward to creating some great meals with your marinade. :)
Made the bbq swimps tonight n have to say they were delicious 😋
Bought both marinade n bbq swimp pack at cruising the coast. Now I can buy it at Mathernes in Laplace ! Also my cousin is the distributor for this area 👌
Today's dinner, would have had a post grill photo but it smelled too good to waste time...
Went camping this weekend and made sure to bring along some 30 Minute Marinade for these sirloin shish kabobs. They were awesome!
Lost my last jar of 30 Minute Marinade in Hurricane Ida, so I tracked it down at the Slidell Street Fair this weekend. Grilled up some salmon and turkey cutlets. First time using on salmon—absolutely perfect!! Also added the Ultimate Rub & Seasoning. I’ve never had a marinade that is so versatile across all meats—it doesn’t overpower and taste the same, but rather enhances each one in its own way. Great stuff!
Found 30 Minute Marinade at the Slidell Street Fair Fall 2021 today. I went immediately to the butcher shop and picked up some ribeyes. Got em' marinating. Pretty excited to put these bad boys on the grill tonight after letting them marinade in this deliciousness for a little while.
Chris Gonzalez marinade is on point once again....
Can’t wait to make my best dish with this marinade.
I was fortunate to get some of Chris' 30 Minute Marinade BBQ Shrimp Mix at the St Clare Seafood Festival. It is amazing! It is so easy. Some butter and beer and shrimp and you are good to go! Don't forget fresh french bread to soak up the juice. With shrimp in season, this is a great time to try it out. A quick and great summer meal. Thanks, Chris!
We spent this past weekend at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center for the annual Ralph's Market food show. Got to meet and hang out with some old friends and made new ones. Lot's of great tastes flowing through the booths. Here are the ones we met and you have to get some too!! Like and follow their pages to keep in the loop, available all over our local area. DELICIOUS!! Zyde'ceaux Joe's Cajun Products Alexandra Cheesecakes Flying Tiger Brewery 30MinuteMarinade Where Baton Rouge Eats EAT THE BOOT Isolation Recipes to Nourish the Soul The Vintage Fork Parish Foods LLC What You Got In Dat Pot
The liquid 30 minute marinade is the BEST we've tried!!
Would love to order a few more jars of that and another powdered seasoning. Can't wait to be able to buy your product(s) at my local Rouses. If you use any creole seasoning you must try this 😋
We bought this a few weeks ago and love it! How can we order more?! We were in Bay St Louis at a Flea Market beside i-10 when we found it!

30 Minute Marinade - It's not just good, it's Bone Sucking Good! It’s good and thick – lightly s 30 Minute Marinade - It's not just good, it's Bone Suckin Good!

It’s good and thick – lightly sweet and tangy, and finishes off smokey and savory. There is NOTHING like it.

Photos from 30MinuteMarinade's post 09/21/2022

Alright Alright peeps if y'all like SHRIMP 🍤 y'all get ready... If you're in the Biloxi area by the Casinos A lot of festivities happening THIS SATURDAY!!! The Gulf Coast Shrimp Tasting Festival and Cook-Off! I'll be out there spreading the love! Come One...Come All!

