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The TROT Signupathon is your chance to get into a TROT Race with a 15% registration discount. Mark your calendars for Saturday June 11th from 12-7pm when the discount code “SUMMERSAVE” will be active on UltraSignup! Your registration is also your entry into giveaways and prizes!
Trail Racing Over Texas has a March discount for all 2022 Spring races! Use code "SPRINGISHERE" at checkout through March 31st for 15% off your registration! Applicable for races happening March through May 2022!
Missed everyone last year! For some reason, in 2021 I was unable to convince everyone to all do their virtual run in the same location so I could get photos of everyone. 😉 Happy to have everyone back out on the course today, though. Enjoy a snapshot of some of the participants from the 2022 Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon. As always, if you know 'em, tag em!

If you like the photos you see here, be sure to like our page to stay up to date with what we’re doing during racing season. But most importantly, tell your favorite race directors that you want to shoot the races you’re participating in!

Chevron Houston Marathon
Texas Beef Team
Houston Harriers
Eyecan Alliance
Hardloop Endurance
Pearland Area Road Runners
Kung Fu Running Club
White Rock Running Co-op
Rogue Running
Team Green Running
Plano Pacers Running Club
Trail Racing Over Texas
Houston Racing Triathlon Club
Fort Worth Runners Club
Champions Running Association
USA FIT Bay Area
Life Time Sugar Land
HARRA - Houston Area Road Runners Association
Houston Striders
Thanks to some AWESOME coaching by Ruth, yesterday I came within 30 seconds of making my half marathon PR. I set the PR 15 years ago. I missed it because I dropped one of my AirPods at 12.5m. I went back for it. Clearly, my priorities are in the wrong place!
The first Annual Strudel Stroll and 5K takes place November 6, 2021! After the race enjoy a homemade strudel and a guided tour of downtown Bartlett.
Rogues run Berlin!
It's Super Saturday sponsored by H-E-B! Today, Rogue Running has some tips to help you run as fast as The Flash! Check them out, and we hope you'll register for the 5K before the end of the month at The run benefits CASA of Travis County, CASA of Central Texas, Inc., and CASA of Williamson County, TX!
How do I get my medal and sunglasses earned from the Spring JFR promotion?
Over the past year I've been working with Rogue Running on getting runners stronger. Here's is one of my at home strength training session I do LIVE every Monday at noon.
Hey guys! The Brazos Bend 50 is coming Saturday April 3rd at 7IL Ranch! From a 5K to 100K option we have something for everyone! Go for that gator in the sand buckle or medal and everyone gets swag, free race pics and fully supported aid stations to keep ya going.
I want the trucker hat but my wife doesn’t like trucker hats. WWYD?
🚨New Podcast Alert!🚨

Marathon Kids CEO Cami Hawkins joins the Rogue Running podcast to chat about everything Marathon Kids including tips on how to fall in love with running while also building their fitness in a healthy and sustainable way.

Listen to the full podcast here:
Okay changing my earlier post haha. I was able to access Coach Travis' training program in the Rogue Members area. However when I click on the recordings under Mallory's area, it doesn't take me anywhere (it just reloads the Member page). Are there any additional videos for her beyond the ones on YouTube from last Spring? Thanks!
Trivia question. What's the name of the metal Rogue Runner in front of the store?
We love our local community and this holiday season we are committed to shopping and supporting our local businesses. As we look towards Small Business Saturday, here are a few (of the many) Blue Sky favorites to support!

Aviary Wine + Kitchen
Rogue Running
Brummel & Bivvy
Wham Bam Bagels
Antonelli's Cheese Shop
Waterloo Records
Still Austin Whiskey Co.
End of an Ear
Hats have finally arrived in England!

Rogue Running is the oldest, locally-owned running store and training center in Austin. Come run with Come run with us!

Photos from Rogue Running's post 07/18/2023

🫡 Girl Gang! 🗣️

We have a few spotlights in honor of our partnered event on Thursday with the ! These ladies embarked a training journey together from our Level 1 Program for Couch to 5K onward to one of our Level 2 Programs: Hot Wings!

Amber joined Rogue in January 2023 after several years of physical injuries. She has been a swimmer throughout her life and is building her way back to a Half, a Full, and eventually, even a Tri!

Roughly around the same time, Alyssa found Rogue and has progressed from a 9 Min Mile to a 7:13! She raced her first one at the Cap 10K and already won the lottery into the (I am JEALOUS!). She has really appreciated the accountability, coaching, and community!

