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The Call Sports Talk New York - 24/7 Commercial Free Sports Talk 09/21/2022

The Call Sports Talk New York - 24/7 Commercial Free Sports Talk

check out this "radio station" i helped create with some serious sports freaks!

The Call Sports Talk New York - 24/7 Commercial Free Sports Talk Live New York sports talk, 18 hours per day every weekday, with more programming on weekends, and no commercials. Covering the Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, Islanders, Devils and more.


Rupert Neve. Gentleman. Creator.

Watch The Poster Boys Online | Vimeo On Demand 08/28/2020

Watch The Poster Boys Online | Vimeo On Demand

well, the second of my "Austin Legends" documentary mixes has seen the light of day! This one takes us back to the dawning of Austin as we "heard about it"....The Poser Boys!


Watch The Poster Boys Online | Vimeo On Demand This is the story of the Texas rock poster and the artists who made them. It is also the story of the law of unintended consequences. Art makes culture, and culture…

Becoming Leslie 05/13/2020

Becoming Leslie

so proud to be on the team for this baby. always glad when something you work hard on and believe in gets to see the big light of day!

Becoming Leslie Becoming Leslie


Western Youth - Cactus Cafe

a taste of a really good local band i was lucky to mix for the Cactus Cafe show on LHN!


EVERYWHERE AUDIO ARCHIVAL is now up and rolling...

In these mid-evil times EVERYWHERE AUDIO is breaking out
the mid-evil gear.

The Cassette player is hooked up.

**ANYONE who has a friend, loved one, family member on tape that they’ve wanted to archive for posterity your time has come**

If you can provide me the tape (or other media like old phone answering machines etc), i’ll archive the audio to digital for you for FREE.

“Fun” projects also accepted for a small fee per-minute of archival. Mastering services are available as well.

I love audio and i love helping people hold on to something dear.

(oh, Source Connect send/receive patches available at the home-studio HQ for you VO folks and Producers who need to carry on….)

BECOMING LESLIE | Austin Film Society 02/07/2020

BECOMING LESLIE | Austin Film Society

i mixed 2 docs last year that are having screenings. both are very Austin - oriented and i couldn't be more proud to have been involved with them. the first one is screening this weekend!


BECOMING LESLIE | Austin Film Society Saturday’s (2/8) 5 PM show will be followed by a discussion moderated by the Texas Observer. Told with unapologetic humor, BECOMING LESLIE is a portrait that follows the life of a vagabond who became a cultural icon. Known only as “Leslie,” he shined a satirical light on police accountability ...

meterplugs.com 09/20/2019

YouTube Changes Loudness Reference to -14 LUFS

proudly mixing to the -14 LKFS neighborhood for web since '13.


meterplugs.com This. Changes. Everything.Well, OK, not really. But something important did change last week: YouTube quietly changed their playback reference level to -14 L...



POW! Having a bad day?🕹
Our new channel Powzoo for all things sounddesign and original music🦒


Brian Eno on Apollo


Filmed to commemorate the extended edition of ‘Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks’ and the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing this documentary by Gra...

media.netflix.com 05/02/2019

Bringing Studio Quality Sound to Netflix

founded in '97...yeah i guess it's time to get the audio right. jeez.


media.netflix.com Starting today, when you watch Netflix on your TV, it should sound even better. Some of the most iconic moments in TV and film are defined by their score. Without its beautiful theme music, would The


Joaquin Jimenez-Sauma

indiewire.com 03/24/2019

‘The New Negroes’ Trailer: Comedy Central Show Mixes Standup and Music

this was one of my favorite shows of the SxSW '19 comedy fest. proud to have done FOH sound and recording for their show at Esther's Follies.


indiewire.com Hannibal Buress, Sasheer Zamata, George Wallace, and Lil Rel Howery are among the guests for the debut season, premiering next month.


The Raconteurs

first heard of this kind of thing in the '80s...A&M studio had a car in their parking lot for this exact purpose. can anyone verify?

