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My passion is teaching people the skills they need to improve their relationships, build confidence, I'm working on an e-book right now.

I completed my doctoral training at the University of Texas, and have been a therapist, supervisor, author and presenter for over 35 years. I believe that all of the insight in the world doesn't matter if you don't know what to do differently! I'll help you set goals for changes you want to make, and give you the skills and tools you need to reach those goals. I believe that lasting changes can be

The latest news for you 11/26/2022

The latest news for you You don't want to miss this. HOLIDAYS AND FAMILIES: BLESSINGS OR BURDENS? It's that time of year again. We all want that ideal, wonderful time with the people we love. What to do if we don't like some

Vaccinations & Screen Time 09/18/2021

Vaccinations & Screen Time More helpful resources Hello all I hope that each of you are well, and that you are trying to recover from the traumatic events of the last year and a half. This newsletter has vital information about

Can Your Relationship Survive the Pandemic? 04/01/2020

Families are experiencing the stresses of enforced togetherness, isolation from others, financial stress, total disruption of routines, and fear of the unknowns of a pandemic. Our anxieties and fears often show up as anger directed at those around us. Couples' relationships are being strained at an increasing rate. Here is a really good article from The Times to help you with ideas of how to reduce relational stress:

Can Your Relationship Survive the Pandemic? Married couples therapists on living and working in the same space


So many people are afraid right now. Panic comes from irrational fears and the resulting self-absorption results in hoarding behavior. Buy enough for you and your family to have for two weeks, if there is any reason to believe you might be exposed and choose to self-quarantine.
Everything people are hoarding does not come from overseas; we make it all right here in the USA and we'll continue to do so! You will get your stuff--stop being greedy. If you socially isolate please stay in contact with friends and family via phone calls, email, texting or FaceTime. Adult children, call your elderly parents often just to check in to let them know you are thinking of them. Reassure each other that this crisis, too, will pass. Take reasonable precautions but don't freak out!

I have researched many articles written by credible scientists and medical personnel. The people who are already health-compromised are the ones most likely to have serious problems. For the vast majority of people, the coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. Reasonable caution is always best. The stress hormone cortisol is dumped into the bloodstream when we are afraid. That lowers the immune system functioning, so the more stress and fear, the more likely you are to get any kind of virus or bacterial infection. So use mindfulness, calming techniques, relax outdoors, chill, chill, chill. Health and wellness to all of you!


Happy New Year! I wish all of you a year full of hope, love, purpose & contentment. Here's a podcast I did recently, focusing on the differences and similarities of love relationships in today's world and in the past. Some things never change!
Click on this link to hear all you need to know about loving and being loved.

Photos from Austin Relationship Repair Shop's post 10/07/2019

The first Monday in October is World Bullying Prevention Day. In June, when the huge cruise ship slammed into the fragile tiny dock beside St. Mark's Square in Venice, I thought "what a bully that big ship is." Bullying tries to destroy what is innocent, beautiful, lovely, and authentic. That ship had no business being anywhere near the dock on the Grand Canal next to the elaborate, incredibly beautiful inside and out Doges Palace and St. Mark's Cathedral. There is a place in the canal for cruise ships, not in the narrower part where only shuttle boats go back and forth, ferrying visitors. If the ship had been moving any faster, it would have destroyed some of the most beautiful buildings ever built. People are beautiful "buildings" of humanity--each one of us matters, and the bullies of the world who crash into others in an attempt to be more powerful are everywhere, these days. We must stand up to the bullies of the world, holding them accountable, and supporting and helping those who are bullied. Cyberbullying is endemic as well, and destroys the self-esteem of our most vulnerable children. Celebrate World Bullying Prevention Day, and wear something blue to make a statement against that awful way to feel one-up, bullying!

Europe, 2018 11/20/2018

I wanted to share these photos I took recently while on a bucket list trip to Greece, the Greek Isles, Croatia and Venice. I and 14 friends had an amazing, interesting, wow time. As the guides in each country gave us the fascinating history of each place, the one common denominator was this: every country had been invaded multiple times and fought terrible, devastating wars. That made me think about the wars that we rage in our own lives, whether with another person or within our own heads. As the holidays approach, do you find yourself still at war with an ex, a parent, an adult child, a relative, a business partner? Is there anyone in your life with whom you are still connected by hurt or the defense of anger? If so, what would it be like to no longer have those old painful feelings? What would it be like to be at peace instead of still in the conflict, real or imagined? Have you thought about forgiving and letting go of all of that old stuff? If you would like to consider further, I encourage you to click on this link, and read more about what forgiving really means:


Look at these kids--how innocent children are! I invite you to go see the wonderful movie, "WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR?" about Mr. Rogers. He had an incredible ability to be attuned to the inner world of a child. He gave them unconditional love; he gave them words to express the things they were thinking and feeling; he gave them skills to process and understand life's struggles. Imagine what childhood would have been like if you had had a parent who knew how to talk and listen in this way! Perhaps you did; most everyone did not. If you want your heart to be uplifted, especially in this increasingly dark world, go see this great documentary!

