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Austin Kyudo Mark Tsutsui,
No practice today (April 28th) due to our demo in the Archery Festival at Sherwood Forest Faire Grounds Come see us if you're in the area!
Open your home and heart to a YFU international exchange student.

Hosting 16-year-old Kokoa from Japan is a fantastic way to share your love of Japanese archery while gaining a new family member. Act now. Call 1.800.TEENAGE, option 2 to be routed to your local Field Director.

Welcome Kokoa into your family today!

Is it possible to come by and observe? Used to do kyudo in AZ and want to pick it up again.
Ed Symmes Sensei sharing some wisdom.

Austin Kyudo Club is a non profit study group that meets every Sunday at Rising Sun Aikido. We exist to promote and practice the martial art of Japanese Archery.

Operating as usual

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Great practice today!

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Before the year ends ...


Austin Kyudo is proud to announce our three students who tested for the last shinsa/rank exams have all passed!

Leslie Libby - Shodan
Mark Tsutsui - Nidan
Helen Febrie - Nidan

We are extremely proud of them!

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Last week we went to practice kyudo to our sensei's dojo in South Carolina Kyudo Renmei, this fall seminar was full of firsts, first time attending for some awesome people, first shot, first time driving alone from TX to SC and some other things... We had lot's of hard training but also so much fun. Congratulations to Gerónimo Barrera who won the one arrow taikai!!
Daily reminder to all our kyudoka, practice your kiza...


Class back in action from the recent seminar. Everyone is excited and full of fresh knowledge!

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Halloween practice!! 🎃 👻

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Some late pics of our Farewell Tournament, congratulations to Leslie and Erika for the first place :)

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Thank you sensei Owaki :D

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We are so happy for Andrea, Kieran and Abby for their first shot. Kyudokas progress!!

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Tomorrow's class will be in the dojo. Rising Sun Aikido

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Saturday class

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Getting ready for our Farewell Tournament. 28th August 2021.

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Saturday practice with Owaki Sensei.

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Owaki sensei's teachings about kake.

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Archery Range practice

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Sunday's practice

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Learning about kyudo equipment and how to take care of it.


Our group is very grateful for having John Neu as a friend, he is one amazing human being and kyudoka, he helped build some equipment for our dojo, THANKS John!!! 🤩
Expect some exciting news about John's writings on yumi, golden ratio, ya and so much more, we will keep you posted!

Kyudo①〜hidden techniques〜 07/05/2021

Kyudo①〜hidden techniques〜

Check out this video if you’re part of our group or have future interests. It’s a nice simple introductory video that’s entertaining but also gives you some nice insight.

Not many people in America know what Japanese Archery is and why it’s different from other forms of archery and how this unique martial art is also different from other martial arts. Do yourself a favor and learn about something ancient but new to you!

Kyudo①〜hidden techniques〜 In Japanese kyudo, archers use traditional asymmetric bows over 2 meters long as they attempt to strike a target from a distance of either 28 or 60 meters. S...

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Austin Kyudo had returned to training at Rising Sun Aikido with a new batch of students and wonderful people!

Shaho hassetsu and mitori geiko

3 Type of Practices:
1. Mitori Geiko "Take with the Eyes" (learning through observation)
2. Kufu Geiko "Study and think about the practice" (self study)
3. Kazu Geiko "Repeat with Body" ( embody the practice).

Reach out to [email protected] to learn more about us.

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Photos from France Kyudo's post



Austin Kyudo is proceeding with our next Beginners Session!!! It’s essentially 8 weeks of giving you a brief but also in depth introduction to the wonderful art of Kyudo! It’s only open for 10 people and the session starts the 3rd of July. Please reach out to us if you’re interested. It’s a one time rate and you don’t need any previous experience. Just have an open heart, open mind, and be ready to have fun! We do ask you be vaccinated and trying to attend class consecutively. We’d love to have you join our family.

Please contact us for further details with a dm or email is at [email protected]


Limited to 10 spots.

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Kyudo Demo Day 2


Kyudo Introductory Course, starts July 3rd, Saturdays 2:30-4:30
We require you to be fully vaccinated
Inbox for more info.


Consulate's Cup 2020

Watch live the USA Sumo Nationals!

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Opening ceremony day 1 USA Sumo Nationals 2021

Videos (show all)

Sunday 6 December 2020


Austin, TX

Opening Hours

2:30pm - 4:30pm

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