Morgan had a similar experience as the five of them have trained hard together every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning to achieve their goals! She raced the Cap 10K as well and has since begun working toward her next goals.

Lori came around in the later end of 2022 in search of a non-judgmental group that made training comfortable. Her first race was the Cap 10K which was extremely fun and is ultimately working toward our destination race:

Ellen (not pictured) is definitely a major part of this group of ladies as well! She started running for joy and ultimately found that with Rogue. She is training for the which will be her first major race in over eight years!

Photos from Rogue Running's post 07/15/2023

We are partnering with the Statesman Cap 10K for our July FREE event of the summer! You can find additional details on Facebook as well as purchase one of the trucker hats online or at the event. We will see y’all there!

Photos from Rogue Running's post 07/07/2023

Set your alarms! It’s almost long run Saturday. See y’all as early as 5:30 AM tomorrow, Rogue-Austin!

Photos from Rogue Running's post 07/02/2023

Northside Runaways have been together since 2010 which started as a three-month beginner program and eventually led into training for any and all distances. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to running or a seasoned veteran with either because of that. It was their annual snow cone run a few days ago too!

You can catch them practicing up in North Austin on Wednesday evenings, coached by Carolyn Mangold! Send us a direct message if you want to hear about how you can reach your fitness goals with our Northside Runaways!

Photos from Rogue Running's post 07/01/2023

Texas Summers 🤝 Rogue Long Runs

These runs definitely aren’t for the faint of heart! We are making these miles easier though by doing them together (and with the help of our many water stop volunteers)! We know several of y’all are already kicking off training, including many that hit mileage personal bests today. Y’all are great!

In case you aren’t in Austin, Rogue has several virtual options, , and to be a part of as well!

Photos from Rogue Running's post 06/23/2023

We have extended the window for t-shirts through June 30th and have additional caps to choose from!

Photos from Rogue Running's post 06/23/2023

Summer of Speed: 1 Mile Edition! We witnessed several mile PRs yesterday through the heat and humidity of the Texas summer.

Thank you for the snacks and drinks as well as for the post-run massages! See y’all in July

Photos from Rogue Running's post 06/21/2023

🔔 BQ!

Erwin recently raced a 2:57:55 at his fifth marathon and is aiming for a 2:50 at the next one! He’s been consistently training with in Team Rogue AM for six months now!

Doug has been training with for roughly a year and has targeted a BQ. He has went from a 3:51:11 -> 3:29:30 -> 3:21:05 at Grandma’s Marathon! Regardless of a few injuries in the past life pre-Rogue, Doug has worked hard to get healthier, fall in love with running, and train toward his goals. He is the City Council President of Atlanta which makes for a busy schedule, so having the plan with Ruth, has made the process much easier to manage! Doug has BIG things upcoming between speed training for shorter races, twenty marathons on the bucket list, and eventually, another PR!

Photos from Rogue Running's post 06/19/2023

Rogue Running Cotton T-Shirts (Casual) due June 30! Just head over to our website to order for $20 😀

We have additional caps for sale too!

Photos from Rogue Running's post 06/17/2023

are BACK, but our stationed water stops (thanks, volunteers!), treats at the end, and friends to run with definitely make these long runs better! Same time, same place (with a new route, of course), next week?!?! Kudos to all of y’all for making it out and getting it done today 🎉

Photos from Rogue Running's post 06/09/2023

Maudie’s Moonlight Margarita Run 2023 ✨

Rogues powered through the heat and humidity to either race and/or fun run yesterday. Dominic finished 7/1901 with Raymond following at 15/1901 (Photo 1).

We love seeing and sharing y’all’s race photos. Keep ‘em coming!

Photos from Rogue Running's post 06/01/2023

We have SO much in store for y’all for Summer 2023!

Registration Due Dates: Rogue Renegades is open June 5th to 18th for runners across the country. We will be targeting the destination race of Twin Cities to bring us all together, whether training with an in-person team or virtually with the Renegades, in October for the Marathon or 10-Miler. You’ll be able to register with our discounted rate too! Just don’t miss the guaranteed registration for the 10-Miler.

Global Running Day: is hosting a citywide community event to celebrate the day! We are excited that the running community of Austin, TX, is coming together to RUN! Please reference their page for details.

Summer of Speed (Free Community Event): We will be hosting a 1 Miler in June and a 5K in July. You’ll be able to chase your personal bests in our downhill routes and will celebrate with snacks and drinks afterwards! Please refer to Facebook to RSVP and for details.