Photos from Austin Relationship Repair Shop's post 12/10/2017

How fortunate we were in Austin to have snow—what a special blessing when a joyful event comes as a surprise ! I was struck at how beautiful it looked, and how quickly passing it would be. It was a time to just be in the moment, enjoying God’s artistry, knowing that it would be gone soon. It made me reflect on life and relationships. How often are we just content to be in the moment ? Sometimes I’m moving so fast I don’t take the time to just be present and centered. I hope for each of us that during these holidays we can really treasure those golden moments-the ones where we are in awe and gratitude and peace and joy. In those moments with the people you love, take the time to tell them how much you appreciate them; how grateful you are for their presence—that is truly the present, isn’t it? We will not remember who gave us what gift; we will remember those priceless moments that make life worth living. Happy holidays, everyone!


I hope everyone had a peaceful, happy Thanksgiving. If you are having trouble with a family member, and want to have some new strategies to use by the time Christmas arrives, gives me a call! I can help you! Our tribes are full of imperfect people, as we are. We can't change anybody, no matter how hard we may try. But we can learn to react in different ways, and that results in more inner peace, lowers anxiety, and allows feelings of joy to emerge.


Fascinating annual Halloween adventure at Oakwood Cemetary with my dear ski club friends. Walking tour with a guide, stopping at various graves and hearing the stories. So many were sudden deaths. No time to say goodbye. It made me think about how I want to live my life, knowing that at any moment life could end. Have you reached out yet to that person you have been thinking about but keep forgetting to call ? Have you let go of anger and forgiven someone so you can be at peace ? Have you told your kids how much you love them lately ? A brother, sister, mom, dad, friend ? Who have you smiled at or been kind to or helped lately ? I hope each day you commit to doing one thing that says “I care” to someone !!

Photos from Austin Relationship Repair Shop's post 09/20/2017

I recently hiked at Bandolier National Monument near Santa Fe--ruins of ancient Pueblo people. As I imagined what life was like in the 1400's--hard, indeed, with life expectancy only in the 30's--I thought about tribes. We all come from a tribe--our families! People in tribes depended on cooperating with each other, working together for a common goal, and everyone had a place and a purpose. Survival depended on it. Fast forward 600 years. Our tribe is often scattered. We don't really need each other for survival. And if we have problems with someone in our tribe, it is far too easy to get both emotional and physical distance from them. We can go a lifetime, cut off from a family member in an attempt to avoid pain. But cut-offs never resolve anything--you can stay furious and indignant until you are in your grave! I invite you, if you have struggles with anyone in your tribe, come see me! I can help you; I can give you ideas of what to do differently--either to let go and come to a place inside of peace. Or even better--to help you know how to reach out and invite that person(s) to heal with you. I'm a phone call away. Let me know if I can help you!


FACING CHALLENGES IN LIFE. I was diving recently in Cozumel, and everywhere you look, there are beautiful fish. The current is quite strong, and it is so interesting to see how the fish face the current so that they are not swept away. It made me think of how important it is that when we are faced with challenges that threaten to sweep us away, remember to face it directly! If we try to run away, chaos always catches up with us. If we pretend it isn't there, it will overwhelm us eventually. Let's take a lesson from these fish--face it, have courage, and deal with life directly. My heart goes out to those courageous people in flooded areas who will get help from kind, compassionate people and will be able to rebuild eventually.


I hope that all of you in the path of the storm and terrible flooding are safe. My family on a cruise ship are heading to dock in Miami instead of Galveston, but thank goodness for that option. Please be safe and listen to the warnings about not driving. Blessings to all of you.


Hello everyone! This is my granddaughter--everytime a grandchild turns 8, they get to spend a week with Grammy! We had so much fun! This was taken at the gift shop at Bob Bullock museum. After shopping for gifts for the rest of the family, we went to the IMAX theatre. I know many of you are sad because you have a strained relationship with your kids, and sometimes can't see the grandkids. Please know that I can help you repair those strained relationships and rebuild trust across the generations. We are meant to have family ties and to feel safe with those we love. Let me know if I can help you reconnect!

Acts of Kindness 07/22/2017

What makes people happy? One of the best ways is to help other people. I'm with my friends from the Westlake Chamber, volunteering at the Food Bank. It is fun, meaningful work--if you haven't ever done it, I would invite you to grab some friends and go work there. For more information about what makes people feel happier, check out this link:

Acts of Kindness The top line: People who care for others’ well-being through acts of altruism, volunteering, or formation of communal relationships seem to be happier and less depressed. This seems to be especiall…

Photos from Austin Relationship Repair Shop's post 07/19/2017

Hello! These photos are my granddaughter and her uncle this past week. Every time a grandchild turns 8, they get to spend a week with Grammy! We had such fun. Sea World, Aquatica, Bob Bullock IMAX theatre--you name it, we did it! I know many of you are sad because you have strained relationships with your adult children, and some don't get to see their grandchildren. We are meant to have family ties, and we need family to be fully happy. I can help you repair and rebuild those relationships! There is hope! Let me know if I can help you reconnect with those you love so much!

