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Dungeon Soap is now available locally around Austin TX!

Check us out at Tribe Comics and Games and Outlaw Moon Games & Toys!
Travis county is back to stage 3. Any plans for in person gaming?
Will board game night be starting this Tuesday evening (7/13)?
Hi Tribe folks. I'm excited that soon we'll be able to play in the store. Any BattleTech players here that would be interested in any games once in-store play is back?
Hello Gentlemen, regards from Costa Rica! long time no see! hoe you guys are doing great. Stay safe!!
Has Tasha's Cauldron of Everything arrived yet?
Attention Tribe Members! Today our store of the game is Tribe Comics and Games so we will be promoting your favorite game store! It is Sunday and that means it is time for Curse of Strahd. Our illustrious Josh Runyon will once again terrify and hunt us like animals in the land of Barovia! Come watch us try and fight the Devil Strahd! Tonight at 6 p.m. CST on Twitch!
Can I order a copy of Tasha's cauldron of everything here, or should I call the store? Thanks
I'm just curious, I have a bunch of comics, some from the '80's and before, some newer... Do y'all buy comics, do you give a fair price and if not, do you know someone who does? (Everything from Richie Rich to Eerie...) Also, I am a candle maker, I make (IMHO cool ass skull candles the size of grapefruits) paraffin wax candles from container to pillar.)

Tribe Comics and Games is south Austin's best place for comic books, board games, role-playing games, and miniatures.


It is that time of year again, no not spring, but the Chronicles Best of Austin. As always the first part From today to March 7th are the write ins. We would appreciate all of your help in getting us through the first part so we can again get to the finial voting round. Here is the link to the ballot. Remember to write us in both for Comics/Fandom and Game/Gaming!

And thanks from all of us here at Tribe



Yay! Finally some good news! Diamond delivered today, so we have all of this week's books! The wall is up for shopping and all subs have been pulled!



Once again the weather screwed up shipping of some of the new comics this week. The DCs and Marvels are in, but Image and other indies won't arrive until Friday.


Books are delayed till Friday this week. Marvel and DC are here however. -Eric


Friday February 4 and we are open for business! Come get your comics and games to get thru this frigid weekend, but please be careful!!!


Due to the winter storm we may be closed this morning, Thursday February 3. Please call before venturing out in the bad weather. We will definitely be closed tonight. Friday is to be determined by how much the ice clears by Friday morning. Thanks everybody. Stay safe and stay warm.


Don't forget tonight as we gladly welcome back Saga! We will be open from 11:30pm to 12:30am with issue #55 going on sale at Midnight! Other Wednesday books WILL NOT be available, but there will also be extra Saga goodies like temporary tattoos, decals, buttons and more! I'm sure Lee would appreciate some cookies or such for being here at midnight! Hope to c'ya tonight!


Join us next Tuesday night into Wednesday morning has we gladly welcome back Saga! We will be open from 11:30pm to 12:30am with issue #55 going on sale at Midnight! Other Wednesday books WILL NOT be available, but there will also be extra Saga goodies like temporary tattoos, decals, buttons and more! C'ya next Wednesday night.


The BOOKS are HERE and the WALL is UP!!

Photos from Tribe Comics and Games's post 01/11/2022

Also got in a big D&D Restock. Plenty of Player’s Handbooks, DM’s Guide, and Monster Manuals!

Photos from Tribe Comics and Games's post 01/11/2022

Just got a restock of Berserk Volume One. Come get ‘em before they’re gone!


Howdy! Lee here, yep on a Monday of all things! Just wanted to let you know we got in a pretty big game restock this afternoon. So if you missed that game you wanted for Christmas it may have just been restocked.


ARGH!! Sorry had to get that out of my system. So Diamond has informed us that our comics will be delayed this week 72 hours for transportation issues! That means the comics will not be on the wall till Friday after 1:30. As always if this changes we will let you know as soon as they let us know. Sorry for any inconvenience. If it makes you feel any better this is everywhere.


Books are here and up on the wall!!


Last Week Comics are finally in! This week's comics have been delayed till midday Wed. I should have the wall up by 1:30pm we hope. Sorry for all the diamond pains. -Eric


Diamond has just informed us that our books are pushed back to Monday now! I am so sorry for the bad news. It hurts us just as much as you. Still have a great New Year!

Photos from Tribe Comics and Games's post 12/31/2021

An entirely new games wall this week including Fading Suns, lots of preprinted D&D minis, and Traveller books!


UPDATE: Delivery has been pushed back to FRIDAY now, still 1pm.

We have been informed that our comics shipment will be delayed 48 hours. That means with the exception of DC we will have Comics on FRIDAY at 1pm. It sounds like it was a problem at the drop off point for both Dallas and San Antonio which services all of Texas. We are sorry for the inconvenience. -Eric


Howdy! This week's Marvel Books have arrived and are ready for shopping. All subscribers' files have been pulled.



Good morning everybody! Hope you're having a great holiday season! We will be closing today at 6pm, but I'm here all day, open to close, and you all know I'm a darn holiday delight. So, if you're out and about or just wanna drop in a say hi, please feel free.



Most of our Marvel books came in today. We are now only missing 3.

Photos from Tribe Comics and Games's post 12/03/2021

We just received our dice order. Over 120 sets!


We got in a lot of Critical Role minis!


We finally got the rest of this week’s DC!


Blackest Friday is here!! Every $25 spent gets you a free $5 Blackest Night Gift certificate! Plus we have a discount board game section!


We got this cool all ages indie comic. Come check it out for $10 and get a free bag/board.


Just got this in! Would make a great Christmas gift!


Due to a last minute situation we will be closing early tonight at 8:30. Sorry for any inconvenience. We will be open normal hours tomorrow.


Looks like books are finially coming in this afternoon. I hope to have the wall up by 2pm. Sorry for the extra long delay this week. -Eric


Still no books today either. It could be as late as Tuesday of next week. We just don't know. When Diamond tells us we will tell you. Thanks for hanging in there everybody.



Somewhat of an update on books. Starting with Marvel; Only Alien and Venom came in. Due to an ordering issue the rest of this week's Marvel books won't be here until next week.
The rest of the Diamond books (Image, Indies like Boom, Dynamite, etc.) could be anywhere from tomorrow to next Tuesday based on the Ransomware attack on Diamond.
Thanks everyone.


No books today either. We hope to have them tomorrow and have them up on the wall by 1pm. DC is up on the wall for this weeks sales.


Hey folks, don't expect to receive all of our weekly comics delivery until Wednesday morning (10 Nov), hopefully. That means we should have comics counted/pulled and ready around 1:30pm

Photos from Tribe Comics and Games's post 10/29/2021

This Halloween we celebrate 13 years in business! It is all due to you wonderful people who are our customers. Thank you so much for 13 great years and here is to 13 more! Here are two pictures from the first day. The first is Roy and I in the first shop's back office. The second is our friend Chris with our Summer Employee Conner. -Eric

Help James cover Multiple Sclerosis medical bills, organized by Nicole Curry-Dishongh 10/27/2021

Help James cover Multiple Sclerosis medical bills, organized by Nicole Curry-Dishongh

Got a call from an old friend in a bad spot. Please help if you can.

Help James cover Multiple Sclerosis medical bills, organized by Nicole Curry-Dishongh Thank you all SO much for the donations that have been made… Nicole Curry-Dishongh needs your support for Help James cover Multiple Sclerosis medical bills

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Calling all our D&D folks
New Games August 6, 2020
All of our shipments came in yesterday. All of them. In one day: dice, some comic book restock, board games, Games Works...



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