Summer Saturdays: Rogue will be raffling several products throughout the summer with our altered start times of 5:30 AM for 16-22 and 6:30 AM for up to 12. There will be a few Saturdays where our long runs don’t meet at the typical location.

Rogue’s 19th Birthday: We enjoyed celebrating our 18th last year with each of y’all! It’ll be a stellar time celebrating another! We’ll announce further details as the day approaches.

Photos from Rogue Running's post 05/20/2023

We will be hosting a FREE community 1 Miler in June and a 5K in July. You’ll be able to chase your personal bests in our downhill routes and will celebrate with snacks and drinks afterwards! Please refer to Facebook to RSVP and for details. We are taking online/website orders for our hats through May 26th too!

Photos from Rogue Running's post 05/13/2023
Photos from Rogue Running's post 05/13/2023

⭐️ Coaches of Rogue (Central Texas) ⭐️

It’s been a week since the Fall Training Kick Off… Let’s give a shoutout to the coaches that make our worlds go round! They’re the backbone of our training program not only because of the hours of dedication that go into our in-person practices but also due to the commitment and passion to helping our runners off the track/road/trail as well. Thank you 🎉

You can take a glance at our website to identify a coach that best suits your needs. We have several more coaches across Texas not pictured!

Part 3/3 - We will have the remaining photos dropped on Facebook

Photos from Rogue Running's post 05/09/2023

Raffles, Running, and Rogue!
It couldn’t have been possible without the appearances and support from various vendors and volunteers. Y’all were instrumental in making the kick off as successful as it was. Thank you!

Additionally, Rogue wouldn’t be running (pun intended) without our awesome footwear apparel reps: (Brooks), (Mizuno), and (Asics). Thank you to for housing the event!

Part 2/3

Photos from Rogue Running's post 05/07/2023

Rogue 🤝 The Community

We are grateful for the beautiful running community of Austin, Texas and are stoked to be helping y’all reach y’all’s running goals for the year! It’s truly a sight to see when runners from different backgrounds, distances, stages of life, etc. come together to be together at our Rogue Fall Training Kick Off. We look forward to the upcoming year whether training with us at one of our in-person cities or virtually with our podcast group or coaches!

Part 1/3

Photos from Rogue Running's post 05/07/2023

it was ruff out here at the with the humidity but still had an amazing time! thanks for always hosting a great event that brings runners and their pups together to fetch for the crown. bandanas for your furry friends are still free to pick up at Fleet Feet Austin West!

raced it out with Enzo who was crowned third fastest dog in Austin this year!

Photos from Rogue Running's post 05/05/2023

Our FREE Rogue Kickoff Event is TOMORROW! You’ll find event details on Facebook, a list of our vendors attached (including the amazing .confections_bakery), information about parking and weather, and last but not least, a pop-up gift for a four-legged furry friend! We look forward to seeing y’all tomorrow for an amazing morning

Photos from Rogue Running's post 05/03/2023

Ring the 🔔! We had several runners across the country achieving milestones throughout the past weekend!

Nicole and Taylor adventured to Eugene together to seek a BQ. They decided to run separately but found themselves together at the end of the day in which Nicole finished with a 7-minute PR at a 3:24:14 and Taylor raced a 3:24:12! Patrick Richter will be heading to Boston for the first time as well with an 8-minute PR at a 3:33:27. Kelly Gin went ahead and locked down another marathon completion as well!

Joe is a newfound Rogue and debuted the marathon with a 3:36:17 which originally started as a 4:00:00 goal prior to joining us. He had the support of his coach, Dodds, who completed Marathon 26. Meanwhile, another Rogue Evening Edition teammate, Cameron, ran Marathon 8. Nathan Lind is aiming to race in every state and knocked out Oklahoma by pacing Ally Robertson to a Half PR at a 1:33:50!

Taylor Feinstein PRd in the marathon at a 3:11!

Seth Aaronson raced the Broad Street 10-miler with a PR of 1:10.

Charles Yeager secured an age group win at the Pandora’s Box of Rox Trail Race!


We are stoked for our FREE community run on May 6, 2023. Thank you to our amazing partners and vendors that will be sponsoring the event in addition to raffling off several freebies for runners in attendance. Details and RSVP on Facebook!

We'll have breakfast tacos by Fleet Feet afterwards around 8 AM. Please note that parking spaces in our lot will be reserved for our vendors. There is plenty of free street parking nearby.

