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Thought friends of Zhi Tea might appreciate this image as much as I did . . .
Everyone knows Austin is home to great coffee, but did you know our neighborhood has spots for quality tea as well? Check out Zhi Tea and other favorites for something to go or even ordering loose-leaf tea online from home. https://bit.ly/3cUuj8u
Join us and learn about different types of tea! Zhi Tea

I love having morning tea! It's such a lovely way to start the day. In an effort to reduce waste from disposable tea bags, I'm moving more to loose leaf teas.

I recently purchased this herbal tea sample kit from Zhi Tea and I'm so excited to try all these teas!!

The samples include Sweet Desert Delight, Berry Hibiscus, Ginger & Lime Rooibos, Raspberry Pecan Rooibos, Restful Blend, and Turkish Spice Mint!

Which one should I try first?!

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"As soon as you walk in you can smell all their delicious teas." Brenda R visited Zhi Tea for a gift and "the gentleman there helped me picking teas and answering all questions. (You can also place online orders.)
#ROTD https://www.yelp.com/biz/zhi-tea-austin?hrid=8XwF0Q8WBORGcHCR083COg
We ❤️Austin Tso Much! Last weekend wrapped our #TsoGiving April initiative, providing free curbside meals for those impacted by COVID-19.

🥡 We have had the good fortune to able to donate over $40,000 worth of food to the community. We could not have done this without the generous support of Alpha Paving Industries, LLC who helped make this happen and were out there along with us every weekend handing out food, and Richards Rainwater, Zhi Tea, Vital Farms and Snap Kitchen who graciously donated food & drinks. We also want to give a shout out to our team for being awesome and for helping us serve our community. We ❤️ you, Tso team!

🗓 Please know that every dollar donated to our #TsoGiving fund will be given back to the local community. We’ll be announcing a new way to give back for the month of May and can’t wait to share it with you!

Austin, we couldn’t do what we do without your support and we are so grateful to be in an amazing city full of amazing people! Thank you!
Wow, Austin! We are amazed with the outpouring of support and love you’ve sent in the past few weeks for #TsoGiving. Since #TsoGiving started, we’ve been able to provide over 2000 meals to those who have been displaced by Covid-19 via our contactless drive-through and email system. We feel so fortunate and blessed to be able to help those in need. We’re not done yet though!

With your continued support and donations, we’re able to provide free curbside meals every Saturday & Sunday for the whole month of April!

We couldn’t have done it without a generous donation from Alpha Paving Industries, LLC. A special shout out to Richards Rainwater and Zhi Tea for their beverage donations. And to Vital Farms for donating over 5000 pasture raised eggs for meals.

Austin, we ❤️ you tso much and thank you for your continued support! Please share this post with anyone that may be in need of a delicious and comforting meal!

To help feed more families, please donate to:
Had a little "tea party with Tierra" on Good Day Austin at Zhi Tea, part of Springdale General!
MEDICI | Congrats to our friends Caffé Medicii on the opening of their roasting room and SIXTH café location! Curcuma Golden Mylk is on the permanent menu for all locations! Served iced, hot, iced or with espresso— and always with a smile from their incredible staff! 💛 The roasting room is located Springdale Generall, home to a huge community of creatives and makers in East Austin. Follow some of these makers and keep an eye out for pop-ups, studio tours and events! Broad Studios The Paper + Craft Pantry Karacotta Ceramics Fibrous by Ellen Bruxvoort @themightyunion Co-Lab Projects The Nogood Tattoo Settle Ceramics @___sisterwolf___ White Box Agency Sky Candy J-Squared Studios Zhi Tea CULTIVATE PR @elihalpin Lunar Collective @ Springdale General

Premium Tea & Hand Blended Artisan Signatures. Zhi Tea Lose yourself in the healthiest beverage on the planet! Pause, reflect, and connect with yourself or with a friend.

Shop online at zhitea.com! Or, visit us at our Austin tea room:

M-F: 10 am - 6 pm
Sat: 11 am - 5 pm
Sun: 11 am - 5 pm

Zhi Tea is committed to sharing the highest quality, organic, fair trade teas from around the world. Zhi is proud to direct source and hand blend our signature tea in our Austin manufacturing facility. All Zhi teas are hand picked and processed in small batches – fresh and flavor

Operating as usual


Don’t be left out in the cold this holiday season! 🥶☃️🎄Whether you’re in-town, in-transit, or in cyberspace, stop in and save! Click our link in bio for some portable luxury. 🍵💍


“On the second sale of Christmas my true love gave me tea!”🎄❤️ ☕️


Don’t Scrooge yourself and show up to the holidays🎄empty-handed. The countdown to the holidays has begun!


