Turquoise Trading Post

Turquoise Trading Post


What an awesome store, so much beauty ! It seems to me that this is one of the top stores of its type anywhere ! And the people are very nice.
One of our favorite stores in Austin, Turquoise Trading Post shared the following message:
"Although we are currently closed to the general public (due to Covid-19), we're still open for phone, and online sales here and on Insta! Shipping is always available for jewelry. During this time we're also offering FREE delivery of your items in the Austin area. Featured here are 2 very unique vintage Navajo cuff bracelets for sale from the 1960's - 1970's. Give us a call @ 512-323-5011, or email us @ [email protected]"
We're hoping everyone is having a safe and healthy day! If you'd like some beautiful Turquoise jewelry delivered to you in the Austin area, give us a call! 512-323-5011. Stay tuned for online sales coming soon!
Are you looking for unique gifts or perhaps something for yourself? (I personally want this piece). Take a trip to Turquoise Trading Post in Austin. They have the best selection of Native American jewelry in Texas! They also offer a large selection of other Native American art and decorative items. Well worth the visit!!
Jewelry makes a great gift for Valentines Day or, just because. Visit our friends at Turquoise Trading Post and shop their collection of beautiful Native American pieces.
Have some Christmas money you'd like to spend on yourself? Visit our friends at the Turquoise Trading Post, they have the best selection of Native American jewelry in Texas!
Start your holiday shopping off the beaten track at Turquoise Trading Post, they have some stunning, one of a kind pieces that are sure to impress those special people on your list.
It is almost November y'all which means, time to start that holiday shopping! Visit our friends at the Turquoise Trading Post in Austin for the Best Selection of Native American Jewelry In Texas!
Shopping? Check out the beautiful jewelry and gifts available at Turquoise Trading Post, absolutely beautiful!!
Love your store. Austin Texas is the live music capital of the world therefore do you have any upcoming Native American concerts? Leo Rojas is great
As always, my husband and I love this place! Everyone is always so friendly and helpful and are really just genuinely nice people. We have been shopping and trading here for over 10 years since we got to Austin and discovered it.

It is way more than native jewelry, pottery, and rugs! Every piece is a work of art and they have home goods like blankets and pillows and more. The selection and the eye for beauty in all the details is simply amazing.

This weekend my husband took home a Zuni Effie Calavaza watch and I traded for a Hopi Corn Maiden Kachina. Go today and fall in love with something you can take home and enjoy for years to come!
Finally using my bag! I love it. It's so special I didn't want to use it and wear it out ❤️

Largest retailer of Native handmade jewelry in Texas! (Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, and Santo Domingo Pueblo)


Turquoise Trading Post is happy to announce that we're Now carrying Native made 14k Gold with Kingman and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and real diamond jewelry!! Pictured here are just a few of the many absolutely stunning pieces of wearable art, so we hope you'll come by and see for yourself what other beauties we have in stock! All of the gold is Navajo made, handmade and the rings can be sized. (Prices range from about $1800-$12k, please message or stop in for more info and selection). See ya'll soon!

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011

Turquoise Trading Post on TikTok 07/01/2023

Turquoise Trading Post on TikTok

Get your Navajo Pearls Fix today! And catch us on Tik Tok!!

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011

Turquoise Trading Post on TikTok Our selection of 4mm antique patina style Navajo Pearls! Please share us! 🏜Native made and sterling silver 🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 7875 ☎️ 512 323 5011 📦$10 shipping ...


One pendant, 2 different ways to wear! This bright and lovely Sonoran Gold turquoise pendant is pictured here with both a turquoise beaded necklace, and a strand of Navajo pearls. Both are great looks, so it all just depends on your mood or what you like! Pendant and pearls are Navajo made sterling silver with a brushed finish. The pendant was made by hand by Navajo artist G. P. (Each item here is sold separately).