Timeline photos 04/23/2017

I went to a mini-reunion of my friends from childhood. It always brings me back to my roots, indeed, when I reminisce about times with people who have known me all of my life. I hope each one of you has at least one person in your life who knew you as a little one. And if so, I invite you to reach out, and if it is safe, to talk to them about where you are in life now, and find out about their path. All of us are on a journey through life, and
people from our past can help anchor us not only to where we came from, but also how we found our way to today.

Chopra Center Meditation 04/13/2017

Do you ever have insomnia, where you are thinking about everything? How about worrying a lot, or feeling down, or just having a lot of chatter in your head about something that bothers you? If so, I invite you to sign up for Oprah and Depok Chopra's FREE 21 day meditation. It is a wonderful 20 minute per day way to really learn to let go of troubling thoughts and find peacefulness and clarity. It is an excellent series! It began 4 days ago but you can listen to the first 3 and catch up! Here's to peace and calm.

Chopra Center Meditation Oprah & Deepak's 21-Day Meditation Experience makes meditation easy, fun, and inspiring. Find out more:

Austin Texas (TX) Licensed Marriage Counselor, Couples Therapy Austin Tx Imago Workshop Austin 04/02/2017

Here's my YouTube video, if you would like more information about helping you heal your relationships!

Austin Texas (TX) Licensed Marriage Counselor, Couples Therapy Austin Tx Imago Workshop Austin Austin Texas (TX) Licensed Marriage Counseling Marriage Counselor, Couples Therapy Couples Therapist Austin Tx Imago Therapy Imago Workshop Austin Texas (TX)...


Hi! I get many calls from people asking for my help. I have a passion for assisting people in discovering solutions to life's dilemmas. I would be happy to assist you. Just call me at 512-330-1757, or drop me an email at [email protected]. I hope you have a happy day today!

IRI Crowdsourcing VIdeo 03/14/2017

Did you know the average couple argues about 2,445 times? If this sounds like your relationship, watch this short video. It's a testimonial from couples who have had Imago couples therapy, and you might just feel some hope! I can help you!

IRI Crowdsourcing VIdeo

Austin Relationship Repair Shop | Counseling & Therapy in West Lake Hills 03/14/2017

Hi! I hope you are feeling happy, optimistic and empowered today. But if you aren't, here's how I can help make it better. Check out my youtube video!

Austin Relationship Repair Shop | Counseling & Therapy in West Lake Hills At Austin Relationship Repair Shop, we offer a professional approach for individuals, couples, and families who are looking for lasting results. In a non-jud...


Happy fall, everyone! I hope that everyone is enjoying cooler weather. I am happy to share my newsletter. If you like it, please show me you do! Read on to get some great new tips:

News from Dr. Monday Isn't that photo beautiful? I went to the Grand Canyon this summer with two teenage grandkids--it was so incredible! We had a great time, and the key was leaving their cell phones at home--seriously! At night they got to upload photos from my phone and catch up with social media, but during the day…

10 Shocking Reasons Why Divorce Is SO Common These Days 06/14/2016

Divorce is so common. Here's a good article that summarizes the issues I see in my office. Believe me--it is possible to solve all of these problems, with enough commitment and a good teacher!

10 Shocking Reasons Why Divorce Is SO Common These Days And guess what? Cheating is NOT on the list.


Two key issues in an relationship--boundaries and empathy. Clear sense of self, what you will and will not do, and empathy and understanding for the other person.

An 'ouch' shuts down a couple's Christmas -- the REPAIR PROCESS fixes it 05/18/2016

Harville and Helen Hendrix, founders of Imago therapy, talk with a couple about how they repaired a rift in their relationship with Imago tools and understanding.

An 'ouch' shuts down a couple's Christmas -- the REPAIR PROCESS fixes it Learn how to SIGNAL, MODEL A REPAIR, and RE-SEND a message. Harville and Helen guide co-presenters Nikki and Torrey through the REPAIR PROCESS in this clip from…


Here's an article that might help you or people you know. Feel free to share it or like it, if you do! I just posted it on YourTango.

6 KEY QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU END A BAD RELATIONSHIP When to hold 'em, when to fold 'em--how you can be 100% certain it's really time to break up!


If you'd like to watch my video about what I do to help relationships, just go to YouTube:

News from Dr Monday 02/11/2016

If you'd like to read my January newsletter, just click on this link below:

News from Dr Monday Hello to everyone from my family at Disneyland! We made wonderful memories, for sure. It's a new year, and I know many of you are so relieved. Several of you experienced losses, such as divorce, death, or estrangement from a family member. Others struggled with self-esteem, insecurity, doubt, trauma…

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