Photos from Rogue Running's post 04/24/2023

Coach Cathy Casey raced Ironman Texas with an 11:35 and qualified for the Kona Ironman World Championship! If you aren’t in tune with an Ironman, an Ironman comprises of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and a 26.2-mile run in which Cathy knocked it out with a 1:07, 6:12, and 3:56 respectively without factoring in transition times.

You can catch her coaching her runners in the AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Team Rogue AM. Thank you for leading and coaching by example. You are incredible!

Photos from Rogue Running's post 04/21/2023

Boston Highlights! Same Time, Same Place Next Year? See y’all then 🫡

Wave 3 ✔️

Photos from Rogue Running's post 04/20/2023

Let’s get it! We enjoyed seeing the excitement, accomplishments, and celebrations on Monday. Y’all make 26.2 look EASY!

Rogue Special Shoutout: Casey has been a longtime Rogue and has been training for Boston for the past four years. Cheers to his FIRST Boston. Casey 🤝 His Training Cycles

Boston Wave 2 ✔️

Photos from Rogue Running's post 04/20/2023

Congrats to our Rogues at Boston! We had several runners race their personal best regardless of the weather conditions and others that were celebrating their very first Boston ever. Y’all are incredibly inspiring to each of us here!

Rogue Special Shoutout: Jenna raced Houston back in January with a twelve minute PR at a 3:06:53 but then ran it back with a 2:58:32 a few days ago! 🔥

Wave 1 ✔️

Photos from Rogue Running's post 04/18/2023

The Cap 10K is the largest 10K in Texas, and Rogues do it TOGETHER each year. We conquered the course as the FASTEST team which is recognized by averaging the times of the fastest ten members of any team.

Photos from Rogue Running's post 04/17/2023

Solo Shots from the 📸


Rogues have been racing for a few hours now! We are grateful for this annual event that brings runners from across the world together. Looking forward to seeing y’all finish!


Wow! We are less than a day away from the start line, meaning it’s time for a Rogue shakeout run. Y’all are going to do great! The years of hard work and dedication have prepared you for this very moment

Photos from Rogue Running's post 04/16/2023

Congrats to several Rogues that ran the BAA 5K! Thanks to any Rogues that came out to spectate as well as our runners that ran a personal best today! We love Boston Weekend!


We are heading into the BIG weekend! We shared several newbies to the earlier in the week, but Rogue has several returnees as well whether that be for a second time or even a fifteenth. We wish y’all luck!

All Boston Runners - You should have received information from Chris regarding the weekend plans


“Community” is the common trend across Rogue when asked to share our favorite part about the program. It was extremely evident yesterday when a few of the Rogue Rabbits surprised Coach Paul with a send off.

It’s a special experience to see the mutually beneficial relationship between our coaches and runners here at Rogue! Our coaches and runners train together, grow together, and achieve together throughout the multiple courses in life. We wish you the best of luck, Paul!

Photos from Rogue Running's post 04/10/2023

We are only one week away from the ! There will be many Rogues racing their very first Boston after spending many months of training with us to achieve their BQs. It’ll be a special and celebratory occasion for several of them. Be sure to wish your teammates luck if they’re racing next week!

Chris has been sending out information regarding the weekend. Please reach out to him if you haven’t received anything.


We always love the as Rogue tends to have a huge turnout to experience the largest 10K in Texas together! There will be about fifty teammates running the hilly course next weekend and several others that’ll be racing the instead. It’s going to be a great upcoming weekend for running!

If you registered with Team Rogue, Chris will be reaching out in the upcoming days with additional details. You’ll pick up your race packets in the traditional manner with the race if not.

Photos from Rogue Running's post 04/07/2023

⚠️ OGs of Rogue ⚠️

Chris and Carolyn are two of our Wednesday coaches that have been with Rogue since the early days! We wouldn’t be the training program that we are today without the two of them as an Owner (Chris) and one of the Founders (Carolyn).

Chris coaches the Morning Show (Downtown Austin), and Carolyn coaches the Northside Runaways (North Austin).


UT Austin hosts the annual each year with thousands of alumni, families, friends, and runners in the community come to race the 5K and 10K. We always love supporting and racing at our hometown races!


The Church of the Long Run cotton shirt is available from April 3-7 for an affordable $20 on our website. The sizing details and story are included too.

It’s based on the idea that our simple and work-centric traditions build culture and community by improving ourselves by working together. We make each us other stronger and faster, staring with our weekly Saturday long runs TOGETHER! It’s not about the road but is about the people we share it with.

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