Photos from 30MinuteMarinade's post 12/08/2019

So I was heading to Florida minding my business all of a sudden... BOOM! BANG! POW! POW! ... The lady next to me slows to almost a dead stop... I'm looking in my rearview, sideview... I see smoke... My first thought was the propane tank I just topped off exploded...I thought I rolled over someone... Really had no idea as I was getting over to the shoulder... Got out didn't see a flat... it was almost dark... Kinda leary to open the bed cover... Thinking propane explosion and marinade everywhere! ... Nothing!!! Walk around the truck... drivers rear tire is still inflated but as I look closer it's almost dark... My phone light on all the tread is gone tire still up... Whole bed of the truck is torn up with black rubber marks in a circular pattern, rear quarter bent up under, gas flap torn off, panel under that bent out! Major major blowout! Lovely!!!.... Got the spare down, loosened the lug nuts, got trusty floor jack out.. thinking past the truck-demolishing tire... this is only going to take about 15 minutes more... Jack is broken!!! Lovely!!! Remembering AAA called... 1½ hours out... Lovely!!!... 5 minutes after calling the wife here come the Flashing Blue Lights!!!🚔... Lovely!!! Get out my truck license in hand... This is where it gets better 😀 Believe it or not! This nice young Mississippi State Trooper meets me halfway... Started to explain... halfway through he's says let's see if my "jack" will work!😀... So I'm under the truck hand cranking... Interstate buzzing he's holding his flashlight the whole time... Not only a MS State Trooper but a real trooper! Helped me pick-up... Didn't want to accept my gift but I insisted! Gave him a jar each of 30 Minute Marinade and The Ultimate Rub and Seasoning... So the reason I'm writing this is I wanted to give a Huge 30 Minute Marinade Shout Out to Mississippi State Trooper Alec Rosilin for literally helping a stranded motorist in time of need as I'm sure most of them don't get the recognition they deserve... God Bless all State Troopers Nationwide!✝✝✝


Had to post this thought it was quite humourous...


30 Minute Marinade SPICY SAUSAGE!!!


Due to Booking arrangements I've moved to Booth E227... Swap Meet Entrance to the left in the corner for FREE SAMPLES of 30 Minute Marinade and The Ultimate Rub and Seasoning October 10th - 12th! 9am - 5pm See y'all there!!!


ROUSES #77 Gulfport...
Newest Store with
30 Minute Marinade and The Ultimate Rub & Seasoning
Many more to follow!

Photos from 30MinuteMarinade's post 04/10/2019

I not great with Facebook but I'm trying to post The Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival... If you received other post I'm Sorry! I'll be in BOOTH #14 giving FREE Samples of 30 Minute Marinade and The Ultimate Rub and Seasoning Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6pm... See y'all there!!!




Susie Natal another satisfied customer using her leftover smoked/grilled salmon that was marinated with 30 Minute Marinade in this amazing smoked salmon and cream cheese omelette... Go girl!


30MinuteMarinade updated their business hours. 11/18/2018

30MinuteMarinade updated their business hours.

30MinuteMarinade updated their business hours.

30MinuteMarinade updated their phone number. 10/13/2018

30MinuteMarinade updated their phone number.

30MinuteMarinade updated their phone number.


I just wanted to let all you Prayer Warriors that my father's surgery went well and he's recovering now... Again Thank You Thank You Thank All of You so much for your kind words, sentiments, and prayers and Thank You God for Blessing my father with a Puff of your Mighty Breath in his direction... It just let's me know that You have more for him to do here! What a Mighty King!!!


Hello to all of my friends and loyal customers... As you know I really don't post often as I should... and don't ask for anything much except a visit to a show or festival but I am really reaching out to each and every one of you to just take a minute, moment or few seconds to say a few words of prayer to our Mighty King... Our Lord and Savior for my father Ronald Gonzalez as he is about to have heart surgery in a little while... We love him so much ... I Thank each and every one of you in advance!!! I Thank You Heavenly Father in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Amen Amen Amen!!!


Well another Strawberry Festival in the history books!!! I would like to thank all of those who came out and enjoyed! Thanks to all that shared my original post to this one! The weather was great! Ms Margie who was in charge of the vendors was a gracious host! Had a great show! Look forward to next year!!!! Thank God!

Photos from 30MinuteMarinade's post 04/06/2017

Hello everyone!!! As you can see it's Festival Season again and my wife Jasmine Gonzalez and I will be vendors at the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival (GREAT FESTIVAL!!!) this weekend!!! So the weather is gonna be beautiful, plenty of Strawberries, Strawberry wine, honey, shortcake, food and drink .... Plenty to do....
Our booths will be next to the railroad tracks on the grassy side. See y'all there!!!


