The One Center Austin

The One Center Austin


Where is a good close hotel to stay when we come in for Aroma Touch and Dr. Sue in April?
Looks like something big is going on at The One Center today.

Check out who we are in "About" right below! The One Center Austin is a spiritual home for Opening the Heart, Expanding the Mind, and Healing the Body.

We are here to remind you of what you already know: You are the water, the river, the essence, the breath, and Source within everything. Our classes and workshops transform old patterns into a virtual reality where new upgrades are downloaded into this time space reality. Our programs are designed for all those who are hungry for more truth, alignment, and heart expansion. Come get on the freedom

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The One Center Austin updated their address. 08/12/2021

The One Center Austin updated their address.

The One Center Austin updated their address. 01/18/2021

Spiritual resiliency in times of great change, by Dianne Shelton

Here is the link to the webcast earlier this year...we hope you enjoy! How our central nervous system and sacred heart can help guide through uncertainty.Dianne SheltonDiane, also known as the Somatic Mystic, is a Somatic Exper... 12/15/2020

15/12/20 Spiritual resiliency in times of great change, by Diane Shelton

We are going live today at 3 pm Central! How our central nervous system and sacred heart can help guide through uncertainty.Diane SheltonDiane, also known as the Somatic Mystic, is a Somatic Experi... 11/07/2019

Befriending Dragons - The One Center Austin

To slay or to befriend? 'Tis the question of this latest article! On the ever evolving path of our spirituality, when we embark on our great heroic journey, it is commonly said that we must “slay our dragons”.


Throwback Thursday when the amazing founders of The One Center took a journey to the Sahara on camels and watched the sunset!


Has all of the crazy planetary influences, world events, and personal stuff got you distracted from your purpose, your passion, and following your bliss? Apply a little grit to help focus you towards your manifestations!


Why Can't I Meditate, Dianne Shelton

An interview and talk by one of the founders of The One Center Austin, Dianne Shelton, about meditation and nervous systems and a little pep talk at the end that everything is working out for us all!

Dianne Shelton is an Intuitive Consultant and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, (Trauma/PTSD Healer). -----------------INFORMATION ABOUT MINDALIA-----------...


Today is a Love Day, a Gratitude Day, and a Reflection Day! Stronger Together! On behalf of The One Center we want to wish you all an amazing holiday! 🍁💫❤️🙏🏽


The rainbow grid is the grid of Love! #grid #lights #loveyourself #transformationtuesday


Thank you all who came out today to celebrate community and ceremony! The cacao and chants were amazing! We are better together! One Heart! 📿❤️☝🏻🌈


Getting ready for the cacao ceremony tomorrow at noon! We have a few seats available!


We still have tickets!!! Count down to Cacao Ceremony this Saturday!


Keep moving towards the Light! Look for the helpers, the angels disguised as humans. We will survive, thrive, and shine! #moth #strongwomen #faith #light #loveyourself


Wanna expand that light within your heart? Join us for an amazing afternoon exploring sacred chants and cacao!


If you are too busy trying to keep out so-called negative energies and emotions, you miss out in knowing yourself and your world. #warriorspirit #contrast #sacred #beauty #lovelife


Gotta stay positive and expect the best possible outcome! #crushinggoals #onecenteraustin #manifestation #entrepreneur #sba #paperwork #enchantedrock


A true throwback...way before the co-owners/founders were born; before the post-war building boom; and before the paving of Koenig! The message? All things change!


Sometimes, we need to step outside of our everyday world and look within our hearts for the "next step". Come join us in October for an opportunity to get "vertical" with your life!


Are you ready to float like an angel in the clouds? Come join us next Monday for a beautiful FULL MOON sound bath!


Friday funday! Just a little peak into the "gear" for the cacao ceremony in October! We are going to have so much fun opening our hearts! Come join us!


The heart is an amazing container for all that is! Come find out for yourself and discover the depth of your heart! Join us for this amazing journey!


Your spiritual path is meant to be tasted by direct knowledge of your heart. You cannot "think" your way to your heart! Come join us on Saturday, October 13 to have a hands-on experience of diving deep into your heart!


#TBT Looking back on a crazy time at The One Center! Construction, permits, and the City of Austin...


Save the date for an amazing afternoon of ancient chanting and sacred cacao ceremony! More details and link for registration coming soon!


We are so excited to have the Singing Bowl Lady back at The One Center! Join us for a relaxing sound bath!


Our journey is uniquely our own! Nothing but love.


Sometimes you need a little extra to be extra! #coffee #extra #bonescoffee #livenow #saturdayvibes


We believe that all learning is interactive, collaborative, and divinely guided. We take great joy and care in serving all those who (like themselves) truly want MORE out of life and who seek a deeper realization with all that IS. We hold and teach from the belief that this individual and collective journey never ends and is always evolving towards more awareness and discovery of Self and the beauty of the Divine in the human heart.


Life Hack for Trauma: Heal Yourself, by Dianne Shelton

Last night, co-founder Dianne Shelton, gives her first online talk about Somatic Experiencing. Enjoy!

Need a powerful life hack? Somatic Experiencing is a form of healing designed to relieve and resolve the symptoms of post-traumatic stress injury and other m...


Connection is key! How do you stay connected?


The Call of the Wild runs deep here at The One Center Austin! Thinking about the Amazon River!

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We are deeply blessed! Our beautiful One Center pecan tree wanted to be closer to The One...the wonderful and gracious C...
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Chop wood, carry water. Here at The One Center, we collected 47 bags of leaves! #spiritualLifeIsAnEmbodiedLife; #LovingA...
The One Center Austin getting cold and wet in Austin, Texas! Even though it was 101 when this was taken, it was very col...
The One Center Austin does the Ice Bucket Challenge! First, a shout out to our peeps in New Jersey!


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