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


White Buffalo! Here's a ring by Navajo artist B Ashley. Notice the darker black inclusions in the veining that are found naturally occurring. This two stone ring has intricate stamp work and a bit of silver applique. It's pictured with a brushed finish sterling silver Navajo made repose styled ring (sold separately). See ya'll soon!
🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


#8 mined turquoise cuff with a 3" long stone! This gorgeous work of natural art is made by Navajo artist D H and set in sterling silver. If you like to make a statement, then this is just the accessory for you!
🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Wishing all the mothers, mothers to be, and mothers that were a very happy Mother's day! We appreciate you!
(Pictured here are a pair of channel inlay earrings of turquoise and lapis made by Navajo team lapidary artists; Touch of Santa Fe. All sterling silver).
🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Mother's day is THIS Sunday, and what better gift than the stone that is known for good Luck and safe travels! Here we have a new 3 tiered lariat necklace with pretty aqua turquoise. Made by Navajo artist A L, this beauty is set in a brushed finish sterling silver and has an easy to adjust link chain attached. See ya'll soon!

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Statement Golden Hills turquoise ring in brushed finish sterling silver. Notice the variety of natural brown matrix and the pretty periwinkle type blue the stone emits. Navajo made, handmade. Don't forget Mother's day is just around the corner!

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011

Turquoise Trading Post on TikTok 04/13/2023

Turquoise Trading Post on TikTok

Have you heard?? We're on Tik-Tok now! We got what you're looking for!
🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011

Turquoise Trading Post on TikTok We have turquoise earrings of all shapes, sizes, styles, and color variations! ...


Early 1960's vintage cuff bracelet with 3 turquoise stones. Navajo made, handmade, all sterling silver. We hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter!

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


In time for spring! This gorgeous colorful squash blossom style necklace has several turquoise stones and spiny oyster shells to help liven any wardrobe! Notice the well made Naja symbol too on the bottom! All in brushed finish sterling silver and Navajo made handmade. (Earrings paired are sold separately).

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Just in, lots of great BRAND NEW pieces of wearable Art! These handmade Zuni earrings are light as a feather and dangley with 21 "snake eyes" cut real turquoise stones on each one. If you're nearby, come check out what else we've just got in! If unique is what you're after, we've got it!

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Turquoise, Turquoise, Turquoise. We have it in almost everything! Pictured here is a 2 stone turquoise ring with some natural matrix/inclusions of whatever was growing with it. That's the beauty of the stone to many; the fact that it's imperfectly fascinating and striking. This ring was handmade, Navajo made, and all sterling silver.

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Gorgeous multi stone Sonoran Gold turquoise cuff in brushed finish sterling silver. Each stone from this mine is so unique and vibrant. Notice the applique silver pieces, and clean stamp work on the sides. Navajo made, handmade, by artist J Nelson.

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Cute and petite squash blossom pendant with bright blue turquoise strung on 18" thin Navajo Pearls. Notice the same look layered with other length Navajo pearls (14" and 16" with different sized pearls). All with a brushed finish sterling silver. Navajo made. (All Navajo Pearls sold separately).

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


It's Hoop season! Although we do have plenty of Hoop earrings with stones, the simplicity of plain silver compliments any look! The 3 different sets pictured here are all Navajo made, handmade sterling silver. Come on by and get you a pair, plenty in stock!
🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Red spiny oyster shell, orange spiny oyster shell, and turquoise channel inlaid into this bright and fashionable art deco ring. Navajo made by artist H. Smith, all sterling silver. This particular ring is a 6.5, but we have thousands of rings to choose from! Still open 7 days a week!

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Just in! Fantastic example of detailed hand done early 1970's Navajo silversmithing with U.S. mined real turquoise stones! Notice the work on the sides as well as the intricate flowers on the front. This cuff is Signed with initials by Navajo Artist N A. See ya'll soon!

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Brand new bright blue Kingman Turquoise Squash blossom necklace set! This gorgeous piece of art is strung on shiny sterling silver Navajo pearls and made by signed Navajo silversmith L P. ( Earrings are included!)
This would make a great Valentine's day gift, especially if you're in the dog house!😉😆😍❤💝💖💙

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


After being without power for a few days due to this ice storm, we're happy to announce we're back up and open today for regular business hours! 🥳 See ya'll soon!


Newly acquired cluster conch earrings. (Quarter placed in picture for size reference). Navajo made, handmade, all sterling silver. Don't forget that Valentine's day is just around the corner! See ya'll soon!

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Golden hills turquoise! Here are just a few set in rings, but we have many more in other shapes and sizes! All Navajo made, handmade.
🏢6103 Burnet Rd Austin, TX
☎️ 512-323-5011


Intricate and unique 1970's Snake pendant with Green and blue turquoise, and Mediterranean coral. This well crafted art was made by the late Effie Calavaza from Zuni Pueblo, NM. All sterling silver and hung on a round link chain. (Chain sold separately).