Google this address for directions:

301 N 6th St, Ponchatoula, LA 70454
Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival,

Festival Weekend
April 7th-9th, 2017
Friday 12:00pm-10:30pm
Saturday 9:00am-11:00pm
Sunday 10:00am-6:00pm

Photos from 30MinuteMarinade's post 03/31/2017

Hello my wife and I will be vendors at the Picayune Street Festival in downtown Picayune, MS this weekend! My wife Jasmine Gonzalez with Sissy's Butterfly Boutique / Facebook who in my opinion makes some of the most beautiful handmade wreaths and children's clothing around...hands down! Will be there next to me of which I'll be giving out "Try it before you buy it free samples" of "30 Minute Marinade." It's gonna be beautiful weather this weekend so get off the sofa and come on out and enjoy yourselves. We'll be in Booth 90 in front of Stonewall's BBQ!


Hi Hurley, MS and surrounding!!! I recently put 30 Minute Marinade in Dixie Depot 21000 MS-613, Moss Point, MS 39562 will be doing a demo on Friday April 14, 2017 10am - 2pm hope y'all can make it especially those that purchased at the OLD FASHION DAY FEST! Thanks to all! God bless you!

Photos from 30MinuteMarinade's post 11/30/2016

Photos from 30MinuteMarinade's post


ATTENTION ALL TURKEY EATERS!!! I know I've had this post on here but people always me about "injecting". So here you go!!! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And also thank the Good Lord above for everything you've got!


Very nice Adam...Looks awesome!!! I'm almost jealous lol!

Thick-cut pork chops cooked with just 30 minute marinade over asparagus. This stuff is the best.


I just wanted to thank all of you that liked my page... Hit the 500 mark!!! Thank you!


BOSTON BUTT DONE IN LESS THAN 2 HOURS RECIPE! Ok so you bought you a Boston Butt, now what? Although there are many ways to cook one I've had great success with this recipe... It's quick easy and DELICIOUS!!! I first started this in a pot on top the stove ...totally against the grain of doing it the old fashioned way which of course is still good I just shortened the cook time and the way it's cooked! What you'll need: (1) nice size pot at least 12 quarts, (1) Boston Butt, (1) cup 30 Minute Marinade + a little more (1) medium onion chopped , about (2) tablespoons Tony Chacere's Creole Seasoning , and enough water to cover. Ok here we go rinse your butt off to rid any debris then dry with paper towels. Use a sharp knife to trim the large slab of fat off and any other fat that can be trimmed. Then cut the butt into smaller pieces about half the size of your fist placing all trimmed pieces into the pot. Now put the onion, Tony's, 30 Minute Marinade and enough water to just cover your butt...Now place the pot on your stove turn it on high placing the lid canted to prevent boil over. Set your timer once it starts boiling to (1) hour and (15) minutes. Once your timer rings take the pot off the stove cut your meat into smaller edible pieces. Discard all juice except 3-5 ladles of the delicious juice then put the cut up meat and saved juice back into the pot add about a 1/4 cup 30 Minute Marinade and adjust with Tonys. There you go!!! All you need here is either a pot of white rice or some crunchy french bread slathered with mayo for some delicious poboys! YUMMO!!! ENJOY!!! (You can also do this in a table top roaster or a crock pot. The crock pot will take 6-8 hours)


TRY THIS all you Turkey eaters...whether you're baking or deep frying. For about a 16-18 pounder: 1 stick REAL BUTTER, 1 heaping tablespoon or so Tony Chacere's Creole Seasoning, 1 cup 30 Minute Marinade. Melt the butter, Tony's and 30 Minute Marinade; about 1½ minutes in the microwave. Stir real well and stir in between injections until your birds done had enough...then lightly dust the outside with a little more Tony's or The Ultimate Rub and Seasoning. Now let the bird marinate for about at least 6-8 hours overnight in the fridge is best so that the marinade can do its thing...that's a lot of meat! If your baking use a baking bag! Now for the "pièce de résistance" (The Finest Part) - if you're going to bake or smoke the bird TRY THIS! After you've marinaded Take 1 pound of bacon and place the bacon slices side by side across the top of the turkey. If Smoking stop here... follow your smoking instructions... everyone's different... But it's gonna be delicious!