Jack White shows us a technique he developed for doing master mixes. The Raconteurs are mixing their new album with Vance Powell at Sputnik Sound. One of their new songs “Shine The Light On Me" is broadcast with an FM transmitter from inside the studio. Outside in the car park, the band listens to the broadcast on an unused FM frequency. (The broadcaster only sends a small powered signal about a distance of a hundred feet or so.) The band uses a walkie talkie to give notes on the mix to the engineer (Vance) back in the control room. This way the artist can mix in real time, and hear exactly what the song sounds like on the radio as well, this time through the amazing sound system of a Tesla Model S. This speeds up the process of mixing greatly and reduces the amount of remixes that occur after artists feel they’ve “got it” in the studio, only to listen in the car on the ride home realizing that the kick drum is too loud!

Austin Music Awards 2019 03/02/2019

in the trenches recording a big night.


thanks for a great year to all my MVPs out there. i couldn't have done it without ya! happy new year!


Studio of the Future

Episode 8 with Juli Berwald is up right now! Juli is an ocean scientist with a love of jellyfish, and she and Sara Hickman discuss some great things like...why were jellyfish sent to space? How are jellyfish and pancakes related? Can jellyfish shut down electric plants? What is the G Force of a stinging cell? What are jellyfish warning humanity in their quiet, mysterious ways? Tune in now! Links below.


my dog hates subwoofer. no pun intended. if i'm mixing SFX he's totally hidden. even kick drum w/ some sub on it makes him bail. poor baby. daddy likes his low end.


Sara Hickman

Friends! Please share! My podcast "Studio of the Future" Episode #2 with Sen. Kirk Watson is up and ready for YOU! We have an arc to the show with playful, serious, revelatory and on point conversation concerning the me too movement, his work with Gov. Ann Richards, his Austin favorites and more. Texas is lucky to have such progressive, approachable people in office, most assuredly Sen. Watson! Enjoy!

P.S. If you feel so moved, please leave a review on iTunes! Thank you for your support!

studioofthefuture.org 08/15/2018

Studio of the Future – Keep your mind and your ears open

Sara Hickman and i created some content! episode 1 of our podcast is up and running...http://studioofthefuture.org/


all over the map in 2018 06/21/2018

i'm not "everywhere" for no reason....


as i sunset out of 2017, and out of the location of my studio for the last 20 years off/on, i'll just say thanks to all who made that space their office away from office. it's time to move on to a new building and new challenges. some of you may not have heard but the Tequila Mockingbird building was purchased by new owners. i'll be working from the home-base as well as other great rooms around town for the immediate future. stay tuned for some exciting new developments coming up in '18. thanks to all my loyal friends and family, and happy new year to all! - marty



there's THIS guy...and then there's that other guy. i know who i'd like to work with.

"I’ve always surrounded myself with strong women." Richard Linklater addresses sexism in the film industry and beyond.


go ahead...try to work w/ a kitty on your desk. see where that gets ya.......


W**d And Whiskey TV

a "taste" of how i spent my spring 2017!

Shots, interviews, and special performances! Watch Tequila Shots, original comedy shorts, 420 themed shows, and more totally FREE for a month!
Monthly subscription only $4.20, easy-cancel anytime!
Like our page for details!


Justin Tapp working it out in my room this morn...


i don't often get swag when i work w/ clients, but when i do, it's really cool! thanks Harbinger!

March and a half 2017 04/02/2017

acquiring audio.....

earwolf.com 03/24/2017

Brick of Coffee: LIVE from SXSW, episode #283 of improv4humans with Matt Besser on Earwolf

podcasts are all around us...here's an example of one done right! this is one of the many podcasts i get to record/mix live during SxSW comedy. get a load of Dan Deacon doing some super cool musical interludes! http://www.earwolf.com/episode/brick-of-coffee-live-from-sxsw/



Tequila Mockingbird

It's BACK!! Come join us for our Back Alley Bash 3-14


...of this car!


recording a bit of Kevin Russell and the Shiny Ribs @ Gruene Hall...




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