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Natalia Gian Buchanan is a Licensed Professional Counselor who provides individual therapy in the Austin, TX area. Her area of specialization is emotional eating.

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I’ll admit it. I’ve fallen off the wagon with #meditation. When I #meditate, my #emotions feel so much easier to regulate…so important‼️in order to restart this #goodhabit, I am #challenging myself to meditate 🧘🏽‍♂️ for seven days. Who wants to join me?

The Fabulous is a simple yet beautiful scientific-based coach that helps you to reach your health and productivity goals. 11/29/2021

The Fabulous is a simple yet beautiful scientific-based coach that helps you to reach your health and productivity goals.


The Fabulous is a simple yet beautiful scientific-based coach that helps you to reach your health and productivity goals.


Happy 🦃Day Eve everyone! The #holidays can get hectic and I think it’s always a good idea to plan for a little #selfcare in advance. Comment and let me know what you plan on doing tomorrow to get a little #metime in. 🧘🏽‍♂️🛏📖🛀🏊🏽‍♀️🏃‍♀️


The first thing I usually do with clients is to get them to eat regularly. It’s the #restriction that causes the #bingeing. Everyone who has been on chronic #diets for years, has a #foodpolice voice in their heads. You must eat those #forbiddenfoods so they lose their allure and you can start responding to food in a more neutral way. Eventually, you body will dictate what it wants when it’s #hungry and you will be able to stop when you are full.



Throughout #NEDAwareness week, monuments and buildings across America will be lighting up in NEDA’s signature blue and green colors!

#ComeAsYouAre and find out if there is a lighting near you. You can also sign up as a volunteer photographer!



For f*ck’s sake!

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On being a fat person with anorexia It doesn’t matter how you do it, just lose the weight. 02/26/2019

NEDAwareness Week (#NEDAwareness) is Here!

Take a look at NEDA’s resources if you haven’t already. Special thanks to NEDAwareness Week sponsor Veritas Collaborative for sponsoring this blog post.


One of my favorite quotes.


The Tapping Solution

Stress is a major culprit when it comes to weight loss that most in the diet industry completely ignore. Why? Because most diets cause stress!

Join Jessica to learn about this biological weight loss trap and how Tapping can circumvent this to help you lose weight naturally -->


I’m taking a couple of extra days off this week to relax so I can be my best #therapistself. #bluehole in #georegetowntx is amazing. I highly recommend this kind of #selfcare. #waterismyselfcare #natureismyselfcare #enjoylife #waterfall #naturalwater #therapistlife


Intuitive Eating

Excellent article on Intuitive Eating by Aaron Flores...



Women Food and God is usually one of the first books I tell my clients to get.

Geneen Roth explains how your relationship to food is a microcosm for your life. Hear more from Geneen Roth's conversation with Oprah Winfrey in the all-new episode of the SuperSoul conversations podcast. Available today!


I’m at home on this #nye2018 just relaxing. As an #empath and sometimes #introvert, parties and going out can be exhausting for me. Anyway, when I thought about how wanted to roll into the new year, I thought that I would like to do that laughing and feeling happy. So I was looking through funny #therapistcartoons. This on made me #LOL. #therapistlife


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Natalia Gian Buchanan LPC, PLLC



Many people who struggle with emotional eating are also empaths. The excess food acts as insulation and can “help” an empath not be induced.

Empaths feels others' emotions, their energy and even physical symptoms. 11/07/2017

Chronic Dieting: The Socially Acceptable Eating Disorder So what’s the difference between dieting and eating disorders? Not much. It all depends on how obsessive you are with it, and how much mental and emotional space it takes up in our minds. Like most things, eating disorders exist on a spectrum. 10/29/2017

I'm Eating Everything and Feel Like Crap If you don’t feel good physically, maybe it’s time to consider the next phase of this process. Slowly, gently, and lovingly.


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We often talk to ourselves in a way that we would NEVER DREAM of speaking to others. I think it's so important to practice #selfcompassion and be #mindful of how we are addressing ourselves. Learning to #talk to ourselves as #kindly as we would speak to others is a really nice gift you can give yourself. #selftalk #theuniverse #therapy #psychology #psychotherapy #eatingdisorderrecovery #ed #anorexia #bulimia #bulemia #bingeeatingdisorder #emotionaleating #emotionaleater #foodaddiction #depression #mentalhealth #su***de #mentalillness


I really like #JessicaOrtner and EFT for working with emotional Eating. So I thought I'd share this new webinar that is happening at your choice of three different times today.

I want everyone to know that it is possible to feel empowered about food, your body, and your ability to lose weight!

But we first have to get rid of the idea that diets are the answer. Diets completely ignore the two main reasons so many of us struggle to lose weight in the first place. I'm holding a free webinar to explain more and I hope you'll join me -->


The Gottman Institute

Teaching kids when to recognize when they truly need a break and giving them permission to take it is a gift that they will cherish well into adulthood.


The Gottman Institute

If you're in a relationship, this 3 minute video is very enlightening!

The grass is greener where you water it.


The Gottman Institute

Couples remain committed to each other, not because they’re getting their needs met now, but because they believe the relationship will be more satisfying later. 08/10/2017

This Train Analogy Will Completely Change How You See Your Crying Child

Even if you don't have children. It's a worthwhile read on how to tolerate your own emotions. I'll never relate to my crying child the same way again.


Face-to-face CBT Best to Treat Binge Eating Disorder | Psych Congress

If you are thinking about Binge Eating Disorder Treatment, read this: Face-to-face cognitive behavioral therapy was more effective for binge eating disorder than an internet-based guided self-help program in a study conducted in Germany. 08/03/2017

A Vegan Dietitian Reviews “What the Health”

A lot of my clients have asked me what I think of "What The Health." I like this vegan dietitian's view. By Virginia Messina, MPH, RDAs a vegan health professional, I am sometimes mortified to be associated with the junk science that permeates our community. And as an animal rights activist, I’m disheartened by advocacy efforts that can make us look scientifically illiterate, dishonest,


😂😂😂 for those of you that need a little giggle tonight.

Friday funny! We all feel a little nuts sometimes! 07/30/2017

I Don't Get Weighed at the Doctor's Office—and You Don't Have to, Either

I often refer to the scale as a "false idol." It can determine your mood or if you're going to have a "good day" or a "bad day." For some, knowing their weight as they are trying to instill new habits is triggering. This is an interesting post. Knowing my weight can be detrimental to my well-being.


Who has seen #ToTheBone on Netflix? What are your thoughts/reactions? Tothebone movie 07/14/2017

Should We Stop Eating When We Feel “Full”? – Dr. Ralph Carson | Eating Recovery Center

Why you can't stop eating. Find out why humans eat for pleasure, even past the point of fullness, and why we might lose touch with natural hunger cues.


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American Counseling Association

"Instead of thinking 'I want these to be over,' I try to feel and sit with the pain. Heck, I even try to embrace it.” –Evelyn Stevens, women’s record holder for most miles cycled in an hour, on getting through her hardest training intervals. 01/31/2017

How to Avoid Being Psychologically Destroyed by Your Newsfeed

This is good advice. This past week has been brutal, in terms of what has been coming across my newsfeed. And 2016 wasn't exactly a picnic either. So lately I've been thinking a lot about the mental health impact of a steady avalanche of Really Bad News. Many of us (myself included) deal with mental health challenges on...



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