Baking continue... Now put the bird in a baking bag and bake following the directions. Once all the bacon drippings mix with all the juice you're going to have OMG..."Pièce de Résistance!!!" -- Now if you going to deep fry please by all means be careful by making sure you know what you're doing!!! Having someone help you isn't always a bad idea like for lowering or raising the turkey in or out of the HOT OIL!!! Making sure you DO NOT have too much oil in your pot - ( the best and easiest way is BEFORE you unwrap your bird place your bird in the pot fill it with water about an inch over the top of bird. Then take out the bird NOTE the waterline and mark it..then empty the water and DRY THE POT THOROUGHLY and replace it with oil to the NOTED WATERLINE.) Yea that was fun! Also don't get to close to house with the pot setup and have a fire extinguisher handy. DONT USE A GARDEN HOSE!!! Make sure the oil stays at 350 degrees throughout your fry and fry your bird 3 minutes per pound. TURN THE FIRE OFF BEFORE RAISING and let it drain for about 10-15 minutes. DELICIOUS AND JUICY!!!

I hope y'all try these I've enjoyed em for years HAPPY TURKEY EATING and thank you for sticking with me and enjoying 30 Minute Marinade and always Praise GOD for what you have!


Pour 1/4 cup 30 Minute Marinade, (1/2) teaspoon Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning or any cajun seasoning, and (1) pound of ground chuck or any ground meat into a bowl - mix thoroughly patty up the size burgers you like. don't use any eggs or salt or pepper. but of course use what you like. then grill for best flavor but you can broil or fry them as well...I then drizzle a little more on them after they're grilled....DELISH! ENJOY!!!

MS Pecan Festival 10/01/2013

MS Pecan Festival

Just wanted to give a SHOUT OUT to all the wonderful people that came out to the Mississippi Pecan Festival in Richton, MS
that tried and /or bought 30 Minute Marinade !!! Shoukd have brought a SOLD OUT SIGN!!! Thank you Heavenly Father and Thanks to Mr Ken and Ms Jeanette for another wonderful show and to God be the Glory for NO RAIN during the festival! Till Next Year!!!

MS Pecan Festival


Sorry So Late still trying to get familiar with Facebook!!!
Just wanted to thank you to all the wonderful people that tried 30 Minute Marinade and all who attended the "Shrimp & Petroleum Festival In Morgan City, LA. My wife Jasmine and I had a great time and and look forward to next year!!! WHAT A FESTIVAL! Great job!


Try this...1 lb chicken thin sliced about 1 1/2 to 2 inches long or ground beef, one small pack of flour tortillas, (1/2) large onion sliced thin, teaspoon garlic powder, teaspoon black pepper, and 2 tablespoons or so of BADIA fajita seasoning and a little olive or vegetable oil about 2 tablespoons or so split and of course 30 Minute Marinade about 1 tablespoon or so...DIRECTIONS...use a nice size skillet and heat it up med - high with half the oil for chicken - none for the ground beef then add the meat lightly browning, don't fully cook it'll finish as you go then add the onions. You want your pan about almost on high now to kinda burn (bad word - I mean CHAR) the meat and onions stirring almost constantly as not to burn then add the seasonings...and last but not least the 30 Minute Marinade this is all done in a matter of a few minutes till the onions are done and you have some CHAR going on. If you start losing some juice add a little more oil or water not much though. If you like add some bell peppers, I do when adding the onions. YUMMMY! Take it off the heat and you know what the Flour Tortillas are for...Don't forget the garnishes like sour cream, salsa, shredded cheese etc.... I'm talking too much! Let me know what you think...Later!
Chris G.




Bay Saint Louis, MS

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