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[03/20/15]   Spring is on its way which means time for a change! Add some brightness with some highlights! Get a new sassy haircut! Learn some knew styling tricks!

[03/13/14]   Beauty tip of the day:

With spring time approaching, means time to brighten up your color. Incorporate a few highlighted pieces around your front hairline. Doing so, adds soft dimension and subtle brightness to enhance your skins natural glow.

[12/10/13]   Beauty tip of the day:

Brrrrr.....the cold weather season can make your hair a little on the dry side. Use a deep conditioner to help add moisture and hydration.

[12/07/13]   Beauty tip of the day:

With the Holidays just around the corner, treat yourself to a nice "Blowdry Style" with your hairstylist for those holiday parties and get togethers.
"Tis the look your best!"

[11/20/13]   Beauty tip of the day:

Tented shampoos can do wonders.
-For color treated hair, it helps keep your color looking vibrant and not faded.
-For blondes, it helps get rid of unwanted yellow tones.


Beauty tip of the day:

Dry cold weather can make hair have static cling! Use a heavier conditioner to keep your locks hydrated and static free.

[11/06/13]   Beauty tip of the day:

"The Ugly Truth"
If you flip through magazines and observe others in public and find nothing and no one with your current hairstyle, it's time of an update! Embrace change!


Beauty tip of the day:

Quick and easy hairstyle. Great for those rushed mornings.

[11/01/13]   Beauty tip of the day:

Time to Clarify!

Environmental, mineral deposits, and product usage can create build up on your scalp and hair. Use a clarifying shampoo to cleanse the hair of build up. Leaving it squeaky clean! Only use clarifying shampoo for 2-4 shampoos. Any excessive clarifying will strip your hair color, causing it to look faded!


Beauty tip of the day:


1) pull hair back into a ponytail.
2) find a sock, cut the toe end off, and roll the sock to form a donut like circle.
3) put sock donut around the base of the ponytail, then slide towards the end of the ponytail.
4) grab the tip of your ponytail and start folding/rolling ends around sock, continue tucking and rolling until the sick is a the base of ponytail.
5) secure with bobby pins to help bun stay in place.


Beauty tip of the day:

The Holiday season will be here before we know it. Make sure to schedule your hair appointment so you can look your best!

[10/17/13]   Beauty tip of the day:

Ever wonder why your blowdryer has a cool/cold button? Hold it down just as your finishing up your blowdry for about 60 seconds to lock in your style and add shine. The cold air seals the cuticle layer in your hair which also helps eliminate frizz. Plus, it feels great if you've worked up a sweat while blowdrying your hair. πŸ’


Beauty Tip of the Day:



Beauty tip of the day:


Beauty tip of the day:

In a styling rut? Schedule a Blowdry Style with your stylist and ask for tips or a lesson on different ways to style your hair.

Check out these example photos for inspiration.

[10/01/13]   Beauty tip of the day:

Inner beauty....go out of your way today to do something kind for someone.

[09/26/13]   Beauty tip of the day:

Everyone deserves a day off. Time to give your hair a "day off" from blowdrying or heat styling. Giving your locks a bonus deep conditioning treatment too.


Beauty tip of the day:

Change of another season is near. For all you blonde clients, request a subtle low-light shade to incorporate into your fall hairstyle. It helps soften your overall hair tone, plus it will add some depth to your blonde. Can you see the difference in the example photos?

[09/19/13]   Beauty tip of the day:

If your hair is needing a little extra volume, try teasing hair at the crown with a boar bristle teasing comb vs a traditional comb. Spritz with hairspray before gently smoothing over teasing sections with the boar bristle brush.


Beauty tip of the day:

Hair is MOST vulnerable to breakage when WET. Keep a wide tooth comb in the shower to comb tangles out once you have applied your conditioner. The proteins in the conditioner will help protect the hair while working out those tangles.


Beauty tip for the day:
Looking for a new stylist.....always remember...

[09/11/13]   Beauty tip of the day:
Love having your hair professionally round brushed? Ever tried to replicate a round brush blowout at home and realize how difficult and challenging this can be?

Here is an easier way:

1) Blowdry your hair with just your fingers until completely dry.
2) Immediately put big Velcro rollers in your hair as your locks are cooling. (Spritz with hairspray)
3) Leave rollers in until your hair is completely cooled down, then unwrap rollers.

**Tip: FAT rollers=lots of volume
Skinny rollers=lots of curl

This will give you your bombshell blowout without actually using a round brush!

[09/11/13]   Hair tip of the day:
Switching to a microfiber towel when drying off your locks really helps control frizz. Cotton towels aggravate the cuticle layer on your hair causing frizz. Microfiber is munch more absorbent and gentle, especially for curly/wavy hair.


My new business cards printed by Millers Professional Imaging. Thank you Kathy Wheeler, I LOVE them!

[09/06/13]   Beauty tip of the day:
Everyone has a natural texture to their hair. Whatever that texture may be, pick a haircut/style that works with your texture not one that fights against it.


Beauty Tip of the day:
Oribe's Dry Texture spray is amazing for volume and day two hair! Acts like a dry shampoo and volumizer! For all you fine texture hair ladies, this is a must have product!

[09/01/13]   10 successful days of working πŸ’‡πŸ’†in my suite......I'm feeling so blessed!! πŸ’›πŸ’›

[08/28/13]   Hi Clients, Friends, and Family!

This whole process of branching out to open my own salon has been a roller coaster of emotions. The amount of support I have felt from everyone is SO encouraging. Having worked for Keith Kristofer Salon the past 6 years was an experience I will always be grateful for, and never forget. The Stylist there, I have come to know as friends/family. Each and every one of the "KK Ladies" has been an inspiration to me, and I will always hold a very special place for them in my heart.
My family has been there for me throughout all the good and bad times of my journey as a Stylist. Without them I don't know what I would do. Now having opening my own Salon, and feeling the love and support from my family, is yet another reminder of how deep their love for me really goes. I love all of you very much!
To clients, without you I wouldn't have been able to start up my own salon in the first place. I appreciate every single one of you, and your years of dedication and support to my career! Thank you for sharing your lives with me. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of you! I am excited about my new adventure, and couldn't be more thrilled to continue to have each of you as my client! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

With heartfelt appreciation,
Deanne Maraffa


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