Tea’s the season to score some savings! Click our link in bio to shop our biggest sale of the year!


Violet femme with dried lavender, vanilla, bergamot oil.


Start your morning with someone special and a cup of tea.


Lucious cacao chai.


Tea and journaling combine perfectly in the morning.


Tea is a gateway to other cultures. Wake up and explore.


This Assam blend transports us.


Wake up, share a cup with someone. Explore together with our black tea samplers.


Wake up with our Kagoshima Black, a rarity from Kyushu, Japan. Robust malty flavors, smooth and crisp.


Experience a different kind of morning. Explore the world with our October Black Tea Samplers.

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 07/29/2021

A synergy exists between a fine sencha 🍃and lightly roasted popped rice 🍚 . Our Japanese Genmaicha green tea expresses this union of flavor with a rich broth and a light sweetness. Taste and see. 🍵

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 07/28/2021

Handmade clay “tinys”! A very English 🪴garden experience for your next miniature tea party.

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 07/22/2021

Pure magic! 🌻🍊🌺🌱 Our CF Zhi Signature Restful Blend is a masterful concoction designed as an elixir for your evening wind-down but can be seen as a daily de-stress decotation. Crafted with the highest quality chamomile from Egypt and accented with a touch of orange 🍊 peel, licorice root, hibiscus 🌺, lavender, cardamom, stevia leaf, and fennel seed. Rich and soothing with zero caffeine.

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 07/21/2021

Beautifully hand-crafted pottery from Nantou, Taiwan. 🇹🇼 The Gu-Yi “Warrior” Tea Set in Goldenrod offers a simple yet artistic appearance. The style of this set is taken from the ancient warrior helmets of the Tang Dynasty. The teapot has a hidden spout at its base to dispense tea easily into the tea server for a beautifully appointed tea service. The Warrior set includes the teapot, pot cooling rack, server, and bamboo engraved drying rack.


The 🖍 Crayola experience of tea! A Zhi Signature Blend, Kenya Chai ☕️ is the non-caff cousin to our traditional 🇮🇳chai. Folding in copious amounts of cinnamon, cardamom, 👨‍🦰ginger root, blue cornflower , stevia leaf🍃, and vanilla 🍨creating an intoxicating tisane. Take your chai to the next level where the Rooibos is the base and the base is the Rooibos. 🎶

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 07/15/2021

Da Hong Pao Oolong better known as “Big Red Robe” 👘or “Rock Tea” 🪨. Grown in the high elevation of the Wuyi Mountains ⛰ of the Fujian Provence of China 🇨🇳. Beautiful orchid fragrance offset with notes of plum, caramel, and sweet baking spice. The quality is represented with its long- lasting sweet aftertaste. ☕️

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 07/14/2021

Cast iron tea set in copper. Adorned with bamboo etching complete with stainless steel infuser. 27oz pot accompanied by two 4oz cups. Perfect for your afternoon green tea exploration.


On your way to Fredericksburg one can enjoy the shade of the peach 🍑 orchards 🌳along the way…maybe even enjoy a refreshing 🍹beverage. Our Fredericksburg Peach can be enjoyed iced 🧊or cold brewed to prevent or quench one’s thirst in these hot summer months. Made with black whole leafAssam and authentic Fredericksburg peaches. Taste and see!


Today is our 14th anniversary! Thank you to everyone who has supported us and helped build our little company over the years. It's been a wild, beautiful ride.

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 07/07/2021

It’s your lucky day! This Japanese style cast iron teapot fully embroidered with gold coins and outfitted with a stainless steel mesh infuser. Konnichi wa! 🍵


After the holiday 🇺🇸 weekend I think we could all use a vibrant 🔆cup of tea! Pink Grapefruit Sencha 🍃has all the polyphenols, catechins, and antioxidants you’ll need to put the pep back in your step. With a touch of real grapefruit you’ll C the difference! 🍵


Extending the holiday for our front of house staff. See us online or pop in this weekend!

Zhi Tea updated their business hours. 07/01/2021

Zhi Tea updated their business hours.

Zhi Tea updated their business hours.

