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NO CONTROL Radio Replay for March 19th is up! New tunes from Master Boot Record, Cave In, Rammstein, Septicflesh, Decapitated, Caliban, plus homegrown Austin music from Dining with Dogs and Death Of A Dream , and plenty of tickets to shows to go around!
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Check out ATX Metal Podcast's latest episode with Chuck Loesch of NO CONTROL Radio talking about "Haunted" music video and the upcoming documentary Bloody & Bruised: The Untold Story of The Back Room directed by Budro Partida & produced by John Robert JewJr!!

Podcast episode:

"Haunted" official music video:
Yesterday's NO CONTROL Radio Playlist is up! New tunes from Monuments, Meshuggah, Amon Amarth, Moon Tooth, Ibaraki, Caliban Kreator, plus Austin homegrown Death Of A Dream and W***e of Bethlehem + quite a bit more! Check out Austin’s longest running metal show only on KLBJ FM and KLBJFM HD2!
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Happy Birthday Chuck 🐫💨
Tune in tonight! Sunday Encore on NO CONTROL Radio 🙌

"HAUNTED" will be featured on NO CONTROL Radio at midnight! Big shout out to Chuck Loesch for having us on! 🤘

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Every year we pause for an episode to remember Dime on his birthday, tune in Saturday and let’s jam.


Man hope everyone gets to feeling better! and still rockin out no matter what


Wifey caught me turning up the jams and cleaning house…pretty little Saturday. More metal on tap tonight at 12a


Cranking the heater up high to get the metal ready for tomorrow night! New and plenty more, fire off those requests and tune in Sat night to jam the metals


Making my picks for this weeks episode, drop me your requests! I have new just to start!


Who knew there were other forms of dance than mosh, however maybe I can offer classes in headbang theory and traditional circle pitting. Till then I guess it’s a Texas two step maybe?


It’s my Birthday, so let’s jam tonight at midnight so I can get home and play with my toys! two hours of the metals!


Finally invested in a new receiver amp, hitting the vinyl prepping for Saturday nights episode on round midnight…make those requests or kick back and see what I come up with


So back to our regular show tonight! Tune in at Midnight and get your metal fix! Tix to plus new tunes from and more! (And you can pick up the show AND 24/7 metal on the HD2 channel)


Yeah, Holiday sh*t is done…time to get back to business…one more box to check? Tonight’s episode features my favorite tunes from 2021. Midnight set an editing [email protected] something and let’s jam…


Don’t freak out, but you might suffer a bit of deja vu tonight on the show…Two hours of Holiday Metal actually on Christmas! I just had cookies for dinner, so I need to go back to sleep now…Merry Christmas, next week Best of 2021 list!


Bringing in the season tonight, two hours of Christmas Metal on ! Tune in at midnight and dance with Krampus to your holiday favorites!


I make lists of things, my favorite 25 albums of 2021 to be precise…see what you think


You need more metal, jam with me Saturday night at midnight, comment with your requests and listen to metal 24/7 93.7 HD2


We give thanks to metal this week, pretty much like every Saturday night! Tix to plenty of new tunes, but I need those early requests to fill it out, comment with your best! And tune in Sat to jam with me!


Getting the metal ready for tomorrow night’s episode, tix to going out, plus a ton of requests…make em now and tune in Sat night, midnight


So many choices! I have an extra hour to fill Saturday night for Daylight Savings and need your requests!! Make ‘em now and stay up late Sat to set your clocks back and jam with me on at midnight!!


This weekend, we get you prepped and ready with our annual Halloween episode! Saturday night on crank it up at your gathering, or just lurk in the shadows…we got you boo


Always at the ready to bring the metals! Almost Halloween episode, new and plenty more for tomorrow night, but your requests set it off. Make ‘em now, hear them Sat night on


it’s been a while but damn glad it was you for my first show out. Plus I got to intro my 17 yr-old to her old man’s favorite band!


You have been selected to play a game, we have two hours to blasts the most metal we can on Saturday night at Midnight. Your only duty? Supply those requests, and we can make it through unharmed, maybe.


Sometimes you need to stop and drop an album…looking for inspiration for tomorrow night’s show, any ideas? (And yes that’s my vintage CD player circa 1986!) Jam with me at and hear those requests Saturday night


Let work together to create a Saturday night show that my metalhead Uber drivers can use to blast our ACL friends! I need your requests, can’t piss off the muddy masses without you!! Saturday Midnight!


Place a note wherever to to tune in Saturday night at Midnight and jam some metal with me on tickets to and and plenty of those requests you are about to add in the comments…


Acquiring inspiration for the show on proper this weekend, get your early requests in! Plus score tix to and Sat …and listen to the HD2 channel 24/7 and stuff


Dreaming of far away places, but hanging around just to bring you the best metal! Make your early requests HERE! Then set an alarm for Saturday night at Midnight to tune in to (and 24/7 metal too 93.7 HD2)


Gathering the metal for tomorrow night’s episode, make your requests now and be ready to pick up tix for and this week too Sat night


Getting the regular show ready for Saturday night! Make your early requests NOW! And tune in 937 HD2 for 24/7 commercial free metal on the airwaves!


Happy Birthday to Dime! This weekend we celebrate the music of a Texas Metal legend with our annual Dimebag Tribute show Saturday night


Magnets speak the truth…gotta stop playing around and get the show together for tomorrow night! Lots of tickets to hand out including Megadeth and Soulfly, but need your requests to make the show sinister!


Prepping the show for tomorrow night, jamming NO CONTROL Radio 93.7 KLBJ HD2 and getting inspiration. Make your requests and tune in Saturday


Working on upgrades, rocking out to 93.7 KLBJ NO CONTROL Radio HD2 right now! But if you lack in the HD radio dept, help me destroy the airwaves Saturday night I need those requests!


Feeling better than last week, time to get those requests in for Saturday’s show! we get loud, hit me with your demands!


Back from Vegas, gotta pull together a show for tomorrow night, what shall we play? Need your ideas for requests and your ears Saturday night on 93.7


How’s your day going? I just need to keep these wires from touching…
Vacation pending, till then? Need those requests to get may ass through the weekend…


4th of July weekend, any good metal tunes about ‘Merica, freedom or independence? I can think of a few…ideas welcome! Tune in Sat night and we can jam.


Working out the broad strokes for Saturday’s show, fine tune this mutha with your requests!


What are some metal songs we should blast out to our friends at ERCOT this week?


Strange things happening…more info to come! Till then get me requests for tomorrow night’s episode of NO CONTROL Radio!! Saturday on

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