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


New year, New you. This vintage cuff from the 1970's, we believe is composed of some gorgeous specimens of "Bisbee" Turquoise. Look at how vibrant bright blue the stones are and that's not color enhanced! Navajo made with stamped initials VB , all sterling silver. For those with a slightly larger wrist, this cuff will fit perfect.

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


From our family to yours, we wish you a happy and warm holiday season! Thank you for all your support these past many years! Cheers to many more! (Pictured here are some superbly unique 6 inch long multi feather dangle earrings. Navajo made, with brushed finish sterling silver and U.S. mined turquoise).

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Need a little color in your life? Why not try some dangly purple spiny oyster shell earrings with a turquoise post at the top? Navajo made, handmade with shiny sterling silver. (Yellow inclusions on the spiny oyster shell are natural).

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Turquoise is the birthstone for December! Why not get your special someone or loved one, a nice statement ring?? We only have a few thousand to choose from! 😉This gorgeous 3.25" long 3 Turquoise stone ring is definitely the kind of statement that makes a splash! Navajo made, handmade by signed artist A L and all set in brushed finish sterling silver. This particular ring is also set with an adjustable band. We're still open 7 days a week, except Christmas day!
🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Happy Holidays from Turquoise Trading Post! After Thanksgiving, we took another buying trip to bring to ya'll lots of new great jewelry items! Come on in and see what we've got, just in time for Christmas! Pictured here is an absolutely striking Sonoran Gold turquoise necklace with bright beautiful blues and hints of sparkling vibrant greens. Navajo made, handmade, all sterling silver. See ya'll soon!

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Just in; late 1960's vintage turquoise cuff bracelet for those petite and smaller wrists! Notice the traditional Navajo leaf/feather insignia and the hand crafted texture in that around the stone. All hand made, Navajo made, all sterling silver.

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Happy Halloween 🎃 from Turquoise Trading Post! Pictured here are some recent additions to our fabulous huge selection of jewelry! These are opal inlay chandelier earrings made by a Zuni Pueblo artist. Handmade, and all sterling silver. No tricks, all treats here!🌌🔮


Gorgeous 2 stone Kingman turquoise ring made and signed by Navajo artist Sheila. Sterling silver is brushed finish to help make the blues stand out even more. Handmade with attention to detail.

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Petite and vibrant small Golden Hills turquoise pendant. This pretty and glowing turquoise looks great on any skin tone. Length of chain shown is 16" and is sold separately. Length of actual pendant is just under 1" and slightly under 1" in width. All sterling silver, handmade, Navajo made.

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Gorgeous blue-green turquoise cuff made by Navajo silversmith J Nelson. This work of art has some great clean stamp work around the sides of the stone. Definitely a color that pops! All brushed finish sterling silver with U.S. mined real turquoise. See ya'll soon!

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Fun, big, and light weight! Purple spiny oyster shell dangle earrings in double conch style sterling silver. These earrings are made with a repose style of silversmithing, where the sections are raised from the inside going out, attributing for a great look and texture. All brushed finish Navajo, hand made sterling silver.
🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


8 strand beaded turquoise necklace with overlay mosaic work on top of bone finishing off with a chunky single strand of turquoise and spiny oyster shell. Overlay pieces contain mother of pearl, turquoise, orange spiny oyster shell and red spiny oyster shell. Handmade, native made by a member of the Coriz family from Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM.
🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011


Fun and pretty ring with turquoise stones from well known and acclaimed Navajo silversmith Chimney Bute. All sterling silver, handmade.

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011

"Price is right" lady goes nuts when called down 09/01/2022

"Price is right" lady goes nuts when called down

This is how excited some of our customers get when they come into our store!🤣

"Price is right" lady goes nuts when called down This lady makes the most dramatic entrance to front row .. lol


Exceptionally detailed and striking cuff bracelet by the award winning Navajo silversmith; Sunshine Reeves. If you zoom in you can see the really neat different techniques of silversmithing, including stamp work and applique work. All sterling silver and with U.S. mined real turquoise.

🏢6103 Burnet Rd, Austin ☎️ 512-323-5011

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