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 07/01/2021

☕️”Huang Ying” 100g mini-brick 🧱ripe puer from Menghai, China. Vintage 2013. Made entirely of high-quality full leaf Menghai material and produced at the renowned Xinghai tea factory. 🍂Aged 2 years before release. Beautiful sweet aromatic notes of pear, camphor and baking spice. A beautiful cup!

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 06/30/2021

“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.” or are they Jon Kabat?


Never underestimate the healing power of these three things: 🫖 tea, the 🌊 ocean, and the ✨ stars.

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 06/24/2021

Enter the Dragonwell. 🐉🀄️Known as Longjing from the Zhejiang Provence of China. Produced by hand, pan-roasted, and renowned for its high quality. Rich, nutty and distinct.

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 06/23/2021

Tea for one? Korean handmade clay teapot. An homage to Mother Earth. Branched handle and spout. Accented beautifully with yellow forsythia flowers.


3 NEW GREEN TEAS! 🍵 On sale now 30% off! Use Code: GOGREEN2021. Our Moroccan Mint is good hot or cold. The Lunch Break! will get you through the day and our Green Earl Grace will only append not replace that Earl of old.

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 06/17/2021

Everyone needs a🍴LUNCH BREAK! Our newest edition to the green tea contingent. A resplendent blend of 🇯🇵Japanese and 🇨🇳Chinese green tea. A robust and energetic cup for a perfect mid-day pick me up.

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 06/16/2021

Mixed media LOPOT. Borosilicate glass with tinted handle, Robin’s Egg Blue ceramic top with matching infuser. Complete with a sturdy bamboo base. 10oz of potable potation inspiration.

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 06/10/2021

Green Earl Grace. 🍵👑Long lost cousin twice removed but all in the family. A touch of high mountain Chinese green with copious amounts of luscious bergamot oil. Hints of jasmine and orange zest. Refreshing and crisp.

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 06/09/2021

“The Twins.” A recovered set. 2 of 3 porcelain sibling tea storage vessels from mainland China. Each with their own distinct hand-painted personality.


Do you know tomorrow is officially National Iced Tea DAY?! Throw us some pics of your favorite way to “chill out” 🧊🧋and well throw you some savings. Tag us and .


Rolling into the summertime with some🧊cool savings. All iced teas and cold brew kits 25% off! See link in bio. Sale ends Thursday, June 10th.

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 06/03/2021

A Golden Oldie. 👑The Royal Gold is comprised strictly of gold spring buds of the Yunnan Notes of 🍯honey, almond and bing 🍒cherry entrance the senses.

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 06/02/2021

Borosilicate glass…removable infuser…accented pine handle and wooden top holder…Japanese tea service redefined.


We’re rockin out 🎙this 🇺🇸Memorial Day weekend! Stop by and score some savings 💰 with your salute. See link in bio and Use Promo Code: POUNDBAG333

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 05/27/2021

Our Zhi Signature Blood Orange 🍊Herbal Blend needs a little room to explore its deep red cup ☕️ and zesty infusion. Caffeine-free and full of flavor.

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 05/27/2021

Our Zhi Signature Blood Orange 🍊Herbal Blend needs a little room to explore the deep red cup ☕️ and zesty infusion. Caffeine-free and full of flavor.

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 05/26/2021

We love receiving gifts 🎁 especially from tea celebrities! This beautiful orchid blossom cupping set is hand painted and appointed with a built-in strainer and offset handle lid. Perfect for any examination of your favorite tea and it’s liquor.


Approach a more restful state of mind. Our resident tea artist fashioned this mandala from our Zhi Signature Restful Blend, complete with a hibiscus and lavender flower lotus. Say it with me now, “om.” 🕉 Namaste 🙏 tea friends.


It’s World 🌍 Bee 🐝 Day! A bow 🙇‍♀️ in honor of these exquisite creatures that make so much of our world beautiful and possible. Buzz buzz little buddies! We’re rockin out to your rhythm. When it comes to tea time we like to sweeten the deal 😉

Photos from Zhi Tea's post 05/20/2021

Kyusu teapots 🫖 can be the perfect marriage of form and function. This beautifully glazed Japanese teapot speaks to the ergonomics and service style that embodies over a millennium of ceremony.

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Rare and superior organic, fair trade teas.
Teaware, tea and gifts available online.
Enjoy table service, snacks and our signature Aroma Bar at our Austin Gallery.


1023 Springdale Rd, 7A
Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 4pm
Tuesday 9am - 4pm
Wednesday 9am - 4pm
Thursday 9am - 4pm
Friday 9am - 4pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm

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